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Group Wants NJ Town To Remove ‘Keep Christ In Christmas’ Banner

PITMAN, N.J. (AP) — A national group is asking officials in the southern New Jersey town of Pitman to take down a banner that says “Keep Christ in Christmas.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says the banner violates the Constitution because it was put up by members of the local fire department and hangs from two town-owned light posts over a county-owned road.

The banner was paid for by a Knights of Columbus group. Officials say a similar banner has hung over the town about a dozen miles south of Philadelphia for the past 50 years.

Freedom From Religion says the banner should be moved to private property.

The mayor says he’s asked a town lawyer to look into the situation.

Do you agree with the foundation? Sound off in our comments section below…

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One Comment

  1. John says:

    I think if FFRF wants to put up their banners, they should unite and choose a day, (other than Dec. 25th) to celebrate their non-belief. They could gain permission (permits) from what they are calling “government” to post their banners on that day in every FREE country in the world. Problem solved. Before FFRF gets on their band wagon about that date, the only reason I say other than Dec. 25th. is because by choosing that day would only be antagonistic toward Christians. Perhaps that winter solstice could be celebrated on the first day of winter……. Just might work.

  2. dilberth says:

    Keep the myth alive. Let the banner stay. Merry Chrismyth to all and to all a good night.

  3. Jonathan says:

    How about letting the townspeople decide what stays up or comes down? They live and work in Pitman, so let Pitman folk decide.

  4. Boppa says:

    How about freedom from the freedom of religion foundation

  5. TOM says:




      GOD BLESS.

  6. Dee Bibla says:

    The “Group” that is offened by Keep Christ in Christmas, must be very ignorant. Christmas means CHRIST MASS, A mass for CHRIST. Get it? It ofends ME that they would have something to say. Really, the idea of the few ruining everything for the many is getting OLD. If the mention of Christ ofends them I’m sure they would be welcome somewhere esle maybe Iran, Syria, Iraq. Let them go there and spout their nastiness. PLEASE! OH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

  7. BTillson says:

    Every day I go places and see things that tend to offend my senses……fat people, black dudes with their pants down around their knees, retarded men wearing baseball caps backwards or just crooked. Is it my place to tell them not to do it? Hell no. It’s called “looking the other way”. If someone doesn’t like anything that has to do with religion, then they can just ignore it. I am tired of a few making the decisions for the majority of us. I don’t like the fact that they do not believe in God. Is it ok for me to tell them to stop…..No…it is not.

    Just a footnote: I wonder what set of standards that Atheists base their morality upon.It certainly cannot be the Ten Commandment…which by the way are the basis of all moral judgment in modern society.

    1. Sgeo says:

      It’s easy to ignore religion when private citizens do it. Much harder when it’s the government endorsing a religion, which it’s not legally allowed to do.

      If the government was saying “Don’t believe in God”, you would not like that.. and it would be ok for you to tell the government to stop, as it shouldn’t be doing that.

      1. Winston Smith says:

        Oh my, where do I begin?
        First, the Constitution states “CONGRESS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …” Are States, cities, even small towns so monomaniacal that they consider their LOCAL government to be the United States CONGRESS? Many of our Founding Fathers – WRITERS of the Constitution – lived in States where membership in a particular Church was MANDATORY for any political position. And as late as 1860 or so the Territory of Utah had similar requirements and the Federal Government said nothing!
        Second, we live in a Representative Republic! The voice of the PEOPLE are supposed to decide the Laws under which they live! If you “object to” this or that – take it before the City Council or the State Legislature to make a determination!
        Here you have a handful of “Madalyn Murray O’Hair-ites” – some not even residing in the area in question – who DEMAND that their small voice be the “Law of the Land”! That’s frighteningly akin to other fractions of a percent of a given population directing the lives of the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY: the Supreme Soviet in Communist Russia, the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, the National Congress of the Communist Party of China and other such factions – a tiny handful deciding how EVERYONE must live, act, think and believe!
        Why not “outlaw” [Court] Calendars? They “honor” Norse, Greek and Roman “Gods”: “Janus” (January), Febris” (February), “Mars” (March), “Maiesta” (May), “Juno” (June), the “Sun” (Sunday), the “Moon” (Monday), “Tieu” (Tuesday), “Woden” (Wednesday), “Thor” (Thursday), “Frigga” (Friday) and “Saturn” (Saturday)! Not to mention all the towns and cities that MUST change their name since they are unabashedly “Christian” in fact or at least origin: all the “Saint xxx”, “San yyy”, “Bethlehem PA”, “Corpus Christie, TX” and on and on and on …!

