Keidel: Joe Paterno’s Fatal Flaw

By Jason Keidel
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Back in the 1990s I had a friend whose father, I later learned, had an inappropriate interest in children. After trolling the Internet, he found a child in a chat room. After a day of dialogue, he made online arrangements to meet the child at a hotel for a sexual encounter. When he arrived at the hotel, an FBI agent was waiting for him. The father was snagged in a sting where agents were posing as kids, luring predators.

My friend moved shortly thereafter and we lost contact, so I don’t know how things ended. I didn’t think about the father because we know such people exist, at least in the abstract. We have vague connections to evil, via classrooms, books, and films. But I thought about my friend, and how he would view his dad after discovering the disgusting impulses pulsing through his own flesh and blood.

Suffice it to say that the father-son bond is far more profound than anything Jerry Sandusky had with Penn State coaches, particularly Joe Paterno.

In most cases, the more we learn about something, the clearer we are. Not with Penn State, where this sickening spool unravels, revealing more lies and subterfuge. It seems every bottom has trap doors.

So I wonder what compels any peripheral player, from Mike McQueary up the food chain, to keep this nauseating secret. McQueary is in full spin mode, texting and emailing his innocence, asserting that he “stopped” Sandusky’s assault on that child in that shower. Yet the police say nary a word was heard from McQueary in 2002.

The obvious answer is that lesser mortals were petrified of Paterno, who was protecting the school, himself, or both. But could he think that concealing child rape on his turf was protecting anything? Is power that intoxicating? Have his morals mutated so drastically that he could only see Saturdays through his thick glasses?

Paterno, who expressed such eagerness to address this matter with the media, has lawyer-ed up, and shifted assets to his wife in a preemptive strike against civil suits. The next time we hear from “JoePa” (it makes me sick to spout that nickname, even sardonically) will be on the witness stand.

If Paterno has nothing to hide, why is he hiding? Why isn’t he as publicly and privately outraged as the rest of us? Why does he wish he’d done more if nothing happened? Why isn’t he perched under one of those advocacy tents dishing out child abuse pamphlets?

It reminds me of a scene from the film, “Glengarry Glenn Ross,” when Alan Arkin told Al Pacino that he didn’t know what to tell the police after the office they shared was robbed. “Tell them the truth,” Pacino said. “It’s the easiest thing to remember.” Paterno can’t remember the truth because he can’t remember the last time he lived in it.

And don’t you look at interim coach Tom Bradley with at least a suspicious eye? Bradley has been with the school since 1979, and, frankly, I see him as part of the problem. During his press conference last week, a stiff Bradley answered every question about the scandal with a stern non sequitur. “I’m focused on Ohio State,” he repeated, seemingly indignant that we dare ask about the biggest sports scandal in American history. After losing to Nebraska, Bradley, said he sensed that healing began. Mr. Bradley is delusional, and his bags should be packed the moment the football season ends, assuming the feds don’t find him more nefarious.

But Penn State is now investigating the matter, and will hold a press conference today to discuss their progress, insulting our intelligence for the nth time. And no, this story isn’t old or over because two weeks have passed since it broke, not even close.

If head coaches and assistant coaches, from Barry Switzer to Matt Paknis, are correct, then everyone on Penn State’s coaching staff knew Sandusky ran far afoul of the law, even if they didn’t have all details. That would include the current coach, Bradley. Sports Illustrated reported that word even seeped into local barbershop. But we’re supposed to believe that the police, Paterno, and Penn State were shocked by the news.

If the stench of these crimes wafted through stores and scores of other local commerce, how can we ever believe that the school and city’s czar (Paterno) didn’t? And how can so many people know and so few act? A local high school blew the whistle on Sandusky, not Penn State, not Paterno. Is it possible that Paterno was so powerful that he could suppress his staff, his campus, college and police? Can one man do this?

If he can, why would he? By all accounts, the relationship between Paterno and his defensive coordinator was strained at best. Former graduate assistant Paknis told Mike Francesa that Sandusky said he hated Paterno. Let’s assume that the feeling is mutual, and that Paknis’s portrait of Paterno is complete, that Paterno was so swathed in self-interest, his narcissism so thorough, that he only cared about his own career and image. It would have served himself to stop the madness, even made him a savior to intrude on those sick interludes.

Since Paterno’s secret handle is “The Rat” why not perpetuate the pathology by snitching on Sandusky? Indeed, calling out a child predator would only enhance Paterno’s paternal reputation as the vanguard of veracity, austerity and adolescents. And it would have spared countless kids from the talons of Jerry Sandusky. No doubt the school would take a hit, but it would have been brief compared to the toxic metaphysical fence that surrounds State College now, perhaps for the next decade. Perhaps longer. How many moms of 18-year-old football studs are thinking, son, I really see you in a Penn State uniform?

Wouldn’t we be naïve to assume it started in 1998? Or 1994? A doctor called Mike Francesa and said child molesters begin their assault on youngsters “as soon as they can.” Sandusky became Paterno’s defensive coordinator in 1977 (when he also started the charity he used as a funnel to find fragile kids). So, based on the good doctor’s depiction, wouldn’t the abuse have started back then?

The Penn State story makes any sane mammal sick. But we must watch. And it’s not the proverbial car wreck, spiritual rubbernecking, or voyeurism. It’s so incongruous when you consider what happened and who allowed it to happen. We can’t comprehend this. Maybe we can comprehend this together.

When we think – at least when I think – of the rare monolith like Paterno, an autocrat of a college football fiefdom, an image of cloaking minor transgressions comes to mind. Perhaps a booster slips an envelope under the table to a prized recruit and the coach keeps it hushed. Maybe even a star’s parents get free rent for a few years. All of that falls under the morally vague and misguided bylaws of the NCAA. Many of us think players should be paid, anyway. But not this. The Brand can’t shield child rape.

The Costas interview only made it worse, filled with euphemisms like “horsing around.” Sandusky’s soliloquy after a simple question – are you sexually attracted to young boys? – told us all we needed to know.

And now sports dignitaries have chimed in, looking downright dumb in the process. Coach K, whom I respect endlessly, tried to play the age card. “You’ve gotta understand,” said the iconic coach, “Coach Paterno is 84…” Meaning what? Child rape was okay in Paterno’s day? Paterno has gone from lucid librarian to senile, stumbling mummy rather quickly. But he wasn’t 84 in 2002, 1998, or 1977.

Franco Harris, a Penn State alum and one of the dynastic Steelers I worshipped as a child, added to the semantic sewage by defending Paterno. And countless accounts from folks who attended the Nebraska contest said myriad vigils were planted inside and outside the stadium in Paterno’s honor. And we’ve seen footage of fools kneeling outside the disgraced coach’s house, praying for, well, whatever.

If you can’t express sympathy for the abused children, anger at the abuser, or indignity toward those who protected this monster, shut up. We’re trying to understand this.

Paterno will engender sympathy now that he’s been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer. Yet the cancer on his campus was left untreated for decades, while he was the head doctor.

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One Comment

  1. Laura, NE says:

    I think the people who blindly support Paterno are sincerely pathetic. I hope that when ALL the facts come out, and they will, you will all apologize for your misdirected adoration. Joe Paterno is a man and nothing more. He is not a god, he was a football coach. He did the LEAST that was required of him when the situation was brought to his attention and then he hid his head in the sand and hid behind is manta Success With Honor. There is no success without morals. He did not do ENOUGH to stop the abuse. I applaud people such as Jason Keidel and Sara Ganim who stand up for their beliefs. They are not afraid of the institution who spent years covering up such heinous crimes. They are not afraid of the blind supporters of a man who does not deserve their support. They are advocates for the true victims of the crime. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for those that have suffered at the hands of ‘Success With Honor”.

    1. Journalism vs HACK says:

      By SARA GANIM, The Patriot-News
      Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno did the right thing and reported an eye-witness report of child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky in the football locker room in 2002, according to the indictment released this morning by the state Attorney General.

      A source close to the investigation tells The Patriot-News that Paterno will not be charged, and will be a prosecution witness who will testify.

      Um Sara Ganim is a journalist reporting facts, not a hack who thinks the opions of idiots like Barry switzer are facts. No conjecture or hyperbole or sensationalism just breaking stories with facts. I fully back Joe Paterno and have no issues what so vere with Ganim’s reporting. the below story was one of her first.

      Friday, Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of child sex crimes, and this morning athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz were charged with perjury and failure to report a crime.

      The sources said the deputy state prosecutor handling the case said that Paterno did the right thing, and handled himself appropriately in 2002 and during the three-year investigation that ended Friday.

    2. Victor Cruz says:

      “Subterfuge With Honor” You can trust your most precious assets (your children) with Joe Pa, he will ALWAYS keep their best interests foremost! …. well, most of the time. Can you really hold one lil slip against him? Are you crazy, do you know how many games this man has won? This man was a revenue machine!! All you haters need to take it easy on ole Joe Pa! Let him ride off into the sunset or better yet, let him jump with his golden parachute!

    3. JMS says:

      blind support of anyone is pathetic but so is blindly convicting them. waiting for ALL the facts to come out before making judgments is prudent. i’m using ur own words for effect, hoping u’ll see my point. I’ve got no connectiuon to psu or paterno. i’ve just seen these media witch hunts do irreperable harm too many times when it turned out that they were operating on false/incomplete information. my comments have nothing to do with the victims either for that is a tragedy of much worse proportion.

      1. Lisa says:

        So, tell me, what are the facts that will come out that will make Joe Paterno look good? I’ve been hearing Paterno fanatics say this for several weeks now.
        Yet all the additional info we hear, like today’s Wall Street Journal article about how he got an administration official fired when she tried to have his miscreant students disciplined for assault,,show that he was all too willing to throw his weight around on campus when it came to protect his team, but not to protect young boys from being raped by his old coach.

        Do y’all really think that there’s some secret info out there that will show how hard Paterno worked to stop Sanduksy? The proof is in the pudding. Sandusky was working out in JoePa’s athletic complex the week he was indicted. Nothing was done to him in 1998 or 2002. Do you think that’s a coincidence? Really?

        1. JMS says:

          in short: i have reservations abt mcqueary’s un cross examined GJ testimony, especially since he’s somewhat contradicted it in subsequent emails to friends and acquaintances. if he backtracks in court abt what he exactly told paterno (i.e. no specifics abt what he saw) then paternpo’s actions are shed in a much different light. I’d also like know whether paterno was aware of the 98 incident that was never prosecuted. i’ve seen nothing to prove he had any knowlede of that. if the fiorst he heard abt sandusky was an unspecific reference form mcqueary in 2002 i’d say he had no reason to do more. I’m not a paterno fanatic by the way and if ur version proves to be accurate i’ll advocate for his continued castigation.

          1. Lisa says:

            After the grand jury report came out, reported that Paterno claimed that he stopped McQueary from sharing graphic detaila of the rape. Why would he do that? He was the world’s biggest micromanager, but he wouldn’t want to know exactly what happened, if only to make sure it didn’t happen again?

            Also not buying that Paterno didn’t know in 1998. There’s too many people who knew then. Not to mention that Sandusky worked under him.

            You ought to read how much Paterno micromanaged the way the school disciplined his athletes in 2007 before thinking that Joe was some Mrl. Magoolike character, floating above it all:


            1. I'm southern Y'all says:

              Lisa are you for real? Or is this just Barry Switzer talking?pennluve reported no such thing, please provide a link where it was reported that Paterno stopped Mcqueary from saying or doing anything. It’s amazing that you know more about 1998 and who knew what than a 3 year AG grand jury investigation could turn up.
              The only thing new in the WSJ article is that the supposed guardian of virtue kept and has now released confidential work related personnel emails. Espn covered everything else 4yrs ago.

              1. Lisa says:


                “Even though Paterno himself had told the grand jury that McQueary saw “something of a sexual nature,” Paterno said this week that he had stopped the conversation before it got too graphic.”


                You were saying?

                As for the WSJ, you don’t get that Joe (Hands Off) Paterno was awfully interested in making sure his team didn’t get punished from the school? That Mr. Success With Honor’s idea of sufficient punishment for assault was cleanup duty after games? That he spent more time just on that one issue than he ever did stopping Jerry Sandusky? That he threatened the school if they didn’t fire the administrator, something he never did about Sandusky?

                But hey, keep on drinking that Kool-Aid. It’s not just for breakfast anymore

            2. JMS says:

              OK Lisa i read it and interpret it one of two ways. Either he didn’t have the stomach for that kind of detail, knew he’d have to pass it off his superiors anyway, and just told mcqueary to save ot for them or, alternatively, he knew that if he was given first hand knowledge of the sordid details he’d have to blow the whistle and acted in a way that he felt would protect his program. I’m not going to venture a guess on what his motivation was but i can’t say you’d be out of line for intepreting it as paterno protecting his program at the expense of innocent victims.

