NYPD: Manhattan Woman Charged With Performing Self-Abortion

NEW YORK (CBS New York/AP) — Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Thursday that a Manhattan woman has been charged with self abortion.

Yaribely Almonte, 20, is accused of wrapping the fetus of her unborn daughter in plastic and dumping it in a garbage bin outside of her West 191st Street apartment.

Authorities are investigating whether the woman ended her pregnancy by drinking an herbal concoction billed as an abortion-causing tea, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press Thursday.

The body was found on Tuesday by the building superintendent, who was sorting recyclables, police said. Almonte was arrested and charged on Wednesday night.

Under New York state law, an abortion can only be performed on a fetus older than 24 weeks if the procedure is necessary to save the woman’s life.

The Medical Examiner has yet to determine the cause of death. Almonte was released with an order to appear in court in January.

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  1. Maggie Drabing Singh says:

    A baby is a baby from conception. Psalm 139. This is murder.

  2. Erzulie DuBois says:

    DrDru said: I ‘feel’ you are not dumb as you make yourself look like.

    You pontificate all over the place, dear. Yet, for all the typing, most of the time you are wrong on the approach, wrong on the concepts and wrong on the rationale and conclusions.

    There is something odd with you, girl: bitterness and some desire for attention seem to be a common denominator. These two things are preventing you from learning. If there is an ounce of unhurt intelligence there I would try to calm down and listen.

    Go back to basics. This link may help you.”

    First of all I’m NOT A GIRL, I AM A WOMAN. Because I’ve posted a bit doesn’t mean I’m looking for attention, but I want to draw attention to this issue.

    So leave the snideness and superiority sense home, goes no where with me.

    As usual you addressed NONE OF THE ISSUES I BROUGHT FORTH.

    Therefore it’s my conclusion, either you were one of the males who didn’t or doesn’t know how to ‘lock your zipper’.

  3. Erzulie DuBois says:

    Interesting, after all the indignation and insults thrown at that poor woman yesterday, the moralistic Christians among us have abandoned this issue and run off to the next.

    I guess they are debating how poor Mr. Cain got screwed over by his mistress.

    Only one who got screwed in that case was his wife.

    1. Cheryle says:

      I had better things to do. I was busy baking cookies with 6 of my 8 children that God blessed me with 🙂 Now that all the little sweeties are in bed I have time to catch up on my emails.

      Hope your day was as good.

      And I agree, Mrs. Cain was certainly done wrong by that lousy husband of hers. So glad he is out of the race!!!

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Well I had my *4* adopted children wrapping gifts.

        Try to spend as much time w/them as I can, since I have cancer, and don’t know how much time is left to be with them.

        1. Cheryle says:

          I am very sorry you have cancer. My father died 6 years ago from it and it is not something I would wish on anyone.

          I am baffled as to why you are not more grateful to the mother/s of your children for choosing life rather than aborting those babies of yours. God bless those Mommas!!! Did they call those babies of yours just tissue when they were in their wombs? I’ll bet not. Did you know them when they were in their mother’s wombs? If so, did you refer to them as your little “tissues” about to be adopted?

          You seem to be very angry and unhappy. I don’t usually go around saying, “I’ll pray for you.” It seems a bit pushy and often unwanted, but I am going to be praying for you Erzulie DuBois. Praying for your soul, that you find God and can be at peace with yourself, your life or whatever it is that makes you so mean and crabby. I’ll be praying for your children that whatever happens with your cancer, they are okay.
          God bless, you.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            I appreciate your kind thoughts regarding the cancer, Cheryle, but honestly, since I don’t believe in the kind of prayer you are talking about, it’s not necessary.

            Their mommas were drunks, that’s what FAS is. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; left them somewhat more or less mentally deficient. I wish them to hell, but I think these children would have been better off not to have been born.

            Sweet and loving yes, but obviously if something happens to me, they and their father will be unable to cope.

            I never expected to be diagnosed w/cancer at 31, but those are the breaks. Not worried about me, will be reabsorbed into the great circle of life, and return, but they need someone pretty much 24/7.

            1. Cheryle says:

              I can not express what I am thinking at reading the words, “but I think these children would have been better off not to have been born”. I hope you have never shared those thoughts with them. Why did you even adopt them with that attitude?

