Man Dead In Apparent Suicide After Allegedly Killing Ex-Wife, Abducting Daughters

OLD BRIDGE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Two little girls have lost both of their parents right before the holidays. Prosecutors said Friday their father killed their mother, abducted them from New Jersey and then committed suicide inside of an upstate New York motel.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman Reports From Old Bridge

Police had traced 39-year-old Anthony Trapp and his two daughters to the Bear Mountain Bridge Motel in Fort Montgomery, New York after finding his wife dead in his Old Bridge, New Jersey home.

Trapp was found dead from an apparent suicide after barricading himself inside the motel, authorities said.

The owner of the motel told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that Trapp checked in Thursday night. Police apparently got a tip about the car Trapp was driving and called the motel owner, who confirmed Trapp was there.

Police said the New Jersey tags on the car had been replaced with tags from New York.

The motel owner said before the police were called, there was no hint anything was wrong.

“There didn’t seem to be any issues or problems,” owner Doug Johnson said. “He wanted to know if there were any restaurants. I told him there was one across the street.”

When state troopers arrived and surrounded the motel around 7:30 a.m., Trapp’s daughters happened to just walk out of the motel room, police said.

Troopers scooped them up and carried them to safety.

Police spent over an hour trying to communicate with Trapp.

“Talking on a mega phone, asking him to answer his cell phone, please give us a sign, turn the light on, let us know you are alright or not,” said witness Sue Castelluccio.

“The oldest daughter, she kept crying for her daddy,” said witness Justine Lindahen. “She kept saying they wanted her daddy. That’s what police kept saying over the megaphone.”

“At about 8:40 we sent in special operations. They located him deceased,” New York State Trooper Joseph Tripodo said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

“As good of a conclusion right now at this point as we would have hoped for. Kids are safe. They’re in the custody of police in New York state,” said Old Bridge Police Captain Robert Weiss.

It all began Thursday when police issued an AMBER Alert for 5-year-old Emma Trapp and her sister, 20-month-old Sophia, after police said they found the girls’ mother stabbed to death.

Anthony Trapp's Home - Old Bridge, NJ - Dec 16, 2011 (credit: Alex Silverman / WCBS 880)

Anthony Trapp's Home - Old Bridge, NJ - Dec 16, 2011 (credit: Alex Silverman / WCBS 880)

Police believe Anthony Trapp fatally stabbed 37-year-old Heather Trapp after she arrived at his home to pick up the girls.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

Detectives said he then abducted his two daughters and took off in his ex-wife’s vehicle.

Heather Trapp’s body was found after a concerned relative called police. Officers went to the home to investigate and discovered that the children were also missing.

The AMBER Alert was cancelled just before 8 a.m., about six hours after it was first issued.

Neighbors in Old Bridge told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan the 37-year-old mother had moved out of the house and the couple shared custody of the girls.

“They were a good couple when they first move here, had good times. Like any other couple they fought, separated,” said family friend Vinny Allen. “He lost his job and he supposedly had some medical problems. He had surgery and then a lot went downhill.”

Police said the two girls were unharmed and have been placed in the custody of family members.

Police still aren’t saying exactly how Anthony Trapp died, but said an autopsy was scheduled for later Friday.

“That’s the worse part of this. A week before Christmas this happens,” Allen said.

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One Comment

  1. tzip says:

    The court system failed Heather Trapp and she paid the ultimate price.  I knew Heather, she was my dental hygienist, and we recently spoke about her predicament. All the warning signs were there—an unemployed man ready to burst — and nothing was done.  She told me that she could not get a restraining order to continue, leaving her unprotected by a court system supposedly designed to work for her safety.  The lurking question remains. How many more Heather Trapps must die before New Jersey gets the message that the system is broken?

    Heather was a hardworking, caring, and gentle person who got lost in our justice system (or, in this case, injustice system). The apparent irresponsibility of the judge in this matter should be investigated and a broader look should be taken at the laws that are meant to protect us. Let’s not make this another quickly forgotten domestic murder. It’s time to speak out and let our lawmakers know that change is long overdue and delay is lethal.  

  2. Peter says:

    The wife is dead and NO GUN was used.People kill,not inanimate objects,otherwise everything will have to be banned.The anti-gun rhetoric is just a ruse by politicians to cover their backsides because they know they are not doing anything substantive to change people’s behaviors or the reasons why people kill.I don’t have a gun,or want a gun or have any desire to get a gun.Facts are facts,people kill.

