Woman Killed In Wrong-Way Driving Incident On The Bruckner Expressway

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A woman is dead after driving the wrong way on the Bruckner Expressway early this morning.

The New York Police Department says Margaret Donnelly, 25, was driving north in the southbound lanes at around 3:10 a.m. near the Middletown Road overpass.

Donnelly was driving a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. She struck a 2010 Mercedes driven by a 37-year-old woman before careening into a tractor-trailer. Donnelly’s car then smashed into the center median.

The 25-year-old driver was taken to Jacobi Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Four passengers in the tractor-trailer suffered minor injuries.


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  1. Fabio says:

    you people have no respect, my mother works with her mother and i don’t even know this girl and i feel for her and her family..may she rest in peace and will pray for her family in this very sad time

  2. lifeispreciousenjoyitwhilewecan says:

    Wow just stop all the ignorant comments. No one knows what truly happened. Please just let her rest in peace. All these negative comments are breaking her family’s and people who knew her hearts. Her death is not a joke nor something to be joked about. This is real, she will never walk the earth again. We all have loved ones to go home to and turn to and hug and kiss and celebrate each moment. She will never be able to do that again. Don’t you all get it. What if this would happen to your family or someone you loved or cared for. It’s not right. Just let her rest in peace. Whatever happened happened, its over. It happened for a reason and a reason she only truly knows. This website should really close off all comments because some people are getting out of hand.

  3. Anita de Rodriguez says:

    Time to stop reading and answering the poor excuses of humanity who have taken a sick delighted satisfaction in the death of this young woman whom they neither knew nor are in any position to pass judgement on. She may or may not have been a good person; she may or may not have been guilty if reckless behavior – the only thing that is certain is her actions resulted in her own death & to afford the opportunity for a bunch of cowardly assholes to post comments not even worthy of the most immature middle-schooler … Enjoy the dialogue amongst your lowly selves..

    1. Stop the Madness says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. “Cowardly assholes to post comments not even worthy of the most immature middle-schooler.” Your words perfectly describe all those walking garbage heaps who are giving lame excuses and plastic sympathy for this psycho (or drunk) driver. Lowly selves indeed. Let’s just wait for the test results. Then we’ll see who the fascist hypocrites are.

      1. TH says:

        Fascist hypocrites??? You are positively unhinged. Stop the madness is right go get some help you twisted pathetic person!

      2. Louis Bruno says:

        you are just enforcing her statement even more by being cowardly and not using your own name on here, since when are you a forensics expert and i see you havent been following this story at all because the preliminary test came out as no alcohol in her system now dont you feel stupid?

        1. Supporter says:

          Louis, provide source and cause of why she ended up on the wrong way to clear her “good name”. Otherwise she deserved all the negative comments on here. All her defenders are obviously very emotional or just supports DWI.

    2. Louis Bruno says:

      thank you i have been trying to get this same point across and am disgusted at how many praise the death of someone who died doing something that they dont know the full story about

  4. JJ says:


  5. Angels Don't Get Drunk says:

    When the test for alcohol comes back positive the touchy-feely dirt bags on this forum will suddenly declare that drunk driving is not so bad after all, this from the same people who would normally want the head of any person caught driving under the influence. The moronic gushing of sympathy for this woman’s “one bad decision” boggles the mind with its hypocrisy. Perhaps it’s just the deep, deep denial of friends and co-workers who want desperately to avoid the moral implications of someone they know having such a reckless and contemptible disregard for human life. Paint her as an “angel” and these mousey little cowards avoid reality.

    1. Louis Bruno says:

      the preliminaries have been out for a while and show 0 alcohol involved

      1. Cause says:

        yeah so ? What was involved? It is simply a plain mistake? Not enough sleep? Nobody just drives the wrong way and continues to drive the wrong way and then gets killed.

        1. Louis Bruno says:

          Didnt say a reason but there havent been any proof of any of the reasons being told by officials yet but it may have well been one of the things you just said above but there is no reason for judgement and bashing for things that have not been stated , i could be wrong or anyone else could be wrong but all i have been saying is for everyone to stop making things up and stop making assumptions because they could very well be wrong my biggest issue is on how people are praising the death of an individual, death is sad no matter what the reason being that and you shouldnt wish things like that on anyone else.

          but no i am not saying nothing is involved but as of now nothing has been released about anything being involved either and believe me if there was something involved im sure it would be all over the news by now but wait things out dont make premature assumptions, if im wrong im wrong if you’re wrong you’re wrong etc but the wishing of death on somebody there is no excuse for

      2. Benny Bruno says:

        It’s way too soon for even preliminary tests, Inspector Clueless. Get your head out of the CSI reruns and your face out of the snack dish. Just because a person is dead does not excuse them of dangerous stupidity (at best), despicable drunk driving (at worst). Stop embarrassing the Bruno family name! Go say a rosary or two, if that makes the world a rosier place for you.

        1. TH says:

          Wow – how about you speak for yourself and not as a member of anything including the human race – oh yeah & don’t bring up a rosary unless it’s to ask true believers to recite one for your sorry soul.

          1. Reverend Paul Bruno says:

            I am speaking for myself, d-bag. Who speaks for the human race except self-righteous bigots who think they have a monopoly on moral correctness? Look in the mirror, fascist pig. Fingering your stained rosary beads doesn’t save you from terminal stupidity. As for your soul, it’s as diseased as your perspectives on right and wrong.

            1. TH says:

              Fascist? Man you are so sick – get yourself some help already!

