They’re Benched: 9 Wayne Hills Players Suspended, Won’t Play In Championship

WAYNE, NJ (CBSNewYork) — They’re benched.

New Jersey’s state education commissioner upheld the suspension of nine New Jersey high school football players. The move prevents them from playing in Saturday’s championship game.

The players were suspended based on accusations that they beat up two students from rival high school Wayne Valley following an October house party. Police say the fight took place on the street after a party and that nine kids took on two.

The football players, eight juveniles and one adult, face assault charges stemming from the fight. A superior court judge had previously denied a motion to stay the suspensions.

One Wayne Hills student who spoke to CBS 2’s Christine Sloan said it was about time the move was made.

“I think they should have been suspended like a long time ago, but I don’t think they should be playing,” Jada Lojick-Havey said.

Others, however, disagreed with that sentiment.

“I think don’t think it’s that fair. They should definitely let them play,” Grant Kelly said.

Lawyers for the nine players say they are innocent until proven guilty and that barring them from Saturday’s game will do irreparable harm.

The attorney representing one of the players said his client wasn’t even at the alleged fight and now he may miss out on scouts at the game and scholarships.

“One of the questions asked was ‘did you assault anyone on the eve of October 29th’ his answer was ‘no’ and he passed the polygraph with flying colors,” defense attorney Darren Del Sardo said.

CBS 2  was unable to contact the two alleged victims because they are minors. Their names have not been released, but according to the decision upheld Friday, one of them wrote on his Facebook page after the attack, allegedly saying “Honestly I want to kill these kids.”

An attorney for one of the players also said that depsite getting a police escort to the game every year, it  won’t happen this year.  Saturday’s sectional championship game will take place at MetLife Stadium.

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One Comment

  1. nj sports says:

    that there was ever a possibility that these kids would play boggles my mind. innocent until proven guilty, but while that is being sussed out, benched is the only sane solution. good decision, good that any kids who hold these players in high regard see that there are consequences even from even smelling afoul.


    Maybe these stupid jocks will learn a lesson from this.

  3. p8nt says:

    I Highly doubt, them not playing football would do any type of damage, least, not as much as the person they ganged up on. These idiots are pathetic. Not to mention, the audacity of needing a judge to make a ruling on their suspension. Wayne Hill’s coach, and principal should all be fired, not to mention the people at the Wayne BOE.

  4. thor's hammer says:

    and justice is served. this may be a hard lesson for these young people to learn, but better this now, than something far more serious later on. now show some class, go to the game and support your team.

    1. p8nt says:

      I doubt these punks learned anything from this, nor do they really care about it all.

  5. chrissygnj says:

    They are bullies – caught in a criminal act! And NOW they are crying like babies – complaining that..omigawd! they can’t PLAY in a football GAME!! The coach should be fired for trying to EXCUSE them and their criminal behaviour! The school needs to get a backbone so if, perchance? this occurs again..they will KNOW WHAT TO DO! What a waste of time, money, and most of all the ADULTS who should be ADULTS acting like scared rabbits because of…a GAME!! THANK GOD the judge had enough character to suspend them and the Board of Education stood their ground!! Applause all around for the adults who acted like it!

  6. p8nt says:

    So the Wayne BOE basically decided to let them play so that they could get to the championship game. Seriously, this game isn’t as big as all those morons say it is. Once all is said and done, any hopes of a scholarship for these twits, are gone, and they’ll be serving you at your nearest MCD.

  7. gotacomment says:

    “Irreparable harm”? It’s a football game, for crying out loud. Anyway, I thought sports were supposed to teach character, integrity, honor and all that stuff. Apparently the Wayne Hills football program teaches how to win creatively by cheating, including beating up their opponents off the field. Moral truth is right–these students are charged with a serious offense and shouldn’t be allowed to play until the courts resolve the issue. If they miss a championship game, too bad. They should have thought of that before they went on their little rampage.

  8. Moral Truth says:

    These students are being charged with aggravated assault. In most schools students cannot be play on any teams with a criminal case pending and that’s the moral truth.

    1. Dave says:

      Not taking sides but let me get this right. Kids charged (but not convicted) can not take part in school sports but teachers and other educators charged, or even convicted, can continue to be in the school performing their roles? does anyone else see how hypocritical that is?

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