Doll Found Hanging With Noose At NYC Parks Department Garage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —  Police are investigating a disturbing discovery at a New York City Parks Department garage as a possible hate crime.

An employee found an African-American baby doll hanging with a chain noose around its neck at the department’s Bronx headquarters on Tuesday.

The Parks Department says it won’t tolerate such behavior.

“The Parks Department does not tolerate hateful acts such as this or any form of discrimination. We are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for all staff,” officials said in a statement.

Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe said the department is working with the NYPD.

(Thanks to NYC Park Advocates for the photo)

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  • HoffmanSelma

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  • betty

    first of all the only Whites that face hash times in life like black people was
    the jewish ,and when things go wrong they all hit the streets and news media
    is a big thing because there more things going on in the world to be worried about,THEN some jack “A” still around ..If another country come to bomb us tomorrow do u think they gone pick out the white from the blacks
    HELL NO ,we all going ,they didn’t think that way when world trade was hit
    they didn’t think about the kids either.One ain’t better then the others .there
    bad & good in every races If they do find out who they should be fired ..,.

  • Kildee Mooleez

    Wow! Judging by all the high drama, one would think a real human organism got hung. And would we not all prefer to be well hung?

  • Amused but not misled

    Real basic question…… who exactly is the crime victim here? Society? That’s not a crime.

    I guess they must find some crackpot that lived within a mile of it and will be offended when he or she sees it.


  • can of jiggas

    my sista what have the white men did to you……………

  • Mrs Jones

    it was the bigget Jim Noletti the ginny from white plains that hates blacks

  • no justice

    instead we need to hang all the pigs/cops, the real criminals with badges

  • badge2349

    so F U C Kin what it was the Dolls time!!!
    let it be….

  • saltine

    I’ve seen stuffed cats, bears, WHITE dolls tied like this….How is this one different????!

    Ohhhh, that’s right, it’s only RACISM when it’s a BLACK doll!!! Gimme a freakin break!!!!

  • its a china doll

    what if it was a carebear…do we go around killing bears???

    oh wait….nevermind

  • T-Rex

    I hope they find the garbage that did this and put them under a jail cell! The world would be a much better place if ALL racist bigots were erased from our society.

    • Mal

      ALL racist bigots; or just the white ones?

      • Santa Claus

        And furthermore, can black people even qualify as such??

        • Afan Sitagyl-Manor

          yes Virginia, black people can be racist.

          • Amused but not misled

            YES. But ONLY in theory

    • bullett

      Could this also be the work of a disgruntled (black) employee of the parks department?

      • Joe

        I was thinking the same thing.

  • Liberals Are Evil

    People need to relax about this racist crap. It’s just a a damned doll that could have been any color…good grief!!!

    • Hershey Squirt

      B-but it was choklit! It was a choklit doll!

  • AS

    First of all, no crime has been committed!

    Secondly, there are tons of garaages and loading docks across the country that have dolls hanging up just like this on their chains where the large doors open and close. I have never seen this as a hate crime…a little strange that they even have a doll but no hate.

    Ridiculous! Keep stirring the pot media and political correct low lifes! If you want a race war, you are going to get it this way.

  • Arn

    While Parks is right on on not tolerating discrimination, why is this even making the news?

  • Mr Turkey

    Two questions: what if it was a white doll? And if so, would we even be reading and/ or commenting on this?

    Gobble gobble.

  • bullett

    How are we to know if it is an African-American doll? I’ll bet if you check the label it will say “Made in China”.

    • its a China doll

      hahaa good one!

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