After Rex Ryan announced yesterday that Tom Moore – the Jets offensive consultant and former offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts – will be with the team on the sidelines for the rest of the season, Craig had himself a perma-grin.

Craig has not hidden that fact that he thinks very little of Brian Schottenheimer as an offensive coordinator, so this news was music to his ears.  Boomer thinks Craig making more of the move than it really is, but was a bit puzzled by Rex’s decision to make this decision public knowledge.

So Boomer & Craig discussed Rex’s latest ‘newsworthy’ comment and pondered what lasting effect they could have on Gang Green moving forward.

As for the Giants, they continue to battle injuries as they prepare for a showdown in ‘Big D’ with the Cowboys this Sunday night and despite that, the guys both think the Giants have a pretty good shot of winning the game.

Moving right along to a team that doesn’t appear to be putting themselves in a situation where wins will be expected, the Mets sat by idle as the Miami Marlins introduced Jose Reyes to the media yesterday after inking the 28-year-old shortstop to a 6-year, $106 million deal.  When asked about the Mets’ lack of effort to retain his services, Reyes said the team did not want him.

Sandy Alderson was told of Reyes’ remarks, which prompted the Mets GM to wonder aloud if maybe he should have sent along a box of chocolates for Reyes.

So we had all of that and Boomer checking up on Craig’s ‘junk’ – making sure his radio partner is properly icing the ‘family jewels’, as Craigie continues to recover from double hernia surgery…

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