NYPD: Manhattan Woman Charged With Performing Self-Abortion

NEW YORK (CBS New York/AP) — Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Thursday that a Manhattan woman has been charged with self abortion.

Yaribely Almonte, 20, is accused of wrapping the fetus of her unborn daughter in plastic and dumping it in a garbage bin outside of her West 191st Street apartment.

Authorities are investigating whether the woman ended her pregnancy by drinking an herbal concoction billed as an abortion-causing tea, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press Thursday.

The body was found on Tuesday by the building superintendent, who was sorting recyclables, police said. Almonte was arrested and charged on Wednesday night.

Under New York state law, an abortion can only be performed on a fetus older than 24 weeks if the procedure is necessary to save the woman’s life.

The Medical Examiner has yet to determine the cause of death. Almonte was released with an order to appear in court in January.

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  1. Erzulie DuBois says:

    You don’t get it do you? If you thought a second about WWJD, or Mohammed or Buddha, or Lao Tse, you’d realize quickly you HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE.

    *LOL* got suckered into that RC stuff too, went back to my Father’s religion, a native one!

  2. Ranger01 says:

    Bottom line, killing a Fetus is murder. It does not matter if it is at a clinic, or in a bathroom. All Abortion is murder, and this gruesome evil practice should be outlawed. It is literally human genocide

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Says who, you?

      Constitution has the last word on that statement.

      Another male w/his own 2 cents.

      As I said earlier, invent an artificial womb, or figure out a way to carry the fetus yourself, since you seem to think sperm is so holy.

      1. Ranger01 says:

        Erzulie DuBois So who are you? At least an Artificail womb would not be connected to a man hating brain.

        1. Erzulie DuBois says:

          Exactly my point, thrilled to punish the woman, but hell w/the kid after it’s breathing.

          And I don’t hate men, but know a good deal of them to be stupid.

        2. Erzulie DuBois says:

          I’m a woman who THINKS

          And the artificial womb would be connected to no one.

          1. Jim H. says:


            Did you know that in particular the Devil has targeted the woman? He has since Adam and Eve, when Eve took the fruit and Adam was too much of a coward to stop it or call upon God for help against Satan. The woman is at the heart of God’s life-giving plan, at the heart of the family, and at the heart of our society. Corrupting the woman destroys God’s plan. Satan loves this.

            This is why many such as myself find it so heartbreaking to read of these events, and of the heartless defense of what is clearly an offense to God. We are so obsessed with exercising our own free will, that we are blind to the fact we are are made to be holy and to love God.

            Many of us also read of the messages delivered to us by Our Lady at Fatima and in Akita, Japan (and elsewhere). Everyone reading this should Google this – it is imperative you all inform yourselves. God is deeply offended by the actions of men and our ingratitude to Him. Grave consequences have already been set in motion for mankind.

            Many of you will ridicule this, but I am hoping that at least some of you research this further.

            My prayers are with all of you who believe that abortion is right. Abortion is immoral and a sin – as is taking ANY human life. We are the creatures not the creator. And women have a special role in God’s plan of life, and are not created to kill the children in their own wombs.

            Our Lady of Akita, Pray for Us

            1. Erzulie DuBois says:

              I’ve read all that crap, cannot believe an intelligent thinking brain can believe a book that was written oh, 300 years after the birth of JC by men who never met him.

              And I STRESS THE WORD MEN!

              1. Jim H. says:


                Actually I am nothing but a sinner and strive each day to be a servant of my Lord Jesus. I want to go to Heaven and spend eternity adoring my Creator. And I do believe the written tradition of the Bible, the unwritten tradition and Magisterium of the Church — which has produced many great men and women Saints.

                I wish you the very best. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

                Jim H.

                1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                  Don’t bother.

      2. DrEdu says:

        NOT SO!

        The SCOTUS is not the ultimate ruler. In fact we have historical precedence about this. Have you ever studied Dred Scott?

        The United States Supreme Court ruled seven to two against Scott. The Supreme Court ruled that African Americans had no claim to freedom or citizenship.

        The Dred Scott decision was overturned with the adoption of the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution in 1865 and 1868. These amendments ended slavery and established firmly the citizenship of all persons, regardless of race, creed, or previous condition of servitude.

        As with Slavery, civilized people will OVERTURN ROE v WADE in time.

  3. Erzulie DuBois says:

    Poohie on the JC crap, go preach in a church.

    Question is, is the fetus over 24 weeks.

    A woman’s BODY is her own and the fetus is a parasite till birth, then it can breath on it’s own.

    All you males out there, making a big thing out of male’s rights, go invent an artificial womb, or else figure out a way to inplant the fetus into YOUR body then talk sperm rights!

    I’ve never had an abortion, and its a choice I would not make for me, BUT, I’d fight for another’s choice till the day I die.

    Another point, there are what, 500,000 kids currently in the system, if you want a baby so bad go adopt one of them.

    I know why you don’t, it’s mostly older kids, or kids w/siblings, or kids w/developmental issues, be it physical or mental.

    Typical conservative nonsense, fight for the fetal birth, but then don’t feed or clothe it, it’s a human now and has no rights.

    1. Jim H. says:


      Abortion is a sin. It is immoral. God will judge us on what we do outside of a church as much as what we do inside a church.

      That fetus is a distinct human being made in the likeness of the Creator. The woman has a sacred role in this matter. Abortion is never the answer. There is always another way.

