Imagine An Underground Park In NYC? It Could Become Reality

Spot Under Delancey Street May Be Developed Into Subterranean Paradise

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When most people think of the New York City underground, the subway, rats and bad lighting are among the first things that come to mind.

But, how about beautiful spaces with natural sunlight, grass, trees and remarkably good-looking people relaxing in a park-like setting? Well, that’s exactly what pops into the heads of architect James Ramsey and his partner Dan Barasch. The pair want to turn the rundown, graffiti-covered trolley terminal under Delancey Street into an underground park, reports CBS 2’s Don Dahler.

“It’s part historical rediscovery of an amazing space; it’s part science-fiction. And I think it’s part just sort of a green, magical community renewal,” Ramsey said.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

“This is a space that could be used on a day like this that’s rainy and cold and grey. And it could be used in winter and it could be used when it’s freezing outside,” Barasch added.

While the plan may seem far-fetched to some, Ramsey and Barasch appear to be the right men for the job. Their resumes include words like “NASA,” “Yale,” “Cornell” and “Google.”

The ambitious duo were inspired by the overwhelming success of the “High Line” project, an elevated old train line turned park. The proposed “low line” park would take up three blocks underneath the Lower East Side, and would feature actual trees and greenery, thanks to technology straight out of science fiction.

Ramsey described the process, which would turn the dark bowels of Lower Manhattan, into a year-round sunny day, saying, “There’s three portions to this. There’s collecting the light and concentrating it. There’s sending it through either a shaft or fiber optic cable. And then there’s distributing it.”

The proposed park, which would be free to the public, has gotten a positive response from the city and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and although the developers aren’t sure yet how much it would cost, they’ve already started raising funds for their subterranean vision of the future.

For more information on the proposed park check out

With the temperature dropping and winter on the horizon, how would you feel about soaking up some sun in a subterranean paradise? Comment Below.


One Comment

  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  2. LearnHistory says:

    This is all about these 2 snobs building their resume. The HIGH LINE was all about business. If you think that the RATS aren’t going to inhabit this “park” you don’t know much about rats or underground space.

  3. forrest says:

    Sadly, the #Occupiers would move in for the Winter and turn it into a graffiti covered, rat infested, wasteland, but with the added beauty of open sewage, incessant noise, and assault

  4. Tom says:

    This idea reminds me of the movie a boy and his dog. More current, will this be a new place for the occupy crowd to deposit 200lbs of human feces

  5. Edmund Burke says:

    What a wonderful idea. Three questions? First where is the money coming from for construction and maintenance? Second, will this become a hangout for gangs and homeless people? Third, is this where Mayor Bloomy plans to move the Occupy Wallstreeters so they can be warm and comfortable?

  6. Omega 13 says:

    This will work until the thugs find out about it.

  7. Bill in Houston says:

    Just wait until the first flash mobs start infesting the place, 50 urban “youths” robbing and assulting taxpayers and then disappearing into the subways…

  8. charlie brown says:

    great place for the wall street occupiers. just herd all of them in and seal the doors.

  9. Dave says:

    I like the idea. However, unless New York City is willing to enforce anti-loitering, littering, graffiti, and drug laws, it will turn into a homeless drug-infested ghetto fast.

  10. Ronald Moscatello says:

    Just another place for the drug dealers to sell their stuff !

  11. leo says:

    call me misguided but i would expect N.Y. to concentrate all their efforts on rebuilding where the twin towers used to be. i thought that was a top priority? it was a top priority in ’01. what’s changed?

    1. Gerald Carter says:

      When are you idiots going to learn how to read. It’s private money. Not City tax payers money. If your going to stand in the way of progress at least understand the facts.

      1. Edmund Burke says:

        Sure, and the private investors won’t get city, state and federal tax breaks.

        1. Gerald Carter says:

          So what. We give tax breaks to the Japanese to build a a Toyota Plant here. The park would create plenty of jobs.

          1. leo says:

            “so what”? oooo, you’ve humbled me with your rebuttal

      2. leo says:

        idiot? wouldn’t private citizens want to invest in its rebuilding as well? as i seriously think you’re blind if you believe federal dollars aren’t going to come to play somewhere in this, directly or indirectly.

  12. peterwoohoo says:

    I thought Boston tried this…….the big hole……..Milwaukee has the Mall.
    Well if it doesn’t work out, we can fill it instead with Upstate Water or Gas!!

    1. Omega 13 says:

      I think you mean Minnesota… and note who goes there. Mostly caucasoids.

  13. Steve-o says:

    Watch Demolition Man, This movie was so accurate on so many fronts

  14. a p garcia says:

    Personally I think it is a bad idea, but then this is the problem of NYC residents. But knowing NYC government, they will probally get the federal government to pay for it, then it is my problem since the federal government gets its money from me in the form of taxes and I live in Texas.

  15. ZIPORAY says:

    First of all, it’s a boring space. there should be things to do for people that are interesting and amusing. Perhaps some cafes, or small groups of musicians that play high quality, good music. How long can you stare at a shaft of light ? Also, it will attract every homeless person in the city. It sounds like a good idea if reality weren’t involved, but since reality is always with us, it’s not a good idea for New York City. People would eventually befoul the place and then others wouldn’t want to go. When you make something free it usually gets ruined. If you had an admission price people are more prone to take care of the space and leave it neat and clean.