        1. Sgeo says:

          The Fourteenth Amendment has been used to make the First and Second Amendments apply to State governments, according to

          And have you heard of something called “Tyranny of the Majority”? Just because a majority of citizens want to, for example, force their views on everyone in the area, doesn’t mean it’s ok. Blacks are a minority. This does not mean that it’s ok to vote in laws that oppress blacks, for example.

          1. Winston Smith says:

            If the FFRF (with a NATIONWIDE membership of about 13,000) is allowed to virtually legislate against 155,000,000 American Church members it’s hard not to call that tyrannical. But you grouse about the “Tyranny of the Majority”!
            So, how DO we write, define and enforce laws, Ouija Board?
            If you recall the oppressive laws against blacks were ended, in Law, via the representative republican process – i.e. the United Sates Congress!
            Also, in nearly all tyrannical regimes (Communist, Nazi, Fascist, etc.) the majority of the population were NOT entirely on board but were lulled by high-sounding, carefully crafted statements like the misquote of the Constitution: “… freedom OF (not from) Religion” and incited by “agents provocateurs” into a “mob mentality” until it was too late.

            1. Sgeo says:

              Majority rule is still good most of the time, but if the majority tries to vote in laws that violate the Constitution, the law should get shot down, so that minority opinions can be protected. This mechanism, although not perfect, strives to protect unpopular ideas. A minority of people can say things that the majority does not agree with, and the point of the First Amendment is to prevent the majority from voting in laws that tell the minority that they’re not allowed to state their opinions. In terms of Freedom of Religion, it strives to prevent the majority from dictating anything about what the religion of the minority should be (if any). I’m not sure how FFRF is virtually legislating against anyone, they’re just trying to enforce the already existent laws (or, if you prefer, what they think is the already existent laws).

    2. JO102 says:

      First, the point is not the personal offense to the statement, it is the use of public servants and property to display the statement. It would be the same as if they had posted, “Muhammad is the one true prophet” instead. I’m sure many of the Christians posting here would demand it be taken down, yet here you are hypocritically supporting this banner. What a person wears or does with their body or clothing is their decision. What the government does with public property is not.
      Second, the reason why we have the constitution is so that minority beliefs can be upheld, despite the majority pressure. That is why we fought for our independence.
      Finally, the ten commandments are a joke. 4/10 of them are simply written to stroke the ego of god. What morality does that provide? So you think that people who work on Sunday are sinners? Have you ever gone to a store and purchased goods on Sunday, therefor promoting work on the Sabbath? Maybe instead of having four commandments about god and how awesome he is, they could have gotten rid of one and said something about slavery. But as is evident in the bible, slavery is moral and is promoted by god, according to the bible. I’ve always liked how murder is 6th on the list, “Not killing other people is important, but not as important as taking my name in vain”. Really seems to be a self-serving god doesn’t it?

  8. BTillson says:

    Every day I go places and see things that tend to offend my senses……fat people, black dudes with their pants down around their knees, retarded men wearing baseball caps backwards or just crooked. Is it my place to tell them not to do it? Hell no. It’s called “looking the other way”. If someone doesn’t like anything that has to do with religion, then they can just ignore it. I am tired of a few making the decisions for the majority of us. I don’t like the fact that they do not believe in God. Is it ok for me to tell them to stop…..No…it is not.

