Brooklyn Art Teacher, Accused Of Having Sex With Student, Charged With Rape

Cops: Claudia Tillery Provided Boy With Drugs, Booze; Community Stunned

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A middle school teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting a sixth grader after supplying him with drugs and alcohol.

Claudia Tillery, 42, was in jail Wednesday instead of at the Stephen Decatur School in Bedford Stuyvesant, where parents were shocked to learn she allegedly started preying on the boy when he was 12, supplying the drugs and sex over a period of two years.

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“It makes me … It makes me wanna cry,” Bed-Stuy resident Denise Allen said.

“Very concerned because you worry about your children and you want to be able to say when they’re not with you and there in school with someone you entrust that they can be safe,” Taneshia Boone added.

There was no answer at the Crown Heights apartment building where Tillery lives with her daughter. She was arrested there Tuesday evening.

Investigators are not saying who turned her in. Sources told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin the teenaged victim came forward and is cooperating with prosecutors.

“She’s a school teacher. She is supposed to be teaching the students the good thing,” Crown Heights neighbor Alam Nazmul said.

Tillery started working at Decauter in September of 1996 teaching sixth graders. Parents and students describe her teaching style as serious and strict.

“It’s real disappointing,” Bed-Stuy resident Corey Blaylock said.

Blaylock said he heard about Tillery’s arrest when picked up his godson, Jahh’son Perry, a seventh grader who was in Tillery’s history class last year.

“She would call our houses for no reason and scream at us a lot,” Perry said.

The principal of the school would not comment, referring Carlin to the Department of Education. A spokesperson confirmed Tillery is suspended and will not be returning to the school any time soon.

Tillery has hired a private defense attorney and was in court Wednesday night for arraignment on rape, unlawful dealing of drugs and alcohol to a child and sexual misconduct.

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One Comment

  1. DaEmph says:

    So I guess if this was a white teacher then it would of been okay? Based on some of the real stupid and ignorant comments on here.

  2. Occupy-a-Harlem says:

    Thank GOD she is black, otherwise, Al Sharpton or Chuckie Barron or Eric Adams would start occupying Bed-Stuy, could you imagine black folk in Bed-Stuy? There might be shootings over there

  3. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. val says:

      You seriously need to go see a shrink. Stop your stupid comments!

  4. Bad Teacher says:

    The Great Ape Rape

  5. This is shocking says:

    She was my teacher when I was in 6th grade… I’m in 9th now but she was always nice to us.. and that boy saying “She would call our houses for no reason and scream at us a lot” is probably one of the bad kids… if we did our work and stayed quiet she wouldn’t yell… I’m just shocked.. she was one of my favorite teachers.

  6. Miss Pretty says:

    I think she is innocent until proven guilty. That is my best guess. So you bunch of morons, Stop casting the stones until her day in court.

    1. Bad Teacher says:

      Thank you Claudia Tillery. Now go loose weight

  7. Drugs and alcohol. The ghetto's best friend says:

    A Black Woman with drugs and alcohol? Say it ain’t so.

    1. Bob Dean says:

      yeah, who does she think she is? a pastey faced starlet?

      1. Me Tarzan U Ghetto Monkey says:

        Nope. She thinks she’s Lady Queen Kong

  8. Training Day says:


  9. pig says:

    The only thing that comes to my mind……PIG ewwww. The second…..castrate her.

    1. Bklyn mom says:

      You can only “castrate” a man, dummy. If it is true what she did, she needs to go to jail. However, until the truth comes out, I wouldn’t be too quick to judge. She is a mother and a teacher, a strict teacher. Is there a slight possibility that the boy is lying? I have a 10 year old son, so I know kids can make up stuff to get someone in trouble or to get out of trouble themselves. I’m not condoning sexual assault by any means, I’m just saying that you cannot convict a person based solely on one child’s accusations.

  10. I HATE ezPass Toll Hikes $12, its a shame says:

    call me on my phone you fat @$$ , i will satisfy you all tha way……… you child molester. burn in hell

  11. Freda Livery says:

    It’s “They’re” in school – not “there” in school – God I hope that wasn’t a comment from an adult!


    Obama would approve.

    1. King Kongs Sister says:

      Muhhamad approves DOUBLE_CHINNED_PUPPETEER post.

    2. Jasleen says:

      Your mother would approve too.