      You can close your eyes, but God is still there. You can use your free will to push him away and deny he has a part in our world, but He is still there.

      You can deny JC, and he will deny you.

      But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven. Mathew 10:33

      Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for Us

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Jim all you gave in this post is some religious drivel, how about addressing the points I made.

        PS, do you wear one of those roses on your jacket? You know the little embroidered ones?

        Did you know *CHILDREN* ruin their eyes cutting them from huge sheets of embroidery cloth, for less than a mill per rose?

        So all these little children you are supposedly saving get to live short, die young and be miserable.

  4. Pup says:

    What a sick savage bitch! Any chance this mutant will vote for someone other than Barackus Obombus?

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      *LOL* because I have a brain?

      1. LibsRLiars says:

        Again, please don’t be stupid with your 168 iq, Erzulie! He’s obviously referring to the woman in the news article. Remember – this is not about you! Or your 168 iq!

        1. Erzulie DuBois says:

          Not the way it reads to me, it was addressed to one of my comments, if he wanted to say ‘sick stupid b***h about the poor woman, he should have opened a new comment.

          1. LibsRLiars says:

            OMG!!! When was the last time you had your 168 iq checked??? See the little grey arrows beside your posts and mine? His does not have one. His was a new comment on the article, NOT an address to you! Geezuz – Book smart and street stupid??

  5. Jenna says:

    24 weeks is 6 months. That’s a frickin BABY. It’s not nothing. Any person who doesn’t believe that is a brainless, headless moron.

    And I am PRO CHOICE. A fetus has a heartbeat at 6 weeks. For crying out loud get a brain people.

  6. Brandon W. says:

    The story states that at 24 months the fetus has a 50/50 chance at survival out of the womb. At that stage I say abortion is murder; before that I say none of my bussiness. If the fetus still depends on the “carrier’s” bodily functions then it is nothing more than a parasite and can not be classified a human being. (Note: I don’t say parasite to be mean. It’s just the most “appropiate” word to get across what I mean.)

  7. Harryg says:

    The same should be done to her.

  8. Cogiito says:

    No doubt the charges are based on depriving Planned Parenthood of revenue entitlements.

    Or maybe it involves a violation of Obamacare, which we had to hurry and pass so we could find out what was in it.

    Could it be that someone located a Federalist Paper that shows the Founders not only wanted to recognize a womans civil right to abortion, but wanted to ensure that someone else conducted the aborition for pay?

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Nope, I’m a PhD, and not worried about ‘entitlements’.

      BTW, how are you going to pay for all these ‘children’ dropped into the system?

      1. DrEdu says:

        Out of curiosity…What’s your PhD in?
        Clearly NOT in Biological Sciences, Right?

        1. Cheryle says:

          PhD… lol just “piled higher and deeper” my doctor likes to say.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Already mentioned in thread Cheryle.

            History of Religions.

            Just like you have 8 children, any adopted?

            1. Cheryle says:

              No, we have no adopted children. We have chosen to be open to life and allow God to bless us with children as He sees fit.
              We did want to (and had started paperwork) my 15 yr old cousin when my uncle died and his mom didn’t want him. He had been living with us for 7 months and was completely open to being adopted. But when his mother called begging him not to stay with us, he went back to her. I called family court and because my uncle had left nothing saying he wanted his son with me, chances were I’d spend a lot court time fighting and chances were, I’d lose. She was in/out of jail and a druggie. Apparently after getting him back she has turned her life around. It was for the best he went back to her to get her to this point.
              We also wanted to adopt another cousin who is a day older than my oldest daughter. As a newborn her mother ran off and my uncle did not know what to do so while he was trying to figure it out she stayed with us 3 weeks. My uncle died when she was about 8 and another aunt took her in. She came to stay with us for a summer and my aunt and I discussed us adopting her. But my aunt decided it would be too disruptive for her.
              In both cases we would have loved to have those children and loved them as our own, but good came out of both situations.
              At this point if God chooses to send us another little soul, we’d welcome him or her with open arms. But I am not looking to have more children. I am looking forward to grandchildren at this point.

  9. Christian says:

    Is this what our society is anymore, total strangers fighting via words on the internet news sites?
    We Americans have changed into something for the worse and not better, some of you are very angry and have too much free time on your hands to write on these columns. Go get a job or a second job instead of writing all over the internet “YOUR opinions” These words written are not fact. But rather like listening into someone else’s conversation and adding your 2 cents…

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Or they can do volunteer work, as I do, but can tell you right now, they would rather sit on their fat behinds and vent their beliefs, and not do anything to help America.

  10. Xu Xian says:

    Welcome back to the fifties, folks. When your mind belonged to the Church and your body belonged to the State.

    Abortion is Murder! We need more principled people like Angel Adams, the homeless woman with fifteen kids who wants “someone to be held accountable.”

  11. Ron Reale says:

    She didn’t pay an abortionist, so she has to pay the state! You can kill your child, but you can’t kill your child.
    Ron Reale

  12. pugphan says:

    Wow- 24 wks! That’s more than half of of a baby’s age at birth. No wonder we’re in such a mess, believe it or not America’s suffering divine justice because of this
    Godless inhumanity. smokersodysseycom

  13. Travis Busbar says:

    Murder is murder… how difficult is that to understand?