              1. Sully says:

                And both of your interpretations put Joe in a rancid light.

                Both put Joe in a light where he did the bare minimum to help raped kids.

                Exactly which of those two scenarios put him in a light that is worthy of one ounce of respect?

        2. Robert Richardson says:

          Just the facts Lisa, Please. Can you or anyone please answer why would Mr. Joe Pa transfer ownership of the family house to his wife during summer 2011. She was co-owner already and would be entitled to the house if Joe Pa’s death preceded her. Why that sudden move? Just asking. Would appreciate some clarity there.

          1. Lisa says:

            I know, I know. He wanted to get in a Medicaid-funded nursing home [/sarcasm.]

            It sure sounds bizarre — you would think most of his estate plannning should have been done years ago. Besides, you wouldn’t even need to have a will, let alone do this transfer, to have the wife inherit the house.

          2. JMS says:

            as an attorney i can tell you w/o reservation that anyone facing the spectre of a civil suit should act in a manner that protects his/her personal assets regardless of whether you think you’re right or wrong. any attorney worth his salt would’ve suggested that paterno do this and it in no way, shape or form imputes actual guilt, a guilty conscience or anything of the sort. if you think i’m a blind paterno disciple than ask any attorney you know about this, i’m sure you’ll get the same response.

    4. JK says:

      And thank you, Laura. It’s the lucid and logical folks like you who make this debate decent. The others just vomit vulgarities because we’ve exposed their hero, who harbored a child molester.

      You’ll notice Paterno’s apologists abhor facts. Instead, insults are their default defense. “Paterno didn’t know in 1998 because Jason’s a hack. Paterno didn’t know in 2002 because Jason’s a hack. Paterno didn’t know in ’94 because Jason’s a hack. Paterno did all he could to stop Sandusky because Jason’s a hack. Paterno’s an icon, legend, hero, and Messiah because Jason’s a hack.”

      You’ll also notice they almost universally hide behind pseudonyms, whereas those of us condemning Paterno reveal our real names and locations. I guarantee you that once the feds are finished with “Joe Pa” they will vanish, trembling behind yet another moniker. We will never hear from them again.

  2. Victor Cruz says:

    Long live “The U” !!! We may be gangsters but we ain’t a bunch of Kiddie Lovers!!! We’ll be waiting for you on the side, “Know what I mean?”

    1. JMS says:

      u should’ve scored on that last reception sunday night…ya bum ya

      1. Victor Cruz says:

        Won’t happen again

        1. JMS says:

          ur TD celebration salsa has made u my 13 y.o. daughter’s favorite giant. i no longer have to twist her arm to come to the games w/me. thx for that anyway (if this is really you).

  3. PSU Spporter says:

    I will always support PSU. It is not for me to judge Joe Paterno, he has to live with what he did or didn’t do. I am amazed at the number of ignorant people who link all Penn Staters to child abuse, with that logic why not blame all Catholics for the abuse by priests over decades and the systematic cover up by numerous archdiocese’s and probably Vatican officals.

    1. Sully says:


      Nobody is linking ALL Penn Staters to child abuse

      Just the people who were in power to do something and didn’t

      1. Barry Switzer says:

        Yea nobody other than Jason, right?
        “that surrounds State College now, perhaps for the next decade. Perhaps longer. How many moms of 18-year-old football studs are thinking, son, I really see you in a Penn State uniform?”

        1. Sully says:

          That’s a response to being involved with the Football program that has the stench of child rape hanging over it

  4. Robert Richardson says:

    Let me first say this; I had nothing but respect for Penn State University, it’s football program and Joe Paterno. It was a construct that I could only dream of for my school. That being said, there is no excuse for a legacy of at least 9 child rape victims having their justice denied. These are heinous crimes on the level of murder. Sounds like the program wasn’t so squeaky-clean all along. The nuclear blast of a pattern of child rape cover-ups is just beginning to mushroom. The administrative complicity of at least the president, athletic director and head coach Joe Paterno has lasted over 9 years! There are allegations that the administration heard rumors of Jerry Sandusky’s deviate sexual appetites as far back as 1998. I do feel a degree of sadness of how Joe Paterno’s legacy will be defined. But when the dust settles and all the issues surface, there will be one fact remaining; Joe Paterno followed the letter of the law, then continued with his “Success with Honor” facade. That has NOTHING to do with Jason Keidel.

    1. haroldburbank says:

      paterno did not follow the letter of the law, as a former child abuse prosecutor i see 10 crimes he could be charged with where mcqueary alleges he made a full 2002 report to paterno and PSU after mcqueary saw sandusky raping a child in a PSU, shower, and neither paterno did not fully report what he heard at least to PSU (never mind the police): failure to make a full report to a supervisor as mandated by the PA child protection act, obstruction of justice for same, and conspiracy against these 2 statutes; recommission of all of these crimes by failure to make a full report to the grand jury, plus perjury, plus conspiracy to commit same.

      it is shocking that paterno, and his bosses are not under full PA AG investigation. paterni and his cohorts belong in prison.

      1. I'm a lawyer also says:

        Harold, so I guess you are saying the Pa attorney generals investigation, which started under current Governor Corbett was 3 years of wasted time and they are completely incompetent.

      2. Sully says:

        How DARE you imply Joe Paterno should have called the cops when he heard someone was raping a child?

        He did what ANYONE would do… talk to an atheltic director and the Vice President of Finance… and then let the child rapist be around LOTS of kids for the next 9 years.

        Seems logical and moral to me!

        1. Nothing else to say says:

          Um make assumptions much……
          the deputy state prosecutor handling the case said that Paterno did the right thing, and handled himself appropriately in 2002 and during the three-year investigation that ended

          Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office, noted that the two officials charged with perjury and failure to report the abuse are being defended by the university, while Paterno was fired.
          We have a cooperating witness [Paterno], an individual who testified, provided truthful testimony,” Hagen-Frederiksen told,

          1. Robert Richardson says:

            i totally agree with you Mr. Nothing. We must in include Mike McQueary, the 28 year old GA who made sure the penetration “stopped” in a child rape, then walked away. He went and called his daddy who had to suggest to him to report it to his boss, Joe Pa. He should be cleared of any wrong doing. He stood up!

  5. Robert Richardson says:

    The nuclear blast of a pattern of child rape cover-ups is just beginning to mushroom. The administrative complicity of at least the president, athletic director and head coach Joe Paterno has lasted over 9 years! There are allegations that the administration heard rumors of Jerry Sandusky’s deviate sexual appetites as far back as 1998.

    Let me first say this; I had nothing but respect for Penn State University, it’s football program and Joe Paterno. It was a construct that I could only dream of for my school. That being said, there is no excuse for a legacy of at least 9 child rape victims having their justice denied. These are heinous crimes on the level of murder. Sounds like the program wasn’t so squeaky-clean all along. I do feel a degree of sadness of how Joe Paterno’s legacy will be defined. But when the dust settles and all the issues surface, there will be one fact remaining; Joe Paterno followed the letter of the law, then continued with his “Success with Honor” facade. That has NOTHING to do with Jason Keidel.

    1. jason wanted a headline and he wrote one says:

      Aside from what is in the Grand Jury presentment, you and everyone else have NO idea what Joe paterno did or didn’t do. You can speculate and you can opine but you DO NOT KNOW. Of course the case has nothing to do with Jason. MY comments are about his article and lack of journalistic skills, not to mention the fact that early on here he decided to respond to comments with personal attacks on the commneters but then takes offense when he recieves the same back.
      This case is about a potential pedophile and his victims, hundreds of people knew and worked with and interacted with Jerry Sandusky, If you know anything about Joe paterno you know that his entire life and focus is football, not figuring out if his coworker, who’s former players almost universally say that they are utterly shocked and struggle to even conceive of the potential reality yet Joe Paterno is the only one who should of known.
      How about Sandusky’s wife and 6 adopted children, how about the long time executive director of second Mile, how about the DA and detective from the 1998 incident, how about the physcholigists and phsychiatrists that work with Second Mile children, how about the schools that had him assitant coach prior to 2009, the list goes on and on and on. making this about Penn State and Joe Paterno completely misses the point.

      1. Sully says:

        Aside from his sworn testimony we know nothing.

        Besides that Mrs. Lincoln how did you like the play?

        1. Nothing else to say says:

          the deputy state prosecutor handling the case said that Paterno did the right thing, and handled himself appropriately in 2002 and during the three-year investigation that ended

          Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office, noted that the two officials charged with perjury and failure to report the abuse are being defended by the university, while Paterno was fired.
          We have a cooperating witness [Paterno], an individual who testified, provided truthful testimony,” Hagen-Frederiksen told,

          1. Sully says:

            55 year old man + 10 year old boy + shower + “Horse Play” X Checkered history = Call the cops

            It does NOT equal sit on board of youth organization where the 55 year old man is in charge of kids.

            All the legal tap dancing in the world can’t change that equation

      2. Robert Richardson says:

        Making this about Joe Paterno & the “white washers” is EXACTLY the point. These so called people of integrity did NOTHING for the victims. They slept in the same bed with Sandusky. Helpless children sacrificed and denigrated. They had a chance to speak for them and chose to sell out and draped themselves in the letter of the law. Shameful! What if that were your son, daughter, nephew, niece

  6. Definition of Hack says:

    Hack, a writer who thinks opinion is fact but only if it agrees with the premise of his crappy writing as in Franco Harris, 1970’s Penn state player who defends Joe paterno is wrong and providing sematic sewage but :”Jim” 1970s anonymous Penn State player who sort of agrees with me = full justification of my article and non hackness.
    p.s. Barry switzer said so and oh yea that guy that had a locker next to Paterno for 2 years but was exempt from the “they all had to know”

  7. Opinions of the actual Prosecutors not people who played for Joe Paterno AND Jerry Sandusky 40 yrs ago. says:

    By SARA GANIM, The Patriot-News
    Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno did the right thing and reported an eye-witness report of child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky in the football locker room in 2002, according to the indictment released this morning by the state Attorney General.

    A source close to the investigation tells The Patriot-News that Paterno will not be charged, and will be a prosecution witness who will testify.

    Friday, Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of child sex crimes, and this morning athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz were charged with perjury and failure to report a crime.

    The sources said the deputy state prosecutor handling the case said that Paterno did the right thing, and handled himself appropriately in 2002 and during the three-year investigation that ended Friday.Pennsylvania’s attorney general has voiced “concern” over Penn State University’s firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno and the treatment of other witnesses and officials involved in a child sexual abuse case.

    Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office, noted that the two officials charged with perjury and failure to report the abuse are being defended by the university, while Paterno was fired.

    “We have a cooperating witness [Paterno], an individual who testified, provided truthful testimony,” Hagen-Frederiksen told, “but two others who were found by a grand jury to commit perjury whose legal expenses are being paid for university. One is on administrative leave. Very interesting development.”

  8. JK says:

    I just received this email from someone who actually played for Paterno. No doubt you’ll claim he’s wrong and continue your demented, default assault (“Jason’s a hack!”).

    I played football at PSU in the seventies. I was, like many of my former teammates, stunned when I first heard what had transpired in “Happy Valley” However, once the stardust is wiped from one’s eyes, it appears quite obvious that what we know now is only the beginning of a pathetic, sordid, and tragic tale of child abuse and cowardly subterfuge. It is incomprehensible to me, during all of those preceding years, that merely a handful of people were aware of the “Sandusky Problem”. Yet no one came forth. It renders me speechless. I merely want to commend you for the article you’ve written.”
    Haddon Heights, NJ

    1. Hack that thinks peoples opinions are FACTs says:

      Dude just hang it up. Peoples opinions are not FACTs, which part of that do you now understand……………hack!

      1. JK says:

        I’m sorry to use someone as irrelevant as a former Penn State football player. Besides hiding behind a handle and belching gratuitous insults, what do you add to the dialogue? Use your real name. Stop being a coward. Or go away. Either is fine with me.

        1. Jason's conscience says:

          Jason, dude please just stop my man. Just when I think you can’t prove me any more correct about your hackness you come back and take it up a notch. A former football player is fully relevant if they have any factual information, otherwise they can be dismissed the same way you dismiss Franco who……wait for it……is a former Penn State player, in the words of a guy you remind me a lot of DOH! So Homer here’s a little tip for ya, you expose your self doubt fully when you continue to try to find credible arguments for your hack article. You took the easy road with this article, it’s ok we all gave off days. I’m on you cause you actually can write, sone of your other non judgmental stuff ain’t bad it’s on point, factual even but you dropped the ball on this one.
          P.s. Let Sully speak for you, dudes just a little smarter, ok a lot smarter than you…..or am I Sully too……Hmmmmmmm

          1. JK says:

            Since you’re clearly above all of us – while still hiding behind pseudonyms, of course – why not stalk another writer? Better yet, chat with those more catered to your stratospheric, intellectual prowess? We don’t deserve you.

