Heartless Burglars Ruin A Long Island Family’s Christmas

NEW YORK (CBS2) — Did you see CBS2 Reporter Jennifer McLogan’s story about the struggling Long Island  family who had their home flooded and Christmas presents stolen just days before Christmas?

The Suffolk County Habitat For Humanity can be reached at WWW.HABITATSUFFOLK.ORG

  • AJ

    The news report stated to go here to help the family, like the others there is no link or information to help the family on here nor on the Suffolk Habitat site.

    • AJ

      apparently the family already has been helped per a news story posted a shortwhile ago

  • Erica Litts

    How can you donate to this family? The news tells you to follow this link to help, but I don’t see anything.

    • Phil Genova

      i want to donate to this family, how can i do it. What gives???

  • Laura Ritchie

    Would like to bring Santa back to their house

  • Robert Prisco

    How can I make a donation?

  • Lisa Daniels

    Please let me know how and where I can bring some happiness to this family and put those beautiful smiles back on their faces. It’s a shame that some mean and cruel animal would do something like this to anyone.

  • Rickie

    How do you give to the family who’s house was robbed??

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