Blood, Platelet Donations Needed During Holiday Season

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s that time of the year when people take breaks from school and work and when blood and platelet donation levels become vulnerable.

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Rob Purvis from the New York Blood Center says a half a million blood donations are needed across the Tri-State area each year.

“Most people who donate blood donate at either school or the work place, so primarily what happens is that there’s just less people donating blood,” he said.

Red blood cells only have a shelf life of 42 days and platelets only five days.

“So there’s a constant need for replenishing the blood supply, continuing to bring inventory in so that it’s available for the hospitals and patients,” said Purvis.

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  1. Clean machine says:

    I give blood as often as I am able to these many years this gift
    of my platelets is not about comfort answering questions it is about
    saving lives whether burn victims of pre-mature babies or sickle cell
    Spending time overseas might mean you have a disease that we go
    to great lengths to keep away from here ,many which originate in Africa
    One does not know if you had intercourse with a carrier in a brothel.

  2. DON'T DONATE says:

    I don’t donate because the red cross questioner is way too intrusive into my private personal life….

    They have to definitely test every donation of blood for all sorts of issues so why all the unnecessary questions? it is unjustified, unnecessary and waste of time…..

  3. Richard Jenkins says:

    I will never donate blood because the Red Cross won’t let me or any other person who has spent 6 or more months overseas. As a retired military person, this caveat really upsets me!! I can defend our country but the Red Cross will not let us donate blood under the guise of “foreign contamination”. Think of all the military, families, etc, affected by this ban. Don’t cry to me that you need something and then deny me the opportunity to help!

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