Patient Dies In Power Outage At Bronx Nursing Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Authorities say one person is dead after a power outage struck a nursing home and backup generators failed.

Con Edison spokesman Bob McGee says 37 patients on ventilators were taken to hospitals from a nursing home after a power outage struck the Gun Hill section of the Bronx early Sunday.

“Residents in the nursing home who are on ventilators required immediate assistant from the EMS and FDNY personnel to ensure that they were manually ventilated,” FDNY Deputy Chief Thomas Dunne said.

McGee says one patient who had a do-not-resuscitate order died.

The outage affected 4,300 customers in the Eastchester section thanks to a transformer explosion.

By 5:30 a.m., all power had been restored.

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  1. Caring for the Aging says:

    I work with residents on vent units and I can tell you if the Administrator says it was an accident it probably was.
    Emergency Generators are tested weekly as required by New York State guidlines. New York State Dept. of Health tests the emergency generators annually. Unfortunately failure does happen in in the best of scenarios, I just wonder why the Vent unit did not have redundancy, in case of generator failure. I know it is not required, but better safe than sorry.

  2. abe says:

    Working in a nursing home I can tell that unfortunately things happen and while I feel bad for the patient and family you can’t always blame the home.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Don’t these machines have a manual operation mode?

  4. Danielson says:

    Accident happen when it is your time it is your time.No conspiracy theory here.

  5. a caring daughter says:

    This place is a horror! I had my mom transferred out of there when she fell out of her bed ON a ventilator and they refused to call 911 to have her taken to the hospital to be checked out for any bone breaks. I called the ambulance myself and the hospital transferred her somewhere else. I would never recommend this place and the nurses were horrible!

  6. Alvarez says:

    I can tell you of horrors my dad was put through and the argument to have him sent back to hospital to save his life! He was supposed to be there for Physical Therapy, but turned out they thought he was there to die by their hands! How little we know about what goes on behind family’s back and what these “so called”employees do to these elderly or sick patients. Called 911, dad sent back to Hospital and died with the best of care and dignity at Montefiore Hospital.

  7. John L says:

    I am sorry about the person who lost their life, but the reporting in this story is very misleading. The person who died had a DNR order, which is not the same thing as someone who did not have a DNR and the ventilator fail caused their death. Just sayin’…

    1. Sam says:

      I think you are right. The homes’ power goes out and just because the patient has a DNR that means they do not have to treat. The patient must have been end stage.

      1. patrick says:

        Not true. Do not resuscitate means that once a person’s heartbeat and breathing stop, healthcare providers are authorized not to perform CPR. However, everything humanly possible must be done up until that point

  8. Lora Frisch says:

    This is a quote from the Eastchester Rehabilitation and Health Care Center website:
    “Known throughout the New York Metropolitan area for our ventilator dependency unit, Eastchester Rehabilitation & Health Care Center offers comprehensive long term care, short term rehabilitation and ventilator care.”
    The nursing home says its backup generator failed. When was it last tested? Why didn’t the ventilator unit have its own backup power supply?

    1. X says:


  9. Lora Frisch says:

    Why doesn’t the nursing home have backup power for the ventilators? It costs thousands of dollars a month for a person to stay in a place like this.

    1. Cheapo says:

      My friend, this is a corrupted world we live in, i am sure someone is pocketing the money.

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