NYPD Arrests ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Who Scale Fence At Church-Owned Lot

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested Saturday after they scaled a chain-link fence or crawled under it to get to an Episcopal church-owned lot they want to use for a new camp site.

Protesters used a wooden ladder to scale the fence or lifted it from below while others cheered them on. A man wearing a Santa suit stood on the ladder among others, as they ignored red “Private Property” signs.

As officers made arrests, protesters shouted obscenities and hollered: “Make them catch you!” The group was inside the lot for a short time before being led out by police in single file through a space in the fence.

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“Forty-nine protesters who used ladders to scale a fence enclosing private property were arrested for trespass this afternoon. One individual with two outstanding warrants and five pairs of bolt cutters in his backpack was arrested earlier, about 11 a.m. This may have stymied plans to cut through the fence on multiple sides,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

About a thousand people gathered across the street at a city-owned park.

Protesters have been looking for a new place to set up camp since they were ousted from Zuccotti Park and are considering Duarte Square, which is owned by Trinity Wall Street Episcopal church.

The arrests prompted a statement from Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, Rector of Trinity Church.

“It is regrettable that Occupy members feel it is necessary to provoke potential legal and police action by attempting to trespass on other parish property… I would urge all concerned to stand down and seek justice in ways that do not further alienate potential allies,” Cooper wrote.

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Trinity Church says it would be unsafe for them to camp on the lot near the World Trade Center.

“We do not, however, believe that erecting a tent city at Duarte Square enhances their mission or ours. The vacant lot has no facilities to sustain a winter encampment. In good conscience and faith, we strongly believe to do so would be wrong, unsafe, unhealthy, and potentially injurious. We will continue to provide places of refuge and the responsible use of our facilities in the Wall Street area,” Cooper added.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said in a statement Friday it was “regrettable” that Occupy members want to seize the fenced-in property, and that the action could result in “legal and police action.”

Twenty-two protesters were arrested in the square on Nov. 15 after Zuccotti Park was cleared by police.

Occupy organizers say they’ll be at the square today to hold speeches and other events to mark the three-month anniversary of the movement.

They have previously asked church officials to let them occupy the church-owned property, but have been denied.

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  1. Stan Chaz says:

    Re Occupy & Trinity Church: You don’t need to be religious to understand -and embrace- the idea that “Whatsoever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” But many of the 1%, in blind greed and endless schemes, have forgotten this. They have closed their eyes to what the word “society” should really mean, what it can mean. But due to Occupy Wall Street, we are finally talking less about CUTS and more about BLEEDING. Instead of demanding m-o-r-e budget cuts -to be borne by the middle class and poor- we are FINALLY focusing on the shameful bleeding that the poor and middle class has endured, for all too long. Instead of talking about even m-o-r-e cuts in the taxes of millionaires….we are now talking about fairness and justice – about an economy and a political system that is increasingly run for the rich, and by the rich. Instead of talking about LESS government, we are talking about a government that WORKS FOR ALL OF US, not just a favored few. Thank you OWS, for reminding us that people -ordinary working people- really DO matter, and for helping open our eyes to what’s going on in this country, and why. The attempt by OWS to occupy Duarte Square (the empty lot owned by Trinity Church) is much more than a plea for sanctuary. For like Zuccotti Park, it’s an attempt to carve out a protected space, a living conscience for the city, amid the repression. A refuge…in a city where control-freaks would sweep us under the rug, and out of the way. In a city where they would pen us in, and permit us to death. In a city that tells us to “move on, move on”….. you don’t belong, you don’t count, you don’t have a right to be here…don’t assemble, don’t block the street, don’t trespass, don’t EXIST! They would deny us, deny our lives, deny our very futures. IF WE LET THEM. But OWS responds, both in word and in DEED: it says we’ve had ENOUGH – we BELONG, we STAND our ground, and we DO matter! This IS our land, and we want it BACK! The word OCCUPY…says it all! That’s why OWS has captured our imagination. That’s why a living breathing OCCUPIED public space is important for OWS. Like Lady Liberty’s never extinguished torch that burns in our harbor, OWS needs to have a concrete, persistent, in-your-face presence.. ..to continually remind us of what we’ve lost, of what we are, and what we can be; a protected place to affirm, to illuminate, to defy…and to inspire. Trinity Church, with its oft-proclaimed ideals (and its huge land holdings), should look deep into its collective soul, do the right thing, and help OWS secure a sanctuary. Not merely a space of refuge, but one of hope, non-violent change, and compassion. And dare I say: a space of love – love of country, love of your fellow man and woman, love for the poor and oppressed. Can thoughtful Christians argue with these simple Christian / human values? For if Christ were physically with us today, as He was 2000 years ago, He would be among the FIRST to climb those fences, and occupy Trinity’s Duarte Square. Of this I am certain. Let us pray that Trinity Church -and others -hear the call, and respond. For the old ways are not working…

