Stores Catering To Jewish Community Vandalized In Highland Park, N.J.

Richard M. Green, 52, Charged With 5 Counts Of Criminal Mischief

HIGHLAND PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Police have made an arrest in vandalism spree that left a Middlesex County community on edge.

Richard M. Green, 52, of New Brunswick was charged with five counts of criminal mischief after police said he smashed window after window among nearly half a dozen Jewish stores along Raritan Avenue on Wednesday morning.

Avi Reiss’ store was one that was hit.

“I think it’s a sick crime,” Reiss told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan. “Somebody out there has a problem, okay? And they don’t know how to deal with their aggression.”

Down the street at the Judaica Gallery the window still stands but it’s shattered. Repairs were made to the front of the hardware store across the street, but it was a long morning for the owner.

“Just threw a top of a toilet through the window,” David Krul said.

The prosecutor’s office said it’s investigating the broken glass crimes as bias-related incidents.

“I can’t really answer that one, but based on what’s going around, maybe,” Krul said when asked what he thought the motivation might be.

The Anti-Defamation League has condemned the vandalism.

The ongoing investigation will try to determine if Green is responsible for other acts of criminal mischief that have occurred in the past several days.

Police said the shops were closed at the time and there were no injuries. The cost of the damage was not immediately available.

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    I was right all along. They are finally admitting that he is Jewish.


    MCR wrote: from others media

    Rabbi Rosenberg’s comments are accurate. According to many sources, mysteriously not being reported by the media, the person under arrest is a Jewish man who has a history of mental health problems. One of the store owners told me he knows the man, and he even shopped in his store regularly.

  3. rabbi dr. bernhard rosenberg says:

    Not a hate crime A mentally challenged soul Who needs help Mr. Green is a poor Jewish male with a long history of mental illness. his serious mental illness are not made public. He needs help and perhaps there is a mental institution where he can get help. This is the second day that the media intentionally or unintentionally misinform people by omitting critical facts from the story.
    Unfortunately, now that he has gone ahead and committed crimes and shown himself to be unstable and destructive, he will be in the “system” for significant time. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

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  5. j says:

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