  14. The Shannonigins says:

    Women who get abortions are likely unable to care for the child themselves. That child would have probably been in and out of foster care, on countless government support programs, and if it had stayed with the mother could fall victim to being taught the same negligence that lead to the unwanted pregnancy in the first place. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    There are too many people in this world as it is. I for one am pro-choice because we continue to breed a population that’s becoming more dependent on society and less on themselves. We can’t even feed everyone that’s on the planet now! I believe aborting this fetus might have been the only responsible thing she has done.

    Nature is cruel. Society is crueler. These things happen. Get over yourself and fix your own life first.

    1. pugphan says:

      We’re all spiritual beings, we come into the world on a mission and nobody has a right to deny any soul the right to come in here. Also, nobody knows just how many souls can inhabit this world at any time. WTFU! smokersodysseycom

  15. Jim H. says:

    Sweet Jesus, please help our country find it’s way back to you.

    28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

    Romans 1: 28-32

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      You know, John all of your mouthings have more place on a weekly bulletin from your local catholic church than they do on here.



      As far as whatever you are babbling about, who cares?

  16. p8nt says:

    I wonder, how many of you Pro Lifer’s are also FOR- the death penalty???

    1. David Z says:

      I wonder if you know the difference in innocence and guilt.

    2. The Shannonigins says:

      or pro-lifers who are infuriated with welfare programs…

      1. David Z says:

        We prefer the freedom to help our neighbor rather than the force of government.

        1. Erzulie DuBois says:

          Once again, how many unwanted children have YOU adopted?

  17. David Z says:

    I love the rhythmic slapping of little boys in showers. Im a total qu33r… I love man as s.

    1. David Z says:

      ^^^Great childish liberal tactic. There’s a liberal using my name to shout out his fantacies.

      1. David Z says:

        Liberal fantasy for all to see. Coward can’t use his own name.

        1. David Z says:

          OMG I love the ghey but s3x!!!!

  18. Massimo Deportado says:

    Uh, duh! This is all a ruse.
    She’s taking one for “the team”. You know, the team that wants to kill babies.

    This, they suppose, “supports” their “argument” that if Roe v Wade is reversed, “back alley” abortions would occur and these “honorable” women could die.


    And for those who are appalled at what others are writing here, it compares NOT to a child being lopped up in the womb and yanked out in pieces. FY + ESD

  19. Cheryle Martinez says:

    Call me what you will… it is part of dealing with the fact that I killed my babies. I can speak from my heart and know the emotional problems I had for years after having my abortions. Upon awaking from the first one I cried and spent the next several days in bed. I become withdrawn and angry and ended up on anti depressants. When I tried to talk about my abortions with the shrink, he told me that wasn’t a problem. I had taken care of the problem, he said.
    By the way, I had only one boyfriend all through high school, we were engaged when I got pregnant the second time and he is the father of those two babies. I was having sex and certainly should not have been, but I wasn’t out sleeping around with all sorts of guys.

    1. Cheryle Martinez says:

      This was supposed to be way down there under this comment, but my computer is giving me a hard time. Sorry.

      “I know all too well how horrible this is. I had 2 abortions as a teenager and since come to realize the horribleness of it. ”
      There is no prude more zealous then that of a reformed prostitute.

    2. Massimo Deportado says:

      Thanks for coming forward.

      What is also not ever mentioned is that women who have abortions have an extremely high rate of getting breast cancer. A fact that gets swept under the rug by democrats and Planned Parenthood ghouls.

      Please get checked as often as you can and God Bless You!

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        A lot of women have a high rate of breast cancer, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day.

        Makes more sense to blame the nuclear bomb testing in the 50’s and 60’s.

        1. Jim H. says:

          There is an increased risk for breast cancer when pregnancies are terminated. Here is one paper that explains part of it.


          There is plenty out there on the Internet on this.

  20. Andrew Jackson says:

    I think all Liberal women should have abortions…

    Fewer Liberals then.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:

      I have a slightly different take on this:

      If liberals do indeed breathe, then they must exhale CO2.

      And if CO2 is soooo bad, why don’t they all just go a do the “right thing” and leave the rest of us ALONE.

      Warbomba, best president EVAH!

    2. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Stands to reason, you took the name of one of the biggest Indian murderers in American History.

  21. I hate New York says:

    1 less New Yorker.

  22. Happygolucky says:

    Why the Hell can a woman kill her own child in the womb but a man can’t kill his wife for screwing around on him?

    Me thinks there is a double standard.

  23. Cheryle Martinez says:

    I am curious… How many of you have had an abortion (or your girl friend) and are really okay with it. Not just, “ehhh well it was what I/we needed to do.” But REALLY okay and are happy you had an abortion. If abortion is so great why aren’t women yelling from the roof tops, “I had an abortion and it was great!!!” Why do women hide the fact they’ve had one? Why, sine some of you say it is not a human life, aren’t the very women who have had this procedure telling other women how great it is?
    Why, when the women who have aborted get pregnant with a wanted pregnancy, do they follow it along and tell people they are expecting a baby? Why do they mourn the loss if they miscarry? Why are they sad for friends who miscarry?
    You pro abortion people can not have it both ways!!!

    1. David Z says:

      Why is it when a pregnant woman is killed and the baby dies the killer is charged with two murders?

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Real real simple by murdering the woman the murderer took away her CHOICE to bear the fetus or not.

        Get it now?

    2. Pragmatist says:

      They hide it because of creeps like you who judge them and shout them down for making an important life decision that doesn’t agree with your views. As our cultural norms change, so too will this phenomenon. Didn’t teen pregnancy used to be the most terrible thing in the world? Something to be so ashamed of that you simply don’t leave the house for 9 months? Now it’s on television and in magazines. Things change.