  3. karen says:

    well lowlife, you’ve managed to scar your children for life. crying for their daddy. you robbed them of their mother. at least they’ll have each other to hold onto. the great debate about who gets custody hopefully will not be fraught with an us vs them antagonism. those poor frightened girls. it’s been a bad week for daughters. i hope the future holds happiness for emma, sophia, and officer figoski’s girls.

  4. lieutenantdan says:

    The family court system is to blame much of the time. A wife does not get along with her husband and the courts give custody to the woman even when the father is a better parent.
    The children only see their father every other weekend and are forced to live with a physco parent, the mother and usually the physco boyfriend of the mother. The mother makes a difficult situation worse by parental alienating the children from their other parent, their dad. Dad feels tremendous hurt and mental pain from not being allowed to have a meaningful and healthy relationship with his children and I guess he snaps under the extreme pressure. As you can see by the story he never harmed his children and he had no intent to harm his children. I know many good men who have been crucified by the family court system. It is all a shame.

    1. karen says:

      he never harmed the children! physically perhaps, but they are scarred mentally. he takes them on a psycho road trip in the middle of the night. there was most certainly harm done to those girls. hopefully the custody issue will not be contentious. children can’t choose their parents. don’t blame the mom here, unless you were part of the proceedings. there’s usually enough blame to go around. the only victims here today were emma and sophia. i hope there will be support and peace in their lives

    2. su says:

      Oh ya’ the family courts & the evil woman! Are you kidding me, about 90% of the non-custodial parents disagree with the courts and they don’t murder anyone.

      1. Kimberly says:

        I’m a custodial parent and I don’t agree with how the courts handle domestic violence issues. Lawyers are not required to take Psychology courses. Especially Law Guardian. Pretty much the only people who know what goes on in a marriage is the two people. And the court, who knows nothing about the two people, except for only a couple of hours of testimony, makes the decisions. So it is pretty much who can lie and manipulate the court is who wins. And without the psychology known, who the hell really knows. Right now I’m dealing with an ex who has been caught drug dealing, tax evading, was a domestic abuser, didn’t pay bills, etc. and is looking for custody. Seriously???!!! The court shouldn’t even be entertaining people like this. It’s not just men either. I know some crazy women out there as well and until the courts are better suited to understand the Sociology and Psychology of our society, more senseless events like this will take place. My restraining order runs out in January and I will be looking to extend it, with a copy of this article in hand.

  5. Curious George says:

    Rap music turns another white man into an animal!

    1. Niecha says:

      I’m confused where in the story doesn it say anything about rap music?! That might be the most inappropriate, and ignorant comment I’ve ever read. I guess ignorance really is bliss…Idiot

    2. DaEmph says:

      Why whites on here have to say the most dumbest things on here? What does rap have to do with it? Maybe he was listening to some heavy metal devil worship music, and was spinning the records backwards and it told him to kill his wife and self, how about that idiot!

  6. VY says:

    Thank God he killed himself without harming the girls. They will be better off not knowing the monster who killed their mother, regardless of who was right or wrong in their marriage. I don’t care about what his problems were, or how upset he was with his wife or exwife. I don’t care. His daughter never diserved having they mother taken away by him. But since he did take their mother away, better they never have to deal with that monster again. Hopefully there are some really great Aunts, Uncles, and or Grandparents who can and will raise them.

  7. djwt says:

    the world will be a better place when news sites like this disable their “comments” sections

  8. Ramsey Howell says:

    Everybody knows that this kind of crime belongs in New York City, not the suburbs. Bloomberg MUST immediately reimburse the State of New Jersey for all police overtime costs. The City MUST be held accountable for exporting its crime to our fair state.

    1. M.A.D says:

      Please read the story again, crime happened in NEW JERSEY and he KILLED HIMSELF in upstate New York. New Jersey should reimburse New York State for the police overtime. You must live in Wonderland to believe that this type of crime only happens in NYC.

      1. Ramsey Howell says:

        Yes, this type of crime happens everywhere, but it BELONGS only in New York City. Therefore, NYC must be held fully liable.

        1. Idiot says:

          You sir are a moron!