  2. Donald O. Carroll says:

    I suspect, Scottm1207, that our vision and goals are more aligned than you may realize (if, that is, you are telling the truth).

    You appear to me to have many suspicions. I humbly submit that we all need to be wary of being paranoid in these difficult times. I can understand why you might believe what you say. I am confident many of your gripes about the government and corporations are legitimate. In fact, I would probably concur with 99% of what you are saying out there.

    Please, before you continue to libel us for what we are not, please, just listen to what we are saying and investigate who we are. In many cases, we are your children. In some cases, we are your bosses; in some cases we are the people who take care of you in the hospital when you are sick; in some cases we are the police and duly elected officials. We teach your children. We serve you food. We repair the roads you drive on. Not all of us, to be sure. Most Americans I know are genuinely angry and can no longer get a job. They have difficulty containing their rage. But the few having tantrums, screaming out for somebody to S.O.S please do something are weak and disempowered people who have no idea what democracy or citizenship or direct action is all about. They are many just frightened, and understandably, and they look to their powerful authorities to do something about it, like repress those very freedoms we as a people most cherish.

    Why on earth would you take miscreants and psychotics and ne’er do wells, an isolated few amongst the Occupiers, as representative of the movement as a whole? It simply isn’t true. The trouble is that if someone spends too much time in their easy chair watching television, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, anxiously flipping channels to find someone who agrees with them, they will. The chances are pretty good good that that will find exactly that and never actually learn the truth about what is going on. In the industry this is known as a psychographic, which is rooted to a demographic (specific to market region, age, gender, education level, etc.). The statistical analysis of audience is the foundation of modern advertising, which is to say people are pinpoint targeted with messages that reinforce their own behaviors (both ads and programming do this). People need to know this, and ask themselves, who is the official sponsor of this message (i.e. who is enslaving me to get themselves rich?)? That, my friend, sadly, is just one of the ways that America is mind-controlled. Some may not believe me. Some may have seen to many of those beer commercials already to be saved from themselves, and totally played by fat cheshire cats who think we don’t know any better. I my friend worked for years analyzing data like that and trying to tailor messages to tell people what they wanted to hear.

    THE OCCUPATION is about helping each other to wake up. It’s not a movement of the right or a movement of the left. It is a conversation in which we hope to come together; and an action, in which we hope to join hands.

    As we have seen throughout every stage in American history, and is especially true now, there are demons and angels both in every institution in America. And, no doubt,l there is a lot of pain out there. Some people want to lash out, while others seem to want to help. This is no less true of families than it is of corporations. To adapt a quotation from the great sages on the right, “Corporations don’t kill people. People kill people.” And the same is true of families: Some of their members are sometimes so excessively abusive of their power that they hurt and scapegoat their loved ones.

