NYPD Looking For Suspects Wanted For Allegedly Robbing 2 Gas Stations In Queens

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking for two robbery suspects who they say are wanted in a pair of armed gas station holdups within an hour in Queens.

Investigators have released surveillance video of the first robbery on Saturday night.

Watch the surveillance video below:

Police say two men in their 20s walked into the Mobil station on Queens Boulevard in Rego Park and flashed weapons.

Cops say they stole about $1,000 as well as personal items from two workers and a customer.

Twenty minutes later, police say they hit a another gas station on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica where they made off with $1,500.

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.


One Comment

  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  2. OH NO!!! He just did not post that. says:

    Police if you want to find them just go to the monkey section in the Bronx Zoo. They’re only a banana throw away.

  3. Animal Trainer says:

    This is why Ghetto ALWAYS equal losers

  4. Att. Hoar says:


  5. Devenio says:

    When you have poor people by design these things happen. No jobs to be had – do what you must.

    1. Devenio says:

      After looking at the vid – how the hell did they get behind the counter? Inside job all the way.

    2. Black men have no respect for themselves says:

      The KNEE GROW excuse as usual. Even when the ecomomy was decent this was going on. Man Up brothers or do you understand what being a man is? It isn’t smoking weed with stolen money.

  6. rayclarkpalmer says:

    What is the purpose of having video cameras if they are stationed in such a way that you only see the top of the prepertrators’ heads. Would it have hurt to have at least one other camera at eye level hidden somewhere

  7. Fritz Von says:

    What is an alleged robbery? I get alleged perpetrator, they obviiously don’t want to be sued if it turns out to not be the right guys or if they get off the hook, but is the NYS penal law going to sue CBS for saying robbery if it turns out that it was a grand larceny?

  8. Linda says:

    Smart thiefs, left their fingerprints all over the place.

    1. Peter says:

      thats what happens when you leave school after the first grade!!!

      1. Black men have no respect for themselves says:

        When have you ever seen a Black criminal mastermind. Never

  9. Linda says:

    I didn’t see any weapons but, the thief’s sure seemed relaxed and familiar with the workers, walking close to them and turning their backs to the workers. I would have put a choke hold on the thief closest to me.

  10. Knee Grow stopper says:

    Knee Grows being Knee Grows

    1. Devenio says:

      You racist POS! Kill yourself NOW!

      1. Knee Grow Stopper crime stopper....samething says:

        I would say kill yourself too but all I have to do is wait for the black on black crime that will happen to you anyway. Blacks do an excellent job wiping thems out.

      2. Animal Trainer says:

        Says the guy smoking Da weed.

  11. Guns for Honest Americans says:

    So at what point do we change the guns laws so good honest people can have a gun for protection instead of just the New York criminal?

  12. bullett says:

    Just a couple of entrepreneurs out making a living until they get stopped by a bullet.

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