Mistrial Declared In Murder Trial For NJ Attorney Paul Bergrin

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — The federal murder trial of a New Jersey defense attorney has ended in a hung jury.

A judge declared a mistrial Wednesday after a jury in Newark couldn’t reach a verdict in the case against Paul Bergrin. The panel had deliberated for six days.

Bergrin faced one count each of murder and conspiracy for allegedly ordering the killing of an informant in 2004 to prevent him from testifying against one of Bergrin’s clients. The government claimed Bergrin was involved in the drug trade himself.

Bergrin represented himself and accused the government of getting witnesses to change their stories in exchange for lighter sentences.

Bergrin once represented rappers and other celebrities such as Queen Latifah. He faces racketeering and drug charges that will be the focus of a separate trial.

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  1. Jihadah Sharif says:

    The jury is stuck because one, there is a plant, two, they were not told about Paul’s involvement in Iraq. Paul was about to expose and provet who was really responsible for the abuse in Iraq. If the people would think, each time Paul Bergrin was arrested it was when he was about to have Bush and Rumsfeld to take the stand. Paul had already argue successfully went against Bush when Bush wanted to raze the prison. Why would a president want to destory a crime scene. What information was in that building that the president did not want no one to know about.

    This government has the power to manufactor crimes, everyone of those witness when Paul cross there were discrpencies in there statements. It is a known fact, people like juicy information, they freak off on bad things. This is the type of society that we live in. We know about the BIG LIE, if you tell it often enough people will believe it.

    But, has anyone said anything about how the FBI recurited Kemo and then left him unprotected knowing that his life has been threaten. Who really should be held resonsible for Kemo death. I have tried to get them support programs that would help our youths, I have a letter from a Federal Judge who sits in Washington who personally know about my programs, he even said and I have him on tape, saying the program that I purpose is what the youths needed, but he could not put it in a letter because he is a judge and it would be unethical. but hiring our children to sell drugs is ok. Kemo was allowed to break the laws, he was selling in a drug free school zone, he was selling drugs in front of his children, your children, our children. Nobody is saying anything about that.

    They paid that youg man almost $25,000.00, they could have sent him to college, they did not have to use Kemo. And how did they get to him, they used his mother, they told him that if he did not do this job, that they would lock his mother up. How cold and heartless can they be.

    Don’t forget about Penn State, talk about some, people are putting to much talk about Paul Bergrin, do anyone realize those children who were being abuse in Penn State were children of parents who were not responsible, their parents if the were in the home was not going to do anything. If the jury knew more about what Paul Bergrin was idoing in Iraq and especially during the time all this was suppose to take place, they would under stand why the government would do what they are doing to Paul Bergrin.

    The people stopped sending their children to war after Viet Nam, then Desert Storm, and then if they learn what was happening in Iraq, more and more people would lose repect of the arm force and say, I am not sending my sons and daughters to the Mititary, then it would make sense to the jury.

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