              Yes, I know all too well what FAS is. My cousin, the girl who we were considering adopting has it. She was more challenging than my children but I would have worked with that. My aunt had no other children at home and felt she could give my cousin more one on one and meet the needs she had better than I. While I as saddened by my aunt’s decision, I knew we all needed to do what was best for my cousin. I am happy to say she is a great 19 yr old young woman, who does attend college and has a great support system to help her deal with the ongoing issues she does have from the FAS.

              I will be praying for your family.

              1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                Of course I’ve not, Cheryle, but if I live long enough, I intend to have them sterilized before the age of 14.

                I’ve investigated the matter, and it’s legal.

    2. LibsRLiars says:

      For a supposed Phd with a 168 iq, you certainly have posted plenty of stupidity all over this board! Back on page 2, did I finally help you understand that ‘Pup’ was not commenting to you?

      You seem to really like stereotypes – those easy categorizations for the lazy or simple minded. Like I get my thoughts from Fox or that it is Moralistic Christians in these 400 posts who are throwing insults and leaving the board.

      At somewhere around 120 iq, I guess I’m smart enough to know that most people are individuals on both the left and the right, but SOME of their thoughts will naturally line up with their respective groups. I also understand that it is kinda fun to stereotype sometimes. I like to play it back, when I’ve been stereotyped. So you must be one of the few remaining NOW gals? That must make you very unattractive – you must tip the scales at 200-250 pounds? And have a dog face? So you bury yourself in your home writing on 2-day old blogs that most people have lost interest in? How am I doing? You’ll need to address this with a brag of your beauty that we can put beside your 168 IQ brag!!

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        *LOL* my Mom was a ‘NOW’ gal. I’m 31, 168 iq, don’t bother w/blogs. Currently since I have cancer I’m 94 lbs.

        No dog face either, when my normal weight, quite lovely.

        How is that for a picture?

  4. Bulldog says:

    She should be charged with murder period!

  5. John White says:

    At least we didn’t have to ay for the procedure like we usually do…word…

  6. Erzulie DuBois says:

    Sorry Jim, the church has always hated women, from the time of the Nicene conclaves.

    Look at the obscene ways they treat nuns, forcing them to accept welfare (in the US) after retirement.

    Before the Nicene conclaves, women were priests, women were bishops, and some groups (mostly geographically clustered) fought the Nicene changes, but it was what Constantine wanted, so Constantine got it.

    The RC church will not teach any of this. My PhD field is history of religions, so I know what went on.

    Try googling the celtic church, for example.

    The only other option to abortion is family planning but the church doesn’t like that either, (Guess it reduces the number of tithing contributors, those bishops, cardinals and the pope, (ex nazi, as well as grand inquisitor) have to live in the laps of luxury after all.

    BTW, Evolution is correct. And btw, if you want to fight Catholic theology, I suggest you look up the views of Thomas Aquinas.

    1. Jim H. says:


      I have heard these points before, and often shared with the same indignant tone I am sensing from you. I guess the point is that the Church ceded the moral high ground because men within the church may have acted immorally.

      I am disappointed in some of the actions of the people within the Church, but you know we can’t let the sins of others drive us from the mystical body of Christ. We can’t let the Devil have his way – that is foster in us disobedience and a rebellious spirit towards those by succession Christ left in authority over the Church. We must pray the Holy Spirit guides their future decisions.

      In my view, although imperfect, there is no better bet for guiding me to Salvation.

      God Bless,
      Jim H.

      p.s. Signing off; no further comments from me.

    2. Cheryle says:

      The Church is very open to family planning…natural family planning. We are choosing not to use it, but it is there for those who would like to. I’d think you’d know that.
      The Church absolutely does not hate women. It reveres them and honors them. I am happy, very happy to be a woman and a Catholic. I am happy my 7 daughters are taught how much their spiritual Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is loved and honored in our faith. Being a mother is an honorable vocation. You may have a PhD in history of religion, but it seems you lack knowledge of what is real. All that book learnin’ seems to have messed you up quite a bit, sweetie.

      The Catholic Church is the biggest charitable contributor. So, tithing does do some good for others.

      Not being a part of the diocese, but a part of the True Faith, I can tell you that until Vatican II, nuns were well cared for after retiring. It has only been since Vatican II has liberalized some much and damaged the Church that people in general are not treated as well. Women want equality, even if it means lowing themselves. Very sad.

      I am not sure where you get your information, but if it is from another church, do you really think they’re going to be honest? I could refute what you say but I am sure all I will get back is how I heard it from the RCC.

