Report: J-Lo Faked Fiat Ads Set In The Bronx

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You’ve probably seen the commercials. Jennifer Lopez, who grew up in the Bronx, driving in her new Fiat 500 through the streets of New York City.

But in reality, Jenny from the block was no where near the block when she filmed the commercial. Instead, she was in Los Angeles.

The Smoking Gun reports the ad agency hired a body double for J-Lo for the parts of the commercial that shows the Fiat driving through the Bronx. The close-ups of J-Lo inside the car were shot in L.A.

“Here, this is my world. This place inspires me,” she says in the ad.

The original news release from Fiat USA and Chrysler Group LLC says: “The commercial, titled ‘My World,’ is voiced-over by Lopez, who is seen driving a Fiat 500 Cabrio as she travels through the streets of Manhattan to the Bronx where she grew up. The new ad explores her personal take on how life in the New York City borough continues to inspire her to be tougher, to stay sharper and to think faster.”

Lopez has shot several commercials for the Italian automaker as part of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal. She’s also put the Fiat 500 in her new music video and performed with the car center stage at the 2011 American Music Awards on Sunday.

A Fiat spokeswoman defended the commercial, but admitted there were accommodations made for Lopez’s schedule.

Meanwhile, the expensive ad campaign doesn’t seem to be helping sales.

Chrysler said last year it hoped to sell 50,000 of the cars in the U.S. and Canada in 2011.

But the automaker has only sold about 16,000 cars as of Oct. 31.

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  1. Huh says:

    Seriously this is not news…lets instead call out all the fake politicians who promise change and never deliver…4 years and waiting…

  2. Num-nums says:

    No matter. I would still pork her silly. And often.

  3. I am not surprised. J.Lo really isn’t to blame here. Fake stuff like this happens all the time in Hollywood: films are always being filmed “off location!” However, that doesn’t mean I think it’s right.

  4. MJ says:

    ummmmmmm………… WHO CARES ?

  5. Sheldon says:

    i’ve never believed jennifer lopez was driving around in a new fiat in the bronx….in real life as soon as she got out of the car it would’ve been stolen!

    1. Att. Hoar says:

      No, we’re more worried about your Ipad and smartphone…so watch your back..HOMEY!

  6. CN says:

    I don’t blame her. If I had a double I’d probably send him to go to work for me too while I did other things.

  7. FAT USA says:

    Cute car and ugly streets don’t mix. An armored car or ugly Nissan Juke commercial is a better idea.

  8. Niris says:

    This is not news, especially to NYers who know that, if u’re heading north on the FDR, only an idiot gets off to take the 59st bridge to get to the BX. Obviously she wouldn’t set foot in the real Bx to shoot anything… For shame! What hasn’t she sold out for personal gain? Her upbringing, her Latinidad, her ass(ets)? Move on to real news.

    1. The Realist says:

      Meanwhile, Regis Philbin revisits his Bronx “block” far more often.

  9. Anna Silva says:

    Fiat (and Chrysler) made a really stupid move. JLo is over 40 years old. But the demographics of people who would buy a tiny Fiat car are young women without children. Soccer moms with children simply don’t drive a tiny car. They need a bigger car to accomodate all their children.

  10. James Brandenstein says:

    Jerry Seinfeld did the same thing with his TV Show “Seinfeld” . The Show was set in NYC , but was filmed in Los Angeles .

    1. Ellen says:

      James at least Jerry never called himself ‘Jerry from the Block.

    2. Dereck_from_Queens says:

      But Seinfeld never put out this image of himself that he’s a native New Yorker who remembers his upbringing in a tough working-class neighborhood in the Bronx. Also, he and Larry David wanted to film the show in NYC, but NBC said no.

      By the way, I’m not any sort of big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, but I think she was right several years ago when she said that JLO has no class.

    3. Michael H. says:

      “Friends” was filmed in LA too.

  11. AnniefromDaBronx says:

    Why is this even news? Who cares?

  12. Angelina LaCrosse says:

    I think I cannot stand this diva. She is disgusting. I saw her in that body suit grinding against Pit Bull’s crotch on the AMA’s and was embarassed at her behavior. She forces all hotel employees to sign a paper saying that they are not allowed to “look” at her when she walks by or face being fired. She demands on her rider, white lilies in her dressing room, white roses, white Egyptian cotton sheets with a minimum of a 250 thread count, a white interior closet and white curtains. She must also have Evian water ONLY and it must be at room temperature and not chilled. She is a disgusting piece of trash. Marc Anthony should be happy she is OUT of his life.

    1. CSI says:

      If she can afford it then why not.

      1. shelly says:

        she doesnt pay for anything..the production co. who gives into her demands pay for all her required nonsense..if she’s so jenny from the bronx instead of expensive water and roses she should donate to the hungry

        1. The Realist says:

          Then the production company takes a tax deduction for its Jenny-related BUSINESS EXPENSES, so you and I end up paying for everything.

    2. Ellen says:

      Angelina, agree with you 100 per cent, and not only that but at 42 she’s going out with a 24 kid just weeks after her splint from Marc. Marc should indeed be happy he’s out of it and find someone with a little more class then Lopez.

      1. Bob Dean says:

        Ellen, put DOWN the hate (and the bon-bons), and get on the treadmil.

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