NJ Attorney General Makes Overtime Info For Law Enforcement Officers Confidential

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Citizens in New Jersey can’t learn how much overtime is paid to state troopers and other state law enforcement officers.

Attorney General Paula Dow has made confidential any records that “may reveal or lead to information that may reveal” an officer’s assignment.

Dow spokesman Leland Moore tells the Statehouse Bureau of the Star-Ledger and Record newspaper the measure applies to the State Police and officers in the state Law and Public Safety Department. It does not include local police departments.

State records show that troopers earned $25.5 million in overtime last year and $15.7 million as of September this year. Sgt. Robert Galik topped the list last year, earning $63,221 in overtime on the turnpike. He has made $50,685 through the first nine months of this year.

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  1. Angelica says:

    What a joke, where is the accountability? Overtime records have always been available in the past, can any state official name one time it ever compromised an officers assignment in the field? I doubt it.”

    The reason they are covering up the overtime is because they do not want us to know how much it costs to haul Crispy Creme Christy all over the State.

    If he can take a helicopter, with a State Police detail, to his son’s BB game, what else has he done that needs to be hidden?

    His trained pitbull will now make sure we never know!

  2. Ronny O says:

    This just shows what kind of incompetence runs our Cities, States and of cause don’t forget the idiot federal officials.

  3. Nos Feratu says:

    So if you tell me that officer Joe Blow earned $73K in OT on top of his base pay, and that all that’s revealed about Officer Blow, I can figure out how he earned OT? If I could do such a thing, I would be the world’s best detective, and should be offered a job with the NJ State Police immediately.

    This is more proof of the hypocrisy of Govern Fatso’s administration. The 1 Percenters, and the cops who protect them, are untouchable.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Somewhere it must be in her own self interest.

  5. Pete says:

    What a joke, where is the accountaility? Overtime records have always been available in the past, can any state official name one time it ever compromised an officers assighnment in the field? I doubt it.

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