          1. Ramsey Howell says:

            No, I’m being LOGICAL…

            – Suburbs are peaceful and quiet.

            – Inner cities are festering hellholes.

            – Therefore, crime belongs in cities. Period.

            1. Mel says:

              I grew up in New York and Live in New Jersey, I was never subject to a “Festering Hellhole” You have no idea what you are talking about and LOGIC is something you should try not to use since you have no clue. Crime is Crime. People can snap no matter where they are from they could have a loving family in the inner city and grow up to be someone amazing or they could grow up in the Suburbs and turn out to be a nut case.

              1. Ramsey Howell says:

                Let’s face it… Everybody knows that REAL Americans live in suburbs. Therefore, people who live in cities are worthless America-hating traitors. Therefore, all crime BELONGS in cities and must be kept there at all costs.

              2. gqa says:

                please don’t try to reason with an idiot who obviously has hidden and bias agenda’s. I’d bet he also believes certain people should not be allowed to live in his suburbs because of the way they look.

  9. Robert N. says:

    My dear heart goes out to those little girls..May God be with them and I hope they have good family members to take care of them…..This time of year, any time of year..what a shame….You girls are in my prayers…The man is a COWARD for what he did…Those girls have no mother….It just makes me sad, what a world we live in, no excuse for the actions….Burn in hell…!!!

  10. Joseph Didonato says:

    This is a rough time of the year for alot of people.

  11. L C. says:

    I knew Anthony since he was a kid. He did’nt deserve to die this way. He was going thru some realy hard times and he never would wantingly kill anyone. I know that he was pushed over the limit during a fight and he must have just acted out in anger. He would never hurt his kids.I just wish that he turned himsrlf in so he could have been helped and his kids would still have had a father. Instead of nasty comments please say a prayer for all of them.
    and if you do not like the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GET OUT!

    1. Campbell Taylor says:

      I would have to agree. It’s tragic that the girls lost both their parents. Nobody knows the whys and hows of their life. There is no excusing what he did, but it is clearly a tragic situation all around. I’m sure those little girls loved their dad as much as they loved their mom. I hope that there is family for the girls to go to. God bless their little hearts. Praying for the family.

    2. Very Sad says:

      Unfortunately this is very sad. However, do you really think if he turned himself in that his kids would have a father. I really don’t think his kids would every want a relationship with the man who killed their mother. Hopefully there are loving family member that will take care of them.

    3. BobbyONJ says:

      Sorry about your friend. This is a lose-lose-lose.

    4. su says:

      But, “LC.” don’t you get it? He did hurt his kids!
      When your friend killed their mother, he hurt her children!
      I can only say to any mother who has an Anthony in her life – run for the hills!
      My daughter & I are alive today because we got away, and all his friends ever saw was a great guy.

  12. Joey from Bensonhurst says:

    Was she cheating on him?

    1. CT Native says:

      Who cares???????
      Feel badly for those little girls!

  13. Liberals Are Evil says:

    LT, are you always this stupid? Because if you are, it is very scary that you are walking in this earth!

  14. PaPa Joe says:

    Who cares what LT or the Oilers fan thinks. I think we all know they are certifiable and, if not so pathetic, laughable. The important thing is that those beautiful children are safe. I, as a grandpa, had a difficult time reading this article and watching the news. I’d like this guy to serve twenty hard-time years in the general population at Joliet.

  15. JB says:

    Are you that stupid!? rats and pigs?? You are a P.O.S. honestly to make a comment like that. This man killed his ex-wife, stole her car and kidnapped those girls. That’s plenty of harm. It’s called an AMBER ALERT for a reason you moron. And he did plenty of harm to those girls the second he thought it was genius idea to kill their mother. You are a jack ass that does not belong in society. If I knew you and knew you were in harms way, at this point, I wouldn’t report it because I would mind my business. If you were in front of my face right now I’d probably smack you. Just saying

    1. Sampson says:

      JB, what a wonderful way with words you have, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  16. Oilers Fan says:

    Maybe he wants to bring those little girls up right by moving to Canada (a MUCH better country than than the CRAPUSA) eh.

    1. Sampson says:

      Are you out of your mind or just 12 years old.

    2. Sue PalmerBabz says:

      Oilers Fan………go crawl back under the rock you came out from under

    3. M.A.D says:

      If you live in the US, then MOVE!!

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