Man Sought In Girlfriend’s Queens Stabbing Reportedly Kills Self

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man believed to have stabbed his former girlfriend and her stepson at their Queens home reportedly jumped in front of a Long Island Rail Road train Tuesday morning and killed himself just hours after the attacks.

Police said the 43-year-old woman was stabbed in the neck, reportedly by her ex-boyfriend, on 56th Street in Maspeth shortly after 6 a.m. She was rushed to Wyckoff Hospital, where she is in critical condition.

Authorities also said a 22-year-old male relative of the victim — believed to be her stepson — was also stabbed outside the home. He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Neighbor Willie Samija told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria that the suspect — who has not been named — jumped in front of a train, but the medical examiner must still make a positive identification.  He also added that he had warned the victim to be careful on previous occasions.

“I see all the time that he get drunk and drug-addict little bit.  You know, they start into fighting — this is it.  Then I told her a couple times, I said ‘listen, you better stop this kind of relationship because you’re gonna [end up] dead,” a neighbor told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

That neighbor said he was told “mind your own business” after giving the victim that advice.

“As soon as he came out of the jail for the first time, he broke her leg. He came out of the jail, I told her ‘listen, he’s coming back to your place again,’ I say ‘it’s not gonna stop right there.’  You know — it happens once, it’s gonna happen a couple times,” Samija said.

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One Comment

  1. Everyone says:

    Matthew 7:1-2 ESV / 179 helpful votes

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

  2. Phoenix House L.I.C. says:

    He lived here at Phoenix House and I have to tell you that he was a Sweetheart but behind closed doors when he was in his room he would curse a whole lot. Regardless of what he did we had a moment of silence for him and his family. At the end of it all we still are in shock especially for her family. She should have not died this way. I know that he always spoke so nicely about her and always spoke about her son who happens to be GAY and wanted to hook him up with one of the guys here at Phoenix House. RIP James Peck and RIP Maureen.

  3. The residents of glendale qeens says:

    Jimmy Peck was a dirt bag to begin with. Too bad he didn’t jump in front of the train before he destroyed everyones lives.

  4. Tattz says:

    JAMES PECK…..burn in hell

  5. Dawn Marie says:

    You people have some nerve this wonderful lady was brutally murdered and my cousin was stabbed what if is was your brother or sister it’s the Holidays do you have any compassion. Your comment made me sick to my stomach.

  6. Anthony says:

    I know the victims. My heart goes out to them and i hope you keep them in your prayer this holiday season.

  7. SnowFlake says:

    He should have been alive and have to endure constant beatings in jail. Her children are in pain now for the rest of their lives, nothing makes that better.

    1. jess says:

      It is so easy for people to make idiotic comments … NO ONE has the right to judge. Everyone is a victim here … what he did was not right but were you there ?? Do you know what happened?? Do you know their personal history?? There are still 2 families devastated because of this … Do not make him out to be a monster when you did not know him all you know is what this article is telling you.. what if it was your son or brother ?? Just pray for all affected & stop playing god.

      1. Fred says:

        Very well said “Jess” I’m sure there is pain for all who are connected to this terrible incedent. They are all in my prayers. Unfortunitly the victim died yesterday. There will be no peace for these families. Go home and hug your loved ones. You never know what tomorrow holds.

      2. Tattz says:

        I did know him and HE WAS A MONSTER. I knew their history and warned her.

      3. Tattz says:

        Why don’t you shut up if you didn’t know them

      4. Tattz says:

        I do know what happened and their history…so Jess Shut up

  8. ProFromDover says:

    Well, at least the taxpayers are spared the expense of a public defender, trial and lengthy incarceration. Doesn’t help the victim, though, or those commuters he inconvenienced on the LIRR.

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