    For me personally, and as an American (SAR), with descendancy from both sides of the fence (rich and poor alike) and a proud family tradition and history of civic participation, and as a Christian—but not as a spokesperson, nor representative of the Occupation, as no one represents us all, nor should—THE OCCUPATION IS ABOUT FINDING A SAFE WAY TO FINALLY ONCE AND FOR ALL STEP IN AND END THE ABUSE. I AM LOOKING FOR DEMOCRACY (direct and representative; rather than an ‘autocracy with a suggestion box’). I AM LOOKING FOR FREEDOM FROM RIDICULOUS BUREAUCRATIC RULES THAT MAKE EVERYTHING IMPOSSIBLE AND TEN DIFFERENT LEVELS OF TAXATION APPLIED TO EVERY PENNY I EARN. I AM LOOKING FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I AM LOOKING FOR FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. I AM LOOKING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY & TRANSPARENCY, SO THAT WE MIGHT ONCE AGAIN HAVE JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY.

    Wouldn’t you agree that these are noble aspirations?—and not ‘utopian,’ as the ruling elite tried to get their subjects to believe centuries ago? Wouldn’t you agree that this these principles (of toleration) are the very foundation of what makes America great, even more, and to a far greater degree than do our personal bonds to brands of football teams and beers?


    Please, Scott and others, come to your senses. I am addressing you personally now. If you can participate as a citizen, I in invite you to dialogue with us in open, ad-free (unsponsored) forum. You have every right and are most welcome to join us in dialogue. The only cost of getting in is that you agree to the protocols and decorum of the congress (not the Congress), which means that you patiently abide your turn to speak, rather than rudely interrupt others and call them names, as a hostile child high on tantrum energy does, which only ruins the party for everyone else.

    If you are against the enslavement of the people of America by our institutions, which now appear to be under the control of the military-industrial complex, and miscreants who abuse their power at every level of government and society, to take a bigger share of the pie than is their just due (and fan the flames of their ego), then I implore you to join the Occupation. The government has systematically proven themselves to have a vested interest in skirting these issues. We will listen to you; but only if you agree to listen to us all. Trying to learn how to listen to each other finally, once again, as a people, and to work together, toward that goal, is indeed what as I personally believe is chief among the aspirations of the Occupation. It means we will help to restore each other as citizens in a nation of citizens; rather than consumers of a big business, like CBS, once a great station.

    Merry Xmas, Scott. I hope its warmer where you are than where I am 🙂

  3. Donald O. Carroll says:

    They are interesting fantasies that some of them have.

    I don’t think you would call me a “flea bagger,” as I am assuredly clean (I use expensive soap), well-groomed (designer clothing, non-vintage), polite (I have written etiquette for T&Co.); I am well-educated; and I have paid many times more national, state and local taxes than the majority of Americans. Some of them might even choose to call me a on-percenter (although that doesn’t make me a one-percenter).

    I was there. Some people in front of me politely lifted the fencing, all together. I walked through, in a fully erect posture—I didn’t crawl—to talk to the well-paid provocateurs who were dressed like “radicals,” and even tattooed in grotesque ways to suggest their allegiance to a cause that isn’t theirs. It’s funny what some people will do for money. Their sport of the day was to transform the positive energy of the peaceful protesters into a WMD by trying to rally them as a crowd to storm the fence at once, thus toppling onto others below.

    Please don’t believe what you read in the media. See with your own eyes. Ideological bias causes many in the media to report lies. We are all of us knee deep in ideoloogy, especially those who most vehemently deny it. Ideology is invisible. Eyes don’t see. Brains see. And ideologically-conditioned brains cause honest reporters to sometimes report things in a very slanted way. They gather the facts that conform to their original thesis. They ignore the ones that don’t. Voila, a “news story.”

    I was on both sides of the fence, outside the park and then inside. I could see it all fairly clearly and what was going on was very obvious. Fortunately the police saw it too. They’re not dumb. In fact, most of the officers who processed my arrest were just doing their jobs. I have never been so respected by a police officer, nor anyone in my life than those officers on that day—surpassed only by the magnanimous and holy grace of many of the men and women arrested that day on the piece of land that Trinity claims its own, which may or may not be true, from a legal perspective.

