Craig enjoys going at it with Kelly in Nutley (not pictured – that is Kelly Book, who has no relevance to the story but is just ridiculously hot). Before today, when I typed that statement, I would most certainly be talking about the spirited sports related the discussions the two engage in from time to time.  Well when Kelly called this morning – presumably after she completed her morning chores – she did voice some displeasure with her beloved Giants, but she also had quite a few cute pet names for Craig.

What made matters even more strange was that Craig was giving the cute pet names right back to Kelly.  To say it was uncomfortable would be an understatement and Boomer certainly notice.  The call concluded with a promise from Kelly to call back Thursday or Friday.

From there we got to listen to a call from Lou from Staten Island as he dialed up Richard Neer over the weekend and had a tough time putting together a coherent thought – but it didn’t stop him from trying and we commend Lou for his valiant effort…

LISTEN: Kelly in Nutley Keeps Some Faith and Lou in Staten Island Outdoes Himself (12/19)

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