  9. Wolf says:

    Wow. Up until maybe the 1980’s nobody ever would have complained about banners or christmas trees. If you come to America to live then live by your local communitiy rules. If you don’t like or believe in christmas then don’t participate… or just go back to where you came from. Too many people come to America leaving other countries and then complain about how bad America is. If you don’t like us americans and our values and beliefs then go away.

  10. Lieutenantdan says:

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation certainly has the right to their opinions but not the right to demand that the banner be taken down.
    The Freedom From Religion Foundation can feel free to put up their own banner if they choose and follow town safety regulations.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Sgeo says:

      Since when does the Bill of Rights say that the government has the right of Freedom of Religion, or the right of Freedom of Speech?

      Those rights are for people. If the banner was privately owned and on private land, or on public land that’s accessible to all private persons (say, spaces rented out), there would be no problem. If the Freedom From Religion Foundation was, in fact, able to put up a banner similarly to the banner in question, then yes, the banner in question should stay. But it seems likely that that is not the case.

      1. GFY says:

        Actually it hangs on the electic companies pole and from a privately owned building. Sgeo stay the f*^k out of Pitman your not welcome!!!!!!

        1. Sgeo says:

          “it was put up by members of the local fire department and hangs from two town-owned light posts over a county-owned road.”

          Is there another article somewhere that you’re getting your information from?

          1. Scott says:

            The sign was provided by the KoC, put up by Volunteer Fire Fighters (this is a small town jack-ass, not all fire fighters are paid), and yes the article is wrong. The sign hangs from a private building, goes over a county, not town, road, and is attached to a pole owned by the phone company. And before you ask for my source/article, I would like to inform you that I have lived in town for 13 years, drove through town 3 times today, and had a conversation with the Mayor this afternoon. And that’s the bottom line because Scott K. said so!

      2. Winston Smith says:

        “… the government …”? Read the Constitution! It states “… CONGRESS shall pass no laws …”! Since when is the City Council of Pitman, NJ. – or even the New Jersey State Legislature “Congress”?
        There’s also the concept of “preexisting condition” that significantly reduces one’s standing re obtaining a remedy. If that “condition” is physically harmful or injurious – that’s one thing. but “offending one’s sensibilities” seems hardly to fill the bill!

  11. Jeff says:

    Let the sign stay and those who support it continue to scream about keeping Christ in Christmas. It is amusing since there is nothing holy about December 25th, it has no religious significance beyond being chosen during a time when Christianity was slaughtering its way into the main stream religion and that day was picked not because of Christian events, but because there were already existing pagan and Roman holy days they wanted to crush and compete with.

    The CHRISTmas tree you want to save so much, has nothing to do with CHRIST. That practice was observed before the Christian religion was concocted, back in pagan Rome and Egypt and the worshiping of sacred trees back to ancient Germania. Your CHRISTmas Santa Claus can be traced back as early as ancient Norse times.

    Do some research and it is evident that Dec. 25th is not CHrists day, its the day most of teh ancient and yes, PAGAN, world celebrated the birth of the pagan Sun God. Christianity simply took it by force and made it their own.

    I personally could care less about religion, but I hate soap boxes. Christmas is not the only holiday around this time, nor is it even one in its own right. So people need to read up, learn the truth about what they practice and preach, and leave others and their beliefs alone. Happy Holidays to all.

    1. Flynn says:

      Thank you Jeff!!! Happy Holidays to you as well!

    2. Angry Jersey Christian says:

      Hey research genius, most of the legal holidays we celebrate (except July 4) don’t fall on any specifically significant day either. We’ve moved them all to Mondays to be convenient. It,s the day chosen to celebrate the birth of our Savior. If you don’t want to believe in that, who cares! Some of us do! Regardless of what Christian Kings or Popes did in ancient times or why they chose 12/25 doesn’t matter to us

      1. Jeff says:

        Research Genius? I do appreciate the compliment, thank you! I personally could care less what people choose to believe in, regardless of its fallacies or fantasy.

