NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Does this sound familiar: You’re looking forward to nice night out at a local restaurant, maybe even something a little special. When you get there, though, your meal is interrupted by some raucous kids at a nearby table. Or there’s no room for you to sit because too many strollers have crowded out some dining space.

Well, a restaurant in London is drawing some heat for taking its own approach to kids in the dining room, according to a report.

The London Evening Standard says Natasha Young found a £3 charge on her bill – about $5 – for taking her newborn baby into the restaurant and breast feeding him. The staff explained the charge was because her stroller and baby were taking up space, according to the report.

The report prompted a public outcry, and the restaurant in question issued an apology and clarification, saying the charge is meant not for babies but for toddlers who eat a bit, but not as much as children.

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Back in July, a restaurant in Pennsylvania reportedly banned children under 6 due to how loud they can be. Some bars in our area have reportedly banned children. The posh restaurant Jean-Georges reportedly doesn’t allow children under 10 in its formal dining room, but will allow them in the bar area up front. Luigi Q in Hicksville, NY reportedly doesn’t allow children under 14.

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