Bethpage Federal Credit Union Opens Bilingual Branch In Patchogue

PATCHOGUE, NY (WCBS 880) – Bethpage Federal Credit Union has opened a bilingual branch on East Main Street in Patchogue where in 2008, Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was murdered.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On The Story

“[We were] hurt by the hate crime,” said mayor Paul Pontieri. “We are a diverse community. But Bethpage coming in and saying they are going to really market themselves to that area is very important.”

Bethpage Federal Credit Union spokesperson Linda Armyn said the bank began focusing on bilingual branches because the demographics on Long Island are changing.

“Latinos deserve to have the same banking needs and fulfill their needs the same way anybody, any other ethnicity does,” Armyn said.

“We all know, that in today’s age, everyone needs to be able to do banking transactions. We help everybody,” she added. “So, if you have $15 with us, you get the same rate as somebody that has $15,000 with us.”

Seven teens either pleaded guilty or were found guilty in Lucero’s death.

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One Comment

  1. Laura says:

    Because the U.S. does NOT have a national language, and many people DO speak English but prefer to do things in their native tounge like, let’s see, BANKING…

    You’re just being racist, if a company WANTs to provide this service, WANTS to create more jobs doing so, then you are an idiot to oppose it. It doesn’t hurt you at all and certianly helps the people who work and do busienss with Bethpage.

    1. American says:

      Good. I will start speaking to them in German and demand that they learn it. If you dont agree, then I guess you are a racist

  2. American says:

    I know I for one will be taking my money elsewhere. We live in America where the language is English. Why is it so hard for them to learn? All the other immigrants did it, why not the spanish? I hope all English speaking people join me in boycotting this credit union

  3. JGNY says:

    Why can’t they just learn to speak ENGLISH? Why do we cater?

    1. james says:

      because we are suckers. It’s a disgrace.

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