Viral Video The Latest In Online Dispute Between NY Senator And Constituent

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When Westchester Assemblyman Steve Katz’s wife Nicole was banned from posting on Senator Greg Ball‘s Facebook wall she wasn’t happy.

The New York Post reported that Katz was blocked after an online argument erupted between the two over a comment that she made over political gridlock in DC

Nicole responded by producing an iPhone film titled “Delete This Greg Ball”. In the film Katz has her mouth taped shut by a friend after complaining about olives in her salad.

Katz told the New York Post that the film is a metaphor for censorship.

“Senator Ball has been deleting comments and posts that have a different viewpoint than what he’s promoting,” she said.

Katz has launched several online attacks at Ball since being blocked, including a photograph of herself holding a sign that reads “Greg Ball Hates Free Speech” and a post titled “The Top 10 Ways To Stay On Ball’s Page.”

Ball told the Post that he helped get Katz elected and called the attacks personal and hurtful.

“Let’s cut the junior prom kid stuff,” he said.

So far the video has 2,800 views.

Is Senator Ball restricting free speech or is protecting himself from a personal attack? Tell us what you think…




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  1. The Realist says:

    We see here why politics is just like professional wrestling…

    – the script writing is bad;

    – the acting is worse;

    – all outcomes are decided long in advance.

  2. Voters deserve more says:

    The point is Senator Ball not only restricted and banned Nicole Katz’s comments, he does it to many of his constituents! Senator Ball has said that his staff maintains his Facebook page, the taxpayers pay the salaries of those staff members. That means his Facebook page belongs to the taxpayers and the taxpayers of New York have every right to voice their opinion. I find it disturbing that Senator Ball is banning the constituents from his district the people he is suppose to be representing and friending people from out of State.

  3. Joan Sirefman says:

    Greg Ball isn’t restricting Ms. Katz’s free speech, he’s restricting what’s on HIS Facebook page, which, last time I checked, belongs to him and under his control.
    If Ms. Katz wants a public forum, she can write a letter to her local paper.

    1. New Yorker 123 says:

      Except that it really isn’t “his” Facebook page. He claims that his staff are maintaining it which means it is being paid at taxpayer expense to maintain this page.

      As far as Ms. Katz wanting a public forum, looks like she got it! Over 3000 hits on Youtube in one week, local and regional coverage in online and print papers, radio and regional tv. Something tells me, there’s more to come.

  4. New Yorker 123 says:

    Unless the posts are rude or lewd, it’ s unacceptable for an elected representative to delete a post. In fact, by deleting posts that disagree with his stance and only leaving those that are supportive, he is manipulating the perception of public opinion and that is improper.

  5. morganlefey says:

    So curious and iInteresting, Mr. BAll, that one suffers the
    red Hot chile peppers when one wants to see a comment on free speech

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