            1. JMS says:

              seeing as sully is his intellectual mentor i’m thinking that the nickelodeon website may be a good place for both of them to start.

              1. JK says:

                For someone who boasts such brilliance, you’re wasting much of your infinitely more valuable time on my column. Have you considered turning the page? Before you depart, perhaps you can share your real name and location.

                Amazing how Paterno’s apologists almost universally hide behind handles. I look forward to speaking with you after the feds are done with Paterno. Of course, you’ll be gone by then, trembling behind another nickname.

                1. JK says:

                  And if you believe JMS is an attorney, then I’m Shaquille O’Neal.

  9. Duane Krause says:

    I believe Penn State and the nation will be further horrified when the true extent of Paterno’s knowledge of and involvement with Jerry S are uncovered. As a starter, it most probably was Paterno’s staff who made the arrangements for Jerry S to take a 10 year old boy to the Alamo football game and bunk with him while listing this boy as a family member.

    1. Daune Krause knows more that the Pa AG's 3 year investigation says:

      . Good work Duane. CSI State College starring Duane Krause.

  10. Sully knows more than Pa AG says:

    By SARA GANIM, The Patriot-News
    Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno did the right thing and reported an eye-witness report of child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky in the football locker room in 2002, according to the indictment released this morning by the state Attorney General.

    A source close to the investigation tells The Patriot-News that Paterno will not be charged, and will be a prosecution witness who will testify.

    Friday, Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of child sex crimes, and this morning athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz were charged with perjury and failure to report a crime.

    The sources said the deputy state prosecutor handling the case said that Paterno did the right thing, and handled himself appropriately in 2002 and during the three-year investigation that ended Friday.

    1. Sully says:

      So…. Paterno called the cops?


      Then he didn’t do the right thing

      Did Paterno leave Second Mile or alert anyone that their children were in a foundation headed by a child rapist?


      Then he didn’t do the right thing

      You can make all the arguments from authority that you want.
      None of them trump

      55 year old man + 10 year old boy + nudity + shower + “Horse Play+ Checkered history = call the cops

      Try again

  11. Joe McC says:

    are the following references to an alleged Pedophile or a “cooperating witness” in the case

    petrified of;
    power that intoxicating
    morals mutated so drastically
    lawyer-ed up
    makes me sick to spout that nickname
    why is he hiding
    can’t remember the truth because he can’t remember the last time he lived in it.
    The Rat

    1. Sully says:

      They are referencing Joe Paterno and his inaction to help raped kids

      The BEST anyone can say about Joe Paterno is that he didn’t do enough to help raped kids.

      That’s the peak. That’s Mount Everest.

      If he knew in 1998, then I better not hear a peep about all the good stuff he did at Penn State.

      1. Thomas Quinn says:

        Sully, the problem is that YOU and the MEDIA certainly don’t know the extent to which Paterno did, or did not follow-up. Therefore, it is fundamentally dishonest for anyone (including you) to assert that he didn’t do enough at this juncture based on ASSUMPTIONS and MEDIA HYPE.

        It is undisputed that after learning of the incident on a Saturday, Paterno reported it to the Curley (his boss) and Schultz ( Senior VP of the University with 100% authority over the police department) on Sunday. The IS enough in terms of reporting it to the police (your gold standard of doing enough). Facts are stubborn things…

        No police department in the US would have accepted Paterno’s direct report as fact based, because he was not an eyewitness. They would interview McQuery. based on any such communication.

        The exact granular nature of what was or wasn’t conveyed to Joe by McQuery is rendered immaterial because McQuery reported directly to Curley and Schultz as well. Again, Paterno’s communication to these authorities was and still is just hearsay.

        Just as plausible as all the hypothetical scenarios offered as fact, is the following scenario. Curley and Schultz may have decided to try to cover it up, but they quickly realized that Joe would be unwilling to lie. Joe may have in fact, followed up numerous times and was told that the police and he DA were handling it and the university was cooperating, but because this was a serious criminal allegation, they were required to let the authorities and experts take the lead.

        Why do so many people and the media default to supporting and propagating one scenario as fact, when the truth is that this scenario is based on conjecture and assumptions? In a rush to judgement fueled by the media’s primary goal to make money, Paterno has been condemned, convicted and crucified. The damage is done.

        Since we don’t know the FACTS yet, what is wrong with a little due process? Assuming Sandusky is guilty, if Paterno did in fact cover-up then he deserves to pay a steep price. In the alternative, if we learn for a fact that he did follow-up – then what? Do we give the media and court of public opinion a Mulligan?

        These scenarios and many others are plausible at this juncture. What has happened to Paterno is the modern day equivalent of a lynch mob. Even if the FACTS reveal the worst is true about him and he should be hung, I will maintain that the rush to judgement was and always will be wrong!

        There was always plenty of time to hang him if the media is right!!

        Notice too that I am using my full name here JK.

        1. JK says:

          Mr. Quinn,

          Joe Paterno was the most powerful man in State College for 30 to 40 years. Let’s, for a moment, assume your most jaded posture, that Paterno didn’t know about Sandusky until 2002. Why did it take nine years for Sandusky to land in handcuffs? And why was it a complaint from a local high school – not Penn State, and certainly not Paterno – that put him in those cuffs?

          There are more questions you won’t care to answer. Why did Paterno publicly state he wishes he’d done more? Why is he hiding behind barristers? Where is all the truth he promised to share with us when he was canned?

          Why did Sandusky magically “retire” in 1999, in his coaching prime (55), right after winning Assistant Coach of the Year and becoming the Paterno’s presumed successor? Maybe because State College police and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare investigated a naked shower he took with a boy.

          But Paterno knew nothing about any of this, of course. Nor did he have anything to do with Sandusky’s departure from Penn State. Matt Paknis, a rather peripheral player (and survivor of sexual abuse) knew something was afoul in 1987, but Paterno didn’t. Right.

          I’ll repeat what Sully said in this thread: 55 year old man + 10 year old boy + nudity + shower + “Horse Play+ Checkered history = call the cops. Paterno didn’t call the cops. He reported it to people he basically hired himself. With one call Paterno could have spared countless kids and another decade of sexual assault on children. This is the man you’re defending because, well, whatever your lamentable logic decides.

          The media isn’t hanging anyone. Paterno’s inertia in the face of overwhelming evidence that his top lieutenant was molesting boys put him in this position. We haven’t even scratched the proverbial surface on the coverup. Sandusky became Paterno’s defensive coordinator and founded Second Mile back in 1977. It’s rather reasonable to assume his assault on children began shortly thereafter. And it’s not unreasonable to assume Paterno knew at least about “horsing around” in the 1980s.

          Paterno is a disgrace. And he prospers only by dint of your demented myopia. How anyone thinks Paterno is clean in this is beyond my understanding. At best, he did bare minimum. At worst, he harbored a child rapist for 30 years. The man has no conscience, and no soul. Sandusky is a monster, a preprogrammed evil who can’t be reprogrammed. But we expect Paterno to know better.

          I’d love to hear you defend Paterno to the parents of those abused boys.

          1. Jason's conscience says:

            What is defamation?

            Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice. State laws often define defamation in specific ways. Libel is a written defamation; slander is a spoken defamation.

            What are the elements of a defamation claim?

            The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:

            a publication to one other than the person defamed;
            a false statement of fact;
            that is understood as
            a. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and
            b. tending to harm the reputation of plaintiff.
            If the plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must also prove actual malice.

            1. JK says:

              Are you actually trying to make a point? If you are, please tell us what it is. We’re talking about a serial child rapist and the people in a position to stop said rapist. Yet you’re on some tangent about defamation.

              And, for the love of Pete, please use your real name, that way you can thoroughly milk the microscopic amount of attention I’ve given you. This is your first and final chance to appear important.

              And I look forward to all those lawsuits you plan to bring my way. But I warn you, the court may ask you to show identification, thus revealing your real name. It’s safer for you to snipe from the comfort of your cubicle (assuming you actually have a job, which is quite improbable).

              1. Jason's conscience says:

                I’ll consider it……right after Sully and Lisa use their real names and prior business associations with you, oops sorry hope the advertisers don’t see this.
                Hey at least your are up to 230 comments even if 80% of them are me you and your 2 business associates. You’re in luck as I’ve grown tired of(though still more than amused) at this hilarious world of blogging and will be retiring my various monikers.
                P.s. Um it’s the Internet, you are a blogger that spars with Joe public commenter but have a problem anonymity. P.s.s I don’t generate income from this garbage you do Sherlock! Peace out.

                1. Sully says:

                  My real name is Paul F. Sullivan
                  I live near Los Angeles
                  I’m a TV producer and write a baseball blog

                  I’ve never met Jason in person but we have exchanged e mails and been on each others pod casts.

                  We’re not business associates.
                  We just think Child Rape is a serious enough crime to call the cops
                  Joe Paterno doesn’t

                2. JK says:

                  He’s not interested in who you are, Sully, nor who I am. Nor is he interested in this story. He just likes to talk and loves the attention, sniping safely from the comfort of his cave. This is actually a game to him.

                  His antics are unconscionable. He’s actually trivializing the matter of a serial child rapist and the apparatus that protected him. He’s hiding behind handles, switching pseudonyms hourly, and creating (his idea of) clever tangents about my conscience and abstract, irrelevant defamation charges.

                  Frankly, he’s the worst kind of person there is, living in solitude and a warped world of voyeurism. He hasn’t once expressed love, sympathy or concern for the abused kids, anger at Sandusky, or outrage at the people who failed to report Sandusky to the police.

                  Instead, he finds it funny to simply insult me ad infinitum, to the exclusion of the actual issues surrounding State College. He’s grotesque. Most people, even at their worst, have some redeeming characteristics. He has none. I’d feel sorry for him if he weren’t so sordid, so fundamentally disgusting.

            2. JK says:

              Oh, nice cut-and-paste, by the way. Did you do that all by yourself?

  12. not one of jason's personal friends posting on his crappy article says:

    The term McCarthyism, coined in 1950 in reference to McCarthy’s practices, was soon applied to similar anti-communist activities. Today the term is used more generally in reference to demagogic, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character and/or patriotism of political opponents.

    1. Sully says:

      And how does that apply here exactly?

      1. yea how does that apply here says:

        Tom Bradley :And don’t you look at interim coach Tom Bradley with at least a suspicious eye? Mr. Bradley is delusional, and his bags should be packed the moment the football season ends, assuming the feds don’t find him more nefarious.

        Franco Harris added to the semantic sewage by defending Paterno

        Coach K:Meaning what? Child rape was okay in Paterno’s day?

        Random people praying:fools kneeling outside the disgraced coach’s house,

        1. Sully says:

          Coach K’s statement was absurd.
          Yeah he’s old.
          When was child rape OK?

          And yeah, Tom Bradley was there for 30 some odd years including the years in question. So it is absurd to ask what did he know?

          So I ask again… where is the McCarthyism?

          1. JK says:

            Sully, you’ll notice whenever you have the audacity to ask logical questions, the Paterno apologists scatter like roaches when the kitchen light flashes on. They just switch handles and call us morons in another thread.

            And you, Sully, don’t seem to understand the underlying truth…

            Paterno didn’t know about Sandusky in 1977 because I’m a hack Paterno didn’t know in 1987 because I’m a hack. Paterno didn’t know in 1998 because I’m a hack. He did the right thing in 2002, taking Mike McQueary’s report right up the food chain, to all the proper police chiefs, because I’m a hack. Paterno is the vanguard of veracity, austerity, and adolescents because – you guessed it – I’m a hack.

            Any questions?

  13. Sully says:

    I’ve read a few comments from some Penn State supporters here (no doubt posting here after tipping over the TV Van) that have hit some new lows.

    If you find yourself criticizing the rape victims for not coming forward faster or bringing up Duke Lacrosse implying that all over these kids have been colluding for over a decade to bring false charges on Sandusky, please count to 10 before hitting “Submit Content.”

    Before hitting that button, look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I really going to deflect blame onto kids who went through an unthinkable trauma?”

    Ask yourself what does that say about your stance on this issue when this is where you would sink to.

    You can be a Penn State fan and a Penn State alumni and still have the objectivity and decency to not heap ANY blame on 10 year old traumatized kids.

    You can disagree with what Jason wrote. There have been times that I’ve disagreed with Jason.

    Pick apart what he said and be prepared for a debate.
    But if your ammo in a debate includes blaming kids then give it some extra thought

    1. Barry Switzer says:

      In all seriousness, Sully I could not agree More!!
      This story if the allegations are true is about the victims of an incredibly deceptive monster who used a charity and the good works of hundreds if not thousands of people who wanted to help children to harm children. Joe Paterno and Penn State are quite frankly tangential to the apparent underlying tragedy.

      1. Sully says:

        However if Joe knew something for at least 9 years and remained connected to the Second Mile charity even if in name only knowing full well that kids were in contact with Sandusky, then I don’t put Paterno in the blameless category.