  6. Please says:

    You conveniently forgot to say how she died. The family is expecting special treatment?? Celebrities would be crucified if they did this. The only wack comments are from people that seem not to have any humanity are the ones defending this wreck less act. Stop being emotional and think about it for just a sec and think what if you were on the road and this azz is coming right at you taking your life out.

  7. Louis Bruno says:

    You are all pieces of c@#$ here, are you kidding me someone died and you are saying stuff like this. people make bad choices everyone does so shut your mouths and be a f@#$*^$ adult and stop slandering someone like this. the family already has to deal with this so close to the holidays and you are all worthless pieces of c$#% what if the roles were reversed. the family is grieving through this holiday and dont need to be made more upset by reading this s@#$. grow up, how do you know that there wasnt a real issue like having some kind of disorder where she couldnt have properly made a choice now everyone on here if you have an issue I would like to meet you all face to face so I could spit in each one of your faces individually. what the hell is wrong with people, stuff like this make me lose faith in humanity….if this was a celebrity everyone would be oh poor thing she will be missed but no since she isnt anyone that you know lets talk s*!@ about a dead person. you are all going to rot in hell and i would be ashamed of anyone i knew in my family or friends who would say something like this, you are worthless human beings.

    1. Truth Hurts says:

      You are a retard. This dumbass BROKE THE LAW. Save your compassion for the next idiot that decides to go the WRONG WAY on a major highway and wipes out your family.

  8. Lynn says:

    if you had a daughter/child/sibling who made a terribly poor choice and died because of it, how would you feel? would you be so ruthless? would you agree with those who believe she got what she deserved? would you rejoice the demise of your own blood?

  9. TC says:


  10. jimbo says:


  11. nathan says:


  12. Reason Prevails says:

    She’s as guilty and as morally despicable as the person who knowingly fires an automatic weapon into a crowd but, by sheer luck, doesn’t hit anyone, although a bullet ricochets back and kills him. Is he also worthy of our compassion? Or would most of the dried out old maids on this forum say, “Good riddance”? Just wait for that toxicology report, silly kiddies. And stop the hate! Go in Christ.

    1. C says:

      Yes that’s exactly how I was thinking Christ would handle this whole situation – He never said “judge not lest you be judged”. He obviously speaks through…..

      1. C says:

        …all you bloodthirsty morally superior beings….

        1. Christ the Redeemer says:

          Please do not use my name in vain. If I were alive, what would say in response to this woman’s death? Good question. I would say: “Learn how to drive you brainless bee-yatch! Or least lay off the drinking and the drugging if you’re gonna get behind the wheel! Sheeesh!! Go in Me.

          1. C says:

            Wow – the amazing ability of you all to speak in the name of Christ in a way that totally ignores the teaching and parables of the Gospels is mind boggling. “Go in Me” ??? Chills the spine – someone needs to check you for the triple 6s you revolting excuse for a human.

            1. Lucy of the Three Sixes says:

              The Mighty C(unt) has revealed me for who I really am – Lucifer – the jig is up. I must go back to my world of hate and damnation. I will give all your regards to that idiot skank who drove the wrong way down the highway. Since your empty prayers and condolences means absolutely nothing in the real world, I will console her with what she deserves.

              1. TH says:

                Wow – another completely unhinged person with misogynistic tendencies….hate women??? Couldn’t tell from your language – you need help!

  13. Conspiracy You Bet says:

    There’s so many artificial outpourings of grief and compassion for this messed up woman, you have to assume it’s a matter of paid placement. All her relatives, friends, and co-workers got together to portray this her as some sort of tragic figure who deserves total, unthinking sympathy and understanding. Talk about heavy-handed collusion. But it’s not too surprising. Diane Schuler’s family did the same thing, even after the state tests came back positive for drugs and alcohol. Delusional stuff. And quite pathetic.

    1. C says:

      Absolutely! They met together before they made her funeral arrangements….you worthless piece of humanity!

      1. C-unt You bet says:

        The only worthless piece of humanity is the one who drives the wrong way down the highway. Worthless indeed!

        1. D says:

          Anyone who rejoices in any death is worthless indeed!

    2. Reality Bites says:

      Likes hangout with likes. I am not surprise they are defending this killer. Next week news, . Margaret Donnelly’s cousin/friend demands new law that if you almost kill someone, we should put them in a picture frame with caption, Angel. Attempted or negligent murder laws are written by imbeciles says the deranged cult of Margaret Donnelly Association group

      1. Enough Already says:

        As opposed to the deranged soulless imbeciles who take delight in the tragedy. Move on already man – your venom is eating you like a cancer…enough

        1. Blah blah blah says:

          There’s no tragedy here. Everyone should move on. She made a bad choice and paid for it. Too bad. I’m thankful no one else got hurt. The truth is no venom. Everyone is taking delight this imbecile negligent killer didn’t take anyone out.

          1. C says:

            You have serious serious mental health issues and you are a toxic toxic excuse for a human – the very type of person I wouldn’t be sorry if someone “took out”….

    3. jimbo says:

      Whether she was drunk or not, thankfully no one but her was killed. At least this bitch wont be able to seriously hurt or kill anyone in the future with her stupidity.

  14. lifemattersregardless says:

    May this young woman rest in peace without all you idiots judging her. People make mistakes- Humanity is not flawless. Your mistakes effect others too so hush up. Wait for all the facts not conclusions based on information given to state what you think your ignorant minds know. This young lady’s family and friends and community are grieving her. She was obviously a vial integral part of many people’s lives and nothing could ever change that. If it was the case she had a bad night or was intoxicated we are not to judge her- I’m sure everyone has those nights. So just keep quite and let what happened be. In no way did it affect you- you’re at home with your family and loved ones. Before you comment just take a minute even a minute to think if this would have happened to someone you are close with or love.

