Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Great Neck Abduction

GREAT NECK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police have arrested a Long Island man who was wanted in connection with a woman’s abduction in November.

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Police have arrested 50-year-old Sirus Kashimallak.

Two weeks ago, authorities said a 38-year-old woman was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus in Great Neck when a man with a gun kidnapped her.

“He drives the Great Neck area and during his time, he basically isn’t trying to entice her and threatening her into doing a sexual act. She protests to the point where he lets her out, but she’s probably in the car for a good 30-45 minute period of time,” said Nassau County police Lt. Kevin Smith.

Mahnaz Golpanian lives next door to Kashimallak, and describes him as a family man, not an alleged criminal.

“I know the wife, the children. They’re sweetheart, special people, caring,” she told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano.

A sketch of the suspect was released and on Thursday, police say Kashimallak went back to the same bus stop.

Police say a woman, waiting at the stop when Kashimallak pulled up tried to talk to her, recognized him from the sketch and called 9-1-1.

“This is clearly predatory type of behavior. He gave us indications that would lead us to believe that he may have engaged in this kind of conduct in the past,” said Nassau County PD Chief Steven Skrynecki.

Police say the victim from November’s attack identified Kashimallak as her attacker.

Kashimallak has been charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse.

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  1. Voice of Reason says:

    I would like to make a general statement regarding the comments that I have read pertaining to this situation.

    FIrstly, the legal system in this country operates as follows: ‘innocent until proven guilty,” so we must allow both parties involved to have their opportunity in a court of law to provide their sides of the case. Obviously, every individual here is entitled to their own opinion, but no one truly knows the definitive facts of this case and this matter can only be resolved by the judicial system at this point.

    Secondly, to those who of you who are using this incident to attack the Mashadi community, shame on you. The alleged actions of one individual do not reflect the attitudes and actions of an entire community. It is extremely upsetting to read the derogatory directed at a community who has nothing to do with this case. It is very clear that several people here have personal resentments against the Mashadi community, and are using this incident to degrade all of its members. Those of you who are doing so are making yourselves sound very insecure and very idiotic for using this situation to target an entire community.

    Ultimately, this alleged crime is a serious and unfortunate matter and the only approach that can be taken is patience in regards to the legal process.


    I’m not gonna take sides on this matter even though it’s very clear what went on……..I just want to make it clear that this guy is MASHADI and so were the other few guys arrested or accused of sexual abuse in this town—-NOT PERSIAN/IRANIANS BUT MASHADI!! I love when they like to brag or gondeh gooz they say we are MASHADI but if its something shameful they turn into PERSIANS/IRANIAN. Thats all

  3. gravy says:

    let it be known: these crimes are no small potatoes. rather, they are MASHED potatoes… lock him up and throw away the key.

  4. outsider says:

    people are missing the point it is not so much about him as much it is about a new horriffic reality in the WESTERN modern society-it is OK to cheat..have sex with someone else but your spouse.
    today it does not take much for a normal family man to go BAD OVERNIGHT…moral decadence is everywhere…tv,radio,film,internet,friends,neighbors…all stimulate our sexuality
    to the wrong places…
    long story short…remaining loyal and morally sane is very challenging.
    now combine this philosophy,a sex obssessed culture with an emotional and psychological instable personnality and you get a sex addict …
    and sexual abuse is just the next step down that dirty path of decadence-
    of people losing their mind,lost their” humanity”and their fear of heaven to satisfy their basic crude primitive destructive animalistic drives.

    1. mashadi girl says:

      mashadi community members of the 21 st century,

      what is your legacy as a community???

      what will you be rememberded for?

      contibuting to law and order,being an example to emulate
      a community living in shame for its rumors about
      sexual abuse,cheating at your partner at home,work,society…??

      personnaly I will remember you FOR AN EXCEPTIONAL ACT,

      namely putting a house of worship for sale-

      your values are all upside down,
      you have lost your common sense,decency and faith in a higher authority
      without fear of heaven there won’t be any fear of man,law and order.

      1. maxi says:

        u can not blame an entire community for the actions of a few fanatics who found it necessary to build their own synagogue with no plans on how they can maintain the expenses, just out of pure ego.

