N.J. Teacher Captured On Video Berating Special Education Student May Lose Job

Steven Roth Suspended Without Pay For 4 Months, But It Could Get Worse

SEWELL, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey teacher that was secretly taped verbally abusing a student may soon be out of a job.

On Monday night, school officials suspended him, but as CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez found out the parents of the teenager at the center of the controversy say simply removing the teacher is not enough.

It was not the brightest teaching moment for Steven Roth as he berated special education student Julio Artuz.

Student: “Don’t call me special.”

Teacher: “What? Oh my God. (Expletive). Just what do you think you are here for?”

Armed with his cell phone, Artuz secretly recorded Roth’s tirade at the Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County.

Teacher: “Who cares that you’re special?”

Student: “No one.”

Teacher: “Nobody, dude…nobody.”

Roth was originally suspended with pay for his actions, but on Monday night the school board voted to suspend the tenured teacher without pay for 120 days. Artuz’s parents said they’re hoping for harsher punishment moving forward.

“It’s been rough, but we’re all trying to get through it, but it’s rough,” Joyce Artuz said.

“He was making great progress and to have something like this, obviously takes a toll on any 15-year-old,” Julio Artuz Sr. said.

The school board is seeking to terminate Roth and is referring their decision to the Commissioner of Education.

“The commissioner of education will then refer the matter to an administrative law judge to determine whether or not tenure charges are founded and whether termination is appropriate,” school board attorney Michael DePiero said.

Sanchez spoke to two students that said Roth is their golf coach. They believe there is more to this video than meets the eye and they said Roth shouldn’t be fired.

“It’ll be a big loss. I’ll be 100 percent upset because he’s like a second dad to me,” Dan Darnall said.

“I personally think that the coach is probably the nicest guy I ever met,” another student said.

Artuz’s parents said he is still very distraught and has received threats from students. The teen has since transferred to another school.

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One Comment

  1. jeff says:

    OK, yes he’s the adult, then SCHOOL DISTRICTS NEED TO ALLOW THE TEACHERS TO HAVE THE AUTHORITY OF ADULTS instead of tying their hands and restricting them and forbidding, and allowing students to run all over everyone and everything. Just saying!

  2. Jeff says:

    Of course, what wasn’t videotaped was the foregoing 45 minutes where Mr. Roth had to ask young Julio repeatedly to sit down, stop playing with the pencil sharpener, quit flirting with Susie, take your finger out of Gustav’s ear Julio if you do that again, I am calling your parents, Julio, remain on task, and sit down again and I am not telling you again–
    some of these kids try your patience to the edge and then some. By the way, from looking at it from this end, who’s to say it wasn’t just a super charged, and rather gritty pep talk? Media never shows the whole picture….

  3. CruzTwila says:

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  4. scrooge says:

    you couldnt pay me enough to deal with the brats of americas future. we are all doomed

  5. The Eye says:

    How is a special ed student bright enough to secretly record something with a smart phone?

    1. spandrella says:

      plenty of special ed students have behavioral and emotional issues, not cognitive issues. but, you know, way to make assumptions.

  6. Danielle says:

    This is why New Jersey needs to get rid of tenure so they can let go of teachers who are like this

    1. nrichard says:

      what has his tenure got to do with it? are you making the blanket “assumption” that EVERY tenured teacher is bad? Really? What qualifies you to make such a statement – what are your qualifications…..I am not a teacher and certainly do not feel that i am a qualified critic of that career….. you should really think about what you say in your head before saying it out loud so as not to appear stupid.

  7. Khalilah says:

    Even if there is more to the story, that fact of the matter is, he is the adult in the situation and the teacher.. OH WELL!!! Get him out of there…

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