    1. Truth Hurts says:

      No you hush up. I never made a mistake such as GOING INTO THE WRONG ENTRANCE OF A MAJOR HIGHWAY. If you have problems deal with them yourself, I am happy we can all bitch about it instead of having to visit an innocent person’s funeral.

      1. lifemattersregardless says:

        WOW no I will not hush up. she was not a bitch and I bet you’ve made some really stupid mistakes in your life. so yeah you really should shut up because sooner or later the truth will hurt you in some way. so stop judging other people and judge your lousy cold-hearted ignorant self.

        1. Truth Hurts says:

          Go feel compassion for the next angel that plows into your family’s car and kills them. And yes I have made stupid mistakes, but none that would endanger the life of others. Why can’t you get that through your thick head?

          1. Shut Up Already says:

            Your truth – no one else’s – how about you go do something constructive with your sorry self – the only thick head here is you….can’t help but wonder why you care so much – here’s a new theory – she was driving away from a disgusting creep like you!

  15. Lana says:

    All of the people leaving heartless, cruel comments should stop and think about this. What if this was you’re mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend, cousin anyone you care about. How would you feel if people were leaving these kinds of comments about them? Did you ever think that her family is going to have to bury her on Christmas eve?!
    Miss Donnelly will be missed. May she rest in peace and in God’s care. ❤

    1. Muriel Furshlanger says:

      If this was someone in my family the last thing I would be doing right now would be reading crap about it online. I’m just glad I wasn’t on the road at the same time/place as this person. I’m glad she wasn’t able to murder anybody.

    2. LMAO says:

      “What if this was you’re mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend, cousin anyone you care about.” NOPE. They’re not stupid bches that drive down the wrong way and try to kill people. They actually care about others. Unlike you hypocrites.

      1. Lana says:

        Really? Because i can’t imagine a decent person who would associate themselves with someone like you.

        1. Herman Cain says:

          You want me.

        2. LMAO says:

          Your definition of a “decent” person ROTS IN HELL.

          1. peopleneedtoshutup says:

            who are you to judge your actions are just as bad for your comments

          2. s says:

            you’re a pathetic person. simple as that. ur worthless and have nothing better to do then bash a dead 25 year old woman. u have no friends, ur just miserable and God will punnish you. peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee

    3. God the Father of All says:

      She’s not up here with Me. Sorry folks. Check a more southern address where the weather is quite, quite warm.

  16. Steve says:

    I understand the “no one is perfect” argument to a point, but to refrain from any criticism reaks of the ridiculousness that has infected this country in recent years wherein no one wants to take blame for any of their actions and others simply want to forgive and forget. I think that some of the comments are a bit harsh indeed, as yes, someone has lost their life and others were injured. Those that are less harsh, but still critical, however, strike the perfect chord. Moreover, I believe such comments may indeed have the effect of letting those who read it know that you cannot just make a mistake in life, say you are sorry, and walk away without anything further. Forgiveness for this woman’s actions is justified as we have all made mistakes in life, but something of this magnitude must also incur a harsh response before forgiveness can occur, if only to remind others that we must always do our best not to make such mistakes ourselves. I am sorry, but I cannot simply chalk this up to an opps! moment and then move on. This is bigger than that. I do agree, however, that criticism can still include a certain amount of sensitivity as well.

    1. T Connell says:

      Well let’s see – the poor young woman is not here to ask our forgives because the harsh response was her death. So we have the punishment – maybe its time for the forgiveness – what do you think ???

      1. Devil's Advocate General says:

        Save your forgiveness for the man who drives down the wrong way on the highway and plows into your family. What do you think, Gandhi?

        1. T Connell says:

          I’m sorry – I thought it was only herself that she killed. Save your bloodlust for those who actually do impact your life directly.

  17. Facts Are Facts Are Facts says:

    Driving down the wrong way of the highway is like going target shooting with the gun barrel pointed at your face. You have to be drunk, high, stupid, or all three combined. New York has experienced enough of these wrong way drivers in the recent past to excuse or “understand” this woman’s actions. The outpouring of “compassion” is truly, truly vomit-inducing. The toxicology tests will come soon. Then you’ll all have to eat your half-brained words.

    1. Facts are Irrelevant - negative Opinion Reins Supreme says:

      I’m sorry – I thought New York was part of the United States of America – you know that place where people are innocent until proven guilty – now I understand – New York is part of the United States of Only Negative Public Opinion. Thanks – don’t really care what the toxicology reports may say – pubishment has been thoroughly meted out in fact , deed & statement – but it will be interesting to see happens if the results are not what everyone already “knows” – oh never mind I just remember if it’s not substance related she died of stupidity….no tragic accidents in the US of NPO

      1. LMAO says:

        So it’s not a FACT that this bch was going the wrong way on a highway?

        WOW. You FDNYs have got to lay off the sauce. No wonder you all drive the wrong way down the streets.

        1. LMAO2 says:

          Here you go moron – the only facts are she did & she died- difficult concept I know – all the other statements of “fact” are no more than Suppositions – go ahead – take your time to look that word up ….. I only hope that you one day need a jury of your “peers” – LMFAO

          1. LMAO says:

            So you agree with the FACTS on this bch as listed below. And yet, she’s such a wonderful person……

  18. Bronx Benevolent Society says:

    This woman makes Elmer Fudd look like Albert Einstein. Maybe she was trying to catch the Bruckner’s wascally wabbits.