    The police were doing their jobs. They are not stupid. Many have kids to feed and there are not a lot of jobs out there. Off the record, some or many let it be known to me that they were 100% sympathetic to the concerns of the protesters, and would cross the lines if they could.

    The Occupation for me is about all working people in solidarity to look into the root causes of the catastrophe that is our world, under their miserable excuse of stewardship. I would like to see full Accountability and Transparency. Are these congressman really selling out America, as it would appear. I don’t think it’s treason. I don’t believe they hate America. They probably love her as much as we do. And I don’t believe either that they are the agents of foreign powers. It is my suspicion that they just love themselves too much. This is what we have to identify as a radical form of selfishness, which is possibly at times beyond ideology even, and more closely akin to psychosis.

  4. Scottm1207 says:

    Those of us who work our butts off to earn what we receive, and risk our life’s savings to earn what we do, and didn’t do too many drugs and booze in high school and college, and keep ourselves living a relatively clean life, have NO sympathy for the Fleabaggers. Nor do we identify with those paid plants of left-wing organizations who are compelled to protest everything that doesn’t comport with their idiotic visions of a socialist utopia.

    Those few legit protestors who were sucked in by the professional protesters of SEIU and various other left-wing professional protesters, by virtue of their desire to get government out of the corporate subsidies for everything they deem “socially deisreable” have a leg to stand on.

    Conservatives want an end to corporate subsidies, including the labor cartel corporations called unions. We want an end to the corrupt and incenstuous cycle of government grants and funding of labor unions so they can funnel those funds back to the politicians who provide the funding. That miniscule subset of OWS are spot on, but the rest are neo-commie losers bought and paid for by George Soros and the other neo-fascists who erroneously believe government can social engineer a better world.

  5. Scott M 1207 says:

    Are the Fleabaggers still spreading their pestilence?

  6. Stan Chaz says:

    You don’t need to be religious to understand -and embrace- the ideal that “Whatsoever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” But the 1%, in their blind greed and schemes, have forgotten and closed their eyes to what the word “society” should really mean. Because of Occupy Wall Street, we are finally talking less about CUTS and more about BLEEDING. Instead of demanding m-o-r-e budget cuts -to be borne by the middle class and poor- we are FINALLY focusing on the shameful bleeding that the poor and middle class has endured for all too long. Instead of talking about even m-o-r-e cuts in the taxes of millionaires….we are now talking about fairness and justice – about an economy and a political system that is increasingly run for the rich, and by the rich. Instead of talking about LESS government, we are talking about a government that WORKS FOR ALL OF US, not just a favored few. Thank you OWS, for reminding us that people -ordinary working people- really DO matter, and for helping open our eyes to what’s really going on in this country. Trinity Church should look deep into its collective soul, and at its ultimate mission. It should do the right thing, and help OWS. For I would bet my life, that if He were physically with us today…as He was 2000 years ago, He himself would be the FIRST to climb those fences, and occupy Trinity’s Duarte Square. Of this I am certain.

  7. CBS denies the Truth says:

    Why can’t CBS get it’s facts straight and report without being biased?
    * the headline is biased
    *Duarte Square is not near the World Trade Center, Trinity Church is.
    * A retired Episcopal Bishop was the first person to trespass, not a single photo of George Packard or mention. Nice omission.
    *the “vacant lot” is a chained park with benches and trees that is a current eye sore to the people of lower manhattan

  8. Jeff Sayin says:

    OWS engaged in a symbolic act of civil disobedience and knew they would be arrested as they should be. The larger question remains – why is wealth and land distributed in such an iinjust way. A topic worthy of discussion

    1. The Capitalist says:

      What is the “correct” distribution of wealth and land? What is the “correct” amount of money that any one person should be permitted to possess? Should people who refuse to work be more entitled to money than people who do work?

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        Difficult question – but do I think religioous organizations should be able to own land property tax free they do nothing with or use for commercial profits ? No – they should pay taxes on such land.