      1. David Z says:

        And that takes us back to…“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:
        its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
        If we can undermine these three areas,
        America will collapse from within.”

        1. Pragmatist says:

          We’ll have to disagree about what makes the USA strong, then. I’ve always thought it was our freedom, which is what people sacrificed their lives for us to obtain. Morality is fine as long as it isn’t absolutism. Weak minds prefer to see it all in black and white, as that’s a lot easier than trying to consider the shades of gray in a situation.

          1. David Z says:

            Freedom and morality. We have a moral obligation to help our neighbors in need and we SHOULD have the freedom not to. Freedom in America is long gone.

            1. Pragmatist says:

              “Freedom in America is long gone.”

              That we agree upon, my friend…

      2. Cheryle Martinez says:

        I had 2 abortions as a teen and am speaking out to say it HURTS women. Abortion is not a good thing. It solves the problem of carrying a baby to term but then there are other problems to deal with.
        I murdered my children 25 and 26 years ago and think about them every day and beg they forgive me for making the decision to take their lives from them.
        I am speaking out to hopefully let other women know abortion is not the answer.
        There are at least two victims in every abortion, the baby and the mother.
        I agree, stopping teen pregnancy and not accepting it as an okay part of teenagers lives needs to be done! We need to change it back. Abortion is not going to help. Teens are told it’s an easy fix.

        1. Pragmatist says:

          It hurt YOU, perhaps, but there are also plenty of women who’re glad they made that decision when they made it. No one should dare deny your feelings (that it was a terrible thing to do for YOU), but in that same vein, you shouldn’t dare make a blanket statement saying that all women will reel from the pain of abortion forever and ever. It’s just not true.

          1. Cheryle Martinez says:

            I agree, I am sure there are women who would say they’re glad, but where are they? If it is such a great thing and nothing wrong with it, why do they not have a bigger voice and tell the world abortion is great?
            I belong to a couple of abortion healing programs and it generally takes 10 years for a woman to even start coping with her abortion. There is a movement of women starting to come out of the woodwork and tell how they too thought abortion was a good thing but only now are recognizing the true pain it caused them.
            Any woman who kills her baby can not truly be okay with it. That’s why they don’t call it a baby. PP told me my 10 week old baby was just a blob of tissue. If I’d known it was a baby I don’t think I could have taken his/her life.

    3. Fugggin says:

      I am anti-abortion but your post is pretty obtuse and vapid.

  24. Pragmatist says:

    It’s her body and she can do what she wants to it and things in it.

    1. pugphan says:

      No it isn’t, if it’s your body, why can’t you get high; kill yourself, or prostitute yourself? IT IS NOT YOUR BODY! That is liberal propaganda. smokersodysseycom

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Whose is it then, the church or the state?

        Shades of slavery, of WOMEN!

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:

        All of the above should be legal, it’s just that the puritan mindset of the country denies the reality.

  25. Nimby5956 says:

    ……M U R D E R E R…….I don’t see how anyone could disagree with that. Prosecute her the way you would any other murder. Filthy pig she is

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      And another comment from the sperm worshipping peanut gallery.

  26. Gypsy says:

    What was wrong with a little common sense and use birth control? How much does a condom cost? There’s free clinic all over the place. Too lazy to use birth control but not too lazy to kill a child? Common sense has left the planet.

    1. David Z says:

      And the liberal democrats will no tolerate a little individual responsibility.

    2. Cheryle Martinez says:

      And what happens when b.c. fails? Maybe it did in this case. I was on the Pill, taking it same time every. single. day. and still got pregnant. I don’t know if you’ve ever read an insert on the Pill or condoms or any other form of b.c. but they are not 100%. Only abstinence is 100% in not getting pregnant.

    3. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Ever hear of an accident? Condom’s break bc fails.


  27. Cheryle Martinez says:

    That’s not why they voted against it. They’re worried about the wording and that it would get taken to the Supreme Court and they’d lose all the wonderful ground they’ve gained.
    And even PP recognizes there is life at conception. They did not want this passed because it could put a stop to all birth control that are abortificiants.
    So if someone is unconscious we can murder them? A life begins at fertilization. Have you seen what abortion does to a baby? A bit worse than chopping a head of cabbage.

  28. Cheryle Martinez says:

    At what point is it okay to kill our children? 6 weeks pregnant? 12 weeks? 20 weeks? 24? 36? 40? 2 mos after birth? 1 yr? 2 yrs?
    Why all the fuss at Casey Anthony? She just didn’t want the responsibility of being a mom anymore so she took her child’s life. It was HER kid after all. Sponging off her and making it hard for her to live her own life. Just get rid of it. Problem solved.
    All those child killers and abusers should be able to do what they want I guess. A child’s life is of no value to those who are pro abortion.
    A life is a life is a life people!!! From the moment that egg and sperm meet and start dividing into cells, there is a human life there.

    1. Fugin says:

      “At what point is it okay to kill our children?”

      As soon as they become Muslim and belong to someone else.

      “A life is a life is a life people!!! From the moment that egg and sperm meet and start dividing into cells, there is a human life there.”

      So what is your stance on war? Do you support the Iraqi war which has killed tens of thousands of innocent people? If you support the war yet are anti-abortion, then you only care about the life until it is born, then it doesn’t matter. Seems kinda silly doesn’t it?

