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Traffic Light Camera Company Posts Footage Of NJ Crashes On YouTube

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A company that provides red light cameras for many New Jersey communities is highlighting some of this year’s so-called greatest hits.

American Traffic Solutions has posted video footage of ten traffic mishaps from 2011 on YouTube.

The company said the collisions and some near-misses are posted online as a way to remind people of the consequences of running red lights.

Currently, cameras are installed in 25 New Jersey cities.

A survey conducted earlier this year in the Garden State by The National Coalition for Safer Roads found that 77-percent of registered voters favor red light cameras.

Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said the cameras change their driving behavior.


One Comment

  1. Henry says:

    I just noticed: The Linden accident (begins at 0:58) happened while the light was yellow. The left turner simply started his left turn too soon, several seconds before the light went red. For some reason he was not watching the signal AND he was not watching for oncoming traffic. I wonder what he WAS watching.

  2. Henry says:

    Cameras give a false sense of security, because even with high fines (example: $500 in California) they don’t stop the real late runners – like in this video of accidents the cameras didn’t prevent!

    Most real late runners don’t do it on purpose – they fail to see the signal, because they are lost, unfamiliar with the area, distracted, or impaired. To stop the late runners, local traffic engineers need to make high-accident intersections more obvious, improve the visual cues that say, “You are coming to an important intersection.” Florida’s DOT found that improved pavement markings (plain old paint!) cut running by up to 74%, without installing cameras – thus without the side effect of increased rearenders. Also make the signal lights brighter, bigger in diameter, add backboards to them, and place the poles on the NEAR side of the intersection, not so far away. Put brighter bulbs in the street lights at intersections. Put up lighted name signs, for the cross streets.

    Longer yellows (which drop violations by 2/3, and the effect is permanent) and improved visual cues are easy and cheap to do, so can be done all over town, unlike cameras, which are expensive and can drive business away.

  3. mak says:

    I wonder how many of these people were either on the phone or texting somebody?

  4. saltine says:

    And what about all of the video of crashes caused by the red light cameras.

    Statistics show that many more accidents occur BECAUSE of the red light cameras when ppl are scared to death to get a summons and slam on the breaks!

  5. John says:

    I live in NJ (Woodbridge), and drivers rolling thru stop signs and running red lights is very common. NJ drivers consistenly go 15+ MPH over the speed limit on the Turnpike and the GSP (and throw you their high-beams if you are in front of them driving the speed limit in the right lane!); many don’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks in cities/ towns.

    Jersey drivers are terrible.

  6. NYC says:

    they are blind, they buy their driving license

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