NYPD: Off-Duty Cop Shoots Groping Suspect At 125th Street Subway Station

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man was taken to the hospital Friday after being shot by an off-duty police officer at the 125th Street Station in Harlem.

According to authorities, a 14-year-old girl told her mother she had been groped. Her mother yelled for police and a 19-year veteran off-duty officer approached the mother and daughter, identified himself as a police officer and was assisting them.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Reports On The Wild Incident

As he was obtaining information from them, another woman approached the officer and said that she, too, had been groped by the same man, according to police spokesman Paul J. Browne.

The officer then took the stairway from the main mezzanine to the uptown D platform at 125th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue looking for the suspect.

As the officer was on his way to confront the suspect, he asked the teen’s mother to go back upstairs, as reception down there is nonexistent, and tell 911 an officer needed assistance making an arrest, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

The officer then tried to arrest the 22-year-old man, and a scuffle ensued, police said. A round was discharged from the officer’s gun and the suspect was shot in the torso, Browne said.

The man was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he is listed in serious but stable condition. The officer was taken to the hospital for trauma. None of the women involved were injured.

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One Comment

  1. Robert says:

    Clearly excessive use of force. The suspect was unarmed and nonviolent. If the officer was unable to arrest him without discharging his weapon, he should have followed the suspect, radioed for help, and waited until help arrived. Police officers should not get away with shooting an unarmed person and just making up a lame excuse.

  2. dave says:

    So tired of all these ‘tea baggers’ causing all this crime. No WONDER the only group of people in the U.S we hear about, and protest, are white conservative ‘tea baggers’. Golly, when will it ever end?

  3. Meme Meyagi says:

    ..what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  4. NYPDrPIGS says:

    Yeah, whatever. The are still pigs. Oink oink.

    1. dave says:

      Hopefully you get attacked and nobody does anything.

      1. Meme Meyagi says:

        fk u 2 pig dave

  5. jms says:

    thank you PD.

  6. Douglas Reid says:

    Yah. With this rash of gropings that are happening on the subway, they finally got one. Too bad the bullet did not enter his groin.

  7. Mendel Fitzhume says:

    A job well done by the off duty police officer … This lowlife P-O-S will be out of the ‘perving business’ for a while.

  8. yahoodie says:

    they are too busy converting ur mother

  9. Mike Sacks says:

    If i were a cop and wrestling with a guy I’d shoot him too. He must be terrified that the guy will get his gun even if he hadn’t been reaching for it intentionally.

  10. DT says:

    Too bad he wasn’t shot in his private area!

  11. bes-knees says:

    I thought he worked for the TSA – just doing a search on the C train

  12. MIKEY LOVE says:


  13. Snoop Dog says:

    While NYC cops are often criminal themselves I have to agree with this one. There has been an outbreak of subway crimes, many of which are assaults. The city has done nothing productive to stop them so this is a great message to send out to all of those criminals.

  14. As an ER Doctor says:

    The torso is a whole lot of ground for one bullet to hit.

  15. Bruce Springsteen says:

    I think I will write a song about this and call it “Shot in the buttocks”.

  16. Not my real name says:

    The cop had to use deadly force, or the perp might have touched another bottom.

  17. new yorker says:

    U cowards that are too scared to police nyc but have all the mouth in the world. I hope these perps in the street violate u or a family member. See how liberal u will b then. Hope everyone stay safe

    1. MJ says:

      lol “PERPS” lol i think you’ve watched one too many episodes of csi lol

      1. utterone says:

        Moron, that’s what they are called – even w/in the NYPD.

  18. Dennis Kucinich says:

    I’m as liberal as they come. I spoke out against the abuse the cops handed down to the occupy wall st’ers. Here though you are on a pack subway platform. If a cop tries to stop you, you stop and if you didnt do anything you argue that publicly. You don’t run—or you get shot.

    1. utterone says:

      No, you think you’re liberal. The minute that black guy gets too close, you’re running. W/the rest of the so called liberals.

  19. JK says:

    Creative handles but I don’t get the connection. What do the congressman from Ohio and the retired boxer have to do with a subway shooting?

    1. Jimmy Ellis says:

      What, can’t retired boxers comment on news stories?

  20. Dennis Kucinich says:

    Crimes on the subway should all be treated like this. Shoot them when they run.

  21. Jimmy Ellis says:

    Yellow bellied coward… shottin’ a man in the back ain’t kosher! String the varmit up!

    1. dennis says:

      could have been your sister or mother ,, off duty cop , hey jimmy yellow bellie coward he could have just not said he was a cop …… you though would have done the cowardly thing and just sat there turned a deaf ear …… who is the coward ????

    2. Yourean Idiot says:

      Yeah, it takes a real coward to go after a criminal while he’s off the clock. The guy fought with him. Who knows? Maybe he tried to get his gun, or had a weapon. How exactly is the cop the bad guy??

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