      All this fuss over unborn children while our government slaughters thousands of innocent people, children included…

      1. Cheryle Martinez says:

        I have read this and tried to come up with an answer that doesn’t sound “obtuse and vapid” 😛 but can’t. I do think there are just wars and innocent lives are lost. That is a tragedy. Any loss of lives is, but the innocent casualties of war are not the same as a mother killing her own child for selfish reasons.
        I have to say, I do struggle with the points you’ve made.

    2. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Not after it draws breath of life.

      Once it’s born it’s sacrosanct, unless a stupid conservative starves it to death w/no help programs.

    3. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Casey Anthony killed a CHILD, not a clump of flesh w/the mere possibility of becoming a child.

      Can’t believe adults dont get the difference in this.

      Think this is why religion should be banned.

      1. Cheryle says:

        Haha! Yeah, let’s blame religion. Nevermind the atheists who believe abortion is wrong too.
        Can’t believe someone who had to have gone to school as long as you doesn’t get it that there is more than just a “clump of flesh” in the womb.

        Think this is why public education should be banned. A lot of good it did you. And, if this is what higher education gets a person, I certainly don’t want my kids going to the liberal colleges out there.

        1. Erzulie DuBois says:

          Fine, Cheryle deprive your kids at a chance of improvement. Deny them the ability to think. But don’t blame yourself when the world devolves into something more like the dark ages than the renaissance.

          DaVinci, Galileo, Michelangelo are just a few of the thinkers who the church decried, and still to some extent decry.

          Devolve and go back to cart and pony, I don’t really care.

          1. Cheryle says:

            I am sure my kids will do just fine 🙂

  29. 'Nother Son O' Ursus says:

    Re_ Self-aborted woman’s arrest…
    Maybe she didn’t want to risk ther pious lectureing, and/or, possible violence outside an aboretion clinic by the Peity-police!
    2 Issues:
    !.) Good luck trying to badger this ‘witness’ into self-condemnation; (This woman should sue for slander, false-charge, sexual harassment / religious-coercion), etc.!
    2.) Other then ‘improper disposal’ of bio-medical waste, (NO red bag), I DON’T see valid grounds for an arrest!
    Hey, if Bishop Robert Flynn is ALL DONE getting his (latest, in a long line of…) plea-bargains & double-secret-probation out of that overly-compliant prosecutor, maybe he could weigh in on the moral issues here…if he’s not too afraid, this being a ‘woman’, and all!!

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Too busy worrying about the child molesting priests he’s trying to hide

  30. USA7 says:


    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Got a better idea, why don’t you learn to lock your zipper!

  31. Pilot.Dave says:

    To all the MEN on here – GFY – you are not qualified to pronounce your opinion on what a WOMAN can or can not do with her body.

    On the accused, she should have lawyered-up as the ME has not provided a medical opinion yet.

    1. David Z says:

      It’s not her body we’re worried about. It’s the baby’s body that was thrown in the trash we’re worried about.

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        What else is new, she’s only a woman, right David?

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:

        OH wow, missed this one, ‘it’s not her body we are worried about’.

        So the woman is less important than a mere possibility of perhaps a male child?

        Sounds like a bunch of you belong in China where the male of the species is worshipped.

        Oh yes, the Taliban think like that too.

    2. Cheryle Martinez says:

      Sure they are!!! It is THEIR baby inside that woman’s body!

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        No, it’s just their sperm locked w/the woman’s egg, in the WOMAN’s BODY.

        If they didn’t want it ‘wasted’ they should have locked their zippers.

        As usual, all of this is the woman’s fault right?

    3. My wasted time dealing with fools says:

      Come on now, we all have a right to our opinions. It’s called freedom of speech. You are portraying yourself as a hypocrite when you pronounced YOUR opinion???

      1. Cheryle Martinez says:

        When a man gets a woman pregnant it is half of him inside her body. He is qualified to say he does not want that child killed. Men need to have a say so in stopping abortions too. I’m saying they do have a right to voice their opinions.

        1. My wasted time reasoning with fools says:

          Cheryl I agree with you! It should be that way. The father should have a say in it. If we take it a step further which pro baby killers don’t want to discuss, we really should throw everyones “opinions” and defend the one who as of yet has no voice…the baby! And just as ALL of us don’t want to die or be killed we can safely assume that baby would feel the same way. Calling it what it is…murder, forces people to make a moral decision. Those that fight for the right don’t want to have to deal that out with their heart. If they say “well the fetus isn’t viable” they attempt to sidestep the moral implications. And that is this; what they are fighting so hard for is a truly VILE act and will have consequences. Either in this life as you have personally dealt with or in the life to come.

  32. Adam Smith says:

    OK. I see. It is okay to kill the infant but only if the regulators have a say in it. Very Democrat.

  33. DrEdu says:

    In one of the post someone wrote “If your pro life your view is all the way around its murder I get it we get it your entitled to your views just as pro choice are entitled to theirs”.
    To this person I (a Pediatrician with two Doctorates in Developmental Biology) say: this is not about ‘a point of view’ one may be ‘entitled to’. This is about killing an individual of the Human Species.
    If any, please take this information with you “There is 100% agreement among us scientists that the human embryo -from implantation onwards- IS AN INDIVIDUAL OF THE HUMAN SPECIES. This is NOT an ‘organism’ developing into a human individual; rather, S/HE IS A HUMAN INDIVIDUAL undergoing development”.
    This information is factual SCIENCE.
    Legislators and Citizens with realize that ABORTION is the same thing as SLAVERY and/or THE NAZI EXTERMINATION CAMPS once they get educated and stop using Religion or Philosophies instead of science.
    ABORTION IS MURDER, and THAT is not just an opinion.