        As to capitalism, I support it since it is more consistent with human nature. BUT “capitalist” it must be subject to yes regulations that are actual enforced so the gross abuses we see today do not happen. Way too many people make too much money today betting on how to game the system. It is a major problem that we all pay for.

    2. Scott M 1207 says:

      The simple truth that you neo-commies cannot comprehend is that wealth is not “distributed”, it is created and earned. You can only gain income by someone paying you what they think your value adds to their enterprise. That’s why Fleabaggers will never be rich because they provide no value to anybody who is willing to pay them from the fruits of their own labor.

      They may want to confiscate someone elses fruits and give it to someone else in return for their wants and desires, but until the losers among you understand that to get rich you have to have a good combination of drive, intelligence, luck (often self-made) motivation, clear-headedness and a better way to provide value than the next guy, you’ll stay pathetically whining about other’s wealth.

      The economically ignorant are spinning their wheels waiting for someone else to give them money, when all along it’s been themselves that are the impediment to them becoming anything worth while for an employer to desire.

  9. The Realist says:

    I’m still waiting for somebody to explain the LEGAL basis for claiming that Trinity Church’s non-use of its own property somehow constitutes a transfer of title to the Occupy Wall Street Corporation. Is there really a precedent for that in any U.S. court?

    1. GetReal says:

      Explain to me the purpose of a park that no one is allowed to use? Why is it in-between two other city parks? Why does it have benches for sitting, that no one sits on? More importantly, why is it ok for a non-profit church like Trinity to hold vacant lots anywhere in the city? How is that giving back? P.S. Trinity Wall St was given over 200 acres of land by the Queen of England in 1704 and was able to retain them after supporting England in the revolution by using their lawyers to influence the laws made on their property. I’m pretty sure it was taken from the Dutch West India Company who bribed it format he Native Americans. Maybe the “realists” should open a history book and at least have some perspective on this little piece of land in the heart of a city.

      1. The Realist says:

        I’m still waiting for a SPECIFIC explanation of how Trinity Church owes that SPECIFIC piece of land SPECIFICALLY to the Occupy Wall Street Corporation. What point of law SPECIFICALLY entitles “Occupy” to seize title to THAT parcel?

        Oh, and please be SPECIFIC.

  10. monique says:

    To Jeff Sayin – your comments are one of a freeloader, as are the actions of this group. I was raised to work for what I have as most people do. Another word my father used for freeloader was leach. I think that’s quite fitting for you and the OWS protestors.

    You and they have no right, regardless of your belief of what a church possesses or does not possess to camp on private property, and do NOT have the right to infringe on the rights of others for you cause which most do not support.

    Now please go feed elsewhere…no one cares for leaches.

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      You know nothin about me but thanks for the insult – it shows you have nothing of substance to contribute.

    2. liz says:

      To Monique= Very well stated! OWS are nothing but VERMIN. For some unknown reason they all feel as though they have a sense of entitlement. As far as I know, everything I have I WORKED for, nobdy gave me anything NOR did I feel as though I should TAKE what wasn’t mine. OWS is nothing but LOSERS and a complete DISGRACE

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        liz/moniique – it is obvious you are the same person. – try spending the energy you do spewing garbage to actually understanding what OWS is about instead of spreading lies and insulting people

        1. Scott M1207 says:

          We know exactly what the Fleabaggers stand for.

  11. EasterBunny says:

    Jews run the media.

  12. Lower Manhattan Resident says:

    Sue on what basis? Doesn’t the “Occupy” corporation have more than $500,000 in donations? One of their “executives” stayed at a $500/night W hotel suite. Why can’t they use their funds to rent space?

    If they sue Trinity Church, Trinity Church can countersue for unjust harassment. and more. You’ve drunk the Gimme, Gimme, Gimme kool-aid of the OWS movement. This tactic is alienating Trinity Church–an organization that is letting OWS use its facilities for bathing, meetings and computer use. Tactics like this weaken OWS relevance. Why would you sue someone who’s helping you? And not that it matters to you, but Lower Manhattan community groups are using that lot. We all know if OWS uses that lot they will refuse to give it up. Community Board 1 asked OWS to stop drumming 24/7 and that drumming be restricted to a two hour period. OWS said 4 hours–and continued to play other musical instruments throughout the day and night–sleep-deprived neighbors be damned. Give OWS an inch, they will take a mile. I personally will not give them a millimeter.

