Dwight Howard Wants Trade, Gets Silence From Magic GM

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Whether the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard wind up parting ways remains to be seen, and Howard said Sunday that he is experiencing a new silence with Magic general manager Otis Smith.

Howard made a formal request to the Magic last week to be traded. While Howard participated in his third training camp practice Sunday, he said he hasn’t spoken with Smith about where the progress of his request stands.

“He hasn’t said anything to me since then,” Howard said.

Asked if it had been complete silence, he again responded: “He hasn’t said anything to me.”

Howard acknowledged for the first time on Saturday that he had asked for the Magic — the only team he’s played for in seven NBA seasons — to trade him.

And yes, as rumored, the Nets were on Howard’s list, according to the The New York Post.

Smith previously granted New Jersey, Dallas and the Los Angeles Lakers permission to talk to Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, about possible deals. The All-Star center is eligible to opt out of his current contract in July 2012.

On Sunday, Howard reiterated a point he made a day earlier, saying he would prefer a situation with the Magic that he said Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki enjoys with the Mavericks: being consulted on personnel moves.

“It’s simple, the best player on the team and the GM have a great relationship,” Howard said. “If you go down the line of teams, every GM has a pretty good relationship with not just the best player, but all the players. If you don’t have a good relationship with the guys you work with, how are you guys gonna get better?

“If there was a good relationship then I wouldn’t tell you guys that we haven’t talked. We should still talk, regardless. No matter what goes on. I’ve been here for seven years and no matter what happens we still should be able to talk.”

A text message to Smith was not immediately returned.

Smith told the Orlando Sentinel on Sunday that the team hasn’t completely ignored Howard’s input. Howard has previously mentioned players like New Orleans’ Chris Paul and the Nets’ Deron Williams as talent he’d like to play with. Howard said those suggestions weren’t offered just this offseason, but over the past few years.

“We looked at some,” Smith told the newspaper. “Some we have. Some we don’t. So I’m not necessarily saying that he isn’t accurate. I think that there was a list. Some of them are duplicate talent, which is something you can’t do all the time. Some, quite frankly, are on your roster.

“…When it’s your best player, you really do consult your best player on everything. You do. So you consult your best player on free agency. You consult your best players on trades. And that’s not uncommon. And I have done that.”

Smith was adamant in reiterating Saturday that the remaining free agency period before the start of the season would not just be focused on trying to trade Howard — and that keeping him, in fact, was still a hope.

“He’s on our team … So we will talk (to Howard) almost every day,” Smith said. “It needs to be known that our objective is still the same, regardless of what he requests — the objective is still to keep him as a member of the Orlando Magic basketball team … He requested (the trade) and we’re moving forward from there.”

Howard said until something changes he will keep showing up and work hard in a Magic uniform.

“My job is to be professional,” Howard said. “I’m not gonna go out there and give half of an effort. Because I would not do that to myself. I wouldn’t do that to my teammates and I wouldn’t do that to this organization. That’s all I’m saying. No matter what jersey or whoever I’m with.

“If I’m here with the Magic for the whole year, the next five years, I’m gonna continue to give everything I got every night.”

Will Howard end up in New Jersey? Make your case below…

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One Comment

  1. James Gilbert says:

    New Jersey??? Leave Orlando for New Jersey, you have got to be kidding me right.Leave the sunshine state for the armpit of US, sounds like a great idea.

    1. herb malsman says:

      Jersey?! You mean Brooklyn, (be nice now!)

  2. Paulette Johnson says:

    Is that Jay-Z on the line?

  3. tom says:

    unstoppable if he goes to the Lakers

  4. jakia123 says:


  5. AL says:

    Dwight Howard thinks he is an important person. Perhaps some people think he is, that’s fine. But if he thinks of himself as important then he has a problem. He is paid very well to PLAY BASKETBALL. If he wants to make managerial decisions then get off the court and move to the front office and if not then stay quiet and do what you’re paid to do. Now he is acting like a cry baby because he says that, awhhh, hawhh- they are not listening to me. Get over it, get over yourself and do what you’re paid to do.

    1. l polk says:

      Don’t forget that the GM get’s paid very well also. Do his job and listen to the workers and build a working relationship with the team also, not just the boss, do as I say, not do as I do. Just because you are getting paid well for your service, dosen’t mean that you have to take a GM’s sh#%

  6. rene says:

    I don’t believe D Howard want’s to be out of Orlando because he doesn’t have good relationship with his GM and not being consulted on personnel moves. If this is the case, I can’t wait to hear Kobe Bryant’s demand for trade because their GM traded L Odom and was unhappy about the move. D Howard is still wearing Orlando uniform and as long as he is with the MAGIC, the team can still try to listen and go for his recommendation and hope it works to make him re-sign with Orlando.

