NYPD: Man Dies After Scuffle With Cops At College Of Staten Island

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police said a 39-year-old man died following a scuffle at the College of Staten Island Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities said an officer confronted Cory Holmes, who allegedly had marijuana on him, in a bathroom at the school’s Willowbrook campus after identifying himself as a member of the NYPD.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With Reaction From Students

Police said Holmes was acting suspiciously and tried to get away before being tackled. A parking lot struggle ensued in which authorities said the suspect tried to grab the officer’s gun from the holster.  Police said no shots were fired.

Police said that two civilians helped the officer handcuff Holmes, who was transported to Richmond Medical Center and pronounced dead on arrival.  The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, but police did not provide details on what might have happened between the handcuffing and the transport to the hospital that could have killed the suspect.

However, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported that Holmes apparently went into cardiac arrest.

The College of Staten Island released a statement saying only that the NYPD was investigating an incident at the school between an off-duty employee and a NYPD officer.  The college also says that “no shots were fired.”

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One Comment

  1. Josie Wales says:

    Google “agitated delirium”, you dumbasses

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. j says:

    The Intelligence agencies CIA, DIA and NSA are using corrupt DEA employees as their proxy force.They where also using the threat of rendition to extort money.
    They may have been taking bribes from Al Quida in return for helping to hide them
    during the time they where taking flying lessons.

    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland. This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      Thanks for rambling consipriacy theory that has nothing to do with this article

  4. TomNJ says:

    There is supposed to be a zero tolerance on bullying in schools and yet they let armed, moronic, thug bullies with badges roam the grounds.

  5. Sufrin Bird says:

    Maybe if thiis honcho respected authority he would not have died.

    Also The College Of Staten Island needs to do better drug testing befre hiring employees.

  6. CorporateFascist says:

    A non toxic plant….
    Would the citizen be alive right now had the cop left him alone? Probably so.
    A non toxic plant….

  7. Don Juan says:

    I did not realize that COSI had such a major drug problem that required police surveillance. What is a Port-a-‘Pot’ty?

  8. DIESEL says:

    Marijuana is a completely harmless substance. We aren’t telling the truth about pot and it is just ridiculous. Pot has so many more benefits than negative side-effects its not even comparable. It is a natural plant that grows on the same earth we do. To make a plant illegal, and make the act of smoking it, which harms no one at all, illegal, is just complete blasphemy. I hope one day we will open our minds and pot will be legalized. Do you believe marijuana will ever be legal worldwide?

    Great post! 🙂

    If you are interested, I have a lot of posts about marijuana in my blogging community.


    I am sure you will find some valuable information within our community!

    Cheers! 🙂 🙂

    1. Peter says:

      I enjoy lighting up myself!!

  9. Gabriella says:

    Maybe they tasered him

  10. Baba Looey says:

    BTW: Everyone
    Have you guys noticed that the press is now witholding the names of police who murder civillians? It’s been mopre tha a month and we still don’t know the name of the animal who murdered that grandfather in Inwood. How much more are we supposed to allow these state terrorists get away with. We need our own police force to protect us from these NYPD parasites and the rest of their enforcement buddies.

  11. Baba Looey says:

    Who are the two civillian animals who helped the police thugs murder this man? Let’s hope they are both held accountable buth criminally and civilly as well as extrajudicially.

  12. Bartholomew Harte says:

    So far this story lacks detail-like what,who when where & why
    I do know this much-He wound up dead & It MUST be the fault of the police??
    Don’t be so quick to judge without some details.

    1. Baba Looey says:

      The man was murdered for smoking pot, and you defend the police! Too bad he didn’t have a gun and the willingness to use it. We might be reading a different article.

      1. @Baba Looney says:

        I don’ know if I would elevate this guys death to murder. Maybe smoking too much weed and running from the police did him in. If he was smoking weed, lord knows what else he was using.

  13. Big Nards says:

    I guess smoking some weed was offending the cop. I guess he couldn’t ask smokey to take his smoking else where. The off duty cop killed someone because of weed smokin.

    1. Patrick Creeden says:

      He was not an off duty cop, it was an onduty police officer in uniforrm. This man did not die because of weed smoking. He died because he committed the felonies of resisting arrest and and assaulting a police officer, and had a heart attack while doing so. Don’t fight the police, or better yet don’t break the law, and this would not have happened either.

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        How do you know? Where you there? Don’t think so. Let the investigation happen and see what the facts are before a knew jerk defense of the NYPD.
        While NYPD may prefer otherwise, they still do not have hte right to kill people for not respecting authority or attempting to get away for a small amout of pot

  14. dex says:

    how many NYPD does it take to throw a perp down a flight of stairs?
    none – he fell!

  15. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    At least they did not sodomize him

  16. Vincent says:

    Cops used unnecessary Force which ended up in this mans death.
    they subdued him and continued brutalizing him till he died.

    1. What a Dope!! says:

      If you want to fight with the police, prepare to meet your maker. Especially if you are in a drug induced state of rage.

    2. Patrick Creeden says:

      And what would you do if you had a gun which tried to take away and use against you?

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