      I will agree with you that religion and evolution can co exist. And yes, Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote some wonderful stuff on it. My oldest daughter actually wrote a wonderful blog about it. Read it if you care to…http://thecatacombdissent.wordpress.com/

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Did she read and write what Aquinas said about ‘quickening’?

        Sorry especially abhor the Catholic church not only for their (mis)treatment of women, but for their mistreatment of children.

        1. Cheryle says:

          I have no idea if she read it and I don’t think she mentioned it. I know she is quite fond of Aquinas and I is currently reading his Summa Theologica. I’ll have to ask her next time we talk.

  7. Erzulie DuBois says:

    All it takes is a little pennyroyal for one, an herb that can be found in nature. There are other things as well, as innocuous as raspberries.

  8. EvolutionHappened says:

    The early human embryo goes though the whole cycle of evolutionary development, from single to multiple cellular forms, morphing into something like a guppy, complete with tail and gills. The heart is also primitive at first and only later develops the full four-chamber situation of mammalian human. In the early period, if the fetus is damaged as from a serious accident where the mother’s womb is penetrated or cut, and the fetus loses an arm, it will re-grow that arm (assuming mother and fetus survive) just like a salamander. So yes, all life is sacred, but what makes us human beings is not determined until well along in the process. This embryological development is, by the way, another proof of evolution. And the abortifacient or emmenogogues used to terminate a pregnancy are well-known to midwives and herbalists world-wide, used over centuries. That’s why the Christian Church burned so many women in the Middle Ages, because as we all know, according to doctrine, pregnancy and childbirth are Eve’s punishment for sins in the Garden of Eden, so the worst of the hypocrite woman-hating Christians will scream with rage and demand such a woman burnt alive, and lets all just forget the Sermon on the Mount, and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. The question is, why this woman did not get a clinical abortion earlier? If abortion is made illegal, plan to see a lot of this kind of thing.

    1. koibaby says:

      The truth is that 99% of humanity are a bunch of idiots who have benefited from the inventions of a few geniuses. We would still be in the stone age. Ponder that you “enlightened” ones.

  9. koibaby says:

    I am getting so very sick of all of the crap!
    Lets all just f**k anything and everything in sight. Abort at will. Steal, murder, run wild in the streets.
    Tax the hell out of everyone working so no one will want to work and then we can eat each other. You libs happy now?
    I welcome religions moral compass any day over your delusional utopia!

    1. Erzulie DuBois says:

      *LOL* you are giving the rightest viewpoints not the libs!
      “Steal, murder, run wild in the streets.
      Tax the hell out of everyone working so no one will want to work and then we can eat each other.”

      Typical of the 1%.

  10. Maine Lobster says:

    That poor baby is in heaven now. Looking upon the face of Our Lord.
    GOD have mercy on the mothers soul.

  11. Erzulie DuBois says:

    Do any of you realize how many fertilizations end in natural abortion?

    More than 2/3’s.

    Now I suppose your ‘god’ is a killer too.

    1. DrEdu says:

      Actually, since ALL living organisms die, then either God kills them or God allows a natural process to occur.

      Either way, it does not take away the 100% scientific agreement on the fact that the Human Embryo -from implantation onwards is an individual of the Human Species.

      A woman doesn’t know she is pregnant before implantation. Ergo, the action of killing a Human Individual makes abortion a murderous act.

    2. EvolutionHappened says:

      Oh, it is more “lost souls” than 2/3rds! According to doctrine of the ancient Christian moralists, every sperm was a “humunculus” or a fully-developed human soul, just waiting for an empty womb to save it. So masturbation was also deemed a mortal sin, along with abortion and contraception. Gotta love the Mother of All Churches, run by celibate men who, by the doctrine of Saint Paul, thereby avoid contact with “the Devil” female. Divine conception, etc. Modern Christians may not be so bad as the Talibans, cutting women’s throats for daring to smile at an unrelated man, but they unmask themselves as real haters in this discussion. Apparently “no mercy” for the woman, no effort to understand what was going on. But I would bet, her relatives were some kind of religious fanatics who would have treated her as ‘the devil” if they knew she was pregnant.

      1. Jim H. says:

        Seriously, you need to read up on Catholicism. You have a strong opinion, but aren’t representing anything close to current teaching..

        Priests are celibate so they can focus their lives on God alone. St. Paul advocated Celibacy. We have to pray for our priests not ridicule them.