  14. Sheryl Larson says:

    This is the single-best article I have read about the Sandusky/Penn State/ Paterno travesty, and there is no other word that applies other than travesty. When good men elect to look the other way when confronted with evil, they are morally just as culpable as those who are responsible for the horrendous acts. It seems far too many of the commenters here cannot understand that the line between an immoral act and an iillegal one can often be a short one indeed. The evidence is strong and unbending: Joe Paterno elected to look the other way.. And the fact that Penn State appears to have believed that it was in a league above other universities is yet another example of false and ultimately destructive hubris. I am proud to say that I never sent any of my four daughters to the school known as the biggest party school in the country.

  15. Legal experts, NOT Barry Switzer says:

    Legal experts say presentments have fallen out of favor in most states and the federal system because they are often viewed as prejudicial and inflammatory both to those charged with crimes, such as Mr. Sandusky, and those who aren’t, such as Mike McQueary, a Penn State assistant coach who told the grand jury he witnessed an incident in a shower involving Mr. Sandusky and a young boy.

    “They’re one-sided and unfair, and in some instances can be inquisitorial,” said Bennett Gershman, a law professor at Pace University and a former prosecutor.

    “Grand jury reports can be effective if they’re used properly,” says Gerald Lefcourt, a criminal-defense lawyer in New York. But Mr. Lefcourt said they can be mishandled. “The notion that the AG’s office would write a report that’s primarily critical of individuals is pretty outrageous given our present-day notion of due process and fairness,” he said.

  16. Pa Attorney Generals office NOT Barry Switzer says:

    Pennsylvania’s attorney general has voiced “concern” over Penn State University’s firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno and the treatment of other witnesses and officials involved in a child sexual abuse case.

    Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office, noted that the two officials charged with perjury and failure to report the abuse are being defended by the university, while Paterno was fired.

    “We have a cooperating witness [Paterno], an individual who testified, provided truthful testimony,” Hagen-Frederiksen told, “but two others who were found by a grand jury to commit perjury whose legal expenses are being paid for university. One is on administrative leave. Very interesting development.”

    1. Sully says:

      Hard concept to understand…

      Paterno testified that he was told by an eye witness that Sandusky was raping a boy in 2002.

      He was so horrified by this that he did the bare bones minimum of his legal requirement and sat on the Second Mile board for the next 9 years

      All the tap dancing by Joe Pa worshipers can never change this equation

      55 year old naked man + 10 year old naked boy + shower + checkered history = call the cops.

      Real hard to understand

      1. Sully is in FACT Jason, Barry Switzer said so. says:

        Once again you ignore the facts. Paterno did NOT testify to being told of Rape, wrong false a lie. Grand Jury found him truthful as did the Attorney General.
        So again let me get this straight Joe Paterno set up the biggest cover up in the history of sports and then did NOT testify the same way Curley and Schultz did. OK .

        1. Sully says:

          Actually I am NOT Jason. I am in California.

          Paterno said in the Grand Jury that he was told by McQueary (sp?) that Sandusky was in a shower engaged in sexual activity with a boy who looked to be about 10 or 11 years old.

          That’s in there. It’s written in the King’s English.

          He talked to the AD 24 hours later (the AD who was a former assistant to Joe Pa, hardly a superior) the Curley called the VP of finance.

          Nobody seemed to think “calling the cops” was an appropriate response to a man found engaged in a sexual activity with a minor, including Joe Paterno.

          It’s an odd reaction by Joe, don’t you think?

          But nope. I’m not Jason. (So much for Facts) You see most people who don’t have emotional attachments to Penn State see this pretty clearly.

          55 Year Old Man + 10 Year Old Boy + Sexual Activity in the Shower X Checkered Past = Call the cops

          1. Sully is in FACT jason, Barry Switzer said so says:

            Oh well if you are in California then certainly you are not Jason, I stand corrected. Yes it is odd, what’s even odder is that he was so hell bent on maintaining the coverup and allowing a pedophile to continue to put the program at incredible risk that he used none of his divine power to keep the guy away from the University, he set this massive unbelieveable cover up in motion and then just ignored the giant pedophile in the room. He wanted so desperately to protect his legacy and to protect the program, that when notice to appear before a grand jury came he didn’t even call Curley and Shukta and Spanier to coordiante stories.

            1. Sully says:

              Well I’m not JK. You’ll have to trust that JK doesn’t need to change his name to make comments on this board.

              It is indeed odd that Joe Pa was informed no later than 2002 that Sandusky was doing something of a sexual nature to a boy.

              That’s the latest anyone can say “Joe Pa knew nothing.”
              It’s also odd that the top assistant coach in the country would suddenly quit right around the time he was accused of doing something with ANOTHER child.

              And if Joe Paterno didn’t know then, then he is the least inquisitive person on the planet Earth.

              Why wasn’t something said or done?
              Why was everything kept in house?

              That’s why the actual cops have been called in. To figure out why. There’s a lot of things that don’t make sense and a lot of possible explanations.

              Not many of them make Joe look good.

          2. Mike E says:


            It appears you have some sense in your argument. However, what most people unassociated with Penn State fail to realize is that Curley was the head of the Police jurisdiction on and around campus. Alleged crimes + reporting to him = going to the cops. In no way am I defending Sandusky or Penn State. I am defending the legal system in place. I believe Joe Paterno has been victimized by pandemic speculation of a blood-thirsty media looking to fill the hole left by the horrible crimes. It seems that ‘Innocence until proven guilty’ does not apply to the opinions of the mass media; including JK’s. You make an excellent comment, “It’s an odd reaction by Joe, don’t you think?” For a man revered for his honest and integrity, I also find it odd. There is more to the story here, so let’s not jump to any more conclusions based off the lame-stream media speculation. After all, we’d hate to see another ‘Joe of Arc’.

            1. Sully says:

              Curley was not the head of police jurisdiction.
              He was the Athletic Director

              Schultz was the VP of Finance that oversaw the Campus Police.
              But no, he had no power to investigate, arrest or order the police to do so.

              I am sorry to keep reminding everyone of facts, but Schultz is not a police officer. Being a Vice President of Finance is not calling a police officer, no matter how many times people try to spin it.

              As for Joe Paterno being the victim, actually no. That is 100% incorrect.
              The victims are 10 year old raped boys. Not 80 something year old men who couldn’t find time in their schedule to report a child rape to the police.

              Blood thirsty media? I assume that is a joke right? I am giving you the benefit of the doubt to assume that statement and calling Joe Paterno a victim is a joke.

              But on the slim chance that it was NOT a joke, the media has been FAWNING over Joe Paterno for decades. He can do no wrong. He is the head of integrity. A week before the Sandusky arrest, he had his record breaking win and everything was coming up flowers. The concept that the media had it in for Joe Paterno is tin foil hat territory. I know you wrote that sarcastically, but there are actually people who believe that!

              As for the other comment about innocence until proven guilty, that is a beautiful strawman.

              Nobody is saying Joe Paterno belongs in jail.
              From Joe’s own testimony we know he knew something at least since 2002 and not only couldn’t be bothered to call the cops but also remained part of a board where Sandusky was allowed to be with kids knowing that SOMETHING had happened 9 years prior.

              So to review…

              Joe Paterno was told by an eye witness that a child was raped by Sandusky
              Joe Paterno never called the cops.
              His former assistant Curley called a VP with no authority to investigate nor arrest.
              Joe Paterno didn’t lift a finger to see what was happening as Sandusky remained around children from 9 more years.
              This is all we know from PATERNO’S sworn testimony.

              The media have fawned over Joe Paterno as a hero right up until this week.

              Ergo Joe Paterno is nothing CLOSE to a victim.
              The media is not blood thirsty over him.
              And the absolute BEST thing you can say about Joe Paterno is that he is a senile man who doesn’t understand that raping children is bad.

              So I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that about him

            2. Sully says:

              I appreciate you see there is some sense in my argument that you should call the cops when a child has been raped

  17. OB says:

    This is terrible journalism. This is the problem with the PSU situation and most of what happens in the world. We should all demand more out of our news reports. This article is purely written based on opinion and the facts of the case are not here at all. Be angered about this case. Be furious. Start trying to help our world so that our children are safe. But please start investigating the truth of any news reports that make you angry so that you can have intelligent arguments over it. For the record everyone wants Joe Paterno’s head on the chopping block to take the fall over this. The beloved Tom Corbett has knew while he was attorney general and could have arrested Sandusky two years ago. Very little is being written about how someone who had the power to arrest the monster sat back and let him continue to potentially abuse for the last 2 years.

    1. COS says:

      Do you understand that this is a blog? It is an opinion based piece, as are all of his blogs. And why are you reading it, or taking the time to respond to it for that matter, if it’s so terrible.

  18. Defender Of JoePa says:

    There’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back. What you wrote, JK, is pure trash. Who needs facts when you can just make them up? The article was bad enough but at least it was opinion. Factless, but opinion. What was really sad was reading your attempts to justify your fabrications in the comments section below. Barry Switzer? Really? What, couldn’t find any Pitt fans to give their unbiased opinion on Paterno? A grad assistant coach who had a locker next to Paterno yet complained that Paterno never interacted with him because of elitism? Wow… As I said- Garbage. No facts, nothing even remotely close to objective in this article. Incredible, um, journalism.

    1. Sully says:


      Oh, so Joe Paterno never did his sworn testimony? JK made that up?

      Oh, so Joe Paterno DID call the cops when he was informed of the 2002 rape.

      He didn’t have his former assistant call some VP of Finance 24 hours later and then do a diddly?

      Must have missed that.

  19. Sully says:

    Penn State apologists.
    Do this little word game for me.

    Replace “Penn State” with “Alabama.”
    Replace “Joe Paterno” with “Nick Saban.”

    Everything else in the story is the same.

    How do you react?

    1. Robert Richardson says:

      Replace Pen State with Alabama,
      then Joe Paterno with “Bear” Bryant

  20. Living in denial PSU fans says:

    This is a very good column because it’s giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come. I guarantee you most of what Jason is saying here will, indeed, come to fruition. You can blame the media all you want, but the bottom line is Penn State’s little Utopia was exposed. I feel sorry for all those people that defend Paterno. I really do, because you’re pathetic. This is a guy who was the closest thing to Jesus Christ at an American college. This is a guy who called all the shots and controlled all the decisions. If you don’t think this man was complicit in the greatest cover-up in the history of American sports, that’s sad commentary about the state of American fandom. And if you are crying about the media coverage now, which I actually believe has been quite fair all things considered, just wait until they connect the dots on the missing DA or find that the cops conveniently misplaced the report McQueary filed. Don’t hate the message the writer is giving you a preview of. He’s more privy to the information than you are. I know this writer. He’s not in the business of lying, ever. If the truth hurts, tough.

    1. PSU Spporter says:

      This “journalist” may not be a liar, but he provides no facts to support his claims. Explain how he would be more privy to any information. This piece of crap article is nothing more than an opinion piece. JK is not a credible journalist.

      1. JK says:

        No one is stopping you from turning the page, son. Find yourself a new writer to stalk. No doubt I’ll miss you, even if you don’t have the courage to use your real name, but I’ll eventually recover

  21. Josh says:

    Woooow. Let’s, uh, let’s go ahead and calm down everyone. We’re all on the same side here. The questions we’re all asking are: How did this happen? and Can justice be found, somehow, for the victims? That’s all. No reason to go stalking each other on facebook, etc.

    To me, we’re fascinated by this story because it’s about human nature — and how scary it can be. That there are monsters among us like Sandusky scares everyone, not just parents like me. That there are certainly people who covered for him (and empowered him by doing so) makes us wonder what WE would do, if we were in the same situation.

    Me? I think Paterno knew in ’98, and probably earlier than that, what Sandusky was up to. I think he covered for him for a reason that will probably horrify all of us. And I think, as the frighteningly similar Syracuse story is coming out, Penn St. will ultimately not be the only campus slammed by a scandal like this in the coming years.

    But it’s cool. We can agree to disagree, right?

  22. Jonas Altman-Kurosaki says:

    Oooookay, everybody, listen up. To those of you who viewed this as a reminder that JoePa isn’t 100% blame-free, congratulations. Do we know just to what extent? Nay. But it’s been repeatedly confirmed in the news by non-PSU outlets to non-PSU students/alums who watch the news that he was informed after the first known incident, and that he did go to the administration – not the cops – about it. These, ye Nittany Lions, are what are known as “facts.” If they weren’t facts, and they were merely smoke-and-mirror coverups, then why did the board at Penn State opt to fire both the president of the university and their beloved icon Paterno? Surely, if there were a shadow of a doubt that he was completely free of blame, they would not have severed ties with him, given that the backlash would’ve been… well, what it’s been.