  19. Disgusted beyond belief says:

    The loss of a life is never ever justified or deserved. Each one of you speaking with hatred and freely judging as if you are without fault should be ashamed of yourselves. She had her entire life ahead of her, one terrible decision has ripped her of that. I am sure each one of us can say we have made the same choice at some point in our lives but were fortunate enough to still be here today.
    What if this was someone you loved? Would you all be so quick to judge? Would you all be so quick to open your mouths and let the hatred out?
    If you didn’t know her you should keep your opinions of hatred and your judgments to yourselves. If you think her family and friends don’t know the possible reality of the situation you are wrong… they don’t need some coward spewing hatred on the internet to tell them. People should learn to mind their own business and worry about their own lives. Bottom line is a life has been lost, regardless of how, regardless of why… a family and a community are suffering.

    1. Believably Disgusted says:

      A family and a community are suffering…Yeah, join the club. Only difference is: WE DID NOT DRIVE THE WRONG WAY ON THE HIGHWAY, POTENTIALLY KILLING FAMILIES. If that girl’s action was simply a “terrible decision,” imagine if she really used her judgment. Instead of driving at 3 in the morning, maybe she would have done 100 at 3 in the afternoon on a school day. We’ll just have to wait for the toxicology tests. If they come back positive, then what? More morally retarded excuses? Or will you annoying losers shut up for once and go back to baking lousy tasting cookies?

    2. FACTS Not Beyond Believe says:

      FACT – she drove the wrong way
      FACT – she hit someone
      FACT – people were injured by this thoughtless b

      Which part of FACT are you too stupid to grasp?

      1. Facts is Facts says:

        FACT: No one here has any facts about why – only what happened
        FACT: No one here was in any danger as they were all piously and safely home in their sanctimonious beds
        FACT: All you saintly judges – there are plenty of charitable activities you might like to engage in other than anonymously posting hateful feelings and wishes
        FACT: Some self-righteous jackass will again post disgusting remarks and smugly hit “submit”
        Good Day

        1. Self-righteous jackass says:

          FACT-You obviously can’t handle one.

          1. Facts is Facts says:

            I can handle them perfectly – thanks for proving each one – particularly the last.

            1. Facts ARE Facts says:

              Glad to have obliged, wise one. If you want to believe that I proved the “facts” in your fantasy universe, please go right ahead. I’m happy to have helped the world’s cretins. With your wonderful encouragement, I will continue to engage in the charitable work of outing the ridiculous illogic and plastic religious sentiment of small-minded soup kitchen workers such as yourself. I hope you get a hold on all that hate you have. God bless.

            2. disgusted says:

              I can not even imagine how empty your lives must be. It is so easy to sit cowardly behind anonymity and judge others as if you have never had a lapse in judgment yourself. I am saddened to see how ignorant, hate filled and misguided people can be.

              1. Hypocrisy Dectector says:

                Ignorant, hate filled and misguided – look in the mirror, “Disgusted” – no, that’s not sitting in anonymity. Time to get back to the TV room and take your meds. Your sanctimonious diarrhea is making a mess of this entire web site.

  20. T Connell says:

    Wishing that everyone who has posted here gets, in return, exactly what they’ve wished for others!

    1. LMAO says:

      Thank you. I wish all stupid drivers DIE OFF. This one is a good start. No innocents taken out.

      1. Karma says:

        Well that’s a good start – no one ever thinks they’re a stupid driver so that might leave you in the category to die off – but if that fails we can count on the fact that there’s nothing “innocent” about you – yup that works – great wishing!

        1. LMAO says:

          All you stupids automatically assume that everyone drives the wrong way like you. Nope. We don’t.

          So do us all a favor and y’all get into one car and kill yourselves – without running into an innocent if you can.

          1. Karma says:

            Guess you told me! Ps – no one ever thinks their stupid either – LMFAO!

          2. Louis Bruno says:

            all us stupids? that doesnt seem like a real word to me?

            the only “stupids” on here seem to be the ones who are parading around acting like they know everything but in reality the only thing known is what has been read above….nothing was said about alcohol but preliminaries came back saying there wasn’t any first off second off do you know what was going through her head? if not f#$% off because you dont know if she had a disorder or something, but dont worry darwinism will weed out the real “stupids” and karma sucks it always catches up to you and I’ll answer that because I know first hand

            1. Louis Bruno Is a Genius says:

              Louis, why don’t you just come out and tell us what you really know. Was she depressed? A disorder since you keep hinting at that? Was she texting while getting on the highway and got distracted entering the wrong way ramp? Either way, darwinism took care of her for whatever reason the cause was but certainly there was an explanation. Nobody drives the wrong way and not realize it soon enough. Being tired is not an excuse either. I hope laws do get passed about driving tired is an offense as much as a DWI is.

              1. geniuses you're all not says:

                None of you know what truly happen nor will we ever. the only person witht hat information is margaret so just be quite. let her rest in peace. stip making assumptions.
                and fyi you have dwi its dui- ironic to your name heading-

    2. T Connell's Lover says:

      Reading your hypocritical comments, we already have.

      1. NIck says:

        So how is that hypocritical??

      2. Karma says:

        Huh? This doesn’t even make any sense

        1. T Connell's Lover says:

          Sorry, it’s a lovers’ quarrel. You wouldn’t understand.

          1. Karma says:

            Wow – You’re so clever and funny

            1. T Connell's Lover says:

              Thank you. I’m always told that. Love your posts! Keep them coming, sweetie!

