In Wake Of Cop’s Death, NYPD Holding Gun Buy Back In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are hoping to net dozens of guns in a buy back today in Brooklyn.

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Authorities said the gun used to kill NYPD officer Peter Figoski was an illegal semi-automatic weapon.

A gun buy back will be held at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Cypress Hills, the same Brooklyn neighborhood where Figoski was murdered.

Those who turn in working guns will receive a $200 bank card, no questions asked and you do not have to give your name.

The goal is to get as many weapons, especially illegal guns, off the streets.

Back in June, 71 firearms were turned during similar gun buy back event.

The Operation GunStop program (1-866-GUN-STOP) also offers rewards up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest of an individual who is carrying, selling or using guns illegally.

Today’s buy back is until 4 p.m. at  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church at 94 Hale Avenue.


One Comment

  1. Kowman Harsh says:

    Gun buybacks are laughers. Another example of the stupidity of the liberal gun haters stupid law enforcement brass.

  2. Donald McKenna says:

    Wonder how many break in’s are going to happen now because of this? Sure way for a criminal to get $200 per gun quick, just steal them from someone’s home…

    Similarly, the ‘Illegal” gun that POS Pride used to kill Ofc. Figoski was probably stolen as well; generally, criminals don’t buy their firearms from gun stores, they steal them or buy stolen guns for about 1/4 their actual worth…

  3. JustSaying says:

    These gun buy-back programs don’t work. Mostly they get old, unwanted guns from widows closets and junk guns that are more dangerous for the user than anybody else. It’s just a feel-good program to make the public think they’re actually doing something. Criminals and those of us who understand what they really are laugh at these ‘shows’.

  4. NYC42A says:

    It doesn’t take much to figure out that the criminals are not turning in those guns. Most of the time it is law abiding citizens who break the law because it is so difficult and expensive to get guns legally in NYC. In many cases these are war or family heirlooms that could never be legally registered but the need for cash and the desire to stay within the law makes people turn these guns in. In return for a couple of hundred bucks, people are giving away history and property that may be worth many times more than what they get. To a an arms collector, this is the equivalent of throwing away a Norman Rockwell or Van Gogh painting. Get rid of the criminals, not the guns.

  5. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  6. DanTe says:

    Got a gun with a few bodies on it? Need to disappear the evidence? Why they will pay you for it, no questions asked. Stupid T A R D S

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