    But that might be a bit too hard to swallow – you know, facts and all. They’re just media bias, really. Yes, Penn State has since raised money for children that have been abused, and for that, we congratulate you. That has been reported in the news – or at least, in the news I read, which if you are seriously taking issue with this article, is not the news you read. It doesn’t make what happened unhappen. No amount of money can ever do that.

    That’s kind of the point here. Now is not the time to feel sorry for Paterno. Yes, he is a beloved figure, and yes, firing him was a shock, but you have to come to terms with the fact that it was warranted in the end. That doesn’t change the fact that it stinks. But what continued to happen to those kids after Sandusky was allowed to continue coaching… well, that stinks worse. A heck of a lot worse.

    That’s literally the entire point of this article. So read it before you spew ignorant hate about something that this isn’t about. Paterno didn’t commit the crime, but he didn’t report it, and that is also a crime. That’s the long and short of it. Sorry, it’s facts and the law vs. facts-are-actually-media-bias and the-law-is-actually-media-bias.

    1. Barry Switzer says:

      Jonas my man you were close but missed a couple, 1. The VP of finance at Penn State is reposnible for Campus police who have jusrisdiction on campus, FACT.
      2. Sandusky stopped coaching in 1999
      3. The law says people are innocent until proven guilty and the law (Pa AG and Grand Jury said Joe Paterno committed no crime, FACT

      1. Jerry says:

        Wheres the responsibiity of the victims to notify the police,particularly after they became of age???
        If just one came forward may years back it would have saved Penn St and all associated?

        1. Reasonable man says:

          Nothing but sympathy and empathy for the alleged victims. Any suggestion to the contrary continues the theme that somehow anyone associated with Penn State harbors pedophiles. Point on Paterno is this many many more people had much closer contact to Sandusky and his association with children including numerous professionals trained to work with troubled children and children in need. None of them suspected or reported anything. Sandusky was investigated by the district attorneys office in 1998, where have those detectives and staff been for last 13 yrs. Joe Paterno heard of an eyewitness report of conduct of a former employee he called the Athletic Director, his boss. Joe paterno was called before a grand jury sometime between 2008 and 2011 and he
          cooperated fully and told the truth as he knew it as determined by the grand jury. Did Joe paterno have enough clout to tell the AD no I won’t retire yes, did he have authority to force or coverup an investigation, no, that’s a ridiculous assertion. Why was he unable to stop the arrests of multiple players over the last 10 years. Why on earth if he had such power and so much invested in a coverup would he allow this creaton to continue to walk around campus, it defies all reasonable logic. “Jerry I know you raped that boy but we are going to cover it up and you go ahead and keep doing whatever you want.”
          I understand the emotion of this thing and certainly some one of the hundreds of people that interacted with Sandusky (especially Mcqueary) could have done more the last 9 years. But to put the full weight of societal failure as related to Sandusky on Joe Paterno is just not right and does nothing for the victims or for society at all.

          1. Diane DiPiero Rodio says:

            I’m with you. It doesn’t make sense that Paterno would cover this up “to protect the football program.” He would’ve looked like more of a hero if he had tossed out a suspected pedophile on his ear. And Sandusky was no longer employed by Penn State football after 1999; he had coach emeritus status, but what the heck is that, really? He was given permission to use the facilities for his charity, a now sickening thought. I just don’t buy the “for the glory of the football program” as the reason this was covered up. No, I think it goes well beyond that, but we’ll have to wait for independent investigations to enlighten us.

        2. Sully says:

          Yeah… what’s the matter with those child rape victims?
          Why didn’t they all come rushing forward?

          It’s almost like they’ve gone through something traumatic!
          It’s almost like they’ve gone through something humiliating!
          It’s almost as if they would be scared to speak up against very powerful people!

          It’s not like if they spoke up they’d be saying something bad about people involved with Penn State Football

          It’s not like if they came out, they’d be afraid of how they would be perceived

          It’s not like this was something that happened when they were kids and had any long term effect on them.

          Yeah you are right. What’s the matter with those victims of child rape?
          So irresponsible. Don’t those child rape victims know that they are hurting Joe Paterno?

      2. Sully says:

        The VP of Finance is not the police

        He had no power to investigate or arrest

        Why is this equation so hard to understand?

        55 Year Old Man + 10 Year Old Boy + Shower + Slapping and “Horse Play” + History of this = CALL THE COPS

    2. Joe says:

      While I agree with a good portion of what you have written here I have one major complaint. Yes Paterno did report it to his superiors as required by Pennsylvania law, and no he did not go directly to the police but he did report it to Gary Schultz whose job it was to oversee the campus police who would be charged with investigating such crimes. Paterno did not violate any law by not reporting the incident directly to the police and would likely have been turned away if he did as he was only a hearsay witness, not an eyewitness as was Mcqueary.

      1. Sully says:

        Having a guy call the guy who calls the cops isn’t “calling the cops.”

        Call the cops, point to McQueary and say “Talk to him about what he saw”

        When kids are getting raped, you don’t go down the “OK, what is the minimum I have to do?” road.

        ESPECIALLY when people are looking to you for some form of leadership
        It’s telling that when McQueary saw a kid getting raped, where does he go?

        Of COURSE you go to the football coach!

        You’d think that over the next 9 years he would have muttered “Whatever happened with that whole Kid getting raped in the shower” thing?”

  23. JK says:

    Paterno was first officially notified in 1998. Sandusky “retired” the next year, at 55, in the virtual prime of a coach’s career. You honestly think it was about pension plans and downsize?

    And please tell us why, if Paterno is as pristine as you posit, why isn’t he as publicly outraged as the masses? Why is he hiding behind lawyers? Didn’t he say he couldn’t wait to clear things up and address the media posthaste?

    How’s that going?

    1. Jonas Altman-Kurosaki says:

      Going great, right? It’s all over the news…

      Look, guys, when the guy himself knows he did wrong, why do you continue to insist that he hasn’t?

    2. Barry Switzer says:

      There is no basis in FACT for the 1998 assertion or did Barry Switzer tell you that.
      He lawyered up because idiots like you create hysteria that forced Penn State to take action even though the first comments from PA AG were that Joe paterno was a fully cooperative witness and NOT a target of any investigation. Dude hang it up and please hand in youe pen.

  24. Annoyed says:

    Facts vs. Media

    Fact: Paterno was informed in 2002 of one of the most terrible acts a human being can make
    Fact 2: Still trying to get all the facts, as new evidence arises

    Fact: Paterno sells house for a dollar to his wife

    I get it, it’s entertainment for the masses. But why don’t we see more articles about how Penn State has raised more than $400k for sexual abuse victims, or how there’s one little itty bitty section in the newspaper about the candlelight vigil that Penn State Main Campus and Branch Campus students held for abused victims..OH I KNOW! Because that’s not really entertaining! Come on what’s better to read..gossip or the good that people do? Gossip all the way, man, gossip all the way.

    Yeah yeah, I know freedom of speech, but enough is enough

    1. Sully says:

      When an eye witness comes up to me and says “That guy was raping a kid in the shower” do you know what I do? I call the cops.

      Paterno didn’t do that
      He had his AD (an underling) call the VP of Finance who had no power to investigate nor arrest

      And then sat on the board of Sandusky’s foundation for the next 9 years.

      Joe Pa didn’t help kids who got raped.
      Thems is some facts

    2. Lisa says:

      Wow, your fans raised a whole 20K for charity at a game with107K fans in attendance. And they finally got around to remembering the victims with a candlelight vigil, after trashing the campus with a riot. What do you want, a cookie?

      Sorry, but your alma mater is like a cult. We all see that your ilk put way more effort into worshiping your dear leader than anything else.

      1. Sully says:

        I remember reading that too…. they couldn’t even get 50 cents out of each fan for the kids.

        I bet if they were collecting for Joe Pa there would be two commas in the final tally.

        1. The last says:

          Look, I’m not trying to get defensive or anything, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how much money have you donated to child abuse rape programs? Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question and I really don’t want nor care for an answer…If you have, that’s great, because in this scandal, they seem to be the ones forgotten. if you haven’t might as well look at yourself before judging others.

          Also, new evidence suggests that in fact Joe Paterno DID call the police…so I’m guessing if you know for a FACT that he didn’t call the police, you must have been right there with him, I mean, how else would you know exactly?

          Lastly I, a Penn State graduate, the only person I worship is God. I guess your assumption about Penn Staters worshiping Joe Paterno is wrong, but don’t worry, it happens.

          1. Lisa says:

            Wow, I would never have guressed you’re a Penn State grad (shocker.)

            As for how much I’ve given, I’m not the one complaining that that there hasn’t been enough coverage of the good things Penn State has done, or rioting over the firing over a football coach, or raising less than a quarter per game attendee and acting like I cured cancer. At the same game where fans prayed in front of Paterno’s house, posed in front of his statue, and dressed like him at the game. But no, they don’t worship the guy.

            BTW, where is your evidence that Paterno called the police? Telling a university official does not eruqal the police.

            And my evidence is the grand jury presentment. If Paterno did call the police, it would be in there. And, even more to the point, if Joe Paterno, the most powerful man in the state, had really wanted Sandusky to be prosecuted, he would have been cooling his heels in a jail cell a decade ago.

          2. Sully says:

            Last week I donated $100 to Hillsides in Pasadena
            They do help abused kids and foster kids in my community.


            That is 200 times more money than the average fan at the Penn State game could be bothered to spend.

            Do you have any other condescending questions to ask me as you defend the protector of a Child Molester?

            1. The last says:

              I could continue this post and continue having negative comments against you (which I have them), and you reply, and we’ll go back and forth. But I’ve decided to be the bigger person and ended here (or at least on my side). Instead of being attached to a computer screen being hateful, it’s better to focus all of my energy in something more productive, for the children.

              1. Sully says:

                Not sure why you’d have a negative comment against ME.
                But good luck and take care

  25. TD says:

    Jason, you are just another in a string of talking heads trying to pass your personal opinions and judgements on as facts, believing you can sit in moral or legal judgement of anything before facts are presented. And then you bash anyone who speaks out against such ignorance as not caring about child molestation (ie. Franco Harris). Newsflash for Jason: a person can abhore the crimes that were done, grieve for the children and families impacted and want justice to be done, including justice for people who have been pilloried in the press. There needs to be a full investigation, including of the way the case was handled and why the AG who was running a campaign for governor sat on the case for 3 YEARS letting a suspected pedophile have continued interaction with children unitl the election was over (and he was elected governor). As a society we love to topple kings when they get too big, so Jason, if you think this is really about Joe Paterno, knock yourself out. But stop trying to pass yourself off as caring for the children or justice. When your headline is about Joe Paterno, please don’t think you fool us to believe that you actually care about anything more than getting your ink. And stop being so hypocritical. If you get to have your opinion, so do we. And having a different opinion than you on this matter does not make us pedophiles or pedodphile-lovers.

    1. JMS says:

      i wouldn’t judge the author this harshly although i’d prefer he’d do a better job qualifying his position(s) as opinion. Other than that, your comment was very well written sir and raised a few, as of yet, unasked questions that i’d love to know the answer to.

    2. Sully says:

      Looks like SOMEONE didn’t read the Grand Jury report

  26. JK says:

    For the Paterno apologists – and I can’t believe how many of you admit you exist – please explain why Sandusky magically retired the year after a scathing report was written about him…

    A coincidence, no doubt. And he was probably 20-years deep into molestation at that point, yet the almighty “Joe Pa” allowed him on the campus for another 12 years. This is the man you defend because the pristine profile you’ve conjured has been eviscerated.

    1. Hmmmmmmm says:

      The university was downsizing and had an accelerated retirement program which granted tenure and special benefits to those age 55 and over with certain numbers of years service. Paterno had told Sandusky he would not be the next headcoach as Sandusky and he never got along and Sandusky created an atmosphere of defense vs offense which was create silos amongts the team and other coaches.
      OR he thought it would be better to let a pedophile roam around abusing kids on the chance that maybe he’d stop or never get caught. Right Sparky

      1. Sully says:

        Standing ovation

        I’ve heard a lot of crack pot excuses but this is the first I heard the top assistant coach in football and a respected member of the program that brings in tens of millions of dollars a year to the University got fired because a bean counter wanted to save money on a pension.

        The most breathtakingly original excuse I’ve heard yet

        I am in awe

        1. Lisa says:

          Not to mention that Sandusky had been voted NCAA’s Assistant of the Year in 1998. But I guess he wanted to take advantage of those retirement benefits.

          BTW, why would Paterno tell Sandusky he would never be his successor? And just happen to tell him that after 1998?

          1. Sully says:

            No it makes perfect sense that when you are considered the top assistant in the country and could make millions of dollars as a head football coach and bring a lot of attention to your foundation that you would retire right then and there.

            If Penn State didn’t want him to take over, of course you wouldn’t say “I am going to take my services elsewhere” because of course there would be no Division 1 college program that would be willing to give him a shot.