              1. Karma says:

                Wish I could say the same … Loks like youll have to waste someone else’s time

                1. Karma (what a loser) says:

                  Karma – what a cool name! Just as cool as those powerful posts of yours. Great comeback! And I’m the one wasting people’s time? Well, I guess the internet dupes morons into believing they’re words are worthy of reading.

            2. Karma says:

              Note to (what a loser) – must’ve been worthy since you read and commented – too freaking funny!

              1. Karma (took the bait) says:

                It doesn’t take long to read a single simplistic sentence. Every now and then I like to read such unintelligent garbage – it keeps me aware of all the morons polluting the world. That way I can avoid stepping in their fecal outpourings (also known as their opinions).

                1. Karma says:

                  Still laughing at you – you idiot – too freaking funny!

                2. Karma says:

                  Apologies for my stupidity. I’ll stop posting now and crawl back to my parents’ basement. There a Glee marathon on my plasma. Whoopee!!

                3. Karma to Karma - LOL says:

                  Still laughing…

              2. Karma says:

                Still laughing…looking in the mirror…Still laughing…looking in the mirror…Still laughing…looking in the mirror…Still laughing…looking in the mirror…Still laughing…looking in the mirror…Still laughing…looking in the mirror…HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  21. Grieving Boyfriend says:

    I shouldn’t have told Margie her butt was too big! Damn my loose cannon mouth! Why, God, why!! The horror! The horror!

    1. a says:

      You probably don’t even know this young woman and even if you do it is not funny at all to be making jokes on her tragic death. Her family is grieving at this time. Keep your selfish, pig-headed comments to yourself.

      1. Not so Grieving Boyfriend says:

        We we’re very. very serious, talking marriage and a whole life together. My life is shattered, the love has been taken from us, God has forsaken me, for the love of all that is merciful, please save me, help me, release me!!! By the way, you sound kind of cute. Can I get your number? What’s your measurements, honey?

        1. a says:

          you really have some nerve making jokes about this. if only you knew her. God forbid this were to happen to someone you love you would be crushed and truly heart-broken not making jokes. and if you were to see an article like this with some person like you making “smart” comments on it you would be even more angered so just be quite. poay your respects to this poor woman. you do not know her situtation nor will you ever.

  22. p8nt says:

    They should put one of these incidents in that show, 1000 Ways to Die. You know, that show that showcases people dying from their own stupidity. You gotta be dumb or high to “mistakenly” drive on the wrong side of the highway. If its the latter, your automatically considered dumb.

    1. Passiton says:

      really really because you know exactly what happened?! right! oh gee you were in the car with her? in her brain? hmmmm oh wait nothing was reported on that maybe you should contact her family to let her know. let’s see you make this joke to them, stop making assumptions on something you do not know.

  23. Moral Giants Society of Throgs Neck says:

    The Moral Giants Society hereby declare: This girl was no moral giant. Understatement duly noted. Case closed.

  24. Word of God says:

    This dear sweet girl probably had a good, morally justifiable reason to put so many people’s lives at deadly risk. Maybe that cute little purse at Bloomie’s she really, really wanted was all sold out. Perhaps her iPod crashed in the middle of her favorite song. Maybe she discovered a zit on her face and the world became her enemy. Or perhaps she was preparing to audition for that upcoming Diane Schuler biography on Lifetime TV: “Drunk, High and a Car Load of Kids: What Could Go Wrong?” Anyway, I’m sure she had a great reason. Rest in Pieces.

  25. DanTe says:

    LOL! The stupid c\/nt’s circle of stupids are out in force here. All protesting the right to kill people on the road because they’z be a cute stupid c\/nt.

  26. Lucky says:

    Look at the size of that truck!? So so lucky it was at 3am and only this idiot died. Getting onto a highway in the wrong direction is impossible for any sober person. Something was in her system whether it be drugs, alcohol, or medications.

    1. Blessed says:

      …hope you always stay “lucky” as your stupidity should have done you in a long long time ago!

      1. Truly Blessed says:

        The only thing you’re blessed with are moral pretensions and a half-wit. May God have mercy on your pock-marked little soul.

  27. I can't believe this. says:

    Wow, it’s hard to believe that some people would actually write comments like that. Do you understand that she’s gone? She’s dead, and she’s not coming back. A mother and father lost a child. Friends lost their friend. Siblings lost their sister. A family, friends, and a community that adored her are grieving right now. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. She helped and cared for everyone no matter who you were or what you did. She treated everyone like family. How dare you sit there and say thank god that she’s gone? You’re horrible for saying that. Admit it, if it was your child, you wouldn’t want people to say “Great, he/she is gone.” Show some respect, a young woman’s life was taken away. Rest in peace Ms. Donnelly! You were a angel sent to earth and I guess God needed you back. You will be missed and never forgotten. Preston won’t be the same without you!

    1. Reality Check says:

      She made her choice and paid for it. Its sad her stupidity causes sadness. I am very happy only she died. It could’ve been a lot worse. Imagine if the truck got out of control much more. She doesn’t deserve any respect for how she decided to leave this world. Darwinism took good care of her type. And yes, it only takes ONE mistake to forever mark you as an idiot irresponsible person when the situation is this GRAVE!

      1. Blessed says:

        Nice you’re “happy” she died….”Darwinism” you say???….not if you’re the example of the “fittest”…

    2. Preston Improvement Association says:

      If she was my child she would know the basics of safe driving. Some angel – she nearly killed several innocent people. Why? She had a few problems that we all have but deal with in rational ways? There’s no God involved in this. If there is, right now He’s kicking her butt down south to the fiery zone. Angel? Get off that retarded psedo-religious groove and face reality.