    1. Pilot.Dave says:

      “two Doctorates in Developmental Biology” ??? This proves that on the internet you can be anyone you want to be.

      Why two PhD’s in the same subject ? Discount at the diploma mill ?

      Since you are the expert, why draw the line at implantation when invetro the cells are growing ??

  34. ts says:

    Why was he woman arrested? I can understand the arrest if she performed the abortion on another person. I can understand the arrest if she aborted the fetus at 36 weeks. How can she be arrested for removing a parasite from her body? Are we now going to start charging people who commit suicide with murder? Where exactly does the long arm of the law stop?

  35. john says:

    It’s a sad tragedy for both mother and her unborn child.But where is the the guy that impregnated her?These guys want to have sex and not be a man to face their responsibilities towards their lovers.Instead they abandone them,which shows just how much they really care.As for the abortion..it’s sad that little attention is given to adoption.If you look on any given day in any newspaper in the classifieds you will find couples seeking to adopt a newborn.Heres another little known fact.That if this girl had called one of these ads and chosen to allow a couple to adopt the child..the adopting couple would be rresponsible for the girls rent(if she has one)food,medical bills and lawyer fees.It would cost her nothing financially to bring this child to full term.Instead of playing God and killing it..she could have given it a chance to have perhaps a better life than she could have provided.Oh..and if she was in the position to keep her baby without the state getting involved..she could even change her mind and keep the baby.Instead of bickering over abortion..how about praying for this poor young girl,her deceased baby,and the guy that abandoned her after getting what he wanted..with the exception of the baby..their souls are in danger..but God is a loving and forgiving God who wiill forgive if she asks from the heart.

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:


      Your’s is a gentle non-condemning post, but I have to point out hard realities to you.

      From her name, the young woman is Hispanic.
      Not much call for hispanic babies.

      After 9/11 I don’t much believe in ‘god’, but I do know that the young woman tried to do what was right for her, and the fetus.

  36. David Z says:

    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:
    its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
    If we can undermine these three areas,
    America will collapse from within.”

    Quote by: Josef Stalin
    (1879-1953) Communist leader of the USSR

    1. Fuggin says:

      Stalin never said this. You musta been duped by some bogus website that falesly attributed this to him. Nice try tho…

      1. David Z says:

        Yeah right. Stalin, just one of the liberal lefts heros would never say a thing like that. LOL…You can’t hide from the truth…the liberal left agenda is well known to anyone paying attention.

        1. Fugin says:

          “Yeah right. Stalin, just one of the liberal lefts heros would never say a thing like that.”

          -Yawn, be a partisan shill if you want to, but that doesn’t change the fact that Stalin NEVER SAID THIS. Ever. I know you don’t like facts getting in the way of a good narrative…

          “LOL…You can’t hide from the truth”

          -Uh no, you can’t hide from the truth. You show me one valid source that attributes this quote to Stalin. And when you can’t I’ll be here waiting for your apology.

          “the liberal left agenda is well known to anyone paying attention.”

          -Oh good lord, don’t forget to take your meds…

          1. My wasted time reasoning with fools says:

            Now Fugin, don’t be an idiot. You can’t say with certainty that he did or didn’t say such a thing. You weren’t with him 24/7. “Meds”?? Please back away from the “kool-aid”

            1. Fugggin says:

              “Now Fugin, don’t be an idiot. You can’t say with certainty that he did or didn’t say such a thing.”

              -He is being quoted, therefore show me the source. You can’t just put quotes around something and say he may or may not have said this. Where did you go to school for chr1st sakes?

              “You weren’t with him 24/7.”

              -I wasn’t with him at all you mongoloid…

              1. My wasted time reasoning with fools says:

                Oh poor Fugin, I’m sorry! I was trying to educate you and you didn’t realize it…..can you say dense? Of course you weren’t with moron, but you seem to think you know what Stalin DIDN’T say. How can you be sure? You can’t and THAT is my point. Like I say….wasting time reasoning with fools. Mongoloid???? ROFLMAS!!

                1. fuggggggin says:

                  You weren’t educating chit. You are falling all over yourself looking like a moron and now you are in some wounded back-peddle trying to save face. Well it aint working.

                  Show me the effing source or don’t quote it. It’s that simple.

              2. My wasted time reasoning with fools says:

                WOW Fugin you are THICK!! What a buffoon. LOL!! I haven’t back peddled at all. “Save face” laughable. You see poor Fugin you are without question lacking in intelligence . Because ANYONE that had a brain that functioned properly would understand (I hope you understand all my big words) that you can’t say if he said it or not. You started this whole thing with a silly statement that “Stalin never said this”. How do you know? How does the “All knowing, All Powerful Fugin” really know? He doesn’t….YOU DON”T!! So what do you do? When you are getting your tail kicked, you have to resort to name calling…..How grown up of you. Oh and that last part was also sarcasm….GOOGLE IT!!!

                1. FugginMorons says:

                  “WOW Fugin you are THICK!! What a buffoon.”