            No, the logical thing to do is say “I’m going to give up everything I’ve been working for to run this foundation…”

            And by a strange coincidence that happened right after an incident involving a kid came up and after he was confronted by the child’s mother.

    2. JMS says:

      what scathing report are you referring to JK?

    3. JMS says:

      also, under what authority could paterno prevent him from coming on campus? for sure he is “mr. penn state” and his influence most certainly extended past his title of head coach but i question whether it extended as far as you suggest in this comment.

      1. Sully says:

        Yeah you are right
        The guy in charge of the program that brings in tens of millions of dollars to the school and keeps the local economy afloat probably wouldn’t have the swing to tell the guards who to keep out of the gym

        Try again

  27. Diane DiPiero Rodio says:

    For the love of heaven, take the attention away from Paterno and on to Sandusky, who is the ALLEGED CRIMINAL. This is ridiculous already. You are doing nothing for the victims, although you claim to be.

    1. JMS says:

      w/all due respect to the victims and their families, they are nameless/faceless to us (w/good reason). we can’t discuss them or offer them our good will. we can only offer them our prayers in private. furthermore, if a cover up exists, its the far more newsworthy story as it would have facilitated this monster’s continuing intrusions into the lives of these innocent kids.

    2. JK says:

      Indeed, Diane, is the man who could (and should) have stopped the many of the crimes not at all culpable? Why is Paterno so sanctified? Everyone from Barry Switzer to Paterno’s own graduate assistant said Paterno HAD to know. Listen to Paknis’s interview with Francesa. His locker was literally next to Paterno’s.

      1. Hmmmmmm says:

        You’re relying on Barry F’ing Switzer and some guy who spent a yr as a graduate assistant at Penn State and admitts he has NO knowledge of Sandusky’s activiies but he believes that Paterno had to know and I’m the clown. LOL
        p.s. I saw a Michael Jackson interview where he admitted to sleeping in bed with boys, oh yea he was acquitted.

        1. Sully says:

          So a Santa Barbara jury couldn’t convict Michael Jackson… ergo Sandusky didn’t rape a kid?

          Trying to follow

      2. Diane DiPiero Rodio says:

        Paterno was fired. The BIg Ten took his name off the championship trophy. There is no mention of Joe Paterno on the Penn State website; it’s as if he didn’t exist. I’m sorry; should we also shoot him at sunrise? What about Curly and Schultz? What about law enforcement, which did nothing with the 1998 allegations? Do you see what I and others are trying to say? None of that matters because Paterno is the big name here. Having his name splashed on headlines and made out to be the most evil guy in all of this — more evil than Sandusky — grabs people’s attention. Jerry Sandusky allegedly was able to smooth talk his way into people’s lives and then commit the most heinous crimes. No, I don’t know either why Paterno and McQueary and whoever else knew about the 2002 incident were able to still see him in the football facilities and not go ballistic, so let’s let independent investigations help us answer that.

        1. Diane DiPiero Rodio says:

          And let’s see… Franco Harris, Matt Millen, LaVar Arrington, Todd Blackledge, Coach K, even BILL CLINTON have said they believe Paterno to be a man of integrity. I think former OSU coach John Cooper said that Paterno probably got what he deserved in this incident, but that he was a man who truly tried to make a difference throughout most of his career. But let’s listen to Barry Switzer, for heaven’s sake, or one grad assistant. Yes, that’s enough evidence to prove that Joe Paterno was a snake in the grass from the very beginning. BTW, I was a journ/English major at Penn State, and I have been searching for objective, fair and insightful reporting on this scandal. I have found very little.

          1. Sully says:

            A man of integrity would have called the cops on a child rapist

            You can bring all the character witnesses in the world out and have Jesus Christ himself give him a vote of confidence and it doesn’t invalidate my first sentence

    3. Lisa says:

      Actually, Jason’s doing a lot for the victims. More than Joe Paterno ever did. Reminding people of the shame of Penn State, and how a school put worshiping at the feet of Joe Paterno above helping rescue children, is always a worthwhile endeavor.

      1. not one of jason's personal friends posting on his crappy article says:

        What in the world are you talking about. Paterno was fired, based on media assumption about what he knew and what he didn’t do. He was charged with nothing. He was a fully cooperative witness. Nice cover up Joe. You and your ilk would have us believe that Joe Paterno conducted a cover up and knowingly let a pedophile continue to harm children and then forgot to sink up stories with Curley and Schultz before the grand jury testimony.
        Even if you and your ilk luike Jason are 100% correct it still doesn’t make an entire university community culpable. Ever heard of Joe McCarthy.

        1. Sully says:

          I really hope you are referring to former Yankee manager Joe McCarthy

  28. doctorvandermast says:

    Good essay on Paterno.

    Football is a world that glorifies machismo. The actions of Paterno
    and the rest involved shame the term “cowardly”. It’s too bad we don’t
    have a medal of dishonor to award these guys.

    Sandusky is a person caught in a horrible obsessive compulsion to do
    evil things. He’s sick. Paterno however made a cold, calculated,
    conscious decision that benefited himself and harmed children. He
    wasn’t driven to it by some powerful desire he couldn’t control. I
    see what Paterno did as far more evil.

    1. Hmmmmmm says:

      Wow really, pretty sure even Jason and most other posters on his side of the argument would disagree with you.
      You sir are sick. Furthermore based on the FACTS, Paterno called his superiors and cooperated fully and testified truthfully (according to the grand jury and the Pa Attorney General) but you obviously know better.

      1. JK says:

        I love clowns like you, Hmmmmm, who hide behind handles as imaginative as 8-tracks. And then you stalk me on facebook, noting that I listen to Michael Jackson, as though owning “Thriller” is even peripherally salient. You just want attention, and I’m sad (and perhaps stupid) to provide you some.

        1. Hmmmmmm says:

          Damn your burnin up the thesaurus and dictionary on this one. If I wanted attention I’d use my name Sherlock. I want to draw attention to your moronic writing that has no basis in FACT and ingnores the FACTS.

        2. Hmmmmmmm says:

          Um Stalking ah no, it’s called google Jason give it a try sometime when Barry Switzer isn’t providing you with facts you might actually find some real facts.

          1. Lisa says:

            Are you even aware of what Barry Switzer said, or are you just spouting off because his name was mentioned? Switzer said all the coaches had to know what was going on. Given that one of Switzer’s old coaches just happens to be a coach on Penn State’s staff, I think he might actually know what he is talking about here.

    2. JMB says:

      Even if you are correct about Sandusky’s “obsessive compulsion” why is what Paterno allegedly did or did not do worse? Perhaps winning is his “obsessive compulsion.” How do you rate one as inherently more evil than another? What about Sandusky’s willingness to lie about his “sickness” when confronted with Costas’ question. It’s all about self interest. That’s the problem.

      1. JMS says:

        i imagine he’s making the distinction of one bieng an uncontrollable urge while the other’s pure vanity. i found it to be an interesting slant although i’m not convinced either “motivation” really applies.

  29. JMS says:

    Also, in thinking about this case and how it relates to paterno, my thoughts turn to the recent public undressing of dominique strauss khan before the alleged “victim” turned out to be a scam artist or the duke lacrosse players who whose lives were forever changed because of prematurely scandalous headlines and a public rush to judgment

    1. Lisa says:

      Um, do you understand the difference between one person’s word against another, vs. multiple victims, and several witnesses, and the defendant’s admission that he showered with young boys? Or a district attorney quickly indicting for political reasons without all the facts, vs. a three-year investigation?

      I’m sick and tired of Paterno apologists screaming “Duke Lacrosse” or “DSK” to defend their hero. Not to mention the odiousness of insinuating that young children alleging that they were raped by Jerry Sandusky are really scam artists looking for a payday. Because that is EXACTLY what you are saying in comparing them to the Duke Lacrosse case. Disgraceful.

      1. Sully says:

        It just goes to show you why the victims stayed silent.

        If people like JMS would blame 10 year old rape victims before admitting Joe Paterno did anything wrong, then imagine the mob mentality at Happy Valley if they came out.

        Imagine the stuff they DON’T say in public about 10 year old rape victims.

        They couldn’t get even a buck from each fan at the game for them.

      2. JMS says:

        i most certainly did not mean to suggest these kids were scam artists and my reference only went to paterno, not sandusky. when multiple, unrelated abuse victims give similar testimony abt the same person it tends to prove out true. my only point was that paterno has been publicly castigated based on unproven, questionably reliable testimony, as were DSK & the duke lacrosse players. as i said in a prior post, grand jury proceedings are notoriously one sided, free from evidentiary controls and are often tossed out once exculpatory evidence is presented at trial. not saying this will or won’t happen on this case, just that it’s too early for me to accept mcqueary’s GJ testimony as the gospel, espeically since he’s now sending out emails to friends which essentially contradicts it.

        1. Sully says:

          You didn’t mean to suggest these kids were scam artists?

          You equated them with Duke Lacrosse.
          And part of the testimony non Penn State fans are basing their opinion on was what Joe Paterno said under oath.

          So I guess if you aren’t calling the kids scam artists then you must be equating Joe Paterno with Dominque Strauss Khan.

          I love how you can write a post where, sorry, you equated the kids accusing Sandusky with the Duke Lacrosse case… then when someone calls you out on it you say “No, I’m not saying the kids were scamming. I’m just saying that…”

          Actually I can’t even guess what you are saying .

        2. Sully says:

          By the way, JMS… this is what you wrote:
          “Also, in thinking about this case and how it relates to paterno, my thoughts turn to the recent public undressing of dominique strauss khan before the alleged “victim” turned out to be a scam artist or the duke lacrosse players who whose lives were forever changed because of prematurely scandalous headlines and a public rush to judgment”

          Sorry buddy… you were equating 10 year old rape victims with a scam artist

          It’s right there.

          Not out of context.

          All Lisa did was call you out and you did your tour de France backpeddling

        3. Lisa says:

          Oh, please When you compare this case to Duke Lacrosse, that is *exactly* what you are doing — suggesting the kids are scam artists. Words mean something.

          “Questionably reliable testimony”? Sandusky is facing 40 COUNTS related to child molestation, with multiple witnesses against them.

          You ever hear about the old adage that when you’re in a hole, stop digging? Dude, put down the shovel already.

          1. JMS says:

            I think the old addage that “there’s no cure for stupid” actually applies here. i can’t help that you don’t have the intellect to look past your simplistic interpretation of my post even after i gave you the ESL explanation. i have very close family members that have been the vicitms of pedophiles and its an issue i’m extremely sensitive to. this is an article about PATERNO. my post specifically stated that i was referring only to PATERNO yet you insist on being a mind reader and imputing sanduskky and those poor kids into my post. sheesh!

            1. Lisa says:

              I got your point the first time, dude. We all did. Next time, think before you speak, so you don’t sound like an ignoramus again.

            2. JK says:

              JMS is tired of getting his A$$ handed to him by Lisa and Sully, so he’s back to calling me a hack. It’s brilliant logic from a lawyer. (Assuming anyone believes he’s an attorney). And he, walking in lockstep with his ideological (Paterno apologist) brethren, he hides behind a handle and refuses to reveal his location. He probably switches pseudonyms every few hours just to feel clever.

              I just want to properly frame the debate to date: “Paterno didn’t know about Sandusky in 1994 because Jason’s a hack. Paterno didn’t know in 1998 because Jason’s a hack. Paterno didn’t know in 2002 because Jason’s a hack. Paterno notified all the proper people because Jason’s a hack. Paterno called the cops posthaste because Jason’s a hack. Paterno will be exculpated of all malfeasance because Jason’s a hack.”

              I feel smarter by the second when I listen to Paterno apologists.

    2. Sully says:

      Ladies and gentlemen… the new low.

      This isn’t one adult’s word in one incident against Sandusky

      These are multiple victims over many years.
      This is at least one victim where there is an eye witness to the event
      This is at least one incident that Sandusky could not deny that he was naked with a boy 45 years his junior in an inappropriate way

      And you are comparing these boys with what happened at Duke?

      You are reading all of this and said “Let’s blame boys who got raped?”

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the new low. I thought I heard it all.

      Take a bow JMS
      It takes a lot to be “the lowest internet comment I’ve ever read in my life”

      1. JMS says:

        why don’t you read my post again and pay particular attention to the first sentence b4 u pronouce me the lowest of the low you drama queen. it says: “in thinking about this case, AND HOW IT RELATES TO PATERNO”. SHEESH. I said nothing abt Sandusky or those poor kids. your comment shows as much responsibility as these internet “journalists” who don’t bother to check facts or distinguish their opinions as such. when multiple, unrelated abuse victims give similar testimony abt the same person it tends to prove out true and i don’t for one second beleive sandusky is innocent nor do i “blame” those poor defenseless children. lets see if ur man enough to apologize though i doubt it.

