‘Franco Friendly’ NYU? Professor Claims He Was Canned For Giving Actor Poor Grade

Jose Angel Santana: Since I Didn't Kiss Usually Absent Star's Butt, I Paid Price

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — He’s Hollywood “A” list. But Oscar nominee James Franco got a “D” in a graduate class at NYU, and a professor claims that’s one reason the school fired him.

Franco played one of the bad guys in “Spider-Man 3.” Now, he is again being cast as a villain, this time in a discrimination lawsuit filed by Jose Angel Santana.

“It’s a very, as I call it, ‘Franco friendly’ environment, that is willing to bend over backwards to curry favor with him,” Santana told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello on Monday.

Santana taught Franco in a directing class in 2010, while the actor was enrolled in NYU’s graduate film program.

He’s the star of “127 Hours,” a role that earned him an Oscar nomination last year, but the star didn’t have much time for classes at NYU, missing 12 of 14 weekly sessions.

Santana said Franco deserved an “F,” but he gave him a “D.”

“He got a generous grade,” Santana said.

Getting a “D” in Professor Santana’s class clearly made an impression on Franco. He talked about it earlier this year, saying online “He’s funny, he’s a funny guy.”

Franco laughed, but the lawsuit claims NYU was not amused.

“Anything that didn’t curry favor with Mr. Franco was a problem,” Santana said.

This was especially the case after Santana complained about an alleged conflict of interest. Franco made a movie called “Shadows and Lies” with another NYU professor.

“Other professors, obviously, had an incentive to see James Franco succeed,” employment attorney Matthew Blit said.

The school said the Franco allegations are “ridiculous” and accused Santana of seeking “personal publicity.”

Franco, meanwhile, is still straddling the red carpet and the ivory tower. He’s teaching a class at NYU this semester.

Santana also claims he suffered racial discrimination, as one of the few minorities on the film school faculty.

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  1. Amtracmarine says:

    This Prof is full of crap. They just don’t fire tenured professors for B/S.like this.
    There’s more to this story

  2. Franco is a "B" Movie actor! says:

    The Professor possibly tried to bed Franco and was rebuffed. Franco may only bed down with young men, not older Daddy types.The Professor then may have thrown a hissy fit and gave Franco a poor grade, deserved or not. This should not be played out in the media, but this is NY and everyone wants their Fifteen Minutes.

  3. Nick says:

    This guy has no case. He worked for the diploma mill NYU. He should have known better.

  4. no different than good athletes... says:

    …i’ve seen all of them skate right through college and one of them, graduated from georgetown and played big time new york basketball, could not even spell. didn’t matter one bit. he passed every class.

  5. Noper says:

    If I was the professor he would get a F in my class. He actually missed the whole semester attending 12 out of 14 classes. Professor Santana was actually nice to give him a D.

  6. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Danny says:

      Every day with this nonsense, I think you have a mental disorder.

      1. DanTe says:

        Since people who ACT like they know how to DO something – like Actors – ARE liberals, I think this is actually appropriate at this time.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Yes…all actors are liberals. Like Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston (RIP), John Voight, the list goes on.

          “Very conservative” has serious mental issues, as demonstrated by his repeated posting of the exact same message on many articles on this website, most of which have nothing to do with politics, like this one.

          1. Dont tread on me says:

            95% of Hollywood is left leaning. You can name the few exceptions but the overwhelming majority of actors are liberal.

            1. Michael H. says:

              Then DanTe shouldn’t say that they all are. They ALL aren’t liberal.

          2. Boomer says:

            At least Meme Miyagi is posting under a different name!

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