        1. mashadi girl says:

          DEAR MAXI,

          i don’t quite understand your use of language and train of thought…
          why do you call these people fanatics?is it because they decided to live a more religious lifestyle than you?what makes you feel better than them,less fanatic???who decides what is fanatic, you?are you a religious scholar that knows the ins and outs of law to decide where to draw the line?have you ever studied your religion to know what it is all about?
          now i agree that the leaders of that shul made serious mistakes regarding maintaining their expenses BUT if you and the non fanatics were not driven by ”
          “YOUR PURE EGO” you would see the THE BIGGER PICTURE- it is not about who is right in planning finances or even who worships G-d BETTER
          YOU OR THEM
          PURE AND SIMPLE.
          whoever is not horrified by this reality, regardless of politics, has lost their humanity and the very basic of what it means to be Jewish .

          1. maxi says:

            You act as if the for sale sign was put there because they like the way it looks, the Shul had no choice in the matter.

            The bank has possession of the property, and they can do whatever they want with it.

            But those members of the community who split off to form their own minyan, built the shul without any consent of the community board or leaders. They “beautified” the shul to the extent that they could not pay off their debts, they had no plan in fiscal plan in place, they were just hoping if they build it nice enough, they can attract a wealthier crowd, which you may or may not know did not happen. That’s why I said it was made out of “pure ego”.

            A Shul is a place of learning and praying, it is a sin to go over your mean to build it. PERIOD.

            But do not place the blame on the community for the decisions of the very very few.

            1. mashadi girl says:

              II agree with you that it is wrong to build fancy with no means…
              wrong wrong wrong

              BUT what people in your community ignore is the fact that it is NOT a regular house,piece of real estate or social hall…it is a HOLY HOUSE.

              We cannot let it be bought by just anybody…

              IT IS THE RESPONABILITY OF EVERY JEW and FORMOST THE MASHADI S because they used the premisses!!!!!!!!!!!!! )to make sure that THIS SHUL will NEVER be turned into anything else but an orthodox shul…


              BESIDES THAT POINT,

              HOW will the mashadis feel if G-d forbid the bank sells the property to become
              a hotel…with a bar replacing the aron hakodsh (ark containing the scrolls)
              a baby pool replacing the mikwe and one floor up people having s–?
              Once the bank ows it everything is possible.

              If i had the money you can be sure that I wouldn’t hesitate for 1 second but TO BUY THE HOUSE and rent it to a G-D FEARING COMMUNITY.

              The problem I have with the mahadis is that those who CAN afford it
              DON’T DO IT …

              IT TAKES
              TO BUY THE SHUL

              SAVING THE SHUL OR MAYBE THEY ARE HAPPY TO SEE the “fanatics” be punished,evicted and “HOMELESS”.

              For if they cared ,they would have at least TOGETHER bought the shul.

              this is not a problem of resources but politics.

              And whoever sits quiet is to blame.

              IT IS THE RESPONABILITY OF EVERY JEW and FORMOST THE MASHADI S because they used the premisses!!!!!!!!!!!!! )to make sure that THIS SHUL will NEVER be turned into anything else but an orthodox shul…


              How will the mashadis feel if G-d forbid the bank sells the property to become
              a hotel…with a bar replacing the aron hakodsh (ark containing the scrolls)
              a baby pool replacing the mikwe and one floor up people having s–?
              Once the bank ows it everything is possible.

              If i had the money you can be sure that I wouldn’t hesitate for 1 second but TO BUY THE HOUSE and rent it to a G-D FEARING COMMUNITY.

              The problem I have with the mahadis is that those who CAN afford it
              DON’T DO IT …


              SAVING THE SHUL OR MAYBE THEY ARE HAPPY TO SEE the “fanatics” be punished,evicted and “HOMELESS”.

              For if they cared ,they would have at least TOGETHER bought the shul.

              What I try to say is it is not a problem of resources but a lack of caring.

              And it is the fault of every mashadi to sit quiet and let the bank sell it for money
              to the wrong people.

              1. AL says:


  5. MelP says:

    OMG!! This man is my cousin! Im from Israel. pls tell me this is all mistake!

    1. A Friend says:

      It is a mistake. Trust me.

      1. iwork247 says:

        its not a mistake. trust the police.

