Lou from Staten Island called in this morning to thank Craig for the case of ‘Tweezers’ he sent to him.  It was actually a case of ‘Twizzlers’ that Craig sent him, but don’t tell Lou.

After offering many thanks, Lou tried to manufacture a coherent thought on the Giants, which didn’t turn out so well.

Then the guys got a call from a certain Giants fan Craig has been waiting to hear from.  After about a 3-week hiatus – which coincidentally coincides with Big Blue’s 3-game losing streak  – Kelly in Nutley finally got the gall to call in this morning and face the music.

Kelly claimed to have been in California, hence her lack of calling in and despite their recent slide, she is still very confident in her Giants chances against the 11-0 Packers this Sunday afternoon.

Kelly also suspects Craig might have a little crush on her…

LISTEN: Lou From Staten Island Gets His ‘Tweezers’ – Kelly In Nutley Gets Her Medicine (11/30)

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