Protesters Turn Out For Final Day Of NJ’s Black Bear Hunt

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Protesters turned out on the final day of New Jersey’s six-day black bear hunt.

Demonstrators gathered on Route 23 in Franklin.

“It’s nothing but a trophy hunt where hunters go in the woods and kill our beautiful black bear all for rugs trophies and wall mounts,” said Angi Metler of the Bear Education And Resource Group.

“There are too many bears in northwestern New Jersey. There are more bears in this part of the state than any other part of the country,” said Larry Ragonese of the New Jersey DEP.

As of Friday night, 410 bears have been harvested during the hunt’s first five days.

The New York Post says former French actress and well know animal activist Brigitte Bardot has chimed in. She sent a letter to Gov. Chris Christie asking that the hunt be called off.

Animal activists have asked the state Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that restricts the number of protesters allowed at the Franklin bear check station in Sussex County. The state says the limit is needed for the protesters’ safety.

A ruling in state superior court ruled Monday says up to 25 people can demonstrate at the Franklin bear check station in Sussex County between noon and 4 p.m. each day.

A greater number were being allowed to demonstrate at two other weigh stations. Critics of the hunt had been pushing for the Franklin station permit as it is a high-visibility site.

Nearly 600 bears were killed in last year’s hunt.

State officials say the hunt was necessary to reduce the number of bears, which have been increasingly finding their way into residential neighborhoods.

Is the hunt necessary to cull the bear population? Sound off in our comments section below…

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Demonstrators gathered on route 23 in franklin to protest what they call nothing but animal cruelty.


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  1. Merlin says:

    Why not let the protesters step up to the plate and truly support their beliefs. A healthy bear will cost about $400 per day to care for as the land can not support them. That’s about $164,000 per day for the 410 bears taken. Make your donations or step aside and let the hunters make theirs.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. Debra cuomo says:

    If animals could form a religion, the devil would be in human form.

  4. Un BEAR able says:

    Let the decision BEAR down upon all involved, in such a way that we all BEAR the burdon of that decision, for it is a BEAR of a job to make it. If the hunters chose to BEAR arms for their cubbards are BEAR of meat. Then so be it.Let the governance of Jersey BEAR witness to the culling of the herd, in so doing, BEAR the blunt of any recourse.

  5. Toni says:

    @Alicia, since you are quoting the bible, how about THOU SHALT NOT KILL. How scary that you are raising your child not only to be rude but to be a future murderer. And God forbid should your family hunting ‘tradition’ result in any kind of tragedy. I wish that on no one but we live in a sick world where people kill just to kill. To all you murderers, tell do you sleep at night? I am guessing that you do not have a soul. You possibly could not if you can kill another living creature. People need to get educated! CO-EXIST!

    1. brian says:

      Toni, we aren’t raising murderer, you are taking the bible out of context thou shalt not kill was and is in the context of one human killing another human. Jesus even said if you should hate your brother/neighbor then you have already commited murder in your heart. now give me some fact based information with in context on why and how hunting is evil….I can cite and give you plenty of resources on how hunters pay and provide most money to animal conservation.

  6. Vernon Hell says:

    May all the evil hunters burn in eternal Hell! Save the bears, kill the hunters.

  7. JohnInNJ says:

    To those who want to quote the Bible, read Psalms 36:6 – “The Lord saves both man and beast”. So it seems that animals have the same savior and the same heavenly promise as man. So why does man kill them for sport? You can’t eat them (just try), you can only display them. Would you display your sister’s or brother’s carcass over the mantle? Ruling over the earth and subduing it doesn’t mean killing those with whom we share the Earth.

    These bears are not in populated areas and killing them will do nothing to stop bears in suburban areas from taking a swim in someone’s pool.

    1. Brian says:

      John, you can eat bear I’ve eaten plenty of bear meat in my time and i’m not even 30 yet. Most animals you can eat I have eaten everything from a turtle or snake to musk oxen and all are tasty…as for what does it say in the bible check out Acts 10:13 it says “Peter, rise kill and eat.” with the context of hunting for the verse before that states peter saw many four legged creatures and beast. and the verse directly after 10:13 states petere saying how can i eat something common and unclean and the lord says do not call what i have provided unclean or common. I only brought biblical answer cause you started with Psalms.

  8. Jimmy says:

    People should maybe spend less time watching Disney movies and more time watching nature shows. Hunters are not evil or heartless, cold-blooded individuals that don’t care about any other living creature besides themselves. It’s called wildlife management and last I checked they weren’t distributing condoms to the local bear population. On the contrary hunters are the ones that have been supporting and funding many of our wildlife programs and throughout have been key contributors in maintaining and preserving many of our wilderness areas in order for our future generations to continue and enjoy. For anyone complaining about this hunt please stop going to your local butcher or your supermarket. For anyone who has been avoiding their local butcher or their supermarket and please wake up from that deep sleep you have been in and let logic and common sense continue to go on until you have a better solution. Remember the only predator for Black bears are Humans then again, we can always reintroduce mountain lions.
    BTW for Gaby: A 75lb bear is not a cub but it can be a full grown bear anywhere between 3 years up to a 7 year old.

  9. Julie OConnor says:


  10. Alicia DeVincenzi Warner says:

    (Genesis 1:28-30). Note also that man was to rule over the earth and subdue it. The earth and all that it had were meant to serve the needs of man.

    Hunting is a tradition in our family & has remained so due to the sheer amount of quality family time we have grown to appreciate & love while enjoying hunting, practicing for the hunting season.

    To all those protestors at the Franklin Bear check today, my 4 yr old son says to you “they are crazy, its Christmas they should out being useful & helping people, not being crazy accross the street”.

    1. Janis Houston says:

      Using your religion to justify killing bears is pretty pathetic. It is this very mentality that has us poisoning the air, water, and ground of our home planet. The earth is not your plaything, it is the mother that sustains your life.

      Too bad you can’t find family traditions that embrace loving life, not killing it.

  11. Holly Ashenfelter says:

    Yes it is truly sickening how someone can think killing an innocent animal is fun. Truly disgusting, no respect for animals.

  12. Georgi says:

    And I haven’t heard any hunters defending the atrocious KILLING OF SOWS AND CUBS, as complained about by many of us who have posted to this site!

    1. Gaby says:

      I am so saddened by this. Yes, not a peep from them about killing the sows and cubs, the first day a 75lb cub!. How can killing innocent animals that do not hunt humans, make someone feel happy about themselves? They use guns, how is this a sport? It is cruel, senseless, heartless, without soul or humanity. Animal cruelty by humans who should care more, and know better, right HERE in this beautiful country!

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