        1. al says:

          Just let the judge decide
          until the he is NOT guilty

  6. annon says:

    How about everyone just keep their opinions to themselves and just let the judge decide. None of us were there, therefore none of us truly know the truth so there is no point of everyone bickering for no reason.

    1. Mayrom says:

      He is a family man who is well into the community. Everyone has in interest as to whats going on with this case. I have searched everywhere and no where does it say that he has admitted to it.

  7. Curious says:

    To the looser from LA cheating is NOT normal(u are the abnormal one!) But what is normal in NY is to pick up day laborers or maids at bus stops it is very common, it could be what he was doing and he offered them too little and they made up the whole abduction and abuse. Rich men like him can buy sex without a problem. The real criminal is MARVIN and the cops couldn’t catch him so they are charging anyone they can pin something on so they say they did their jobs. We shouldn’t be quick to judge. Did they find a gun anyone know??? If he did have a gun then maybe it is true and he is a sick man and they exist in every community even the wealthiest.

    1. a friend says:

      no they did not find a gun

  8. Hazgian says:

    Yooo this guy is a disgrace to our community. If he had BMW and not Lexus I bet heem could have gotten some. And 38 years old is deh best he can do? Jesus H. Christzadeh!

    1. Hakman says:

      Yoooo, you are so right. You would think Someone who lives on cherry Lane could find a young Virgin at least

  9. Hakman says:

    Yo, vhy dis man did dis? His wife must have been too busy making tadeek to service his-deek.

  10. D from Los Angeles says:

    Being MASHADI means NOTHING!!!! I am a persian female from Los Angeles WAKE UP NY MASHADIS Men getting sex outside of the MArriage is NORMAL. This has nothing do with religion or being Mashadi. He is a MAN with NEEDS and wanted Sex and this drove him to be Desperate for Sex. My opinion GET A CALL GIRL or go to a club and pick up on women and Have a one night stand!!! This guy was pathetic.

  11. Dor from Los Angeles says:

    Dear Perisian Community—-welcome to REALITY. Men and women do cheat! Get use to it. My question is why was he sooooo Desperate He can get Hooker and Call girls for pleasure. Go to a strip Joint or call a Girl Service. Why put your family and face on the news. I am a 30 year old female and i know of guys who cheat or want pleasure and they dont get it home. He could have gotten a Hooker not do this to a innocent women on the street he is crazy.

  12. Jason says:

    INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! Remember the DSK Case. Some filthy, lying immigrant maid almost brought down the #2 most powerful man in France. She had an extremely poor track record and it was reported that she even turned tricks in other people’s hotel rooms before her accusation. And that’s all it ever was. AN ACCCUSATION! The media prints accustions. Not truths. Wait for the outcome of a trial if their even will be one. Anyone who is quick to judge this man should be ashamed of themselves. He is not my friend, relative or anyone I’ve ever met. But he should not be labeled anything until proven so. We should never judge others for their actions because then G-d will judge us. And every single one of us has done things in our lives that G-d can use against us so be very very very freaking careful what you say about others. And you weren’t there. You don’t know what happened.



    1. Rebecca says:

      As a member of the Great Neck Persian Jewish community, the utter hypocrisy of some of my peers has always baffled me. When it comes to this case, I hear people preaching about the tenants of ‘fair trials,’ ‘not jumping to conclusions,’ ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ and ‘judging fairly.’ How many of you would honestly defend, with such passion and conviction as you are showing now, if it were some other male minority (African American, Hispanic, etc.) convicted of the same crime (kidnapping/sexual assault)? I want you all to critically question what you would do in such a scenario.

      1. MAXI says:

        oh g-d who cares, don’t turn this into a racist discussion.

        We are all talking about one man here, and so what if soo many have a knee-jerk reaction to defending him

  13. Rebecca says:

    I understand that some of the users on this thread are shocked at the fact that such an upstanding member of their community could have committed a crime. Human bias is deceiving…we want so bad to believe that our neighbor, brother, husband, etc. could never be involved in such a crime – “but he comes from such a great family, he has kids and a wife!” This doesn’t mean anything. Criminals, especially sexual predators, are very good at leading double lives. Yes, you may perceive an individual in your community as religious and “pious man”, but there are unfortunately many facets to people’s persona lives (aka dirty secrets) that a community may be unaware of. Look at the latest news stories of Penn State, Syracuse University, and Cain…these are all powerful prominent men in there respected communities – and majority of these acts were taking place for long periods of time while the general public had a completely different perception of these individuals.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Denial is a strong human cope mechanism.