        But as I said above, when those people think it their right to push those beliefs on other..ala Keep Christ in Christmas or get out of “our” country, then I will respond in kind and point out the obvious flaws and holes in their logic. If people do not wish to be criticized and have those flaws pointed out then they should practice their views and ideas in private or in their chosen place of worship and leave the rest of the world to do the same.

        As i said before, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

      2. JOE says:


    3. littlestar says:

      History lessons are always appreciated. You seek the truth… Good man ! You know what else is true ? All men are not created equal. So can you please petition the federal gov’t to have ” that ” sentenced removed from our Declaration of Independence. Just scratch it out.Cut a hole in it. Do something please ! Because … How can we live a lie ?

  12. DO says:

    This banner does not violate the Constitution at all, neither does the pledge or our money. All those people challenging this need to do their research, the Constitution simply states that no one will be FORCED to follow a religion. Get your facts straight before you claim that it violates the Constitution. If you don’t like it then leave the country and go somewhere else, this is America and how it is.

  13. The Realist says:

    Has the town established an Official Religion that must be endorsed and sponsored at all times and at all costs?

    1. RayB says:

      Why would it? Just as the athiests have the right to not believe, Pitman NJ has the rights to believe and express their thoughts and ideas.

      A banner saying KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS isn’t hurting anyone. Why hassle a small town that was founded on religion?

      Pitman- keep the banner up.

      1. The Realist says:

        The town government is SPONSORING that banner, thus ESTABLISHING an Official Religion and BANNING all others.

  14. John says:


  15. joe C says:

    Ignorance is Bliss! If you dont believe then dont believe. The red white and blue was founded on christian values and beliefs. If you get offended by a simple phrase like Merry Christmas or keep Christ in Christmas then you need therapy..
    You can sit in front of your tv and fill your eyes with garbage, but thats o.k.
    Nobodys shoving anything down anyones throat… it’s an offering.. you dont have to accept it. Not sure why anyone wouldn’t want the peace of God in their lives. I guess to each is own. The very freedom that we have to argue this topic is wonderful, some countries would have you killed for making such comments. We live in the greatest country in the world and our freedom comes at a cost.. The only other person aside from the Lord of Lords and King of Kings is the American Soldier.. You want to make a difference in this country.. SERVE IT! Merry Christmas to all..

    1. JOE says:

      Thank you Merry Christmas.

    2. Jeff says:

      The U.S was not founded on Christian values or beliefs. In fact, the only place in the constitution religion is mentioned is in an exclusionary manner. The 1796 Treaty with Tripoli specifically states that the United States was not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. Most of the founding fathers were Deists, they believed in a creator but thought he did not concern himself with the daily affairs of men.

      The founding fathers were in fact students of the European Enlightenment, they believed in freethought as a basis of guidance, which is probably why for the first 50 years of its existence not a single U.S. President had been a Christian.

      I believe this country should go back to that initial beginning of free thinking and tolerance, then there wouldn’t be a need for a peace from something that may or may not exist elewhere.

  16. p8nt says:

    With all of these things going on, who needs terrorists, Iran, and North Korea, when you have people that’s demolishing America from the inside.

  17. Meagan Vazquetelles says:

    This is an example of how disrespectful, low-minded, selfish, and meanful people can be especially when it comes to Christianity and celebrating the important birth of Jesus Christ.
    I know some people don’t celebrate Christmas for some reasons while others do, but MY GOD!!! Yeasterday I saw “NCIS: LA” when at the end of their episode a character named Hetty said,”God bless us everyone”. What’s their problem and when is it going to take for them to get in their selfish, stupid, pig-headed minds that this country founded by our forefathers whose morals and upbringings were god-centered.