                  -Gee admionish me for name calling yet what do you do? In fact most of your posts are rife with it…Tsk tsk…

      2. Pilot.Dave says:

        You are absolutely correct, he did NOT say this. In point of fact, the word “a” is not in the Russian vocabulary, Stalin did NOT speak English… Google
        “Америка, как здоровое тело и его сопротивление состоит из трех частей:
        его патриотизм, его морали, и его духовной жизни.
        Если мы можем подорвать этих трех областях,
        Америка рухнет изнутри. “

        1. David Z says:

          Hilter couldn’t speak English either…guess we know nothing he said either. LOL…the liberal left defending their heros to the end.

          1. Fugin says:

            “the liberal left defending their heros to the end.”

            I’m not a “leftist” and I am not defending this murderous jew, merely pointing out the false attribution to him.

            1. David Z says:

              Hitler was murderous but he wasn’t a Jew.

              1. Fugggin says:

                Actually yes he was Jewish, but that has nothing to do with my point about Stalin.

                1. David Z says:

                  Actually not proven fact Hitler was a Jew but this part of the thread is about Hilter.

              2. Fuuuuuggggin says:

                “Actually not proven fact Hitler was a Jew”

                -he wasn’t practicing thats for sure, but DNA analysis all but conforms his Jewish blood. Probably why he hated them so much.

                “but this part of the thread is about Hilter.”

                -Uh no, it was about Stalin and you posted something about Hitler trying to make some point, lord only knows what.. But in the end my point was about Stalin. That make sense? No? OK back to the group home for you.

    2. ts says:

      I can tell you right now that the morality was undermined by the progressive media outlets and dysfunctional parenting. The patriotism has been undermined by the politicians losing the Citizens trust. The Spiritual life has been undermined by the government and people who claim to be more enlightened but really are close minded and will not even consider that there just might be a higher power.

  37. Big R 14 says:

    Liberals have Abortions. Have enough and, poof, no more Liberals. sort of self defeating one might think.

  38. cocteau says:

    This is one case, take abortion away and there will be many cases just like this one

  39. 1 Smart Mother says:

    By ten weeks the “fetus” is actually a tiny human being. You can look it up.

  40. Paul B. says:

    This really points to the stupidity and arbitrariness of the law. What if the fetus were one day less than 24 weeks? What if we can’t tell exactly how old it is?

    The issue that remains constant is that it is a human being in the womb, and a woman with feelings pulling the plug on its life, probably because she is overwhelmed.

    The people who advocate for legal abortion are unaware that they are greasing this nation’s slide into the cesspool.

  41. evefromeden says:

    She should get the death penalty. A homeless dog takes better care of their young. This murderess throws her baby away like a casey anthony wannabe. Hitler treated his enemies better.

    1. Fuggin says:

      Except this happened in New York, there is no death penalty.

  42. diogenes says:

    Hey, it’s her body and her choice, right? Where are all the feminazis and Gloria Allred? HAnds off her vagina!

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      Lock your zipper.


  43. jaydee says:

    Some comments seem to say “get rid of all liberals and communists,” which can be interpreted as kill all liberals and communists. That’s pro life for you. Kill adults good kill foetus bad. What’s next arresting people who attempt suicide. Compassion nah that’s for liberals. We only like human beings when they’re unborn. The minute they’re born they’re toast in todays world. This is a screwed up 20 year old. She needs help.

    1. John Frykman says:

      So you prefer “kill fetus good and dill adults good?” You don’t have to kill adults to protect unborn human beings.

      Typical half baked “ideas” from half baked brains.

  44. Darin The Great says:

    Silly girl; only the State can decide to kill babies.

  45. Michael W Hutton says:

    Murder is murder, legal or illegal.

  46. truthteller says:

    Even the dummies in Mississippi know abortion isn’t murder, which is precisely why they voted AGAINST the personhood amendment. Abortion is no more murder than chopping a head of cabbage is murder, In both cases, a non-sentient, non-conscious, non-person is killed. The most this young lady could be charged with is practicing medicine without a license,

    1. John Frykman says:

      So the definition of murder is now to be by majority rule? Is it OK to murder Jews, too? The majority of the people in Nazi Germany thought so, as did the most highly educated of their intelligentsia.

      If the premeditated killing of a human being isn’t murder, then what is it? Oh, a fetus (translate=”little one”) isn’t a human being, even though it has human DNA and is therefore alive at conception?

      Thanks for your lesson in morality, lie-teller!

    2. evefromeden says:

      If it wasnt alive it wouldnt have to be killed. All things killed have souls.

      1. Fuggggin says:

        Even earth-worms, mold, algae and amoeba? Heaven must be crowded…

        1. Cheryle says:

          Immortal souls go to Heaven… just sayin’.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Curious now, you have seen, or have proof of a ‘soul’?

            1. Cheryle says:

              That’s what’s called having FAITH.

  47. Derp Diggler says:

    So your imaginary friend told everyone its wrong to abort. So someone with common sense and an understanding of how over populated and disturbed the world is took it on them selves to not contribute to the mess. Here you all are moaning about it, because of some dumb book and an imaginary friend. Its her kid, her choice, and her problem. If she can’t handle the problem she choose wise and decided not to have a baby she’d probably screw up on raising.

    1. John Frykman says:

      No. If she chose not to have a baby, she wouldn’t have conceived one. You are saying, it’s OK for a mother to kill her unborn child. Why is that so hard for you to say?

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        If the man hadn’t f**ked her and locked his zipper, would be no chance of pregnancy, null zip!

