Tony’s Table: Browned Chicken Thighs And Yukon Gold Potatoes

NEW YORK (CBS2)— In this weeks edition of Tony’s Table, CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo teaches us how to prepare chicken thighs along with zucchini, onions, and yukon gold potatoes, in canola oil, white wine, and chicken stock.

Check out the video below…

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  • Ray Healey

    Hey Tony you don’t need Cindy, they don’t give you enough time as it is. Stop the joking around and give the recipe.

  • Robert Rainer

    I wanted to get the Twice Cooked Beef recipe that aired on November 17th, 2011??
    I Have contacted programming department and haven’t heard anything back.

    • Pamela

      Me too. I even emailed tony tantillo, but no response.

  • Angela N

    Where is the recipe? Makes no sense!!!

  • Dorothy Calitri

    I have a problem downloading Tony’s recipes even though you claim we can get them from this website. Download them before airing please.

  • Sally

    You said that we could download the recipes from your website – where are they?

  • Heather Binotto

    The recipe should be posted before the segment airs, not 4 hours later. I often find this problem with Tony’s recipes. And yes, no recipe and ingredients list.

  • claire hassid

    Agree with Brian. Pointless to merely reference the dish without recipe information. Not only that, but the segments are way too rushed with the rare exception.

    • Robin

      I TOTALLY agree!!!!! I can not find the recipe for the chicken, sausage and potatoes on the Nov 28th…only the video which is useless!

  • Brian oliver

    you should post the reciepes on this website…

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