Holiday Related Crime On The Rise In Upscale Southport, Conn.

If You Fail To Be There For The Delivery You Could End Up Getting Robbed

SOUTHPORT, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A rash of holiday thefts has police warning suburban residents about leaving packages unattended, even on their own doorsteps.

There is an empty spot under the Christmas tree in Stacey Wymbs’ home; it’s where her family’s stolen presents were supposed to go.

But the presents never made it. They vanished from the front porch shortly after being dropped off by UPS, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.

An emotional Wymbs expressed her unhappiness on Thursday.

“Three packages were taken, six presents inside the packages. I know times are tough, but there are other ways to get things for your friends and family,” she said.

Seasonal crimes like this happen everywhere, but this year a spike in crime in upscale Southport has residents on alert.

Calley Zilling said she’s remaining vigilant.

“We just have to keep an eye out for the UPS, can’t leave ’em sitting around,” Zilling said.

But that is exactly what some people do. On one porch Young saw there were stacks of unattended packages.

Fairfield resident Michael Mingoello seemed less concerned.

“Never worry about it, never had a problem with it,” he said.

Neither had nine of his neighbors until the string of thefts began two weeks ago. Ironically the Grinches first struck on Christmas Tree Lane.

Police said that leaving packages unattended invites trouble. Authorities had no explanation as to why this part of Fairfield would be hit so hard. Perhaps, they believe, the thieves feel at home in Fairfield.

Police said that the stolen gifts have all been delivered by UPS, FEDEX, and the US Postal Service. Some boxes were left open with only the most expensive items missing.

The Fairfield Police said that they expect to make an arrest soon.

Have you or has someone you know been a victim of holiday theft? Tell your story in our comments section below….


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  1. lancaster says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland.This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    If DoJ and DoD employees where more concerned with doing their jobs than enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes, then there might have been more a chance that 9/11 had never happened.
    Worse might be the fact that elements within the U.S. Intellignece agencies with intent create their own terrorists by carefully choosing suspects and through many 10’s of years of psycological and physical abuse create their own terrorists. Why, to prop up defense spending.
    My dog was poisoned to death, a stolen car was run into the front of my house, gang members are harrassing me, I get death threats, BB guns are being shot at my car when I drive, my car is being tampered with, money and jewelry has been stolen out of my house, very long term sleep deprivation, etc….
    They have been harrassing me for 20 years.

    1. frank says:

      Sorry that they have been harassing you.

      Now tell us something else that we DON’T know.

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