    1. Robby T says:

      You know there is a problem in this country when NCIS: LA is not constantly preaching scripture!! That’s why I watch the show! NCIS should stand for Naturally Christ Is Super.

  18. Robby T says:

    Always remember, Keep Han in Hannukah.

    1. Flynn says:

      That’s not a moon…it’s a Matzo Ball!

      Awesome pic, Robby T!

    2. Donald McKenna says:

      Oy Vey Iz Mir, I LOL’ed…

  19. DanTe says:

    if it offends some people then they have to take it down.

  20. Ron V says:

    What is Christmas about? I hope it is about Christ! Member of the K of C

  21. Flynn says:

    Merry Christmas. Your comment’s been reported for your racist remarks.

    You go to church on Sundays with that mouth there, Joey?

    1. Mr Turkey says:

      Another one that can’t handle the truth and shows it by responding with just name-calling.

  22. Flynn says:

    Frankly, I have no problem with Christians wanting to keep Christ in Christmas. It’s when they try to shove him into everything else in my life that I start getting angry.

    The real issue here is that both sides — the Religious and the Atheists — don’t have the good sense to stop shoving their ideals in one another’s faces. The banners and billboards of “Keep Christ in Christmas” or “This Season, use Reason” get bigger each year, just so they can outdo other.

    How about everyone minds their own business, celebrate or don’t celebrate, but keep beliefs between you and your own?

    1. Meagan Vazquetelles says:

      What do you mean when “they” try to “shove” Him into everything else into your life?

      1. Flynn says:

        Let’s see…

        We have women being told that they have no control over her body. We have doctors being shot and killed because they want to help these women.

        We have people being told they can’t be free to marry the person they love, regardless of sexual orientation.

        We have countries at the brink of war, ready to destroy one another over meager parcels of land.

        And we have a religion that after (admittedly) being persecuted for their beliefs when it was first created turned right around and did the same thing — forcing conversions under torture and threat. And while people aren’t slapped on a rack these days and told to profess their love for Jesus, we have plenty of zealots who go around saying “its us versus them” or “There’s a new Holy War brewing,” inciting hate and animosity as much as the Atheists manage to drum up with their silly signs.

        So again, I say — if everyone chose to believe or not, but basically left everyone to their own private lives, we’d be a much happier planet.

        But of course that’s never going to happen.

        1. AngryJerseyChristian says:

          I love your last 2 sentences. Before that however, I have a problem. if a woman has control over her own body, she doesn’t get an unwanted pregnancy.
          Next, same sexes can marry whenever they want, just not in Cristian churches.
          Covering the next few paragraphs, crazy people kill randomly, not God fearing people. As far as the Atheists go, there is no need to tell them to go to hell, they’re already on the right path.

          1. Sgeo says:

            When it comes to gay marriage, gays are not trying to force gay marriages into Christian churches. They are trying to get the government to provide them with the benefits, at the state and federal level, that straight marriages get.

            If no Christian churches will support gay marriages, but gay marriage is recognized by the government, that’s fine. If all Christian churches supported gay marriage, but gay marriage is still not recognized by the government, then gay rights has completely failed the gay marriage goal.

        2. Jeff says:

          I totally agree with you Flynn, but unfortunately its not all atheists pushing their agenda just like it is not all Christians pushing theirs. The majority in both groups would rather be left alone to do as they wished. Its the fringe groups and as you say, zealots, that believe they are right and everyone else is wrong that cause the issues.

          But most of those fringe groups are ignorant of anything that might be truth, so they continue and always will. Best we can do is point out the flaws in their beliefs and laugh it off. Intelligence and open minded freethinking will always prevail over close-minded ignorance.

    2. John says:

      Excuse me sir, years ago this was not a problem. Alll of a sudden these fringe groups that are coming out of the woodworks, they are the ones who are trying to impose the atheistic beliefs on a God-fearing nation that was founded on Christian principles. Years ago, nobody had a problem saying “Merry Christmas.” Now it is almost a sin to say it. For all you people who believe in politically correctness, that’s your choice. I will continue to say Merry Christmas because I am a Christian. There have been worse signs posted in public. People need to get a grip!