      1. Rebecca says:


  14. Curious says:

    It could be that he was trying to pick up a maid and 30 min in the car was all abt his way of bargaining her down by trying to flirt lol that’s a persian man for u!!! the man lives in kingspoint with a family and kids he is rich as hell it doesn’t make sense for him to kidnap a 38 year old when he can go pay a younger prettier girl to perform any and all sexual acts. Or his maid is setting him up for payback or he really might have phycological issues and is guiltY… Either way he deserves a trial but something is def fishy and it is true that they will be extra tough on him since they never caught marvin!

  15. jn says:

    IT IS WAY TOO SOON TO SPEAK!! All of you are judging based on bits and pieces that were scraped together….keep your panties on. Time will tell; if and when it reaches trial…….

  16. Tom says:

    All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values. This man is innocent. Story sounds too far fetched.

  17. SJN says:

    To find out how meaningless a confession may be, read the NON FICTION book by John Grisham “The Innocent man”. You will be shocked that this story recently happened in the U.S.

  18. ak says:

    I believe that this man has been framed. Just because he admitted to committing the crime does not mean he did it. He did not have a lawyer present and the cops could have forced him to admitting to it. All nassau county cops know how to do is give tickets. After the whole marvin situation they do not want to seem too stupid so they’ve arrested this poor individual to keep their name. I’m sorry but the first woman who was kidnapped was in the car with him for 30 minutes which means she should know clearly what his face looked like, yet the sketch is off. Why the heck would he kidnapp a woman in great neck, where he lives? It does not add up

  19. E LEE says:

    Haven’t any of you people seen the film my cousin vinny, a confession does not mean anything, they could have had him confess to jaywalking, and then somehow tie that into this crime.

    You cannot judge someone, that is upto g-d. And nobody has all the facts here, not you, not me. Lets give this guy a fair trial, and see what comes out of it.

    For all the idiots who say 100% guilty, that is sad, and I would not wish someone judging you without a fair trial. i would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

    Everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, and have the ability to prove their case. That is one of the best liberties we have as Americans that very few other countries have.

    Respect the process and please reserve your judgement for now.

  20. John Davidson says:

    The Torah never said that it is legal to marry your uncle just like it never said you can’t eat shrimp or pork. That man is disgusting and 100% guilty!!!!!!!! he is a pig just like anybody who thinks he is not guilty!!!!!!!

    1. Rodney says:

      What type of medication you taking? You need to increase the doseg

  21. Long Islander says:

    To all these people saying they don’t believe he did it, there’s evidence and a confession. Two innocent women picked him out of line up. He confessed.
    Most people who live near or who are family of serial killers say the same things. Oh he was so good or no I don’t believe it. The truth is many sick individuals hide behind having a wife and kids. He just got away with it until now. Great police work.

    1. ana says:

      No evidence was found and illegal confession was obtained.
      A person is innocent till proven guilty. please stop being both the judge and the jury, and let the lawyers and judges make the determination.

    2. SJN says:

      2 problems with this story:
      The sketch sketch shows a lot more hair than he has. He is mostly bald.
      If he indeed used a gun the first time, why would he not have had it with him the day he got arrested?
      Please answer that.

    3. david says:

      you may be righit but this case is different
      i know the guy for 25 years he ia an angel aloving father areal family man
      god will help him
      שרונה והמשפחה תהיו חזקים וכל השאר תזהרו מלשון הרע

  22. annon says:

    Innocent until proven guilty and until I hear him charged as guilty with legitimate evidence in front of a judge then I believe sirus to be nothing but innocent. I know him personally and there has never been an incident for me to see him as anything other than an honorable man.

  23. Curious says:

    Hey R since u know so much abt this case I wanna know did the cops find a gun with their search warrants???

  24. R says:

    If he did it he is sick! Why wouldn’t the judge let him out on 2 million $$$ bail???

