Brooklyn Cyclist, Victim Of Brick Attack, Speaks Out

Stephen Arthur's Case Is Just One Of Many That Have Been Unresolved

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Four months ago, Stephen Arthur was just biking home from work when he was hit in the face by a brick.

Arthur, who cycled to work and back each day, had just passed under a pedestrian bridge on Navy Street. He saw several teenagers gathered on a landing laugh before running away, and realized he wasn’t the only victim.

“This brick came flying out and hit me right in the face,” he told CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown. “My emergency room doctor told me he got hit by apples there. I’ve heard of golf balls, ice balls.”

The bridge connects two housing projects. There is a fence over the bridge itself but the walkway is wide open. Cars and bikes pass by just feet away.

pedestrian bridge at navy street in brooklyn Brooklyn Cyclist, Victim Of Brick Attack, Speaks Out

Pedestrian bridge at Navy Street in Brooklyn (credit: CBS 2)

“There be kids out here throwing all the time off this bridge rocks, bricks,” said resident Mary Coombs.

“I’ve seen people get hit with water, little rocks,” said resident Shakeem Wright.

No one has been caught and nothing has been done.

Arthur believes his attackers took advantage of a flawed design. He has now reached out to the Department of Transportation and to City Councilwoman Letitia James, who promises renovations to the fence in the near future.

“The fence needed improvements and, unfortunately, has been neglected for far too long,” said James.

“Then move the bike lane in the center of the median, you know? I don’t think that would cost too much money,” Arthur suggests.

He’s slowly recovering but still unable to ride his bike.

Arthur said he feels a kinship with other victims of similar crimes, like Marian Hedges, who suffered severe injuries when two teenagers allegedly pushed a shopping cart off a parking garage that landed on her.

Like Hedges’ husband, Arthur, too, wants a special kind of justice for his attackers.

“I’m healing. I want them to heal,” he said.

But he also wants them caught before another victim is hurt.

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One Comment

  1. Sorry Steve. I hope you’ll be back in good shape soon. Just heard about it from Ed. Nothing like that over here in Seattle.

  2. Christopher Range says:

    He wouldn’t have been bricked if he was black.

  3. Paladin says:

    Clearly bricks cause violence. Perhaps the Police Department can sponsor a brick buy back program to get these evil bricks off the street and out of the hands of criminals. Also, ban large pockets. High capacity pockets allow more brick ammo carnage.

  4. Christopher Range says:


  5. JIm says:

    It’s funny how the story does not mention the race of the attackers but EVERYONE knows that they are black.

    1. Christopher Range says:

      That is bigoted. The only safe presumption that can be made, is, that the kids throwing the objects are from one of the two housing project buildings that the bridge connects to.

      1. DanTe says:

        Simple logic you lib T A R D dope. If you put your hand in a fire and it burns you, would you be “bigotted” to “know” that it will burn you again? Better not be a bigot and just put you hand in the fire again, hey? Actually, you ARE that stupid that you will put your hand back in the fire, aren’t you?

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  7. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

    As usual….all of you serial commenters are as stupid and ignorant as the people you are racist toward. I don’t side with either of you. The kids we’re wrong to do the evil they did….and YOU ALL ARE WRONG for the verbal poison you spit out! ALL OF YOU CAN GO TO HELL!!!!!!

    Whites are no better than blacks based on their historic violations and current “slave master” mentality! Just watch the cable channel I.D. to see how warp minded your people are as well!!!



    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder. Happy Chanukah.

  8. Bill says:

    i hope the victim has the opportunity to hire a white or black person one day, and chooses the white guy based on his experience.

    1. Christopher Range says:

      This is another bigoted comment!!

  9. Santa says:

    Merry Christmas everyone

  10. Frank says:

    Don’t think you have to space ‘MONKEY’ anymore on here (for now anyway).. Evident in this replay.

  11. Very conservative says:

    Interesting. My question is if all us whites (assuming you are too) in the USA segregated ourselves to, say Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska….would all the blacks follow us there?

    1. ken88 says:

      They would probably try to follow, as we are their Host Organism. They live off of us, they are indeed bi-pedal parasites. Where would the flea be without the dog? We (I am indeed white) need a new country for only white people with new laws, new citizenship requirements, and a new constitution (one purged of easily misread “egalitarianism”). The blacks will get their own country : (Alabama, Mississippi, Western Georgia). Remember they are only 11% of the population, so that should suffice.

      1. nuttinbutfax says:

        why on earth black people would follow white people for? White people is just to plain, to boring to gay in the way, white people are always tryin to imitate black people, you see it everyday always trying to act cool and talk with their hands lookin duffy in the process, trust me aint nobody is gonna follow ya nowhere, if anything white men might go but white women aint going nowhere

        1. Christopher Range says:

          Racist garbage!!!!!

    2. Christopher Range says:



    I guess Councilman James Vacca can blame the fence not being high enough again instead of these savages.