      1. Flynn says:

        And do you tell your Jewish friends to have a Merry Christmas too?

        And you’re right, years ago these things were not issues. Back then we had issues like selfish women wanting the right to vote or selfish black people wanting to the right to use the same bathroom or school as the white people.

        It’s called Progress John. It’s been happening since the dawn of time — and people have been punished for desiring it since then too.

        And whether or not the founding fathers were Christian, they founded this country on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! And they founded it on the belief that no single religion should hold domain over another.

        But of course that’s a convenient fact easily forgotten.

        1. Angelica says:

          It’s kind of funny how in 885AD the Pope decided to hold the birth of JC in December…the time of the Saturnalia, or, as we know it, the winter solstice.
          This was done to appease the Pagans who they wanted to convert to Christianity…yet we still believe this is the birth date of Jesus.

          Read your bibles, especially Luke…Jesus was conceived during Chanukah, his birth 9 months later actually falls in September.

          Everyone has to realize, the Bible is a book written at a time when the majority of the poor did not have an education and no written ability to speak of. Their tales were word of mouth.

          During History, things change, for better or worse.

        2. John says:

          You are a jerk Flynn! Progress does not mean demeaning any religion! I respect every other religion, and I am not saying that any religion should be dominant over another. As for my Jewish friends, I certainly believe that they are our older brothers and sisters in the faith. Everyone has a right to display their religious beliefs in the way that they want to. By the way iare you related to Hitler you jerk

          1. Flynn says:

            I want to respond to your comment John, but I’m laughing so hard as how ridiculous you sound, I can’t

            Happy Holidays pal

  23. Maddie says:

    Is CHRIST such an offensive threat? What is happening to this once great country. People are “offended” at the slightest mention of God in any way shape or form.

    Menorahs are displayed- a religious symbol. No problem.

    Nativitys cannot be displayed. Apparently a threat & problem.


    And thank you to the Pitman Fire Dept. for still believing.

  24. Brian Collins says:

    IF diversity is the goal then how come those that are so anti-religion are so intolerant of others? There is enough room for everyone to express their own views. It is not like anyone said you had to agree. I still do not understand the premise of why these people get so upset and emotional when they see Christmas being associated with the Christian beliefs. It’s a sign for crying out loud .

    1. KEN FEDDER says:

      i think if someone is offended by,this they shoud go back from wherever they came MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE THANK YOU KEN

  25. joe says:

    At this Rate we will soon lose the CHRISTMAS TREE what the ???? is going on in this great country of ours. They don’t want GOD on the money, they want to outlaw the the pledge of allegiance. It must stop now.

  26. Grand Knight 3533 says:

    I am glad that this banner is flying freely in town! God Bless Council 6247 and the town of Pitman! And yes, have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Vivat Jesus!

    1. JOE says:


    2. John says:

      I totally agree! Merry Christmas! Vivat Jesus!!

      1. Angelica says:

        Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Winter Solstice to all!

        We are all the same….Human Beings!

        1. Ira Steinman says:

          We are all NOT the same. Only Jews are called the people of G-d. And for very good reason. There is only one Holy Day that counts this time of year and that is CHANUKAH. Therefore that banner needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY.

    3. phil says:

      Way to go council 6247, you need help you let us know.

      Chancellor Vineland council 2531

  27. friend says:

    At first I was a Christian, then I ignored Christianity and started living for myself. Eventually I turned back to Christianity and never looked back. It won’t hurt to try Christianity, it’s like tasting a new kind of wine…but better.