      1. realityhurtsyou says:

        Really preston improvement association- because the mistake of one person- who was a genuine, lovely, sweet, kind, loving, generous, smart, and beautiful young lady defines the school’s reputation. you my dear are truly an ignoramus. You are no longer attacking a deceased lady but also the school.

  28. God's Love for All says:

    And if the tests for alcohol and/or drugs come back positive, then what are you hypocritical a-holes going to say? Still gonna toss around your ludicrous blessings and childish calls for prayer? Go back to reality television and the Shopping Channel. The next time a car speeds the wrong way down the Bruckner, may it meet your car compassionately head on.

  29. love says:

    She was my cousin, my dear friend, and a beautiful person. This is a tragedy and if you have nothing nice to say – DON’T SAY IT AT ALL. Many people are grieving the loss of a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, co worker, and friendly face today. Anyone and everyone, whether they knew her well or not, has the right to express their feelings.That to me is real common sense. Happy Holidays to all…unfortunately mine have been ripped from me.

    1. grunt50 says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re family and your cousin will be in my prayers. Please don’t take what alot of the idiots on this page have to say- they are just people with no other forum to express their idiocy probably because when they aren’t in front of a computer no one will give them the time of day- assholes generally don’t have many friends. Decent people see this for what is is though- a terrible tragedy in which a young woman was taken before her time. May she rest in peace

    2. Tough Love says:

      You say “Anyone and everyone, whether they knew her well or not, has the right to express their feelings.” But also say: “If you have nothing nice to say – DON’T SAY IT AT ALL.” Well, which is it? The negative feelings expressed about this girl’s actions are just as legitimate as all the lame little riffs on God and lfamily oss. Obviously, the swamp of overwrought justifications is a frightened denial of the truth – that this woman committed a morally despicable act. Happy Holidays, oh jolly hypocrites. Ho, ho, ho.

    3. jimbo says:

      Thank god she doesnt have another chance to use her stupidity and kill someone!!!

  30. Mothers Against Deficient DNA says:

    If this woman wanted to commit suicide she should have sucked on an exhaust pipe or invested in a sturdy length of rope. Why try to do it and come within a hair’s width of killing innocent strangers in the process? Stupid is as stupid does. Where is this woman from – da Bronx?


      You are obviously very close to the cause you so eloquently cite….perhaps you should spend more time supplementing your moral and DNA deficiencies…from EVERYTOWN USA

      1. Nuns Against Deficient DNA says:

        Are you the Human or the Idiot? Your comment is childish nonsense. Are you even old enough to post here without your parents’ permission? Go back to the cartoons, you dumb little stick figure.

      2. EVERYTOWN USA says:

        You wouldn’t know EVERYTOWN USA if it buried its head in your oversized back side. Stop using my name in vain, you poser. And help clean up the gene pool – wash out your mouth with buck shot.

  31. Preston High Common Sense Club says:

    All this phony compassion and sorrow but none of you salad tossers are even asking the obvious: Why the hell would someone drive the wrong way down a major highway, putting numerous people at serious, serious risk? OK, maybe she was wasn’t drunk or high, but this person is far from a sympathetic character. The knee-jerk “Rest in peace” comments and silly lamentations about someone you barely knew (or did not know at all) are quite nauseating.

    1. DisgustedToo says:

      Boy oh boy all the moral giants are out tonight – here’s a news flash for you – you don’t actually need to know someone to feel compassion – amazing no? Also just because you are obviously emotionally bankrupt don’t presume that others are as as devoid of sincerity as you – now sit down and shut up!

      1. TrulyDisgusted says:

        Thanks for the news flash, oh great compassionate one! All those emotionally bankrupt people out there can learn so much about morality and sincerity from an ethical high-stepper like you. And who’s standing that they need to sit down? What an idiotic expression from a true idiot! You surf the Internet for superficially tragic news stories and then act like a high-and-mighty imbecile, with your juvenile displays of sympathy. Look in the mirror. Yep, there it is, a reason to do the world a favor and off yourself.

        1. DisgustedToo says:

          Thanks for proving my point – I couldn’t have done it without you.

        2. HUMANS AGAINST IDIOTS says:

          Truly Disgusted you’re Truly Disgusting – who are you? – are you someone who knew this poor young woman and/or her family? – or are you just another “true idiot” surfing the internet for tragic news stories on which you might put your ignorant judgements with your juvenile displays of superiority? Just wondering….

          1. TrulyDisgusted says:

            Idiot Human – I knew that poor young woman. I knew her and know her family. I know a thing or two about the real deal. I also knew your momma. Real well. For many years. So you can call me Daddy. And stop wondering. I’m here for you. Any time you want to sit on lap and feel the warmth, just call.

      2. Mike the Moral Giant says:

        As a moral giant, please stop referring to my people in such an ignorant way. Stop the hate. And do not drive the wrong way on the expressway. Now that would be really asinine.

        1. DigustedToo says:

          I only hope – Mike the Moral Giant – that the poor unfortunate soul who does find themselves in that horrible position meets you head on…that would be less assinine than you probably think.

          1. Father Flanagan says:

            May I meet your family on the Bruckner one day. Maybe then I’ll receive the same idiotic messages of compassion and grief that this girl is getting.

  32. Chloe says:

    compassion matters! pass it on.

    Preston High School will always have you in there hearts Miss Donnelly! Rest in peace!!