    1. The Realist says:

      If you’ve read the papers lately, you’d have seen that the “Occupy” corporation has raked in more than $13 MILLION over the past three months. My guess is that O.W.S.’s top executives are using that money to give themselves huge raises and bonuses.

      1. GetReal says:

        Wow, gotta love a realist who can’t read. That figure is how much US cities have spent on giving their police fat overtime checks to stand around and hold their billy clubs.

        1. The Realist says:

          That money was spent specifically because of the Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION, so it counts as income to the Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION and should be taxable as such. I’m still waiting to see the audited financial statements.

  13. Bartholomew Harte says:

    Let em Suck Wind down at 100 Centre Street-I hear the Balony sandwich with extra Rat-droppings goes down good wit da tea!P.S.-Don’t Drop The Soap!!

  14. Rex Here says:

    What a bunch of nut sacks! All are losers and they sure don’t represent me..ewwww

    1. getreal says:

      you are pathetic, less then 3 hours till the O’Reilly Factor!

  15. Stan Chaz says:

    You do not even need to be religious to understand -and embrace- the idea that “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” In their blind greed and schemes, the 1% has forgotten and closed their eyes to what the word “society” should really mean. But because of Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots, we are finally talking less about CUTS and more about BLEEDING. Instead of demanding more budget cuts -to be borne by the middle class and poor- we are FINALLY focusing on the shameful bleeding that the poor and middle class has endured for all too long. Instead of talking about even more cuts in the taxes of millionaires…we are now talking about fairness and justice – about an economy and a political system that is run for the rich, and by the rich. Instead of talking about LESS government, we are talking about a government that WORKS FOR ALL OF US, not just a favored few. Thank you OWS, for reminding us that people -ordinary working people- really DO matter, and for helping open our eyes to what’s really going on in this country. It’s time, Trinity Church, to do the right thing…it’s time ..to step up and help OWS!

    1. The Realist says:

      This has nothing to do with the 1% versus the 99%. This has nothing to do with rich versus poor. This has nothing to do with corporate greed.

      Then again, maybe this IS about corporate greed. The Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION is being greedy in trying to take seize title to a property just because its current owner isn’t currently using it.

      If the Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION truly feels that it owns that property, then the Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION should enforce its ownership rights in court.

      1. GetReal says:

        Stop spreading LIES, OWS was not trying to take the TITLE to the vacant plaza known as Duarte Square. They asked for SANCTUARY from Trinity Wall St, not ownership. Your pattern of lies is either completely intentional or wholly uniformed, which is it?

        1. The Realist says:

          Either way, the Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION is neither owed nor entitled to anything. If the Occupy Wall Street CORPORATION believes otherwise, it should use its vast resources to pursue its claim in court.

          1. Jeff Sayin says:

            OWS has never been about “owning” anything – they are simply attempting to change the dialogue and raise awareness of injustices.

            You on the other hand simple raise false arguments in a weak effort to criticize what you don’t understand.

            1. liz says:

              To Jeff, you definitely changed the dialogue! The dialogue goes like this “New Yorkers are disgusted with all of the OWS FREELOADERS>we do NOT want you here anymore! ”
              “Your sense of entitlement is a DISGRACE, you all should be ashamed of yourselves”.

