Jim Leonhard ‘Disappointed,’ ‘Frustrated’ By Jets Fans’ Boos

NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Jets know they got away with one against the Bills on Sunday.

But Jim Leonhard isn’t about to give the fans at MetLife Stadium a pass. The safety expressed his frustration after hearing boos rain down — before the game even started — on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

“I think we have a great crowd,” Leonhard told WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Tuesday. “I think probably for one of the first times, I was kind of disappointed. Our starting quarterback gets booed in introductions.”

Listen: Leonhard with Joe & Evan

Sanchez heard it from the crowd at times also during the 28-24 win. The third-year quarterback completed under 50 percent of his passes (17 for 35), but managed to throw four touchdowns — and orchestrated his eighth career fourth-quarter comeback.

“As players,” Leonhard said, “you kind of turn to each other and say, ‘You know what? I guess we’re in this one today by ourselves. We can’t rely on the crowd to give us that energy because it’s already started off on a bad note.’

“So I will say that this past weekend was really the first time that I’ve been kind of frustrated going into a game, which is bad.”

Most of the Jets’ woes this season have come on the road. Their early-season three-game trip to Oakland, Baltimore and New England was a disaster, making it easy to forget they’re actually 5-1 at home.

“We obviously understand the fans,” said Leonhard. “We’re all frustrated. It’s not just you guys. The players are frustrated as well. The coaches are frustrated. The only way we can right some of these wrongs is by going out and winning games. We just want that crowd to have our back, which we know they do. But (if) they’re not going to give us the benefit of the doubt sometimes, we got to go out there and prove it week in and week out at home as well.”

Do you side with Leonhard, or do you think the fans had a right to boo Sanchez prior to the game? Sound off in the comments below…


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  1. long-time-jets-fan. says:

    Maybe if Leonhard made that tackle in Denver to stop the 95 yd drive before it even got going, he wouldn’t be hearing as many boos.

  2. Michael J Sanfilippo says:

    Neither of you make any valid point. Typical low-class ungrateful garbage from Jets fans. Show me the quarterback in the NFL today with more accomplishments in his first 2.5 years. Brady? That’s it? Well then, I’d say you have a good QB(even though Brady won 0 road playoff games in his first 3 years- Bledsoe started at Pittsburgh). You retards boo like crazy because your team is slumping, as if that’s not allowed. Losing to a superior team like NE? You say that’s unacceptable. Don’t boo Sanchez because the 2011 Jets are nowhere near as good(or talented) as the 2009 and 2010 teams.

    1. nycanes says:

      Thank you! You made my point You are so right, the 2011 J-E-T-S are nowhere NEAR as good (or talented) than the 2009 & 2010 teams. Those teams back doored into WILD CARD playoffs!! Settling for crumbs. OMG, i was sooooo wrong! They set the highbar of achievement. Maybe if Rex Ryan & Mike Tannebaum weren’t so self absorbed and flapping their lips all the time the 2011 J-E-T-S would be better than ’09 & ’10. Maybe if the players were FOCUSED on WINNING A DIVISION than being in touch with their oh so sensitive feelings, we would be having a different dialogue here. Oh btw, you have to be a WINNER to go into a slump. They haven’t been consistent winners … RETARD!

  3. tvtes says:

    Don’t lay an egg against New England at home with the division on the line and find a way to stop Denver on that last game winning drive & the boos will become cheers. Stop crying and put in a consistent effort each week instead of underachieving. You guys have a lot of nerve expecting cheers after your erratic play. Find a way to make a play!

  4. nycanes says:

    The J-E-T-S fans are tired of the “mediocrity” of this franchise. This culture of “let’s stagger through the season and maybe we’ll fall backwards into a wild card”. Been a fan since 1969, it’s really so very old. So a shout out to today’s J-E-T-S players, “DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL” (your pay includes this)

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