Video Shows Incredibly Tight, Bumper Car-Style Parking Job In Bushwick

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Parking in New York City is never pretty (or easy), but a video captures a pretty extreme example of “touch parking.”

Traditionally, parallel parking takes just a few moves to fit into a spot – back, forward, back. With a tighter fit, perhaps a few more moves are required.

However, the person in this video tries no less than 18 back-and-forth maneuvers, touching the cars in front and behind him, to eke the car into the barely-there spot.

CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano showed the video to residents in the neighborhood, who had just one overall reaction.

“Oh wow, wow” said resident Terrell Villa. says the video was shot on December 1.

While some say this a case of bad driver behavior, they also say this kind of thing happens more often than not.

“You see things like this happen all the time,” said Wendalyz Feliciano who works in Bushwick.

“It’s New York, you have no other option you just got to do what you got to do,” said Hector Cruz of Bushwick. “You drive around for hours looking for parking, and if you can fit, you fit.”

In New York City, parking is at a premium, and knowing how to parallel park is essential. We went to an expert for a refresher on how to do it the right way.

“To parallel park, adjust your mirrors,” said “Let’s Go Driving” Instructor Norman Gaines. “Turn your head all the way around to look around make sure that nothing’s coming.”

Police say if you hit another car and leave the scene, you could receive a ticket.

What do you make of the parking job? Is it expert parking or is the guy a jerk for “touch parking” so extensively? Watch the video, and sound off in our comments section below.


One Comment

  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  2. j says:

    plain get parking permit you don’t live there don’t park there

  3. BigAppleGiuy says:

    Slow news day? Why is this even news? It happens every day. If you can fit in a spot without causing damage, then park there. If you are so sensitive about dings or scratches on your car, then pay for a garage. Or get a bumper buddy. Or get a car that can have push guards in the front and rear. That guy is an expert parker so don’t hate on him.
    The video doesn’t show the whole picture of the parking situation of the other cars, not that it matters much.

  4. Jay says:

    Firstly as mentioned, you don’t know exactly how the other cars are parked. I’ve had people leave notes on my car saying I didn’t leave enough room but there were different cars parked in the spaces between the times I parked and left. Regardless if I see a space that I know I can’t fit into wothout playing bumper cars with the cars I’m parked between I head for another spot. What this guy did was rude and unnecessary.

  5. p8nt says:

    So he decided to park his full sized sedan, in a spot that looks like it was occupied by a mini cooper, or the like. If my car was one of those, he would’ve ended up having to replace all 4 tires, both bumpers.

    1. Dr. Zizmor says:

      Uh-huh. Sure.

      1. cop kid says:

        ok, i’m sorry. i couldn’t resist & i know this is totally off the subject, but is this THE Dr. Zizmor?!? As in ads-on-all-the-subway-cars-dermatologist Dr. Zizmor?? I am right now…

  6. Mike Sacks says:

    This guy did a great parking job. I don’t know why everyone is complaining. He deserves an award.

  7. Ice Pick says:

    I keep an ice pick in my car for situations like this. You park on my bumper… you find a couple of flat tires on your car when you get back. Welcome to NY.

    1. cop kid says:

      damn, i wish there was a “like” button to click, lmao!

  8. man from old ways says:

    what makes this worse is the fact that this guy has a bike rack on the back of his car that sticks out what a loser this guy is and i bet that those other cars are taking 2 spots and that one of them shouldhave moved his car so not to take 2 spots i have too many people where i live that dont care about taking 2 spots

    1. cop kid says:

      YES!!! OMG, i was waiting for SOMEbody 2 mention the friggin’ BIKE RACK scratchin’ UP s*** all OVER the place, lol!

  9. NYer in NJ says:

    That’s what I call ‘French Parking’! In Paris this is the norm (that’s why they invented bumpers!).
    One of the reasons I left NYC and moved to a house in the suburbs with my own garage and driveway. I never have to choose between parking as this guy did or walking a block or two or ten, meanwhile polluting while driving circles to find a spot.

  10. InTheKnow says:

    obviously, none of you live in any of the boroughs and has a car! They’re called bumpers for a reason people. And yes I have $40k+ car that I park on the street. If you have a real concern buy bumper buddies.