              1. Jeff Sayin says:


                Do not pretend to speak for New Yorkers because you don’t

                OWS are not freeloaders seeking entitlements – that is just some slogan straw argument you have been drinking like Kool Aid from Fox News/NY Post pundits

                Try thinking for yourself instead of regurgitating garbage

    2. Forgotten Lower Manhattan Resident says:

      Fellow New Yorkers–got a chest cold? Got that extremely tired feeling that’s taking forever to go away? I and a lot of my Lower Manhattan neighbors have it. On The David Letterman Show Tom Hanks mentioned he had a chest cold and David Letterman replied he has had his for over a month. My hypothesis: it’s the “Zuccotti Park flu.” Apparently the press has not bothered to interview Lower Manhattan residents and businesses about the extreme filth at the Zuccotti Park encampment. Allowing 200+ people to camp without bathroom and bathing facilities is the height of stupidity.

      Because there were no bathroom facilities, some OWS protesters used the sinks of neighborhood businesses as toilets. Neighborhood alleys and building vestibules were also used as toilets. Since there were no bathing facilities, sinks of neighboring businesses had to do. One sink was torn off the wall when someone tried to bath in it. During the cleanup, lice, scabies, rotten food, trash containing excrement, and vermin were among the choice items discovered at the OWS encampment. OWS’s first amendment right to protest ends when it becomes a safety and health hazard.

      Please spare me any argument that Trinity Church should provide OWS with space to set up another camp–especially with winter coming. Canal Street is one of the busiest intersections in Lower Manhattan which already has traffic jams multiple times a day. Plus, as usual in Lower Manhattan, there is a major construction project going on in the area involving the new water tunnel which is also snarling traffic. This area doesn’t need OWS antics so that traffic can be snarled more than it already is.

      I lost a month of my life to the Zuccotti flu–and I had a flu shot in October! OWS has received more than $500,000 in donations. Where is that money going? Why can’t they use that money to rent space? I am tired of being collateral damage to the OWS movement. I’m literally sick over OWS. If they set up another encampment in the city without proper bathing and bathroom facilities, I will sue them, the city, and the owner of the land where the encampment is located.

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        First off – you are s nut for trying to blame OWS for your illness.

        Second – the constitutional RIGHT to assembly and protest the people’s grievances was one of the core reasons for the founding of this country – Our government should be more concerned with protecting those rights than the “inconveniences” it might cause.

        Third – If the NYC government/NYPD did not harass and make as it difficult as possible for people to exercise their constitutional rights and instead permitted port a johns, rather than deploy SWAT teams maybe any illness could have been avoided.

        Good luck with your lawsuit – be sure to waste lots of money on a lawyer so you can get your claim thrown out as frivolous

        1. The Realist says:

          Your Constitutional right to assemble doesn’t include the “right” to seize title to somebody else’s property. Trinity Church owes NOTHING to the “Occupy” CORPORATION.

        2. Forgotten Lower Manhattan Resident says:

          @Jeff Sayin
          If you’re willing to get sick and/or die for this movement fine. Some of us actually have jobs and/or families to support. I guess the news media that reported the various illnesses in Zuccotti Park are also nuts. Here’s just one report:

          For the record, I agree with some of the grievances of OWS–I just don’t like their tactics. The Constitution also mentions life. Indeed this is mentioned before the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore my government’s main responsibility is to make sure nothing interferes with my right to live, because if I’m not living it’s pretty obvious my pursuit of liberty and other freedoms would be naught.

          I think a lot more is needed besides port a johns to make an OWS encampment sanitary if people are staying there long term. Bathing facilities are critical to prevent the spread of disease and vermin. If you support the movement so much, why don’t you find space in your neighborhood for them to camp out? And while you’re at it, why don’t you allow them to use you apartment for their sanitary needs. Just sayin’, Jeff.

          FYI I don’t need a lawyer to sue. I have handled cases pro se in the past and have won. If you think I’m the only one who will sue if health and noise concerns caused by OWS are not addressed you are quite naive. Freedom of speech is a first amendment right; camping is not.

  16. karen says:

    it’s still private property, and you were trespassing. get over yourselves

    1. History 101 says:

      It’s called Civil Disobedience. Never heard of the concept? Read Henry David Thoreau, learn about the Civil Rights Movement, learn about the tactics of Ghandi.


