‘Scorned Husband’ Posts Photos Of Cheating Wife At Wall Street Subway Station

Or Is This A Publicity Stunt?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Wall Street continues to make headlines these days. First it was the turbulent stock market.

Then it was Occupy Wall Street.

Now it’s a disgruntled husband looking to humiliate his unfaithful wife?

Or so it seems. According to a post on Gothamist.com, photos of a woman named Erin have been plastered along the walls of the Wall Street Subway Station for the world to see. There are words on some of the photos including “I wish I hadn’t said I loved you that night” and “I can’t stop smiling because I’m making plans to cheat on my husband.”

The photos are screenshots from a woman’s Facebook page and iPhone, and were put there, one would assume, from her scorned husband Philip.

We’re not sure if they are real or if this is some sort of publicity stunt. Either way, it caught our eye and likely the eyes of thousands of others.

Do you think it’s real? Let us know below


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  1. Mike says:

    People should be aware that there are two different “bell Ringers” that solicit money during the holidays. People should avoid giving money to the Salvation army especially in manhattan and certain parts of NJ since many bell ringers are actually seminary students that come into the metro area from suffern, ny to solicit funds and take those funds out of the metro are not to be used for holiday of helpy the needy in the community. Moneys for the most part go to overseas missionary service areas and the remainder helps support the seminary’s operation. The other salvation army bell ringers collect money for local centers(churches) and use the money for yearly operation of its centers (churches). Most of the annual budget for these centers are administration and building costs but very little to none is used to actually help people. The salvation army has refused repeatly to submit finacial information to watch dog organization Charity Navigator even though the majority of there monies come from federal funds for the “charity” programs they claim to elicit public money for. The leader in NYC has a penthouse apartment on the upper west side with a lake front home on a private lake in Northern NJ. Not to shabby for considering the claim of living a life of “charity to others”. More like living big on the charity of others.

  2. U tokin to me says:

    She deserves to be humiliated . Anybody who tarnishes the image of a marriage needs that annoucement on the bus . That is the equivalent of a letter A on her neck .

  3. Jeff Campbell says:

    I’m thinking this is some kind of publicity stunt, maybe an anti-facebbok one.

  4. Watching from Detroit says:

    Poor Phil! How could such an attractive, fun loving woman be so disinterested in a man who does things like post his problems publically for the entire nation to see? I don’t understand why she – or ANY WOMAN, for that matter – wouldn’t want to work things out with someone like that. He seems like a level-headed, mature, and discreet man. I wish them the best.

    1. Alice says:

      Yeah,I mean he did it as if she did something wrong like cheat…

      1. Watching from Detroit says:

        she shouldn’t have cheated, but i doubt that any of this is real.

    2. Bea Sicker says:

      Stay in Detroit with your boyfriend Ted Nugent and shoot some animals Ms. Bozo.

      1. Watching from Detroit says:

        Thanks for the thoughtful response, you dumb hick.

        Feel free to close this out with some more colorful insults that don’t pertain to my post.

        Dumb ass.

  5. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. so sad says:

      meme you’re retarded

      1. dizzyg says:

        That is an insult to retarded people.

  6. Big Nards says:

    What is posting fotos going to do? She just gonna cheat some more.

  7. john says:

    Shes a hoe

  8. M.A.D says:

    Idiot!!, he should have simply served her with divorce papers.

  9. Dektol 72 says:

    Probably an NYU Tisch BFA photo student doing his or her thing as
    a class project.


    the layout, text and pictures are just too well thought out and graphically eye catching to be done by an angry person. this has the unmistakable stink of a “cutting edge” ad agency.

  11. Trash says:

    Erin is a HOE and a LUSH!
    Erin is a HOE and a LUSH!
    Erin is a HOE and a LUSH!

  12. Tommy C says:

    So , i guess this pig is going to file for divorce and get 1/2 of what this guy has ……………A PIGS A PIG.

  13. mak says:

    Why assume that it is Erin’s husband posting these pictures? Maybe the man who she is cheating with has a wife/girlfriend looking for some revenge.


    mmmmmmm !!!!

    1. Sarah says:


  15. Surfin Bird says:

    This person Philip Needs to be arrested on charges of harassment as well as posting photos in a public place without a permit.

    Very childish on this the husbands part.

    1. DD says:

      PLEASE! If it is true. She should be lucky if this is the worst thing he does. She deserves to be humiliated like the tramp she is!

      1. CSI says:

        You said it. Tramp she is.

    2. Tommy C says:

      SB,ur an ididot . Get a life …..loser

  16. Cara says:

    So Emily cheated on her husband (and I’m not saying I condone that) and he, rather than be a grown up and suggest marital counseling, posted her private pictures all over a subway station. The two of them are just being very immature, and maybe they need to seperate, at least until they’re grown up enough to understand what marriage is, and maybe at that point they’ll be ready to decide whether or not they want to continue to be married to each other.

    1. Tommy C says:

      Counseling my ass …thats whats wrong ….Dump her ass .

  17. SoSo says:

    I really do not see another person in these photos so who”s to say that she is cheating. She just may feel very sexy and snapped these picture of herself. So what the big deal.

    1. Cara says:

      SoSo, I don’t know what she was doing when these particular photos were taken, but the article in Gothamist says her husband posted them all over the Wall Street train station after he found out she had been cheating. I don’t agree with her decision to cheat, but her husband appears to be a very large child (he could have suggested marital counseling when he found out she had been unfaithful, he could have filed for divorce), and I can understand (even though I still don’t agree with) a woman who is married to an overgrown child wanting to go out and find a real man. But that’s something maybe she should have thought about BEFORE she married the overgrown child…I’m just sayin’

      1. CSI says:

        you are not saying anything but it is ok for a person to cheat and going to counseling is going to fix it. She is lucky that is all that happened.

      2. Tommy C says:

        Thats whats wrong . People do the wrong thing and all they need is counseling . C’mon get a life . Dump this skank , and repeal the NO FAULT divorce . Its always someone’s fault/ The person at fault should be made to pay .That way it becomes a deterent , if its going to hit the person at fault in the wallet or pocketbook. Learn the differnce between RIGHT and WRONG .

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