Light Rail Train Derails After Hitting Car In Jersey City

JERSEY CITY, NJ (CBSNewYork) — There were delays throughout the morning for commuters after a Hudson-Bergen Light Rail train hit a car and derailed Friday morning.

New Jersey TRANSIT says a train without passengers jumped the tracks in Jersey City around 3 a.m. after hitting the car that apparently ran a red light.

The driver is in serious, but stable condition.

Crews had to move the car after it became wedged between a utility pole and the light rail. They also had to inspect the rail and put the train back on the tracks.

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail faced delays up to 45 minutes in both directions Friday morning between Tonnelle Avenue and 8th Street in Bayonne, but by about 10 am., trains were running back on schedule.

Buses were taking commuters between Harsimus Cove and Newport stations and PATH was honoring tickets.


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  1. YC says:

    The problem with light rail stops (and especially the one where this accident occurred near the Westin hotel) is there is no gate or flashing sign- just a regular red light, which is easy to miss in bad weather. This particular stop has had accidents in the past because it is at a place where one doesnt naturally expect a stop (immediately after a right turn)

  2. Paul S Hook says:

    Uh huh……or, maybe the driver just made an honest mistake while navigating in the pouring rain in unfamiliar territory.

    Happy holidays….everyone – and prayers for the driver and his speedy recovery.

  3. bullett says:

    Any accident at that hour (3 AM) of the morning tells us readers that someone was DWI. I guess the driver thought the light rail was going to yield to them. “Hello” how can you not know when to stop when gates are down and lights are flashing? The scary part here is that we allow people like this to get behind the wheel, (which they shouldn’t) and we allow them to vote too! Heaven help us all. As for you morning commuters, if you’re late for work, you can thank this knuckle head for delays and rerouting.

    1. bullett says:

      I stand corrected after having watched and updated video. The car involved was a limo, and most likely driven by and overly worked, overly tired driver, who is now overly out of work with no car.

      1. Livery Car Rider says:

        The car involved with a livery vehicle – any local company offering car service uses these black cars. Overworked, overtired (who isn’t?!) is NEVER an excuse or reason to run a red light. Red means red for a reason.

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