  25. Curious says:

    Oh and to all the Mashadis on here.. I can’t believe you’re all not in agreement with each other??? Time for a community meeting ;-P

    1. jay says:

      you obviously have no life

    2. Emily says:

      a bit insecure cause you got no one and we have a whole community to have our back? mmm thought so, you’re a no body. this man IS INNOCENT.

  26. Curious says:

    Why the hell didn’t they catch Marvin this fast???? He actually raped a 2yr old in texas and almost killed a women in LIE! He is a very dangerous criminal, I don’t know if this mashad Siruis is guilty or not but atleast he isn’t an attempted murderer like Marvin!!! He didn’t leave anyone to die so can the cops please go start looking for Marvin and not get sidetracked by petty perverts!!

  27. Confused Mashadi says:

    there are sick people in every society…mashadies included. What is very troublesome for me to view him innocent till proven guilty is his confession. attorney or no attorney present the man said I did it…. At least he has a concious. Problem is that in our comminuty we do not have any type of support for people with these issues. There are no support groups, no one speaks about these things. But if he has admitted, case of mis identity is far fetched…..marrying cousins or nieces does not make a person good or bad.

  28. Marv says:

    Great neck police are the most overpaid pieces of $hit in America. They deserve no honor or respect? Their work is pathetic and entire essence is shameful.

  29. steven says:

    yo maryam and sam, are you blind? if you read what it says.. it will tell you that Mr. Kashimallak”s NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR says what a nice man he is and what a good family he comes from, so I’m guessing they might have some sense in mind of who this man actually is. so if you’re not sure of something, don’t just open your mouth like that because you’re only ruining yourself by doing that. I’m pretty sure that by what you’re saying that you might have some of your own problems with Mr. Kashimallak and maybe even his family… but that has nothing to do with this case, so calm down.

  30. sultana says:

    I find it very very very hard to bealive that this man did this crime its like saying my father the person i love the person i look upto did this crime thats how unbealiveable it is

    this is just a mis identity or scam for someone trying to get back on mr kashi

    1. lauren says:

      yes thats exactly what i thought! its impossible that its true.

  31. yosi says:

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty.
    I know mr. kashimallak and he is a descent and honorable man.
    “confess” doesnt mean anything.

    1. tory says:


  32. anonymous says:

    i agree with your statement. i do not know the kashimallak family, i have only seen it on the news, but i do know from personal experiences that what “annon” is saying is true.
    to maryam and sam, you should go find lives rather than stalking the lives of this kashimallak family unless you want something that is theres. i know people like you from my case and i can say that you will end up in hell. i AM jewish, and marrying your uncle IS NOT a crime. to Annon, Kalati, Tommy, and David, i can truly tell that you guys have very nice souls. may God help the Kashimallak family to find the REAL person who has did this crime. thank you.

  33. annon says:

    stupid maryam and idiotic sam,
    1- wtf does being a mashadi or not being a mashadi has anything to do with all of this???? (maryam if u r so ashamed to be a mashadi please do us all a favor and leave!!!)
    2- marrying ur uncle is not a crime and totally legit according to the TORAH! do you find yourself wiser then our TORAH?????
    3- you dont have a life and dont have all the facts. not everything u hear from the press is true (sam). u both should be ashamed of talking behind some1s back!!!
    seems to me (maryam) that u have personal issues with the kashimallk family and it all translates to jealousy since u r SO exstatic that 1 of them is in trouble!!!! G-d haelp u!

  34. KALATI says:


    1. maryam says:

      what other proof do you need he admitted doing it at gun point and said there are other women, just except that there is a criminal among us that has to pay. I am a shame of being a mashadi.

      1. Ann says:

        He is innocent till proven guilty. He’s a respected man, who deserves the benefit of the doubt. Remember you shall be judged the same way you judged others. Karma is a bitch, don’t be shocked when you find yourself in a helpless position with no one believing you!!!!!!!!

