USPS’ ‘Operation Santa’ Seeking To Make Dreams Come True This Christmas

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The United States Postal Service will once again be facilitating “Operation Santa.”

The program, which has operated for nearly 100 years, enables members of the public and charities to respond to letters from children that are addressed to Santa Claus.

READ: Operation Santa Letters (pdf)

While hundreds of thousands of children send letters to “Santa Claus” and the “North Pole,” the letters remain in the area they were mailed if they don’t contain a complete Alaska address.

LINK: Find Out How You Can Participate By Clicking Here

USPS goes through the letters to identify those who express serious need. Some cities and towns work with local schools to write back to the children as if they were Santa, according to the Postal Service.

Some communities also work with established groups to assist with collecting presents, while others invite the public to adopt Santa letters to help children and families in need.

The Postal Service said its goal is to “to continue to match deserving children with organizations and individuals that have a sincere desire to fulfill the needs of children and families around the nation during the holiday season.”

operation santa USPS Operation Santa Seeking To Make Dreams Come True This Christmas

Postal employees working on 'Operation Santa.' (credit: United States Postal Service)

Two years ago the Postal Service adopted new guidelines to protect children by removing references to specific addresses. Instead, they assign the letter a number and people wishing to adopt a letter go to the Post Office and sign a form while presenting photo ID and fill out a form including the list of letters being adopted.

Those adopting a letter can return to the Post Office and send the package without that individual seeing the address.

New York’s James A. Farley Building Post Office receives the most letters to Santa in the country.

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  1. Donna says:

    I was on my way to work last week listening to 1010 wins. A letter was read on the air of a child who wanted socks and T-shirts for xmas so the kids could stop making fun of him. I need to know how I can get that letter so I can send him the things he needs. If anyone knows please help.

  2. Alexis the Kind Hearted says:

    Really Joseph? Who cares if 5% or 10% are fake? There are so many kids in need. Obviously, you have never had a awful Christmas and God Bless for that. I’m going to side on the fact that people are general good and I will help them out when I can.

  3. Joseph B OF NJ says:

    My question is how do you really know all these letters are from children who are really in a needed situation and not some phony adults trying to make a big score ? Today its hard to know who is sincer. There are to many cons out there.

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