Crime Soars In The Rockaways

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Felonies in New York City stayed virtually flat in the past year, up just a quarter of a percent according to NYPD statistics, but in one precinct that covers the western part of the Rockaways, crime has soared.

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It was no surprise to one woman on Monday that burglaries spiked 144 percent there. Felony assaults are up 66 percent in the 100th Precinct.

LINK: NYPD Report on 100th Precinct (PDF)

“My husband had a coin collection. That was taken, and a watch and a bracelet. He didn’t get anything of mine,” said Maureen of her home being robbed.

Her husband, Charles Meier, is a retired cop.

“I don’t like to say it, but I have to. I didn’t follow my own advice. I was a crime prevention officer for the 63rd precinct for 13 years. What I should have done was installed an alarm system,” Meier told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman.

He said he would have handled things differently if he were running the 100th precinct.

“They flooded the area with uniformed policemen. Now, [in] my experience with the police department, if you have a problem with burglaries, you don’t flood the area with uniformed policemen, you flood the area with ununiformed police,” he said. “All that did was drive the burglar to another area or let him lay low for a while. But I was shocked they just didn’t use the plainclothesmen instead of the uniformed guys.”

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Meyer said the thieves who robbed him used tools to bust in, but several people in the Belle Harbor area say they never lock their doors.

The 20th precinct, which covers part of the Upper West Side, saw the biggest drop in crime – down 12 percent.

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  1. why why why says:

    PLEASE DEAR GOD JUST ONCE IN MY LIFETIME…..let it be a hood of Lithuanians, or Hawaiians….or even Cambodians….anyone but Black.
    It was no surprise to one woman on Monday that burglaries spiked 144 percent there. Felony assaults are up 66 percent in the 100th Precinct

  2. lamomma says:

    There are scores of new townhouses and apartments in that area – How much has the population in the Rockaways soared? Hard to tell if the crime increase is proportional to the growth, but wouldn’t it be newsworthy if crime stats stayed level?

  3. tryyyyth says:

    yup, u dont need to be a genius, just look for the black areas, guess what…..crime! shame is it spills over to the white areas, and we cant just shoot them, thought that would be nice

  4. I wonder why says:

    Except roxbury- gated community in breezy point – no crime in years- surrounded by jungle project inhabitants in flatbush and far rock – why no crime? gated community with no blacks whatsoever- no blacks allowed= no crime.

  5. J says:

    Bell Harbor, and the fking projects next door. Hookers, crack heads, Bloods and stupid Crips-welfare cases a few miles away. Anyone have any idea what racial make up is around there??? Now take down my comment, because its too charged.

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