        The Church does not hate women. Men and women both have important life-giving roles in God’s plan. The Church wants us all to be holy and to go to Heaven. To kill a child is a betrayal of God.

        There is ALWAYS another option to Abortion. Don’t be fooled.

        1. Cheryle says:

          Jim, Good for you sticking up for the One True Faith! The Church teaches women are to be honored by men as Christ honors the Church.
          I’m proud to be a Catholic who does not use artificial birth control, homeschools the children God blesses me with and raises them with good morals and values. Oh, and my husband and I do it all without g’ment help.

          The Church does not treat women the way EH thinks. Have you heard of Project Rachel. It is post abortive counseling the Church offers and is a wonderful program! I went through it and continue to speak at Catholic events on the harm my two abortions have caused me. I was never treated horribly by any religious (priest, nun, etc.).

          Abortion hurts women. It does not solve a problem, only replaces it with another.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            One True Faith????!! You sound like a candidate for the inquisition!

            There is absolutely no one true faith.

            That’s why I’m not terribly fond of those that declare themselves to be such!

            And if Catholicism does it for you, well bully for you.

            I hate it.

            1. Cheryle says:

              Haha! Yeah, it’s only the Church Jesus Christ Himself started. And yes, I am very happy to be a Traditional Roman Catholic (pre Vatican II).

              Like I said above, you seem angry and unhappy. Maybe your lack of faith is what’s doing that.

              I will be at our church again tomorrow and will light a candle for you. I promise, you won’t feel a thing. 🙂

              1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                Cheryle, please.

                Claiming that the ‘church of rome’ is the one true faith not only insults all other faiths, it is egotistical, and religion is supposed to be unselfish and humble.

                I’m sorry but praying to a man in skirts, to people in decadent palaces, garbed in silk and satin, wearing jewels while most of the world is starving is not even my idea of what anyone should be doing, especially someone known as the vicar of the people.

                1. Cheryle says:

                  Twice I have typed out a response to this… basically I don’t care who I insult. Jesus Christ started the Catholic Church and not any other.

                  I pray only to God, His Son and the Holy Ghost.

                  I also must say I am a sedevacantist. The changes made during Vatican II should never have happened,

                  The Catholic Church is #2 in donating to charities and helping others.

                  If you’d like feel free to email me. This site is annoying and I spent too much time here already. The baby was sweet enough to take a long nap this morning but there were othert hings I could/should have been doing.

                  Like I said, I’ll pray for you, Erzulie, and your family.

                2. Cheryle says:

                  Oh and it helps if I give you my email….jessandcher@comcast.net

        2. Erzulie DuBois says:

          Once again, not going to happen till someone invents an artificial womb, or a man can get a fetus surgically implanted.

          I do have a strong opinion, because I’ve seen other women tormented by their choices, and then been beaten up both verbally and physically by others who have no business in their affairs.

          As I said before, abortion would not be my choice, but I’ll be damned, and I dont use that word lightly before another woman has to lose herself because some man doesn’t want to ‘waste’ his sperm.

          1. Cheryle says:

            It really bothers me when people say, “I would not personally have an abortion, but I am not going to stop someone else from doing it. It’s none of my business” I hear, “I would not personally have an abortion, but I am not going to stop someone from killing their baby. It’s none of my business.” Why isn’t it? Why is okay for someone else to kill their baby and it’s none of our business?
            What the heck would people think if we heard a friend say, “I personally would not burn my kid with a saline, or rip it to shreds, but I am not going to stop someone else from doing it. It’s none of my business.” I would hope we’d all step in and do something to stop that. Why is okay to protect the born and not the unborn from harm?

            1. Erzulie DuBois says:

              Because it’s not a f*****g baby it’s merely tissue till birth, boy you folks are thick!

              And it is NOT any of our business.

              You just can’t seem to tell the difference between a CHILD AND TISSUE.

              And it’s conflicting w/the everything about personal choice in the constitution.

              That’s why this country was founded, so we can have CHOICE!

              No one stopped you from your two abortions; I know you’d not do it again, but no one said don’t do it, it was your choice. Don’t put your own regrets down on other women, it’s not right and NOT FAIR!

              1. Cheryle says:

                I just typed out this whole long thing, so if it shows up, sorry for the double post.

                I basically said that when I was pregnant with my last 9 children not once did any doctor, nurse, tech, anyone refer to my BABY as tissue. Ever. Not even in the miscarriage I had last month.