    1. Grace says:

      Good for you Chloe! God rest Miss Donnelly!

  33. Arthur says:

    It’s never a great idea to drive in the bronx at 3 am.

    1. S says:

      she was actually in good part of the Bronx. it’s not all burning buildings so don’t talk.

      1. Arthur says:

        It’s never a great idea to drive in the bronx at 3 am. It’s never a great idea to drive in the bronx at 3 am.


        1. DisgustedToo says:

          Wow – another mental & moral giant!

  34. no one special says:

    She fell outside the party she went to said she was dizzy but then drove home maybe I should have drove her home I didnt know.

    1. really!? says:

      You should have thought of that that night. I hope you feel guilty as Hell!

  35. Lana says:


    1. Grace says:

      Sorry for the loss. Hope those who knew and loved her know that there are people out there who are only offering sympathy and compassion.

      1. Lana says:

        thank you. nd i hope so too. i dont understand how people can be so uncompassionate

        1. Sad says:

          “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

          the poor girl made one mistake. so sad. it is disgusting how people have no respect for her family and friends that are grieving now. yes, she should not have been driving while drunk. however, people make mistakes and often do things they shouldn’t. i hope her loved ones are finding solace in their supportive family and friends.

    2. Me says:

      Shut up, Who cares, she was from the bronx, and didn’t know the entrance to the BRUCKNER? I highly doubt it. She was drunk, or maybe she was doing a good deed. Please… Glad it was her and not someone else.

      1. Yeahh LANA says:

        f.uckkk you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a worthless peace of shi.t. She didnt hurt anyone but the people who loved her!!! ur a horrible person and i hope ur dumb sh.it combs around real fas and real hardt. how would you feel if this was someone you cared about? i hope ur holidays suck jerkoff

        1. Yeah Yeah Yeah says:

          Moronic loser alert! Moronic loser alert! One too many hits on the crack pipe for this ho. Happy holidays, Lana. Hope you have great business and do a lot of praying. Just don’t swallow all of it.

      2. DisgustedToo says:

        Another moral giant! Awesome!

    3. theclarkster says:

      Easy “Lana”. Calm down. Everything will be ok! Just c-a-l-m down, babe!

    4. MIKE HUNT says:


      1. Lana says:

        WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! you’re disgusting.

        1. DisgustedToo says:

          Lana – don’t you recognize a paragon of virtue when you read their “pearls of wisdom” ….. Funny he doesn’t get he’s the very kind that Theresa of the dirt gas on these comments would love to see die. He’s too stupid to even get that- disgusting is too kind a word to describe this piece of dirt.

          1. DisgustedToo says:

            *the pieces of dirt on these comments would love to see die

    5. jimbo says:

      sorry for your “loss”.At least the stupid bitch didnt seriously hurt or kill someone.

  36. Disgusted says:

    I am sickened by the disgusting sentiments expressed by so many of you taking delight in this tragedy, passing judgements and making the most vile statements. I think that, perhaps, the next time some “degenerate drunk driver” is on the road they take out the lot of you along with them…seems the world would be an infinitely better place….

    1. The Clarkster says:

      Easy now “Disgusted”. You’re just like “Lana”. Calm down and everything will be ok. Merry Christmas!

      1. B says:

        How would everything be “ok” if someone dies? shut up you know of nothing, will her family be having a merry christmas? no, so shut the f u c k up.

        1. Lana says:

          Thank you! what a jerk.

  37. Trixie Schuler says:

    Cousin Diane was a paragon of virtue. She may have gotten totally wasted on booze and marijuana and drove her kids and other people’s kids the wrong way on the highway, killing those children and several other people, but that doesn’t make her a bad person. Now does it? She got high and killed a bunch of children, it’s not like she said the N-word or anything evil like that!

  38. Bronx Fire Brigade says:

    Sounds like she was taking driiving lessons – and perhaps life lessons – from Diane Schuler. Well, at least she only killed herself, unlike that dirt bag Schuler.

  39. Deborah DeBona Dandry says:

    Step back and think before you comment on anything. Think..”.if this was me, how would my family and friends feel about what people are saying about me”

    Now, do you really want to have them go thru more pain. Think about the people who are affected not just yourself and your pompous self. Because…you never know when your time is up and how it will happe

    1. Nick says:

      Think…. hmmm….

      I DON’T drive the wrong way.
      I DON’T get wasted.
      I’m NOT born nor raised STUPID.

      So, nope, I can’t empathized with you stupid sh its.

      1. Sad says:

        “i’m not born nor raised stupid”? okay, well….. i’m not born is not correct grammatically, and “nor” is used in conjuction with “neither”. so you are STUPID. i am sure she was a nice girl. don’t pass judgement. more importantly, don’t make comments like that to make yourself look like the idiot that you are. people make mistakes. her poor family is grieving right now so have some respect.

      2. B says:

        Shut up, you are amazing, a mistake was made, are you flawless, no your’e not, Unless you don’t make mistakes? A MISTAKE. GET IT RIGHT> NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU DON’T DO. You cross the street when you aren’t suppose to, you die,, will i say it was your fault because
        no, so shutup you idiot.

      3. NoEmpathy? says:

        No empathy? Seriously?

        She was not born nor was she raised stupid. She was a beautiful and compassionate young woman who made one sad mistake. You, however, were raised selfish and ignorant. Wait until the day it happens to somebody you know and love and then you can think all of the thoughts you listed above. People get real brave when they’re behind a computer screen.

  40. Joe Schmo says:

    Drunk or not, people shouldn’t be driving improperly. My car insurance has been rising for 5 years because of such. And have the same exact policy for 10 with NO accidents, claims or moving violations.