        Only the woman has to suffer the consequences and I’m sick of seeing them verbally crucified by males.

        1. Cheryle says:

          No, that’s not true. My boyfriend from when I was a teen, has suffered over the years because of our having sex and then me killing our babies.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Oh, you kept in touch with him?

            If you were as angry as you claimed you were, I’m surprised you bothered.

            And he still should have locked his zipper.

            1. Cheryle says:

              Well having known him since I was 9 and he was 11, we had/have many of the same friends. And his aunt is my grandma’s hairdresser. It would be a little hard not to know what was going on with him. As part of my post abortive healing I wrote him a letter and years later, after he got off drugs, he got my email from a friend and shared how our abortions had also caused issues for him over the years.
              Part of healing is forgiving. I forgive him for the things I think he should/shouldn’t have done and he forgives me for killing our babies.
              Neither one of should have been having sex. We were basically just kids and not married. If we’d lived better and moral lives, we would not have gotten pregnant to begin with.

              1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                Ok, Cheryle, I see it as lack of education in the ways of sexuality, and probably being told by someone, simply ‘After you are married sex is beautiful’.

                What the h**l kind of advice is that to give a teen raging w/adolescent hormones??

                Naturally, being teens, they know better than Mom and Dad and any adult.

  48. bob says:

    As long as the foetus is under 24 weeks i don’t see the big deal. Its the mothers choice no one elses. The idea that people should be influence by these interfering do gooders is laughable.

    I commend all those women out their who make their decisions based on what they want not what a bunch of strangers think !

    1. John Frykman says:

      Would it have been OK by you had you been aborted (killed in the womb) by YOUR mother? If so, why wouldn’t it also be OK if after she looked you over in the delivery room for her decide she would rather have a girl and have the obstetric nurse slit your throat and throw you in the trash.

      After all, what is so special about 24 weeks? Did the child become human at the midnight stroke of the clock on the 168th day after conception?

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        When BREATH is drawn, then and only then, no matter when the fetus responds to birth urges.

        If the nurse slit a living child’s throat it would be murder.

        And, btw, how would he protest, if he didn’t make the cut?


    2. My wasted time reasoning with fools!! says:

      Bob, “do gooders”????? Are you saying there is such a thing as right and wrong? “Do Gooders”? Do Evilers? Hmmmmm….. So you think that good and bad is strictly a human creation? So if I decide that my “morality” says that I don’t like “Bob” I can come over to his house and kill him? Hmmmmm… Liberal “intellectuals”(oxymoron) never stop to think about how hypocritical their words and actions are. It’s hilarious. Those of us with brains and morals realize that you CAN deny it until your last breath Bob, but it doesn’t change the FACT that human beings are “created beings”…meaning there is a creator. If there isn’t a creator then why do we laugh? A simple question…think about it! When did the “evolutionary force” decide that we needed a sense of humor to survive? You see Bob, people like you have opinions that are asinine. Do you ever think about these things? We were created with a conscience that really deep down tells us there is good and bad, right and wrong!! And it’s a pity that too many “smart educated” people seem to get them backwards!! They call good evil and evil good….hmmm, where did I read that? Oh yeah, in Gods word! Think about it. We shall ALL give an account of how we lived our lives. If it were not so….then we would have no need or comprehension of right and wrong…good and bad!!! I mean what would be the point? Do animals understand good and bad? Not unless WE teach them and then they really are only conditioned to behave a certain way. We are NOT animals. Think about this…”EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”….EVERY ONE OF US!! This also you means YOU and all all the other people with the same thought process! Whether we “believe” there is a God or NOT doesn’t change the fact that there is. Please use the brain He gave you.

    3. Cheryle Martinez says:

      Babies have a beating heart as early as 6 weeks. It is a life at fertilization!

  49. Cheryle Martinez says:

    I know all too well how horrible this is. I had 2 abortions as a teenager and since come to realize the horribleness of it. The first time I was stupid and did not use any b.c. Wait, let me re-phrase that… I was stupid and had sex when I was not prepared to handle the situation fully. When I asked the nurse at Planned Parenthood what the baby was like, she said “it” was just tissue (at 10 weeks) and not even a baby yet. Liar! Ya know they teach us sex ed in school but maybe if they taught about life there’d be fewer abortions. 80% of women who have an ultrasound and are considering abortion, can not go through with it after seeing that little life.
    I had the 2nd abortion (btw, I was on the Pill…teenagers have to be reminded of everything yet we think putting them on the Pill is a good idea…yeah right)
    after an ob/gyn told me I was too young to be having a baby (18) and since I’d been on antidepressants (since the first abortion…coincidence? I think not!) there’d probably be something wrong with “it” and I certainly could not handle that. I listened to my “dr” thinking she knew what was best and would not do anything that would harm me. She helped me kill my baby. How is that doing “no harm”?
    Here I am 25/26 years later and am still dealing with the pain of murdering my own children. Abortion is not the answer to an unwanted, unplanned, or whatever pregnancy. It only leads to other problems.
    Women are warned about the physical harm that can happen if the abortion goes bad, but are never warned about the emotional damage that is done.
    When women realize abortion HURTS women, for a lifetime, only then will we stop killing our children.
    I am Silent No More http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/ and I regret my abortions.

    1. fuggggggin says:

      “I know all too well how horrible this is. I had 2 abortions as a teenager and since come to realize the horribleness of it. ”

      There is no prude more zealous then that of a reformed prostitute.

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