                And I think you need a little class in prenatal terminology.
                Definitions of embryo, fetus and fetal tissue.
                Embryo: The organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation from fertilization to, in humans, the beginning of the third month of pregnancy. After that point in time, it is termed a fetus.
                Fetus: The unborn offspring from the end of the 8th week after conception (when the major structures have formed) until birth. Up until the eighth week, the developing offspring is called an embryo.
                Fetal Tissue: The unborn offspring of any viviparous mammals, in the postembryonic period, after the major structures have been outlined. (Dorland, 28th ed.)

                Do you even have kids? If so, did you refer to them as tissue your whole pregnancy? How about friends/family? Or for that matter anyone…do you refer to their baby as “tissue” or “fetus”?

                And yes, it is our business. So, you’re telling me you would not stop your neighbor from killing it’s child? I’d bet you’d step in if they were killing their dog. SMH How is it people can justify killing an innocent baby…oh, maybe by calling it tissue.

                I wish someone had stopped me. I wish the nurse (I think she must have gone to the same school as you to call a 10 week old (and I will play your word game and use the correct term as embryo) embryo tissue, even though at 10 weeks the following is going on…
                The most critical part of your infant’s development is complete. Now you are headed into a period of rapid growth.
                While a bit strange to envision, your baby’s head is now about half its length – Soon the rest of the body’s growth will catch up but this area is prepared to keep up with the rapid brain development!
                Eyelids fuse shut and irises begin to develop during week 10 of your pregnancy – Eye color is also determined by this point.
                Placenta begins to function this week or next – The placenta is the organ responsible for both the provision of nutrients along with the removal of waste to keep your baby growing strong!
                After 10 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will be about 1.22 inch long (3.1cm) and weigh 0.14 ounce (4gm) at the end of this week
                Hmmm sounds a bit more than tissue. Considering the brain has been working, heart beating, blood pumping, limbs forming… sound strangely like a wee human to me.
                I also will continue to speak loud and clear on how abortion is not the answer to an unwanted pregnancy. I pray it stops even just 1 woman from killing her baby and harming herself and others affected by her “choice”. Not fair is letting a baby die because the mother doesn’t want it and people think it’s none of their business to save the little sweetie.

                1. DrEdu says:

                  Planned Parenthood is a business that profits from killing defenseless individuals. Planned Parenthood relies on the lack of information/education among the deceived mothers and uses all means at hand to deceive. They run away from mentioning the truth about the Embryo as a Vampire would from the Light of the Sun. If these mothers knew there is a Living Human Individual about to be killed they will not do it. This is why Abortionists shy away from making any reference to the Individual in Utero.
                  Even the term ‘Pro-Choice” was minted to deceive: the term CHOICE speaks of an un-specified Choice because Choice is a benign word. It is not the same to say Freedom of Choice than to to say Freedom to Kill.
                  When confronted, Abortionists will do ANYTHING to distract from speaking of the Individual in Utero This is why they quickly turn to ‘religious’ arguments, or they will mention War, the Death Penalty, whatever… I am Pediatrician, so I say to them: I am here to talk about THE INDIVIDUAL IN UTERO.
                  There is absolute consensus among SCIENTISTS that the Human Embryo –from implantation onwards- IS AN INDIVIDUAL OF THE HUMAN SPECIES. This is a Human Individual undergoing development, and not a bunch of something developing into a Human.
                  During development the Human Individual will looks differently (according to the stage of development: embryo, fetus, newborn, child, teen, adult, old man). The achievement of a developmental landmark makes us more developed, not more human.
                  So, it is bigotry to discriminate against a human because of his/her age. In fact the most evil form of discrimination is that which kills a human individual because of the way he/she looks. Here is how a beautifulbaby looks at 7 weeks of age.

                  In closing I would like to say that once you learn about Science you can affirm that Abortion is the willful killing of these defenseless Human Individuals.
                  By the same token you can also affirm that Abortion is A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

                  1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                    Wrong, they shy away from mentioning it merely because it’s incorrect medical terminology.

                    Zygote or Blastocyst, Embryo, Fetus is correct medical terminology.

                    And a child born with obvious physical challenges is medically referenced as a ‘monster’

        3. Erzulie DuBois says:

          It is very important to remember that in the Celtic Church Christian women could celebrate Mass until the church of Rome forbade it.

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