    1. Theresa says:

      Yeah – let’s all worry about your car insurance…. Holy Cow!

  41. Dan says:

    She was not drunk!! It’s a great loss to people who knew her and very sad to die so young. R.I.P.

    1. Grace says:

      Another piece of fine humanity – guess we’ll all be able to apply the same standard to your special kind of insensitive stupidity!

      1. Brian Boyer says:

        i guess u are another low life who drives drunk. or high. dont worry i will be here and say the same thing when you kill urself driving drunk too. i shed no tear over drunk drivers. the same way no one shed tears over bugs

        1. Deborah DeBona Dandry says:

          So Brian, tell me. How will your parents feel when they read something so sarcastic and vindictive like you are saying now should ths ever happen to you. AND..don’t even say it will never happen. Remember, never say never.
          No one is perfect. Not even you! So, think about it and have respect. That is, if your parents taught you some.

        2. Grace says:

          Wow – that might have hurt if you were anything but exactly what you’ve accused me of being. Funny thing is sooner or later everyone needs the compassion and sympathy you so charmingly lack…. But then again you probably won’t need it — all wrapped up in your cloak of self-righteousness and all. I do compliment you though on taking the moral high ground – LOL – Peace out

      2. Nick says:

        So it’s humanity to drive stupidly into other people hoping to kill them too? DIE OFF.

        1. Disgusted says:

          Ignorant ignorant ignorant

    2. Frank says:

      You are a discrace. Absolute discrace of a person.

      1. #yousdontknowher says:

        you dont even know her she was actually a wonderful girl and a very predominant member of her community

    3. Les says:

      Dan, how do you know that she wasn’t drunk? It sure seems that way given that it was 3:10 AM and she was driving the wrong way on a highway. Most highway entrances are pretty well marked, so even if you are not familiar with the territory you would have a lot of warning before getting on the highway going in the wrong direction. She must have been impaired in some way.

    4. Kim says:

      she was drunk! she could of killed many innocent people, you do not drive over a mile the wrong way without stopping. got what she deserved

  42. F.M says:

    No where in this article does it say she was drunk you idiots. A girl is dead, have some respect.

    1. Brian Boyer says:

      you dont need to see it in the article. you drive the wrong way on the highway you are either drunk or stupid, either cases we will bed doing a lot better without you. She the dead monkey should have had more respect for her own life and other driver’s life before she got behind the wheel.

      1. Dorothy says:

        I wonder if the family gets to sue you for libel if your powers of deduction prove wrong … Just wondering…..

    2. Nancy says:

      you dont drive the wrong way for a mile ‘by mistake’ .. comeon dont be so dumb people

  43. grunt50 says:

    That girl has a family and friends that are dealing with a tremendous loss right now- she was 25 and no matter what happened this is a tragedy for anyone to deal with and so incredibly sad for someone so young and with so much potential to be lost, especially around the holidays. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. I ask that everyone please be respectful in regards to your posts here.

    1. ace11 says:

      Sounds like she was drunk….

      why do people always say..it’s sad beacuse it’s around the holidays

      It is sad ANYTIME somebody dies

    2. Nick says:

      That girl has a family and friends that should die off before they get behind a wheel.

  44. VY says:

    Hooray, for once the drunk got killed and no one else.
    And yes, I really mean that no matter who she was or what problems she had.
    She chose to drive drunk, she got killed, no one else was injured, she took a wild risk and lost, and I don’t feel sorry for her.
    I wish there was a way to find these drunk drivers before they crash and jail them to protect every one else.

    1. Tony says:

      I’m glad you’reperfect. Don’t spread rumors. How do you know she was drunk? Were you there? As the bible says,” Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” and “Don’t judge, lest ye be judged.” Let’s not forget she was someone’s daughter, someone’s sister. Pray for all those involved.

      1. Theresa says:


      2. Brian Boyer says:

        sorry but who was driving ? she was or the bible was? if she was then the bible got nothing to say about this and better shut up. dont bring religions in this. you wont be saying the same if u had a family member killed by that DRUNK girl

        1. Theresa says:

          Actually I would and I am having lost a sibling to a drunk driver 40 years ago….and it’s the comfort of my faith that affords me the compassion required to not behave as arrogantly or ignorantly as you….. Praying for you anyway – seems like you could use some…..

          1. Nick says:

            You seem to roam around in a circle of drunks. No wonder you’re empathetic

            1. Theresa says:

              that make you feel better Nick? praying for you too….

      3. Mike says:

        Stop quoting the Bible; religion should have no place in this converstion.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, VY.

      Why should anyone respect the drunk when she did not respect the law and all who the law is supposed to protect?

      1. Theresa says:

        Another display of sickening delight at the death of another human being…so much perfect humanity out there – who knew???

    3. Theresa says:

      Disgusting display and sentiments; you are sickening in judgements particularly with no facts other than it was a tragic deadly crash. Must be nice to be so superior – hope that keeps working out for you!

    4. Brian Boyer says:

      well said man. people come here and cry for the dead drunken driver and forget that it could have been you, me or even them the victim of that drunken driver. i have no feeling for anyone who drive drunk or stupid. black, white or even purple.

    5. Nancy says:


  45. CT Native says:

    A Darwin Award candidate?

    1. Nick says:

      She won.

      Now if she was driving her entire family and took them out too, she’d be the Grand Prize Winner.

      1. Disgusted says:

        ….provided they drove into you and your’s you ignorant sorry excuse for a human being….

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