        1. Sully says:

          How it relates to Paterno…

          Well, we have Joe Pa testifying that he knew something in 2002 and never called the cops and we know that Joe Pa sat on the Second Mile board while someone he was told raped a child in 2002 was around kids

          We have more and more information coming out that there were incidents many years prior.

          And we know the absolute minimum that Joe Paterno knew about this was 9 years.

          And somehow all of this magically reminded you of a case of false accusation at a major college where the rape victim turned out to be a scam artist

          But somehow that DOESN’T mean you are calling the rape victim in this case at a major university scam artists

          New low

          1. JMS says:

            as i thought. not man enough to do the right thing.the fact that the DSK and Duke matters also involved allegations of sex crimes is purely coincidental. the common thread i was referring to is that grand jury indictments that were sensationalized by he media led to a public rush to judgment before any facts were actually proven (or thoroughly investigated for that matter). the indictments were later tossed for and the allegations proven false. in this case a grand jury indictment, while not charging paterno, has led to a public rush to judgment resulting in him losing his job and being villianized worldwide. that was my comparison, nothing more, nothing less. the fact that you and Lisa chose to either read what you wanted to read or, in the alternative, intentionally misconstrued it for dramatic effect, does not change the clear meaning of my post. in the future i’ll be sure to s-p-e-l-l out my reference precisely for the not so bright posters like yourself

            1. Sully says:

              “Duke matters also involved allegations of sex crimes is purely coincidental”

              The fact that you typed this sentence actually made me laugh out loud.

              Good work

              It is a coincidence that you started thinking about a rape case at a major university that turned out to be fake.

              Please confirm that you are actually expecting anyone to believe that you could have picked any case in the world and by, your words, a coincidence you thought of one involving a big college… lots of anger… rape… and scam artists.

              I am in more awe than I was when I saw the Grand Canyon

              That is the Sistine Chapel of B.S.

        2. Sully says:

          Why exactly would I apologize to you for calling you out on a staggeringly offensive steaming pile of bull crap?

          1. JMS says:

            oh…i don’t know, maybe because in my 5:14 pm post, which was written before the one you are attacking, offers my prayers and support to the victims and their families and identifies sandusky as a monster. but why would you want to refer to that post when you can just attack me for saying something i never said? i suspect that you are either a pot stirring internet troll or a, giving you the benefit of the doubt, someone who’s so outraged by the allegations that you can’t help but feed your appetite for vengeance, even if the object of your outrage has yet to be heard or the testimony that has damned him cross examined. for whatever its worth, i will admit that the evidence i’ve seen tends to suggest paterno should’ve done more. unlike you, i’m merely reserving judgment until all facts are known and i’m reasonably sure of it. for my part, a guy like paterno who’s done a lifetime of good and upheld the academic integrity of his program where most others have failed has earned at least that.

            1. Sully says:

              Where do I have an appetite for vengenge?

              I think that if someone has knowledge of a child rapist, their first instinct SHOULDN’T be “What the least I need to do to cover myself.”

              I think that over the next 9 years they should, I don’t know, find out what happened and call a cop.

              That’s not vengeance
              That’s common decency

              Now forgive me if I don’t buy your take that you randomly brought up Duke Lacrosse.

              “No, it is a coincidence that I brought up a case involving rape in a major university where it turned out that it all turned out to be a scam.”

              Sorry buddy.
              The best step is to say “Ok. My bad.” And move on.

              1. JMS says:

                Your appetite for vengeance is patently obvious by your systematic attack of every poster on this board who takes any position that is not 100 percent in line with yours. i’m starting to recognize your type sir. you have probably never been wrong about anything in your entire life and you eschew meaningful discussion and the exchange of theories for insult/antagonism b/c your intellectual insecuriites preclude you from engaging in any type of excersise that might expose a flaw in your thought process. i’m fairly certain the phrase “reasonable minds can disagree” has never entered your vocabulary and instead of responding to the substance of what others say you insult it with off color hyperbole such as “sistine chapel of BS” or “steaming pile of bullcrap”. you, sir, are not worth another ounce of my effort and I’m going to take the high road and wish you a good day.

  30. JMB says:

    We know two things know for sure. One is that Jerry Sandusky is not innocent. We know this because he told us in his rambling answer to Bob Costas. The second is that his actrions impacted the lives of the truly innocent: children. This is a train wreck and what this situation speaks to is the horrific imperfection of human nature. Looking backwards does nothing. How far back in time or the number of children is simply dessert for the infotainment junkiesis that we human beings are. Just one incident should be enough to cause a witness to scream for help. But having said that, the bedrock of our justice system is innocent until proven guilty. All this outrage without suggestions for solutions just shows our malignant willingness to judge everyone else in the worst light. Are you so sure what you would have done? We’d all like to think that we would have done more than what apparently was done. But all we really know is that Sandusky’s meaning of “loving” children is warped and that his alleged actions are incomprehensible. Hopefullywe will all learn from the mistakes of the Penn State “system” and take actions to ensure change. If not, well then all this “talk” means nothing.

  31. Doctor ? says:

    A well written article, expressing my own feelings. When a coach or secondary celebrity garners more attention than abused children, you have to wonder about America. The shield of Justice has failed these victims. I fear the sword of Justice will prove to be dull and rusty.

    1. Hmmmmmm says:

      when a coach or secondary celebrity garner more attention than the Monster pedophile himself, you have to wonder about America and the motives of the writer.

      1. JK says:

        If I ask really nicely, Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…will you go away?

      2. Sully says:

        So I take it you think that if a child is raped, you wouldn’t call the cops on the rapist?

  32. JMS says:

    Jason: a grand jury investgation is essentially a prosecutor”s personal feifdom where he can acheive his desired result w/o being limited by rules of evidence, hearsay objections, cross examination of witnesses or any partipation by the defendant or his counsel. With that in mind i’m always a bit skeptical of these indictments as I’ve seen too many of them tossed out. couple this w/mcqueary’s phantom police report and his latest claim of leading the victim to safety (in direct contravention of his GJ testimony) and all of a sudden it gets a bit cloudy to me. also, for all we know, mcqueary will turn into another mark fuhrman upon cross examination at trial. since so much of paterno and the adminitration’s culpability seems to be riding on the truth and verascity of mcqueary’s grand jury testimony, i will choose to withhold judgment of paterno and the psu administration until all facts are known.

  33. douglas says:

    JK — agree with you 100%. I do understand that a lot of Joe Pa’s supporters will not. That’s OK. I think Poe Pa had a moral obligation to make the “right call” and he did not. He merely bucked it up the Penn State chain of hierarchy. And that wasn’t enough. And your comment on Coach K was spot on. He joins Ashton K. for the dumbest remark about this sordid situation made to the media. I have no doubt that Jerry S. will be convicted by a jury of his peers. Joe’s legacy is in tatters and he will find it difficult to rebuild it — because he can’t go back 10 years ago and do what he should have done — gone to the police and report a criminal act — a rape of a young man — had just happened on the Penn State campus — and that there was an eye witness.

  34. Susan says:

    This is the first intelligent dissertation on one of the most twisted and convoluted series of events I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, the plot will only thicken and many more implicated as time goes on. Thanks for this lucid assessment. Hard hitting and objective. Two attributes I wish Penn State leaders possessed.

    1. JK says:

      Marry me, Susan.

      I’m joking, of course, but it’s because of people like you – who actually read my entire piece and actually understand what I’m saying – who make the writing worthwhile. Thank you.

      1. Hmmmmmmmm, says:

        Maybe, but first uh Susan, Penn State leaders FIRED one of the longest tenured and most respect Presidents in the universities history and the winningest coach in college footbal history…..HELLO anyone home?
        p.s. they did that based on indictments, not convictions

  35. EJS says:

    Where are your facts to back up all the wild assertions about Joe Paterno? I’ve read the grand jury presentment and it doesn’t supply any facts to back up this exercise in malicious speculation, guess and conjecture.

    1. JK says:

      Malicious speculation? Is that an oxymoron? I know this hurts, but that whole FIrst Amendment thing assures my right to do what you just did – express an opinion.

      I don’t care to burden you with facts, but nearly EVERYONE with substantial college coaching experience – like Barry Switzer and Paterno’s own graduate assistant – guarantees that Paterno knew. The fact that you don’t want it to be so doesn’t change the reality.

      1. Hmmmmmmm says:

        Wow does CBS really want there name associated with this incredibly amateur work. Dufus Barry Switzer nor any other college fball coach would have the first inkling of what Joe paterno knew or didn’t know, you can’t really be this dense can you. Sparky, are you saying that because barry switzer opines on something it becomes fact. Dude if you ever thought for one second that you were a journalist, you were WRONG!!!!

  36. Hmmmmmm says:

    From Jason’s Facebook page, not kidding.

    Arts and Entertainment
    Music: Michael Jackson

    1. JK says:

      Were you born or hatched? Your answer would explain a lot.

    2. Sully says:

      If you looked at MY Facebook file you’d see that I list Chinatown and Rosemary’s Baby are two of my favorite movies

      Doesn’t mean I don’t think Roman Polanski isn’t a twisted dude who went too far.

      Joe Paterno is and always will be a great football coach

      He just couldn’t be bothered to help raped kids

  37. Tom says:

    If you search diligently re Dan Connor being arrested re harassing phone calls to a retired Penn State assistant coach, an obvious and truly ugly scenario is raised. I expect that Dan Connor has been interviewed recently but also expect he’s been asked to not reveal the nature of his phone calls, or why he made them. Extrapolate a bit re 15 such phone calls and that he was suspended by coach Paterno.. and ask the next obvious questions .. What agency was able to trace those calls.. what agency notified Paterno .. what did that agency tell Paterno.. I’m not critiquing Dan Connor.. in fact he seems to be one of the only persons who tried to do anything..

  38. JK says:

    People, please read the grand jury report. Then explain how a separate book report was written on Sandusky’s malfeasance back in 1998 and explain how Paterno didn’t know. Just stop it. Please.

    1. Bob Fleck, State college, PA says:

      Everybody needs to understand the Grand Jury report is only a summary of the testimony, not actual word for word as in a court trial. Many of the facts were not included and will not be known until these people actually come to trial. Much of what you have written is heresay, assumption and mostly opinion, not fact.

      1. JK says:

        Mr. Fleck, feel free to stalk other writers. Your redundancy is bordering on psychosis.

        1. Fleck, state Colelge, PA says:

          JK why don’t you come to State College and say that you miserable lying coward!! You so called journaist are in this for only one reason. I hope you all burn in hell.

          1. Sully says:

            Yeah JK! Why don’t you go to the place where logic and reason end and idol worship begins?

            Hey Fleck… put down the Pom Poms for a moment.

            1. What is the one reason that “journaists” are in it for?
            2. Do you REALLY think JK deserves to be tortured for eternity for writing a post you didn’t like?
            3. Do you think that JK deserves that more than someone who wouldn’t call the cops and allowed kids to be around a child rapist for at the VERY least 9 years?
            4. Do you realize that people only threaten when they run out of logical arguments?

      2. Sully says:

        I am shocked to see someone from State College PA falling on the “Paterno Apologist” bandwagon

    2. JMS says:

      i read the grand jury report and it left me w/more questions than answers, especially w/repect to mcqueary’s testimony. admittidly, i wasn’t there to see him testify and the grand jury took his account over the other 2 indicted psu admins but mcqueary’s recent statements which seem to contradict his original testimony have reallly disturbed me.

  39. Frank says:

    I guess Alan Dershowitz and all of Harvard support child abuse and are misguided and ignorant since Dershowitz has said the Trustees wronged Paterno with his firing. Everyone in the Clinton Whitehouse supported sexual harassment and all should have been fired and excoriated for such. All Catholics who continue to go to church on Sunday support child abuse. I could go on and on. You people are unbelievable, we clearly don’t need judges and juries anymore we just need Jason to fill in all the Facts for us. Please call the Pa Attorney General because apparently you have it all figured out.

    1. JK says:

      You’ll have to explain what Alan Dershowitz has to do with Penn State. Your relativism is irrelevant. And the Catholic Church has nothing to do with this. (And no, I’m not a Catholic.)

      Forty counts of child molestation and such clearly aren’t enough for you. I’ll write another column for you when there are fifty.

      1. Frank says:

        You just did it again, unbelievable. You have No idea what my overall opinion of the situation is and yet you try to paint me as someone who doesn’t care about child abuse. One act of abuse is abominable you pretentious hack.
        Franco Harris graduated from Penn State about 40 years ago, he speaks for himself. Alan Dershowitz has looked at the publicly know facts and has written his opinion regarding the Paterno firing the same way Franco has. I happen to disagree. Paterno had to go no matter what he knew or didn’t know as some of the alleged incidents happened on his watch. But suggesting that those that disagree somehow support or ignore child abuse is asinine..

