NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Is Christmas Day too late to buy a present?

Apparently not. As the National Retailer Federation predicts, there are going to be over 19 million people hitting the stores on Dec. 25.

While it’s true your options are a bit slimmer if you’ve waited this long to check off everyone on your Christmas list, it doesn’t mean you can’t still give a great gift. The key is to think along the lines of gift cards, or other quick buys.

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Insta-gift ideas include iTunes gift cards or magazine subscriptions.

Netflix has subscriptions available for as low as $7.99. The best part? After purchasing, you can instantly print out or e-mail the gift.

Airline Miles are a creative gift for college students or a frequent traveler in your life Southwest and United are among several airlines offering deals that you can purchase in time for Christmas.

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If you’re one of the people waiting to the absolute last minute, you do have options.

Starbucks and Walgreens will all have locations open on Christmas.

CVS is also open on Christmas, where you can find an array of gifts at the pharmacy that may surprise you. Check out the candy aisle for festive holiday chocolate assortments, or the makeup section if you’re shopping for the lady in your life.

The store also sells electronics – match one of the pharmacy’s DVD players with a Snuggie and a new movie,  and you’ve got a great gift for under $120.

7/11 will have 6,000 locations open on Christmas Day. There you can grab some scratch-off lottery tickets, stuffed animals and even inexpensive cell phones. They also sell hats and gloves – and coffee. Pick up a travel mug and pair it with a few packages of coffee – a great gift for under $20.

And lastly, if Christmas comes and goes and you still have nothing to give, remember that many “e-tailers” allow you to buy and send gifts via e-mail.

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