      1. Me Tarzan U Ghetto Monkey says:

        Hey !!! That’s what your Knee Grow mother told me after I banged the gorilla. But at least your mom smoked my banana after.

  13. FUNZI TIERI says:


  14. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

    42 year old bloated and fat female..but this really is robbing the cradle..and just imagine if it was a male or white..his arse would be frying in de pan by..imagine if Hendrix got caught with a 14 year old blonde…if he was in Sweden problem..

  15. norml says:

    You must be desperate to want to touch a 12yrs old boy. His nose is probably still running.

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      Desparate? You see her picture? Of course she is. She even had to get him stoned and drunk to have sex with her.

      How despate is that?

  16. the bandid says:

    in some countries at 12 you are considered a man, not a boy, in
    Vietnam we come in contact with 12 and 14 years old guerrilla fighters and let me tell you they were just as good as any 20 year old fighter, and if you can shoot a AK-47 and kill somebody, you are a man, not a boy

    1. Fernando Martinez says:

      go back to vietnam….

    2. Jon P. says:

      Ur sick!

      1. Freda Livery says:

        It’s “Bandit” not “Bandid”

        Your school sucked as teaching spelling, or did you get lured in to bed at 12yrs old by a teacher too, instead of learning English?

        1. Freda Livery says:

          (Just as I suck at typing!) sucked *at*

    3. Rambo was right says:

      So what Catholic church are you from in Vietnam you fruit cake. By the way this is America not that @##$hole of a country your from.

  17. Jo-Jo says:

    Why is she not arrested? She needs to register as a sex offender. If this was a man they would throw the book at him!! But she will be reassigned to be around other kids?

    1. Lo-Lo says:

      Yea, so.

    2. King Kongs Sister says:

      They’re trying to find out what zoo she escaped from.

  18. Att. Hoar says:

    I wish we had more teachers like her when I was younger…im jealous

    1. Markmakerit says:

      You got that right,bro!

    2. Jungle Fever says:

      I guess. If your into having sex with an elephant.

  19. Leon says:

    She sedused me too, but all I got was M&M’s.

    1. OneMoreTime says:

      Too bad she didn’t teach you how to spell, “seduced” one! You might have gotten Milk Duds!

      1. Leon says:

        Yous right! I’s thought some dem M&M’s tasted funny. I’s stupafied.

        1. Crabs and nightmares says:

          OH LORDY LORDY LORD!!! All I got from her was crabs..and nightmares.

  20. OneMoreTime says:

    Why am I not surprised?! Why did it take two years for the little brat to report this? She may or may not be guilty, but TWO YEARS?!?

  21. Surfin Bird says:

    Why is her photo eing published when she has not yet been convicted.

    Doesnt this violate the privacy act?

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      There’s no such thing as the Privacy act or imaginery laws about publishing a picture of her.

  22. Schmellma Arss says:

    Sounds like you truly need to smell my ass. Breath deep and yea shall be healed, filthy grey coat.

    1. Schmellma Arss' Genital Warts says:

      I’ve read your brainless comments before. You’ve managed to be the most thoughtless and mindless contributor on here; congratulations. You say the same thing every time and it’s not even funny. At least make an attempt at being humorous if you are going to be so childish. Learn how to be witty, sarcastic, and even satirical in a mature way. Go ahead now, respond with your lame comment.

      1. Schmellma Arss says:

        Thanks for your kind words, you are a most diligent observer of inconsequential happenstance.

      2. Killdee Moolz says:

        Hey, lighten up, you won’t float away chubby!

        1. Att. Hoar says:

          Enjoy your BLACK Friday

    2. Lanet says:

      You should contact Ellen. She’s lonely……..

  23. Peter says:

    she will have plenty of time in Jail to do her art work. What a shame for that little boy.

    1. Griffin says:

      You should be as lucky as that little basterd, Peter….
      Hahahaha, P e t e r . . . . .

      1. Fernando Martinez says:

        another freakin pediphile..rot you piece of ——

  24. Jimmy D' Locks says:

    What does she look like? Bed Sty??? Rape first rap later???

  25. Surfin Bird says:

    sounds like she is being framed.

    1. Ellen says:

      If this is true then she should be put in jail for what she did.

      1. Lanet says:

        Why? Are you lonely in your cell?

        1. Rikers dating Service says:

          How else do Blacks get a date? At Rikers.

          1. Bob Dean says:

            and with your wife..

          2. Bob Dean says:

            …and with your wife. (same time tomorrow?)

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