Gov. Malloy Addresses Alleged Post-Irene Disaster Relief Fraud In Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy at a news conference in Hartford said he’s ordered an investigation into multiple incidents of possible fraud in emergency aid, following Hurricane Irene.

Benefits under the federal “Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Program” were opened up to Connecticut families after the storm. They could requesting and receive money to replace spoiled food and cover other expenses.

More than 20,000 people applied, but there were income guidelines, and Malloy says certain state employees had no business getting the payments of up to $1,200.

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“There is no doubt that a large number of state employees or any employee group qualified for this relief. What we’re talking about is people who then came, filled out a document, and in that disclosure failed to put the appropriate information,” he said.

That “appropriate information” is specifically their income.

“So we’re not talking about years of abuse. We’re talking about people receiving benefits they were not entitled to. What I find so troubling is if, as we believe, state employees defrauded the system,” he said.

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“If we find out that state employees or anyone else for that matter, used the occurrence of Tropical Storm Irene as an opportunity to defraud the disaster funding program, the consequences will be immediate and severe,” he said.

The Department of Social Services’ investigation is underway, and consequences of prosecution and termination may follow.

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One Comment

  1. Clarenced mItchell says:

    Clarence Mitchell

    First of all the Governor should not only investigate state employees alone. How about the other hundreds of people who received aid although they were unqualified. There were also those who owned businesses and some were professionals in the medical field. If you Nobody is above the law and the Governor must also investigate everyone. Why state employees? There is a whole lot more than what this is.

  2. Dan Berry says:

    The REAL fraud is in not charging all storm-related costs to New York City.

    The City suffered ZERO damage, so it’s 100% responsible for OUR damage and must PAY for what it did to us.

    1. Glenn Erdmann says:

      What drug are you on?

      1. Dan Berry says:

        No drug, just LOGIC.

        The City didn’t suffer any storm damage because it passed along its share of the damage to Connecticut. We MUST sue to recover the costs that the City has imposed on us.

  3. Glenn Erdmann says:

    As usual this is all lip service…..NOTHING will be done.

  4. Linda Elsey says:

    Unbelievable. Fire them all and the people who gave out the money and let them feel how it is to really be needy.

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