  7. Ro-nizz says:

    I think tha best deal Smith can work out for howard is to get kris humphries and Brook Lopez for Dwight Instead of getting nothing and avoiding trading him to tha lakers thas jus my opinion

  8. Sexyy T says:


    1. syl325 says:

      yes i agree WE need Howard in LA.. i can not believe Odom is gone..Bynum is okay , but you know knee probs. Howard please come to LA///

  9. Day says:

    The Lakers better come up with something big! Letting Lamar go just killed any chances to seriously contend…Especially concerning the Mavs.

  10. Steve Slayton says:

    Dwight Needs to come to Atlanta. We don’t have a true center. I think we could have greater team with him here. Of course someone would have to go. But that’s all a part of Pro basketball.

  11. CRA says:

    cut business politics, just let him go now! Superman to the rescue? or BlackMamba and CP3 are waiting for a BIG 3. ^_^

  12. bo says:

    whatever happened to fulfilling your contract? That is the problem with all these “professionals” they take the money and fame that comes with it, but if they want out they start complaining, not playing or not producing for the team that paid all that money in the first place. If the Magic want to exercise a trade, then it is up to them cause it is afterall a business. Dwight is an employee, superstar, but an employee nonetheless.. Sorry, but Dirk does produce by scoring from all three facets, inside, outside, and ft line. The mavs without Dirk are just another above average team. Cuban understands his value and if he is giving him input on personnel changes that is his choice cause it is his team. He does not have to do that but chooses so because of his management style and also because of Dirk’s importance to the team. Howard, while he is fun to watch, is not Dirk scoring wise. Yes he can dunk and has developed an ugly hook shot, however does not provide the range or consistent point output that that dirk can. You want input, step up and produce big time numbers consistently and quit believing your own hype. He is not superman, maybe the heckler cause he is fun to watch.

    1. sid says:

      doesnt fulfilling the contract go both ways though? if the owner signs a player to a contract should the owner be required to keep the player throughout the contract length and not be allowed to release him? no. thats why dwight has every right to request a trade especially when otis smith acquires people with terrible contracts like arenas and hedo

      1. bo says:

        no for the basis that the magic were not looking to trade, it is something that he wanted/wants because someone else on another team is getting additional team input. It is a business however and if the owners and gm want to make a trade for a team then they can cause what will happen is that the receiving team will pick up the contract of the player in question thus fulfilling the agreement just with another team/business. the team that is absovling itself of the contract in addition will offer additional incentives whether it is draft pick(s), money or additional players. They do have a union, but i believe the employment to be at will where if he was caught say, betting on nba games, the team itself could let him go not to mention what the nba org. might do in this hypothetical scenario. At that point the union would step in to either fight for reinstatement to the team or other teams that might still be interested. It is plain and simple a business, he signed a binding agreement with an option for him at the end of the 2012 season. If he wants to be traded, i would look for another big deal where the Magic seeminly in this case coming out with one or two vets, and high draft picks. Can’t believe the lakers let Odom go to dallas..

        1. Tony says:

          Bo, I disagree about the “employee” part of your original comment. He’s not some janitor that cleans up after games he IS the franchise. Without him, Orlando wouldn’t even be on the NBA map. As such, and just like Howard said, most other teams consult their top players about personnel decisions because they want to keep those players happy. I’ll bet you money they talked to Kobe before they let Lamar Odom go. And as far as the “fulfilling your contract” part, Howard is only saying he’d like to be traded. He never said he wouldn’t fulfill his contract – which ends next July. In a way, he’s doing the owner a favor by letting him know that he’d prefer to move on. This gives the owner an opportunity to start shopping him out before the contract expires to give them both the best chance to make the best deal for everyone concerned. If Howard waits until July to say anything the owners get nothing – Howard picks a new team and Orlando finds itself a new star. This way, Orlando has leverage with other teams to get him sooner and get something in return. It has nothing to do with not honoring your contract – it’s business.

    2. John B says:

      You obviously didn’t read the whole Article. Why are you talking about Dirk on this. Dwight said he is going to continue to work as hard and play day in and day out. He produces more then any other center in the league. Probably will go down as one of the best EVER. He has been Humble in every way and If they are not Bringing new talent or someone that is really going to give them a chance to Win a Championship then yes ask for a trade. The Oweners are the wrost of all they are the ones making Billions and upset Because they want there seats sold out everynight with the Ecomony in the DUMP. But never the less Dwight Howard can JUMP OUT OF THE GYM. Thats why he is called Superman.

    3. ? says:

      Something to think about, Dwight Howard took a substantial below market deal from Orlando under the impression that Orlando was to take the savings and put some talent around him; that was made clear to the GM when he re-signed. Seems like management hasn’t really held up their end of the bargin.

      Better for him to demand a trade now instead of keeping his mouth shut. At least this way the Magic will get something of value for him instead of having him walk at the end of the season leaving the Magic with nothing.

      1. Don says:

        soo your saying Dwight Howard isnt producing?
        To BO

  13. Cristoforo says:

    The Magic need to keep Howard, that is the only thing they have.

