NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Beatriz Rios is out on bail.

Rios, 46, faces a variety of charges after she allegedly disappeared with a 17-month-old Annabelle Ceria Wednesday morning.

Rios, of Queens, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child,  unlawful imprisonment and failure to exercise control of a minor.

A judge has issued an order of protection from Rios for Annabelle, and her parents Melissa and Arthur Ceria.

“Inconsistent statements have been put out by the woman, but obviously the investigation is continuing,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Thursday. “She said that she got lost on the subway and she also said that she was in Central Park and she was robbed or her purse was taken and her phone was in the purse and she wasn’t able to call and I believe there were other statements as well.”

Rios’ lawyer is calling the situation a misunderstanding, saying that his client speaks little English and never made it to the morning play date with the little girl because her cellphone, purse and the baby’s stroller were stolen.

Some detectives tell CBS 2 she may have lost track of time and made up the story about the robbery for fear of losing her job.

The parents of young Annabelle had been desperately searching for her before she and Rios came home around 5:40 p.m  in good condition.

Family driver Barry Cintron was in the room when the toddler came home and said Rios acted as though nothing had happened.

“She was totally incoherent,” Cintron said.

Cintron said Rios claimed to be in Central Park on Wednesday.

“A guy and a man got next to her, took her jacket, the stroller, her purse and walked away,” he said, describing Rios’ alleged claims.

Rios is due back in court Dec. 6.

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