Stephen Arthur's Case Is Just One Of Many That Have Been Unresolved

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Four months ago, Stephen Arthur was just biking home from work when he was hit in the face by a brick.

Arthur, who cycled to work and back each day, had just passed under a pedestrian bridge on Navy Street. He saw several teenagers gathered on a landing laugh before running away, and realized he wasn’t the only victim.

“This brick came flying out and hit me right in the face,” he told CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown. “My emergency room doctor told me he got hit by apples there. I’ve heard of golf balls, ice balls.”

The bridge connects two housing projects. There is a fence over the bridge itself but the walkway is wide open. Cars and bikes pass by just feet away.

pedestrian bridge at navy street in brooklyn Brooklyn Cyclist, Victim Of Brick Attack, Speaks Out

Pedestrian bridge at Navy Street in Brooklyn (credit: CBS 2)

“There be kids out here throwing all the time off this bridge rocks, bricks,” said resident Mary Coombs.

“I’ve seen people get hit with water, little rocks,” said resident Shakeem Wright.

No one has been caught and nothing has been done.

Arthur believes his attackers took advantage of a flawed design. He has now reached out to the Department of Transportation and to City Councilwoman Letitia James, who promises renovations to the fence in the near future.

“The fence needed improvements and, unfortunately, has been neglected for far too long,” said James.

“Then move the bike lane in the center of the median, you know? I don’t think that would cost too much money,” Arthur suggests.

He’s slowly recovering but still unable to ride his bike.

Arthur said he feels a kinship with other victims of similar crimes, like Marian Hedges, who suffered severe injuries when two teenagers allegedly pushed a shopping cart off a parking garage that landed on her.

Like Hedges’ husband, Arthur, too, wants a special kind of justice for his attackers.

“I’m healing. I want them to heal,” he said.

But he also wants them caught before another victim is hurt.

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