    [audio src="http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-48361/TS-552473.mp3" /]


    1. END THE FED says:


  19. ace111 says:

    It’s to bad the Cops didn’t shoot all of them

    That would take care of the problem

  20. Jeff Sayin says:

    It should be noted this lot at Canal and 6th Ave is an empty lot that Trinity has never down anything with. The amount of unused property controlled by religious organizations is another issue worthy of discussion.

    As to the mean-spirited people posting here criticizing citizens for exercising their first amendment rights – shame on you. Move to China if you want a police state and suppression of freedom of speech.

    1. Rob says:

      So it’s an empty lot. That gives them the right to “occupy” it? IT’S NOT THEIRS! More of the “gimmie, gimmie” mentality. Just because it isn’t being used does not give you the right to take it.. Maybe they should spend more time actually trying to figure out why they are there and less time causing disturbances.

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        Trinity Church and the Catholic Church own a ridiculous amount of land in NYC and pay NO taxes. If they are going to have that land tax free, they should use it or give it back to the people,

        And as Woody Guthrie once said in a long forgotten verse from This Land Is Your Land

        As I went walking, I saw a sign there,
        And on the sign it said “No Toespassing.”
        But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,
        That side was made for you and me.

        1. The Realist says:

          So they own land. Does that automatically give the “Occupy” CORPORATION the right to seize title to that land?

          What is the LEGAL basis for your claim that “Occupy” now owns (or should own) Trinity Church’s land without compensation?

      2. getreal says:

        Bah bah I hear a sheep.

  21. les says:

    I guess they got tired of occupying mommy’s basement and needed some fresh air.

    1. getReal says:

      LOL !! O’reilly factor is on in less then 2 hours I can’t wait!!

  22. Maureen Murphy Gallagher says:

    I can’t wait until it’s -10 degrees and they are freezing their a$$es off! That’s what they deserve, Do they really think they can just take over any property that they want??? A bunch of sickos!

  23. Lightning Rose says:

    It’s time these people went home! All their “movement” is doing is creating more problems for municipalities whose resources are already overextended. You want change? Pick up garbage! Shop for an elderly shut-in! Walk someone’s dog or help people carry their bags up the subway stairs. Instead of yowling obscenities, try being polite and helpful to someone, anyone! The economy evolved over 80 years to get where it is, and it’s going to have to evolve out. You people are not helping!

    1. GetReal says:

      This a police dream come true. They get big fat overtime checks, (who gets those anymore?) AND they get to brandish their fancy homeland security bought riot suits! Nice use of your tax money indeed.

  24. Marc Simone says:

    Once again, OWS is initiating violence and attempting to seize private property. These thugs need to be arrested, charged, convicted, and imprisoned.

    1. GetReal says:

      You need to go back to work tomorrow morning and do the most efficient and effective job you can, don’t be a slouch, leave lat least 2 hours after the boss. The motherland needs your hard work in these trying times.

  25. Jim says:

    these losers just want to cause trouble. If they were legitimate they would be setting up camp in our nation’s capitol until congress addresses their complaints. They are professional leeches that exist due to the free food and other gifts that misguided do-gooders give to ease their own guilt for being sucessful.

    1. CBS is not truthful says:

      Why can’t CBS get it’s facts straight and report without being biased?

      * the headline is biased
      *Duarte Square is not near the World Trade Center, Trinity Church is.
      * A retired Episcopal Bishop was the first person to trespass, not a single photo of George Packard or mention. Nice omission.
      *the “vacant lot” is a chained park with benches and trees that is a current eye sore to the people of lower manhattan

  26. liz says:

    The protesters are VERMIN – absolutely DISGUSTING – nothing but LOSERS – TIME WASTERS – PATHECTIC- this crap is getting real OLD! New Yorkers do NOT want you here!! Clean up your act – don’t frown upon your fellow protester who recently got a job, you all are so AWFUL!

  27. The Realist says:

    The “Occupy” corporation and its executives should just SUE Trinity Church for ownership rights to the vacant lot.

Comments are closed.

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