    1. Have a nice day says:

      Ill smack you in the face with your stupid bumper buddy.turd

      1. InTheKnow says:

        Oh, a wise-guy, eh?

        1. cop kid says:

          absolutely hysTERical! i didn’t even realize people CALLED each other “turds” anymore…..or EVER, lol! Classic (I was having a REALLY shi*** day. damn, these comments are helping lighten my mood & make me laugh!)

  11. Robby says:

    The guy was totally wrong. This is one of the many reasons why I hate overrated NYC. What a rathole NYC is to me. The traffic, parking laws, congestion & dirty streets is too much for me.

  12. Don Juan says:

    Some other cities put lines on the streets that designate parking spots, perhaps that would prevent this from happening. But it would also add civility . . . .

  13. paulnadra says:

    IHe’s not a jerk, just misguided. I did this once down In Belmar NJ last year. The owner of the car and her mother came out and gave me quite a tongue lashing over it. I managed to calm her down and stop her from calling the police. In the end she was right, I could have damaged her car. I will never attempt such a manuever again. I

  14. Mr Spikes says:


    1. Michael H. says:

      You’re such a tuff-girl! I love it!

    2. cop kid says:

      fan-TAB-u-lous!!!! “AssClown” – abso-fu**ing-lutely fantabUlous! would u mind if i steal your awesome word, Mr. Spikes??

  15. Nick says:

    If the cars in front of and behind him were not taking up extra spaces for no reason, than this is a jerk and should be keyed. If the other cars were jerks who take up two slots to park, than this guy should have slammed harder. Video is too narrow a focus.

    1. Cos says:

      Nick… I completely agree. We don’t see a full picture – thus, we don’t know if the other cars were taking more room than necessary. Too often I’ve seen people park (in the city) in a manner where they want ‘extra room’ so no other cars can touch their’s. However, if that wasn’t the case then he was absolutely off his rocker for what he did.

      1. Don Juan says:

        Cos, two (or three) wrongs don’t make a right.

        1. Cos says:

          That’s true… However, bad decisions beget bad decisions… Just the same as evil begets evil.

        2. Nick says:

          You failed your math tests didn’t you? Two negatives results in a Positive.

          And you’re saying the Murder of Hitler would be a Wrong?

          Yet another holier-than-thou twit.

          1. Don Juan says:

            No I succeeded in math because I understood that two negatives can result in a positive when subtracted..

            Also don’t use the most extreme example to justify doing a wrong thing. Hitler was a megalomaniac who was an immediate threat to civilization. Someone with bad parking manners maybe deserves a ticket or a bill from a collision shop. Your analogy is way off mark.

            I believe in rule of law, not rule by vendetta. If we adopt your model, then we have a lot of blind and toothless people walking around.

            1. Nick says:

              You’re funny. Clearly clueless as to which mathematical operation yields a positive from two negatives. And yet, you want to do a bald faced lie on your math skills.

              And yes, let’s whittle down the examples until one little subset fits your agenda.

              And you expect people to believe you. The only reason I’m even bothering with your gibberish is because it’s comic relief.

              1. Don Juan says:

                You’re a doody-head!

                1. cop kid says:

                  I’m sorry, Nick. I think Don Juan won that one. The ‘doody-head’ comment amidst all the intellectual rhetoric is phenOMenal! And in the end, to continue going back & forth w/ no resolution is pointless anyway. “Doody-Head” comment WINS! Don’t get mad…..get GLAD! (& move the hell on….STILL laughing my ass off! )

    2. Jimmy Ellis says:

      If the moon were made of lice and the sun, orange juice we’d all be green 7ft tall albino midgets.

      1. Ellis Jimmy says:

        blah baw blah blah wa wa blah

  16. DaEmph says:

    Some people just dont know how to park correctly in the first place leaving big gaps here and there, so as a result, people have to resort to such things as this guy did. Learn freaking park right people!

  17. Loreen Kalisher says:

    The guy is a jerk! He was actually moving the SUV behind him. That is just wrong! I am sure he would be screaming if someone did that to his car. I wouldn’t like it, I know it happens and it infuriates me. Parking! No touching!

  18. Think says:

    Jerk no consideration to others property

    1. Jimmy Ellis says:

      I love when people do this to my car. They usually come out to find I’ve keyed a circle around their entire car.

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