      2. Rodney says:

        What is your problem??? If they find him guilty than you can say whatever you want, why can’t you give him this grace period, he never been convicted is his whole live, every person that knows him will tell you that he is the most gentle person you ever meet, so you have to execute a men just because few stupid cup’s that don’t do anything beside eating donuts and can’t solve a crime even if it’s under their nose , force him to admit something , you jump like blood sucking maniac and demand blood, I hope it will happen to you and you feel how hopeless you are when something like that land on your lap

        Just remember not everyone react to pressure the same way, people like the type that actually would be capable of doing something like that would never confess

      3. Al says:

        How would you feel when you find out you were wrong?
        Are you 100% sure?
        I’m a shame THAT YOU ARE Mashadi

  35. Tommy says:

    Dear Maryam,

    I don’t know who you are but you make me sick to my stomach the way you speak about an individual. You sound like you must have had personal issues with Mr. Kashimallak, and you are the definition of an animal with no sense of what is wrong or right in life. Please keep your derogatory statements to yourself, and may you see no happiness in your life because of saying this.

    1. sam says:

      Tommy is your real name? you sound like some MASHADI Why you wish unhappiness for telling the truth ? because he is mashadi ( I am mashadi , and I know the family), he can get away with rape? If he is innocent, he would not confess so fast! I am a good mashadi, and I am not proud of this individual! RAPE IS WRONG!

      1. Tommy says:

        yes, my real name is tommy, and quite frankly, I do not know what you mean when you say mashadi. I am not disagreeing with rape being wrong, but for an individual to come out and speak the way maryam has spoken is rather disturbing and she is disgusting for ruining society the way she has in her post.

      2. John Locke says:

        You and your friend maryam need some grammar lessons and some basic lessons in logic. If someone was innocent, they would *NEVER confess, and if someone was unjustly interrogated and tricked by the anti-semitic, racist, and incompetent police of great neck, then they can unknowingly “admit” to something they didn’t really do, especially without a lawyer present. You both clearly have hidden agendas. And trust me, we know who you are (as in, NOT Mashadi… you gave it away by over-insisting you were, plus we know your real names too 😉 ). Mr.Kashimallak will be vindicated by his friends’ and families’ knowledge of what a noble man he is, and by the truth that will surface after a proper investigation has taken place. As for you two, and the homewrecking liar that accused him of pure fallacies, you clearly have hatred in your hearts, and no love in your lives. You have no place judging other people and accusing them of doing such perverse things when you, yourselves have not exactly acted with dignity in your past. Whether it be God or karma, you’ll get what you deserve. Leave the judgement for a higher power, because you are CLEARLY unqualified.

        1. sam says:

          Ha-Ha You’re so angry! I see karma train overrun you and your stupid family! I’m Mashadi and would love to let you know: YOUR UGLY FAMILY DIDN’T FOOL ALL MASHADI COMMUNITY, AS YOU THOUGHT! As about proper investigation – you mean shutting everybody’s mouth with your dirty money? SORRY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICE IS NOT MASHADI SHUL! As about lawyer present – LET ME TELL YOU EVEN HIGHEST PAID LAWYER CAN NOT SAVE YOU FROM GOD (and you know what I mean)! As about my dignity – I don’t have to justify my past or present to Kashimallaks who were known for being liars and now will be known for being sick rapists. As about anti-semitic, racist, and incompetent – I thought you were writing about your family – just because the poor victim is NOT one of us, not Mashadi, you think she can be raped by one your family member and you can call her home wrecking liar for looking for help? You’re pathetic dangerous psycho….
          As far as KARMA – Your family should look at all of your past to see WHAT THE HELL YOU DID SO HORRIBLE IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU DESERVE THIS MISERY…..

  36. annon says:

    Shame on you maryam! How dare you judge an entire family who has nothing to do with you like that!! who someone marries is none of your business.

  37. David says:

    Maryam…keep your racists comments to yourself and never judge if you’re not sure. This could easily be a case of Mis-identity. It happens all the time.

    1. brook says:

      Yeap Mis-identity… he confessed and two women recognized him

      1. Jake says:

        I read another article that said he was identified through the sketch. I know this man and I’ve seen the sketch. Daffy duck has a closer resemblance to that sketch than Mr. Kashimallak. Just awful awful embarrassing police work.

        1. sam says:

          NO, he was identified by the first victim.

  38. Long Island sound says:

    doesn’t sound like sex abuse more like loneliness. Kidnapping is not the answer to have friends though. Glad they got this guy off the street.

  39. Huh says:

    Another happy story from Long Island

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