  13. gotham_patriot says:

    All you need is……not love, but a little race war. That is, if Yorkies had any balls.

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      Why don’t you start one……….if you have any balls.

  14. Rick says:

    Ken 88 knew exactly what my comment implied. It’s so obvious how biased the media is. What’s really sick is that there are so many white liberal #%&$! bleeding hearts that buy into the BS.

    1. ken88 says:

      White liberals are our “Coastal Africans”. Explanation: Europeans never went into the interior of Africa to catch slaves (malaria), but used coastal Africans to do so. They had no problem selling out their own people, they were mercenary race-traders. White Liberals are our modern equivalent. They would drive us into bondage if we let them (already have to some extent with the welfare system). They are the first enemy, as they are the brain-trust, and enablers of the “Civil Rights Movement”.

  15. Rick says:

    I wonder what the public reaction would be if the cyclist were black and the incident happened in Howard Beach.

    1. ken88 says:

      If? If that was the case it would be front page news, and Al Sharpton would be staging a pity parade. The kids would have been charged with a “hate crime”, and sent to prison for 20 years. That’s what would have happened……..If they were white. But, they weren’t, they were black (or hispanic). So well shrug our shoulders, and say it happened because minorities need MORE MONEY for schools, after-school programs, before-school programs, remedial school programs, better free lunches, more role models…..bla…blal.bla. The same old crap we’ve been saying since LBJ and his “Great Society” nonsense.

      1. Christopher Range says:

        Just because the bridge connects two housing project buildings, there is no definitive proof that ONLY african-american kids were the ones’ throwing objects.

    2. the bandid says:

      blacks don’t came to Howard Beach, they are not permitted in the area, it is off limits to those animals

      1. ken88 says:

        I grew up in Ozone Park, and that is, alas, now gone. I loved my old neighborhood. Indeed Howard Beach seems to be holding the Barbarians at the Gate, but for how long?

      2. nuttinbutfax says:

        STOP LYING Howard Beach aint like it used to be, i go through there all the time and see plenty of blacks and hispanics, we taking over, ya white people here seem to hate blacks ’cause some of them commit crimes but how about ya child molestin serial killers arses huh? ya hate yourself for tht?

        1. “Commit some crimes” you say. Blacks make up but 11% of population, they commit 80% of the violent crime. Most rapists, and yes child molesters, are indeed black. “We taking over (sic) “, that seems to be unfortunately, true. How’s the new Black America doing? Notice we’re turning into a 3rd world country as we speak. The punishment of black people taking over for blacks is…… people taking over. You can’t do anything properly. By the way, I support this as it will help reforge white indentity. Once we wake up, then we’ll have some “fun”.

      3. Christopher Range says:


  16. Joe Bolton says:

    Thnak you President Lincoln

    1. Christopher Range says:


  17. Ham07 says:

    Just fence off the projects like they do with the Bronx zoo

  18. Alex says:

    You know who lives at city projects. I’m not willing to say not be announced a racist. So, they belong to single not working (usually) mothers with several kids from different, usually unknown men. They are untouchable.
    So, what do you expect? Everything you are going to offer is known in advance and would be called racism, genocide and segregation. So, enjoy it.

  19. mike says:

    Its a BLACK phenomenon known as ‘wildn’.. after a generous amount of alcohol ,weed, crack or meth consumed by the little rascals, the random acts of violence , shoplifting and mayhem begin. Watch out white ppl , unfortunately ur the easiest targets along w Mexicans. So next time u see 20 or so lil’ rascals headn’ in ur direction .. RUN away fast.. Because ur situational awareness kinda sucks! Cheers!

    1. Christopher Range says:

      While I have heard of ‘wildn’, there is no definitive proof, that the kids committing the heinous acts of violence, are african-american.

  20. mike says:

    I WISH a lil monkey would try that w me .. The beating I’d give him would start a riot in this city

  21. sharp object says:

    I bet it was those Chinese kids!!

    1. harry says:


    2. Christopher Range says:

      Another racist comment!!!

  22. DC says:

    I was riding across the Brooklyn Bridge several years ago (on my way to the bike shop), in the cycling lane, when a runner coming the other direction landed a right-cross to my cheek. Random acts of violence towards cyclists is one reason I left the city. In order to safely enjoy cycling in the region, you have to get in your car and drive for 50-60 miles …. and you’re still subject to ya-hoo’s that will shout derision, and throw bottles at you.

  23. mike says:

    Shopping carts ,bricks,rocks,bottles whatever these heathens get there hands on they like to throw at innocent ppl. I vote to bring back the frontal lobotomy.

  24. Tyrone says:

    Does the word Savages fit ?

  25. Mike says:

    I’d like to invite Arthur to bike friendly Florida. This was a horific act of cowardice by a bunch of thugs. You’re in my prayers tonight.

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