NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Parking in New York City is never pretty (or easy), but a video captures a pretty extreme example of “touch parking.”

Traditionally, parallel parking takes just a few moves to fit into a spot – back, forward, back. With a tighter fit, perhaps a few more moves are required.

However, the person in this video tries no less than 18 back-and-forth maneuvers, touching the cars in front and behind him, to eke the car into the barely-there spot.

CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano showed the video to residents in the neighborhood, who had just one overall reaction.

“Oh wow, wow” said resident Terrell Villa. says the video was shot on December 1.

While some say this a case of bad driver behavior, they also say this kind of thing happens more often than not.

“You see things like this happen all the time,” said Wendalyz Feliciano who works in Bushwick.

“It’s New York, you have no other option you just got to do what you got to do,” said Hector Cruz of Bushwick. “You drive around for hours looking for parking, and if you can fit, you fit.”

In New York City, parking is at a premium, and knowing how to parallel park is essential. We went to an expert for a refresher on how to do it the right way.

“To parallel park, adjust your mirrors,” said “Let’s Go Driving” Instructor Norman Gaines. “Turn your head all the way around to look around make sure that nothing’s coming.”

Police say if you hit another car and leave the scene, you could receive a ticket.

What do you make of the parking job? Is it expert parking or is the guy a jerk for “touch parking” so extensively? Watch the video, and sound off in our comments section below.

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