  16. Phocus says:

    Whqt is this…a permanent home for the Occupy Wall Street crowd?

  17. Jubal says:

    Underground park? Wonderful idea. Very artistic and trendy. Figure about $5,000 per square foot to start, considering the excavation, bracing, permits, graft, corruption, maintenance and little stuff like that. Best to have a contingency fund of at least 3X the total, because stuff happens, and in NY, it is amazing how fast equipment can break down or disappear.

    OR you could simply make pretty posters to sell, and save all that money towards the massive debt structure in NY alone.

  18. Underground Resistance says:

    Kite flying will be an interesting exercise.

  19. ECH says:

    What will keep this underground “park” from becoming another haven for criminals and hoods? What man idealizes sooner or later gets run down and “there goes the neighborhood.” I suppose, however, if this means cleaning out rat infested sections of the city, well and good, but make sure other “rats” do not move into the shadows to exploit the new sorroundings. It will need to
    be well-patroled.

  20. Gerald Carter says:

    “Subterranean Homesick Blues”.

  21. Why Do You Think? says:

    Oh boy! A new public toilet in the making!

  22. Rupert Pupkin says:

    Seal it up, attach some rockets it to it, and launch it into outerspace with as many occupying liberal metrosexual Starbucks gulping automatrons as can fit, in true Noahic fashion!

  23. Buck O'Fama says:

    What a great idea, all it takes is money and you’re broke. Time to eat more rich aka punish the middle class of NYC.

  24. Dale Dawson says:

    Ah — a place that the Occupiers will then invade and call their rightful home!

  25. Bucko says:

    Great idea!! Dig a big hole, put all the loons in it (occupiers) and fill it in!!

  26. Dave says:

    First thing to fill up when a Catagory 1 hurricane hits. Looks like “SURFS UP!”

  27. justsaying says:

    OH GOODY NOW the OWS people WON’T have to go HOME when it gets COLD..

  28. Diego Roswell says:

    Really? Is this what you whacko liberal democrats have come up to waste the public’s money? Really? You can’t even afford to clean the feces off the street left by your illegal campers. Really?

  29. George says:

    Of course …outside is bad! While the biggest crime ever is being sprayed on all of us! CHEMTRAILS ….WAKE UP

  30. Jacob Hughes says:

    This underground park will be awesome while they have quality mayors like New York has enjoyed for 16 years. But, another Mayor Dinkins is on his way… then this park will be over run with bums and homeless.

  31. Gerald Carter says:

    I can’t understand how people posting here could find something wrong with a freaken park. The human race has turned into trash.

  32. kimmp says:

    Yeah…just where will you GET the funds NYC? Better not be any from the state government. The rest of the state is sick and tired of supporting you!

    With folly like this, it really is time for NYC to excuse it self from the rest of the state, become an entity unti itself and support itself.

  33. BarnacleBilious says:

    The unrestored trolly terminal would be a great place to house Occupiers (who are, in fact, Trespassers) and street people. Out of sight, out of mind and out of our lives 🙂

  34. David H Dennis says:

    I don’t understand the negativity. They are raising money to make it happen. Operating expenses can be paid for from concession rents, just like a normal facility.

    Seems like an interesting, fun idea.


  35. alyson qaeda says:

    Can’t think of a more arrogant use of taxpayers’ blood. However, it should make concentrated killing easier. And I got a name, Hamburger Park. Don’t thank me.

  36. occupyyourmomsbasement says:

    remarkably good-looking people? I assume there will be a bouncer to keep the 400 lb black women out?

  37. James Anderson says:

    Another socialist utopian idea that will end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars if not more.

  38. Bubba Johnson says:

    And there would never be any crime. Yeah!!!!!

  39. Quincy says:

    This is important infrastructure for the gay community!

  40. Regulas says:

    This way it will be heated for the fascist Occupy protestors, never mind the food Nazi Bloomberg and previous leftist mayors with their union buddies have bankrupted the city already.

  41. Tom Paine says:

    Coming soon to a tax bill year you.

  42. Joe Lucido says:

    It’s ideas like this that make this country great. Maybe it’s a little off the mark right now, but at least someone is thinking, and imagining, coming up with ideas. I don’t know and neither does anyone else at this point if something like this is a good idea or not, but at least the entrepreneurial ideas are still alive and doing well in this country. To all those who would make this a political statement, get a life, it’s just an idea, it’s what has sorely been missing the last few years in this country.

    1. Tom Paine says:

      The fact that people think lobbying the government to pay for something of questionable value is somehow entrepreneurial is why this country is no longer great.

      1. Bob Obringer says:

        Where does it say anybody is lobbying the government to pay for this? I see every indication that is specifically NOT the case, yet EVERYBODY on this thread keeps repeating that.


        1. Spend til Its All Gone says:

          This is a PR piece, dude. It’s just to let people know about it.

          A prediction: 1. It will not work as planned, 2. It will cost far more than planned
          Also, solar gathering devices (basically half-domes of glass) can’t transmit to fiber optic cables when it is dark, cloudy, or snowy.

    2. phil; says:

      Holy hell a logical analysis. I thought people like you were cast out of society by gut reactors

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