  14. Marcus says:

    Never was impressed with Dwight Howard anyway. NEVER WAS. Please do not come to Portland or San Antonio…

  15. Shaun Adams says:

    Dwight Howard better stay right where he is………. I never even liked Orlando until I first saw Dwight…….. The team fits him and he fits the team….. stay put..

  16. brian says:

    just come to l.a.

  17. Mike Arce says:

    He’s going to another team thats not LA or NJ, thats why Otis isn’t talking to him yet. I could easily see a trade to Chicago or another low-key team thats talking to the Magic.

    1. Peter says:

      would love to see him go to chicago

    2. ryan says:

      bulls is not low key drose and howard would kill

  18. T.j. Barlage says:

    He will be putting on a Lakers uniform, why do you think the lakers got rid of odom? Thats to satisfy cuban from blocking a trade for howard.

  19. Tyler says:

    New Jersey could really use Howard. It will secure keeping D-Will long term also. it will bring the Nets back to life again. Would be perfect move right before moving to Brooklyn.

  20. Herb Malsman says:

    Howard would be a perfect fit for the Knicks. They’re used to big-money, big-timers, stinking it out when the game is on the line, especially in the post-season. Most notably…Patrick Ewing!

  21. Mr-Mad says:

    to hell with rhee other Teams.. come to Cleveland and prove LeBron to be a fake..we can fulfill Dan Gilberts statement and win a Championship before the Hrat!!

  22. David says:

    To be 100% honest I truly think the Magic should trade him now while they can. If they try to putz around and keep him for another year he will stay and play hard but next year he will walk and you would get nothing for him. At least if you trade him now you can get some good talent and probably even some good picks in return. I wish they could get rid of freaking Gilbert Arenas and his ridiculous contract in the process as well!!!!

    1. Tony says:

      That was the same deal with CP. They’re not forcing the teams to trade them, just giving a heads up that if they don’t do it now and get something that they will exercise their option and go elsewhere.

  23. Jig203 says:


  24. thomas mclaughlin says:

    javi,i hope you get your wish,being a magic fan like i am,i got sick of waiting for dwight howard to grow up ! i know that most of the magic players and coaches feel the same way that i do ! good bye to a spoiled brat,that didn’t play with the rest of the team ! he played for his own personal self,& stats !

  25. ROC says:

    Orlando Magic do this to every superstar that ever played with the magic so its no suprising to the fans over here in orlando that dwight howard leaving I really think orlando need to get rid of there gm because if you have a team with a dominaint big man and he requesting that the orginzation need to souround him with a better cast then i as a fan feel they should do it we the fan didn’t tell them to sign gilbert areans last year with that enormous contract we dont deserve to have to watch our big man leave the team like shaq did back then and left the team with nothing to show for it. “SHAME ON YOU ORLANDO MAGIC”

  26. craig says:

    i would love to see dwight howard go to new jersey. he has the ability (regardless of deron williams) to turn the nets into an elite defensive team with just his presence. the defensive property alone will be enough to secure approx. 40 games, but then once his offensive skill is added to the equation along with deron williams, the nets may even become a perennial playoff team. although he would do well wherever he goes, howard would shine in nj because he would be known as the player to put the team back on the map.

  27. Dave says:

    Dwight –
    The reason you’re not winning a Championship is not your “supporting cast!” You are the reason!
    If you could shoot from the field and make free throws you would be the reining Champion.

    1. Don says:

      You couldnt be more wrong! He has one player to help him, and thats Jameer Nelson and hes ethier hurt or hes not trying! There is no possible way your right!

      1. Dave says:

        You underestimate Dwight!

    2. Friendly Spa Parts says:

      I think I remember reading something just to alike back in 96,
      after a certain center complained about the same thing, and had the same “problems”.
      They said, he wouldnt win a “chip , because of his freethrows, and all he does is just dunking !!!

      2000, 2001, 2002, 2006 speaks for itself!!!!

    3. JV says:

      dave – Dwight is not the reason for not winning championship but the lack of supporting cast arround him. Just like what happens to SHAQ during his orlando days. but when he is paired with KOBE, then he gets a championship. that’s just it. And going to the free throw line just shows that he is aggressive, keeps on attacking.

      1. Don says:

        Thank you guys for helping me prove my point!

  28. Javi says:

    Hate to say it but I am not sure if New Jersey is a great destination for Howard. If he does land with the Nets, his career will skyrocket even higher and make that franchise into something better. Deron Williams is an awesome talent, so these two together would make for a great core to build around. But I must admit, I am a Lakers fan, so if he went to LA with Bryant, I’d be just as happy too.I am not a Kobe fan so seeing Howard with the Lakers would be a good thing for years to come. Best of luck Howard with what you do here on out. You deserve to to be happy, be it New Jersey or with the Lakers.

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