NYC Busts Roll Your Own Cigarette Stores

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York City is shutting down two roll your own cigarette stores – one on Staten Island and the other in Chinatown, alleging disregard of tax statutes in violation of the federal contraband trafficking act.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

“Customer goes in, asks to buy some cigarettes. The store supplies him with a bag of tobacco and some paper tubes with filters attached. The store takes the customer over to a machine, shows them how to use the machine,” said city attorney Eric Proshansky.

The stores served coffee and bagels while customers waited for their cigarettes to be made. They sold each pack for about $5.50 less than a properly taxed pack of smokes.

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  1. Popeye says:

    Smoke is filthy, but I’ll bet that you can eliminate about a dozen harmful chemicals by rolling your own rather than buying the bid tobacco company products.

  2. p8nt says:

    I guess no one considered, that Big Tobacco had a huge hand in these busts. After all, why do their products have to be taxes, and not these places. Its much the same way that big pharmaceutical companies control the FDA. They all use their power to convince politicians.

  3. Linda says:

    Raise taxes on all liquor, beer and wine products. Nobody smokes a few cigarettes then goes and kills somebody while driving but have a few drinks then drive and a lot of “accidents” happen. Why they are considered “accidents” is beyond me because someone who drinks and drives is making a decision to do so therefore should be held accountable if someone is hurt or killed but this does not always happen.

  4. Stan says:

    little napoleon strikes again.

  5. Patrick F LOng says:

    I wish I could roll my own smokes but there is no stores in my area that sells them as far as taxes that is von Bloomberg Hitler trying to tax New Yorkers to death and trying to drain us dry under the pretense that its not healthy for you

    1. Julie says:

      Buy it online. $70 for 25lbs of tobacco. It’s out there. Look. PS: I am NOT a smoker.

  6. Estela Matta says:

    The politicos are just angry that they havent cornered every inch of the tobacco market with their taxes. I have hand rolled my own cigarettes for 20 years. The quality of tobacco is better, it is less treated, fresher and tastier. I used to pay $3.00 for 4.0 oz of tobacco (about 50 cigarettes) now I’m paying $10.00. This price change is within the span of 3 years. The tax inquisitors are getting their fair share. The suggestion that we handrollers are somehow cheating on taxes is fallacious. Leave us alone. We dont want your stinkin’ Marboros

  7. EWagner635 says:

    First off, we know cigarettes cause cancer. They are addictive. They cause health care costs to rise. They should be banned, period. Problem is without a cigarette tax, the government would loose a very lucrative and reliable tax stream. It’s blood money and the people that run our gov’t know it. So don’t tax cigarettes, ban them.

    1. Estela Matta says:

      We know that 90% of the pharmaceuticals on the market have harmful, if not potentially fatal side effects. Yet there is no outcry about marketing chemicals that will kill you in the guise of being medicinal. isnt that a greater harm? instead of shutting down these manufactures of poison and death, they want to eliminate people’s rights to sue them. The same hypocrites that decry tobacco while lavishing in their revenues should look left and right at ALL the other things we allow to be marketed for the sake of profits.

      1. doc in NJ says:

        “We know that 90% of the pharmaceuticals on the market have harmful, if not potentially fatal side effects.”

        Estela, pray tell, who KNOWS this? You, alone? And what are the medicines? Broad, unsubstantiated, inflammatory claims such as yours should be banned also, along with cigarettes, whose carcinogenic proclivities for great harm ARE known, and costing the world dearly.

        Think before you write. Remember, it is much to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        1. dmichael66 says:

          Just because YOU don’t know a fact doesn’t make it untrue either… you were saying something about a fool opening his mouth..?

  8. pugphan says:

    We dumped the Brits because of brutal taxation, yet here we are being taxed to death on just about every freaking thing there is. If these damned pols could figure out how to tax our air or sun shine ya kin bet ya booty we would be paying those as well. I hate cigarettes and can’t stand being around peeps that smoke. But these monies are going into a general purse for use as pols wish, it’s blood money and should be going into a special account for use to care for those ailing from tobacco related illnesses. Anything else is just sickening and these damned pols should be ashamed! smokersodysseycom

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