Keidel: Giants Feeling Big Blues

By Jason Keidel
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For all the talk, the New York Giants had appallingly little walk. They crawled onto the shores of the Gulf Coast under heavy fire from Drew Brees and retreated back to sea. Big Blue lost in the Big Easy, if you will.

Last night’s game in New Orleans was over at halftime, after the Saints came marching for 354 yards in 30 minutes – a feat nearly unfathomable against any NFL team, much less one allegedly as formidable as the Giants’ defense.

Brees could have dined on his favorite Cajun cuisine while scanning the Giants’ secondary; he dropped back 25 times in the first half and was touched just twice. They made four trips to the red zone and scored seven points on three of them.

Even Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden noticed the lack of emotion on the Big Blue sideline, the dearth of determination from a squad that has squabbled all year without letting the anger out on the enemy – at least not since they stunned New England, which feels like years ago.

For all of Justin Tuck’s bold assertions about must-win games, he was seen standing solemnly on the sideline in the second half, chewing on his mouthpiece. And by the time Brandon Jacobs ran the ball as hard as he ran his mouth, it was too late. (Can someone explain Jacobs’s violent touchdown celebration in the third quarter, with his team losing? Perhaps he channeled his little Stevie Johnson.)

There will be a lot of calls for Tom Coughlin’s vocational head after last night’s horror film session. If Coughlin gets credit for 2007, then he should get some heat for the beating his defense took last night. Sure, Tuck and Boley are hurt, but name a d-line or secondary sans injury to important personnel? My beloved black & gold are worried that Troy Polamalu doesn’t know what year we’re in, much less the date and time.

The Giants’ defense didn’t even try, and that must fall on the coach. Whether the Giants complete the collapse and Coughlin keeps his job is beyond my pay grade. But we know the answers will come after the next five games.

The only reason we can’t put a postmortem on the morbid Giants (6-5) now is they have two contests left against division-leading Dallas (7-4). (And does anyone have that much confidence in the Cowboys?) Oddly, it seems the Giants have a better shot at winning the NFC East (where they trail one team by one game) than a wild card spot (where they trail three teams by one game).

Now, in reward for this putrid performance, the Giants get Galactus on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers and his undefeated Packers will have no sympathy and, with all due respect to Brees, Rodgers is residing in his own realm. The Giants will pray for rain, wind, and a rabid pass rush from a recently silent squad.

The Giants played their tails off against an undefeated team in 2007, which sparked a Super Bowl run. With just as many jobs on the line, the Giants have a chance to do the same this Sunday, at home. If the Giants care about their coach, they’ll do their Sunday best to be a bad host.

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One Comment

  1. Kurt Spitzner says:

    As always you can’t fire the entire team so the only thing to do is fire the coach even if its not hos fault entirely.And in NY….

  2. Daryl says:

    There is nothing lucky about getting to and winning a Superbowl. Regardless of your feelings about Coughlin, you show your football IQ by uttering such ridiculous statements. Coughlin has the same about of Superbowl wins as Cowher and one more than Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid. Who do you suggest the Giants bring in as coach?

  3. daryl says:

    If Spaguolo is fired in St. Louis is there any chance of getting back as the Giants D-Coordinator?

  4. Victor Cruz says:

    Feaking choke artist for a ja choke franchise. Giants are the most over rated franchise in football. Are you for real? They won’t get any better without COUGH man. Oh and that 2007 run? You know and I know that was all luck baby!! Al Davis was the man !!!

    1. JK says:

      I understood until the end. You lost me with the Al Davis reference…

  5. Moe says:

    I know this team is very reluctant to make coaching changes, particularly given that the team won it all in 2007. But the bottom line is that we only have our franchise QB for a limited number of years, and the team has to do all its power to make sure that it is the best position to win for these years. How can the same thing happen every year and not be to some extent because of coaching? It makes me sad because I admire everything that Tom Coughlin stands for, but this franchise is in desparate need of a makeover.

    1. JK says:

      Agreed, Moe. I think we’re seeing the same problem in Philadelphia. It doesn’t make Coughlin or Reid less remarkable coaches. Eventually, the team tunes you out.

    2. p8nt says:

      Eli?? A franchise QB ??? That just made me laugh.

      1. JK says:

        I don’t think Eli is as good as Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Big Ben, or his own brother. But he did win a Super Bowl MVP.

        1. Robert Richardson says:

          Eli is easily a top 10 QB and please don’t tell me “Sanchise” is better! and I just had an epiphany. The NFL’s first head coach trade ever; Coughlin for Reid

  6. Robert Richardson says:

    The fact is that under Coughlin the G-Men have been abysmal closers. The 2007 season being the sole exception in that magical march to the Lombardi Trophy. After calling for his head in summer camp that season, I turned to my cousin and said “He just bought himself another 3 years” after Plaxico’s corner catch in that Super Bowl. I don’t see another magical march materializing in the 4th year post trophy. I vote for Rob Chudzinski for G-Men honcho in 2012. Bring some of that CANE flavor and sayanara to Coughlin. Thanks for the memories.

    1. JK says:

      Indeed, Robert, it seems Coughlin has lost his grip on the his team. The squad can save him by beating Green Bay and Dallas, but does anyone think that’s realistic?

      1. Robert Richardson says:

        No! That would be a turn around of epic proportions

  7. linda says:

    Jacobs’ embarrassing end-zone display of stupidity is a reflection on the entire Giants organization, the fans and the city. All of these “celebrations” should stop now, as they reflect quite negatively on the entire league and intelligence of the players.

    1. JK says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Linda. Between Stevie Johnson and Jacobs, they could form a band: “The Losers.”

      Aren’t we supposed to celebrate when we win?

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