        1. JK says:

          Where did I say you don’t care about child abuse? This is pointless. Happy Thanksgiving, sir.

          1. Frank says:

            What’s pointless is your article which presupposes that any number of people would knowingly allow a pedophile to harm children and then continue to associate with him for the good of the program. Are you kidding me. Paterno and a couple of administrators maybe but a dozen or so educated professionals. Come on. I am sure you are aware that Sandusky adopted 6 children, was foster parent and ran a multimillion dollar childrens charity providing service to over 100,000 children. Guess what you don’t just adopt kids at will. The charity interacted with dozens of child psychologists and psychiatrists and professionals. Countless people interacted with Sandusky and his charity but only Joe Paterno and Penn State coaches knew or should have known about him? Ok. A three year investigation by the grand jury apparently wasn’t as in depth as your “come on people” analysis. I suppose Paterno and crew just kept there fingers crossed that he wouldn’t get caught. Common sense anyone……

            1. Rich says:

              Well put….articles like this aren’t concerned with common sense…just number of internet hits…hence the name Joe Paterno in the title…Sandusky continues to enjoy the autumn with a cup of tea on his porch…

              1. JK says:

                Right, Ricardo. After writing over 200 columns for WFAN/CBS, today is the day I decided I need attention – and from you, no less.

                I love robust debate, but some of you people are as warped as that mummified coach you so ardently defend. Get a grip, a life, or both.

      2. PSU Supporter says:

        What happened in the Catholic church is far worse than the PSU situation, not to mention much more widespread. Of course the abuse hundreds of boys by priests over decade should be overlooked.

  40. PSU Supporter says:

    Disappointed in your sanctimonious article. The Penn State bashing needs to end and allow the healing process to begin.

    1. JK says:

      When does the healing process begin? When another dozen kids come forward? Shed your Paterno myopia and look at the facts. Please.

      1. SLY says:

        Joe Paterno IS NOT Penn State. When will you and the rest of the Penn State bashers get off YOUR sanctimonious high horses? STOP spraying your poisonous venom over all of the students and alumni of the university. As an alum, I am SICK of it…WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!

        1. JK says:

          Paterno is not Penn State? Are you from Earth? Your answer would explain a lot.

          1. HMMMMMMMM says:

            Barry Switzer said so.

      2. Bob Fleck, State college, PA says:

        It’s guys like you who don’t want the healing to begin because you need something to write and lie about. You woldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the head, which is the only place it wouldn’t hurt you. Have a nice Thanksgiving and when you are praying, which I assume you do on occasion, think about all the people you hurt when you write this garbage. Thanksgiving is about compassion and forgiveness as well as all the rest. Try to have some of each as you enjoy your Turkey.

    2. Sully says:

      Penn State bashing?
      Oh you mean implying that people who knew about child rape not coming forward about child rape and putting kids in danger of being raped did something wrong?

      That’s not Penn State bashing
      That’s called stating obvious facts

  41. PK says:

    Your entire premise is flawed, because you base this article on the supposition that JoePa had knowledge of this situation prior to 2002. That hasn’t been established at all by anyone.

    I think it’s a little low-brow to take the easy route and write such a sanctimonious criticism of the absolute easiest target in this whole mess. Plus, this isn’t even very well written.

    1. JK says:

      No, sir. My supposition is that Paterno knew long before then. Of course, I look forward to your column on the matter. Where is it, again?

      1. PK says:

        I’m a lawyer, not a hack amateur blogger. So you won’t see an article from me.

        1. JK says:

          I imagine you’re a hack at both. Happy Thanksgiving, sir.

  42. Robert Fleck, State College, PA says:

    It certainly is easy for such as yourself to look at this situation in the way you do in this horrific “Editorial”. None of these people have been convicted of any crimes up to now, yet you and many others in your profession, and I use the term very loosely here, have already convicted everyone involved without benefit of having all the facts or a juriy’s decision. Is this really the way “professional” journalists do things these days: Your opinon is to be seen as the gospel truth. If so I won’t be a part of it and no one else should be either. The truth will be told and then and only then should you spread it.

    1. JK says:

      Ah, the Kool-Aid is still strong in State College. I’m sorry your hero harbored a child rapist. Not my fault, sir. Look at them, and then yourself. Please.

      1. Bob Fleck, State College, PA says:

        No KoolAid here… just saying a fair and objective reporting by all media is needed, no, required. You are a HACK of the first order and should be somewhere in a hometown paper in Idaho where your hate filled opinions can do little harm and no one there cares. And by the way, no one in State College cares what you or anyone else thinks. WE ARE…PENN STATE!!!

        1. PSU Supporter says:

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. I for one will always be Penn State proud. This fool’s assumptions speaks volumes of his ignorance.

          1. Diane DiPiero Rodio says:

            Right on, Bob Fleck and PSY Supporter! There has been nothing but conjecture and innuendo being filtered through the media. It’s all to slam Penn State and Paterno. When you do find the rare article on Sandusky, it’s usually about how people thought he was a great person and this wasn’t in his character. I’ve read the sickening grand jury statement three times, and, okay, you can be disappointed in Paterno, but to vilify more than Sandusky is purely wrong.

            1. JK says:

              Indeed, everyone who disagrees with you is a hack. Feel free to listen to Francesa’s interview with Matt Paknis. It’s on this site. Of course, you both probably know more than someone who actually coached under Sandusky and Paterno.

              And I hate to burden you with facts, but try them sometime. Paterno knew everything that went on at Penn State, even the most minor malfeasance. Yet he didn’t know about the voluminous report written about Sandusky in 1998? Should you shed your Penn State Snuggies, you may find your world less warped.

            2. Sully says:

              Since when is a Grand Jury testimony conjecture?

  43. Josh says:

    Great article, JK! I especially love the line, “but it would have been brief compared to the toxic metaphysical fence that surrounds State College now”.

    You know, it’s not just that Paterno protected Sandusky. By keeping him around, sitting on the 2nd Mile board, and giving him access to everything Penn St., Paterno actually empowered him! Mike Fransesca’s been saying all along that Paterno did these things to protect “the Pen St. / Paterno brand”. But then why did he keep Sandusky around?

    Watch it come out one day that Sandusky had something either ON Paterno, or FOR Paterno. What was it that they used to say about Paterno and Sandusky? Give them two weeks and they never lose? I mean, why give the guy access to the Penn St. football facility, with a parking space, unless you wanted him to watch tape? What will all those Paterno defenders think when it comes out one day that their beloved “JoePa” chose to protect and empower Sandusky because he felt, even though he was a pedophile, he needed his football knowledge to win?


    1. JK says:

      Thank you, Josh. As you say, almost as astonishing as the crime is the complexity of the coverup.

  44. Steven Fahey says:

    The Brand can’t shield child rape.

    It did for a very very long time. The school will not recover from this. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    The most sickening story I have ever heard. I remember two Sundays ago reading the Grand Jury report, and telling my girl I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

    God bless the victims.

  45. Marc Weiss says:

    Perfect example of “Absolute Power corrupting absolutely”. I saw Brad Benson’s interview on Fox last week and thankfully there is one former player who gets it. He came out and condemned those who are supporting Paterno and missing the big picture. Bottom line is: Paterno was protecting his program and fighting to keep his job in the early 2000’s. His morals were compromised and along with it went his legacy. Gr8 article JK !

    1. JK says:

      Agreed, Mark. And thank you. My guess is Paterno’s blinders took hold long before 2000. We may find that he knew about Sandusky 20 or 30 years ago, even if it’s nearly impossible to prove.

  46. Jonas Altman-Kurosaki says:

    Excellent article as usual, Jason. As you and other commenters have astutely put it, it baffles me to see these college kids’ reactions to what’s happened with Paterno. Yes, I get it – he is (not was, as we can plainly see) a Penn State icon, worshipped by most and loved by all. But it doesn’t change the fact that he messed up royally, causing undeniable and irrevocable damage that clearly Nittany Lions can’t fathom. I’m sure that every kid that Sandusky got to does not feel the least bit sorry for JoePa, but since everyone else can’t understand the traumatic effect of these incidents, they also can’t understand why their beloved coach was treated so “harshly.” Well… reality check: some things are more important than football.

    I believe one story that can sum up Penn Staters’ ignorant bass-ackwardness was this one that I heard on the news the day of Paterno’s firing. Paraphrasing, it said, “it was reported that Penn State students attending this weekend’s football game planned to wear the color blue in support of child abuse victims; however, the football team has asked that students wear white in honor of Coach Paterno.”

    Now, I don’t know if that’s true or if WNBC was just trying to stir the pot; but I have no doubt from the proceedings that some people certainly feel that way, and that, my friend, is the definition of “burying the lede.”

    1. JK says:

      Thanks, Jonas. I really, really hope that the WNBC report is false. College students are easily old enough to comprehend these crimes.

  47. haroldburbank says:

    wondering if paterno or PSU were threatened somehow if the abuse was revealed.
    it makes no sense that sandusky would do these cires in the face-on the premises of PSU unless he thought he was protected by very powerful people.

  48. Marie says:

    Out of all of this horrific mess, it is opinion pieces such as this that make me have some hope in the human race. Thank you.

    1. JK says:

      Very kind of you, Marie. Thank you.

  49. Robert Richardson says:

    The sanctioning of child rape is unconscionable at any level. That fact that it occurred at a college (a place of molding young minds) makes it more reprehensible. The fact that it occurred at Penn State (with the parties involved) makes it an even greater hypocrisy. From the sorry excuse of a man (he was 28 years at the time) who abandoned a victim to his attacker, to the grand old men who shared a communal nod and wink at the expense of shattered lives; this story stinks and is a microcosm of America. The privileged and/or powerful get a pass and the meek get trampled. The perverted outpouring of Joe Pa emotional support was nauseating and degrading to the victims. If Joe Pa was Penn State and Penn State Joe Pa, then who is “We Are Penn State”?

    1. JK says:

      All great points, Robert. My first choice for the title of this piece was, “Success With Horror.”

      There are so many black hats in this, I lose count. But the biggest one (besides Sandusky, of course) lands squarely on Paterno. By all accounts, he could have stopped this whenever he wanted. He had that kind of power.

      1. Robert Richardson says:

        Turns out he was an illusion the whole time; smoke and mirrors

      2. CB says:

        I would be careful here and/or be ready for an apology publically when the facts come out. They are about to and once these facts are official, it will turn all of the “guilty because I said so” people into a state of shock. Hold on to your hats here…because the “smoke and mirrors” that Joe and the University supposedly has done, will actually be proven to be smoke a mirrors of a different sort. Again, be ready to eat words and apologize publically. That is true journalism.

  50. Michael Bobetsky says:

    All the outcry from the student body shows that even if you think once your in college your an adult, evidently your not. There aren’t a whole lot of adults that would be upset for Paterno, regardless of his history, and previous reputation. Maybe the university should also teach their students to become adults and garner maturity in individuals., for the money spent on enrollement, i find it sickening that the student body was allowed to assemble that way and that there were no repercussions announced by the University. Those kids need guidance not fame of 1 hr on sports center and the nightly news. Of course if one of my boys had ideas of playing for this university, they could forget it. The students that held vigils for the victims and peacefully did the right thing should be commended.

    1. JK says:

      Agreed on all points, Michael. Thank you.

    2. Mike E says:

      I am an alum of Penn State, supporter of the program and tentatively a supporter of Joe Paterno. I have also followed this story closely, and read pieces from the many angles that exist. I was at the vigil because I wanted to show my support, as a Penn Stater, for the victims of this crime. While I find this article well written and very strong worded, I am deeply saddened by the accusations made without the proper proof. It is important to remember that without a true investigation, many of the ‘points’ are just JK’s opinions on a dark and tainted matter. If you remove the many assumptions, you are left with some actual facts: Pedophilia and rape are BAD. People who do these acts are BAD. There COULD have been a cover up but at this point everything is speculation. It is the pandemic defamation and speculation that are destroying what could be great reporting. Granted, It is a great opinion piece – but let’s leave it at that. I welcome any debate – but please leave the name calling, wise cracking and other nonsensical garble out of it.

    3. Diane DiPiero Rodio says:

      I have a theory on that. First of all, though, let’s remember that there are about 42,000 students on campus, so MOST of them did not riot the night Paterno was fired. I think it’s likely that students were upset about more than just Paterno’s ouster. They had basically been left in the dark for days as this scandal grew larger and uglier. The only person who seemed willing to talk was Joe Paterno, and his voice was squelched before the Tuesday press conference. So when the first info they get is that the “face” of Penn State was let go, I think a lot of students just felt let down in general. That, of course, does not excuse any violent behavior. Tipping over a news van isn’t the way to show your frustration!

      1. Lisa says:

        Oh, boo hoo. Your alma mater’s students acted like a bunch of morons over a football coach! Not children being molested, but a football coach losing his job. Stop making excuses for bad behavior.

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