LONG BRANCH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A little girl from New Jersey is now home, just in time for Christmas, after being treated for cancer.

For more than half her life, 9-year-old Mya Lin Terry’s small body has been riddled with deadly cancer. That she is here today to talk about it is beyond extraordinary.

“It is scary to go through a lot of stuff and you don’t know what’s happening next,” Mya said.

However, something happened recently that she and her mom, Kelly Terry, can only describe as miraculous.

“I’m cancer free,” Mya said.

Mya returned from a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was successfully treated for leukemia.

“We thought we were going to lose her. We thought by October or November she was going to be gone,” Terry said.

Since the age of five, Mya has been diagnosed with cancer three times, and each time she has survived.

Asked what she thinks the secret is to beating cancer, Mya answered: “Just fight until you can’t fight anymore.”

There have been relapses and set backs in the past, but this time could be different. Doctors say Mya’s new, donated bone marrow is healthy and replicating itself – a key to remaining free of leukemia.

“She’s a rock star. We call her ‘The Warrior Princess’,” said Terry. When asked if she believes in miracles, she answered: “I live with one.”

Ribbon’s of purple, Mya’s favorite color, adorn the streets of her Monmouth County neighborhood Friday, welcoming her home for the holidays, alive and well.

“I feel like a normal girl again,” she said.

Mya’s treatment is far from over. She’s still on a feeding tube and in need of medication, but doctors say her progress has been astonishing.

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