  28. John Nelson says:

    It is your right to Deny God and it is my right to Celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I don’t ask you to shut up about your views and since this is a free country please don’t ask me to Deny my Savior. Just because you read a sign about my love for my God doesn’t mean you have to follow my beliefs. You want to close your eyes to whats happening in this world then go right ahead. You can hop up and down on one foot from now until the 2nd coming of CHRIST and scream about your rights to Deny God but you cannot make me turn a blind eye to my Lord ! God Bless you and Merry Christmas !

    1. John says:


  29. discouragedinnj says:

    Oh please, move on. Tolerance does not mean people cannot display their beliefs, it means if you don’t share the same belief, you need to look beyond it. This shouldn’t bother anyone and if it does, I would spend my time trying to figure out what about it is so upsetting. There’s lots of things I don’t believe in, so you know what…….I don’t do them. There’s pleanty of room for everyone and we all need to accept that there’s not one right way to view things.

  30. Sgeo says:

    Can atheists have a “There is no God” banner put up on public property by paying for it, similarly to the Knights of Columbus?

    If not, then this is government endorsement of religion, and the banner should go.

    1. Richard says:


  31. Donald McKenna says:

    Screw ’em… They want it down, let ’em try and take it down themselves. Although it’s my opinion that those same firefighters would be happy to let loose on the No Religion folk with a pumper, a 5 inch hose and several hundred gallons of water per minute while attempting to do so… 😉

    1. Jeremy says:

      Hey Don- quite witty. Bet you go to church and repent for your sins, while you secretly diddle kids and beat your wife. You are a fool.

      1. Phil says:

        Wow that will get your point accross you nut job

  32. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Doug says:

      And religous people are idiots.

      1. Winston Smith says:

        That may or not be so – but what about guys who strut around showing off their drawers or butt crack? Do we not ignore/tolerate them to maintain a civil society?

  33. Pi$$ed Off Long Islander says:

    Easterbunny, I would be careful about haten on Jews like the rest of the world. This has nothing to do with being a Jew. I can go ahead and call you a Christian a$$hole, but I won’t because that has nothing to do with anything. These people just need to get a life or they should kill themselves.

  34. Pi$$ed Off Long Islander says:

    Easterbunny, I would be careful about haten on Jews like the rest of the world. This has nothing to do with being a Jew. I can go ahead and call you a Christian a$$hole, but I won’t because that has nothing to do with anything. These people just need to get a life or they should kill themselves.

  35. Esmerelda says:

    If they dont like religion, ok for them, but leave the rest of us alone.
    Why do they think they have more rights to insist the removal than the
    people who dont want it removed ?
    This is outright discrimination.
    They must have been sent by Satan.

    1. right on says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Amen

  36. RingA DingDing says:

    Total Bull! Leave it up there!!! Pretty soon they will be taking the X out of XMAS. It’s called freedom of speech, baby, and if you don’t like it, get the hell out of our country.

    1. Deck the Halls says:

      whooohooo! it’s CHRISTMAS NOT Xmas.

  37. Think of peace says:

    no probably more of an atheist. This is why the world is becoming the way it is, remove God and what do you have. I often wonder why people don’t fight to remove all the evil intended billboards and advertisements on the subway platforms. If people would stop fighting on the religion issue we would have peace, as God intended for us to have.

    1. Michael H. says:

      People have been fighting BECAUSE of religion for thousands of years. It’s time to do without archaic religions.

      1. Peace be with you says:

        Religion is based on scripture. it’s time do have some peace in the world. Christ is Christmas, Merry Christmas to ALL and enjoy the season may it bring peace, health and jobs for everyone.

  38. man from old school says:

    Freedom From Religion f-u

    1. ProudAtheist says:

      No, f-u, you brainwashed sheep.

      Religion is just like fairy tales… except you don’t live your life guided by fairy tales

      1. A sheep says:

        One day you’re going to praying to God he brings everyone to him he wants to have with him. You watch and see. One day YOU will be ‘a brainwashed sheep’ so just shut up and start praying he doesn’t give you a trail too heavy. HA

      2. John says:


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